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Australia Revokes Travel Ban on Vaxxed's Polly Tommey

AustraliaNote: This is a news release from

The AVN has just learned that Ms Polly Tommey, one of the producers of the documentary film, VaxXed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe and publisher of the Autism File magazine, has won her appeal against a 3-year ban from entry into Australia, has had her visa reinstated and been awarded full costs.

The Federal Circuit Court under Judge Barnes noted that:

The respondent [the Australian Government] concedes that the decision is affected by jurisdictional error, being the misapplication of s 116 (1)(e)(i) of the Migration Act, 1958 (Cth). There was no evidence available to satisfy the delegate in finding that Ms Tommey “would be a risk to the health, safety or good order of the Australian community…”

The AVN assisted Ms Tommey in fighting against this unconscionable ban. The Minister for Immigration tried to claim that Ms Tommey, a mother of 3 children, one of whom has been seriously injured by vaccination, was somehow a terrorist and needed to be kept out of Australia.

“This decision was made as Polly was boarding a plane to leave Australia after a sold-out tour of VaxXed. In our opinion, this was nothing more than an attempt to silence critics of Australia’s dangerous, one-size-fits-all vaccination policy.”, says AVN President, Aneeta Hafemeister. “In addition, this was a terrible waste of government resources and court time.”

Polly is the mother of a young man who was permanently injured by his vaccines, leading to a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. A former ITV Britain television personality, she has spent decades fighting for the rights of all families to make informed vaccination decisions and sharing referenced, scientifically-based information on the relative risks of vaccines sourced from mainstream publications.

The documentary, VaxXed, tells the story of Dr William Thompson, a lead researcher with the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) who claims that he and his co-authors omitted vital information from their 2004 seminal study which purported to claim that the MMR vaccine is not linked with the development of autism. This article, called the De Stefano study, could only claim that MMR was not associated with autism because the authors destroyed and suppressed data which demonstrated the complete opposite.

VaxXed II will be premiering soon and we hope that this decision by the court will convince the government that these issues deserve genuine and respectful discussions on both sides – not censorship and bans on those who, like Ms Tommey and the AVN, are passionate about preserving and maintaining the health of children here in Australia and around the world.





Who,why,what,where,and when,did "The Seak-ags" try and shove Polly of the bus ,aye right off-it!
Shove yer Granny by The Singing Kettle Youtube .
The International Medical Consent Consortium and informed consent communication censorship ?
Stewardship of the sense of science, by shepherding the narrative, using topsy turvy terminology!

Marketing monstrosities ,morals and medical ethics rewriting it's own policies, procedures and "Shapeshifting the Goalposts" of their own Codes of Conduct .
United Nations -Mindmapping meeting pathway planning, says needs new language ? to promote sustainable development goals, 2030 agenda,
Informed Consent ? or Choice is an illusion?
See Ebola Vaccine for pregnant women -0ne step closer but more to go .
https/ ebola-vaccine-pregnantlactating-women-2/ 13 June 2019
Epilogue of landmark right-to-die case rekindles France's euthanasia
https/ 9 July 2019 .
Is death by passive euthanasia the same outcome as if by active euthanasia ?
Are young chronic disabled people with "Peg-Feeding " requirements, now considered a financial burden to the" Herd Mentality" and who will be next on the" useless eaters" value to the herd agenda?


This is great! Thank you Polly for your fearless advocacy!

I remembered this happening around the same time Trump was imposing his Muslim travel ban. I was outraged over both. I think we should all be wary of what is going to be included in this executive order:

Hans Litten

Polly why bother with that fluoride polluted IG pharma country of little insignificance anyway ?
Except for the very decent vaccine resistance legends that dwell there of course & who deserve all our full support against the tyrants Turnbull-Murdoch scounderl cartel.

Ok i defeated my own argument. Yes Polly go and defeat these scoundrels and save australia !
Kent what about you ? Bolen Report is kind of dead in the water isnt it ? Tim is half baked ?


"One of the visiting speakers accompanying the VaXXed tour was Polly Tommey. On leaving Australia, Tommey was informed that she was banned from entering the country for three years because of the danger caused by her views about vaccination.

The ban reveals the influence of SAVN-aligned pressure to censor vaccine critics. It is hard to imagine immigration authorities taking any interest in visitors such as Tommey except for campaigning by SAVN [Stop the Australian Vaccination Network] and its allies."


"What was different from the usual scenario was the creation of SAVN, which introduced a new dynamic into the debate. SAVN's agenda was to suppress public criticism of vaccination and specifically to destroy the AVN. No longer were the key issues just vaccination and vaccination policy. To these were added the question of whether it was possible to openly question vaccination and standard vaccination policy without being subject to ridicule, abuse, complaints and censorship."

from Vaccination Panic in Australia by Brian Martin.

In 2014 SAVN changed its name to "Stop the Australian (Anti)Vaccination Network."

Grace Green

Best of all, this will be really positive publicity for our side, as it will make people see how paranoid their authorities are on this subject. Knock on effect for the whole English-speaking world, and then everywhere else.

Angus Files

I hope Polly`s costs were substantial well done!

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

The Australian government's now failed attempt to ban Polly Tommey from entering their country is a clear indication the Australian government is absolutely TERRIFIED of the TRUTH ABOUT VACCINES FINALLY BEING REVEALED.

I don't blame them for being TERRIFIED .. because .. their personal careers and legacy will forever be linked with the greatest man-made public health disaster in world history .. the permanent alteration and weakening of the human immune system .. that will forever effect generations to come.

Laura Hayes

Excellent news to read this morning!

Australia still has quite a ways to go, however, with regard to ending vaccine tyranny and vaccine carnage there. Let’s hope they address that next!

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