An Open Letter To All Us Lawmakers Regarding The Us Vaccine Program
Sane Vax Press Release: Dr. Sin Hang Lee Challenges Medical and Scientific Community

Antisocial Media, Your Censor-slip Is Showing

Petticoat junction slipsBy Nancy Hokkanen

Welcome to the flexible lexicon of Internet censorship.

When governments and corporations are uncomfortable about online reporting from disgruntled consumers, their media minions relabel it “misinformation.” Or “disinformation.” Even “radicalization.” (Heckuva job fact-checking, Psychology Today.)

A recent Harris Poll says about half of U.S. adults “have some doubts about vaccine safety.” Taken further, a variety of citizen activists believe they are morally obligated to correct falsified government research, which metastasizes when repeated unquestioningly by 50 state health departments, agencies, physicians, trade groups and media.

Since the 1990s democratized communications technology facilitated bypassing of centralized information clusters, letting people worldwide access medical study data, FOIA’d government emails and legal testimony. Networks of parent advocates have shared information on vaccines’ adverse effects, treatments for autoimmune disorders… the kind of data collection and analysis that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control should perform, had that agency not contributed to those problems inadvertently and chosen to conceal it.

So, how have the agencies and corporations charged with improving people’s lives responded to increased consumer participation in communications sharing?

They responded with censorship. “An unprecedented attack on civil liberties and the right to dissent is being led by a new privileged ruling class whose power is not derived from aristocratic titles, wealth and political influence linked to genetic heritage and ownership of land,” summarized Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccine information Center in a recent essay.

Vaccine safety censorship kicked into high gear after Rep. Adam Schiff’s March 1 letter to Amazon billionaire C.E.O. Jeff Bezos. Emboldened by such high profile support (or afraid to be labeled anti-vaccine), a number of social media sites began withdrawing service from specific members and groups. Shadow banning, aka stealth banning, partially blocks users without them being aware of it. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram do it.

Google was accused of ranking bias by natural health sites who saw site traffic suddenly drop up to 99%. Critics said the content of its search engine’s autocomplete suggestions promoted corporate agendas instead of synchronizing with the user’s requests. Google’s 2016 statement: “Our search results are a reflection of the content across the web… Autocomplete predictions are algorithmically generated based on users’ search activity and interests.”

(Note: Try searching Google using 3 words: retrovirus, vaccine, harm. That search engine may suggest rotavirus and link to CDC and WHO pages. Add -rotavirus to eliminate their suggestion.)

Deplatforming is defined as limiting or denying access to a communications venue. GoFundMe and MailChimp have started refusing service to vaccine safety advocacy groups and even traditionally peaceful natural health networks across the U.S.

Full censorship takes several forms. Unpublishing is the removal of articles or graphics; the Huffington Post has removed many of the older articles on vaccine safety that helped that site first gain national prominence.


Blacklisting – a term from 1950s McCarthyism – involves the unfair creation of target lists of people to block from receiving services or employment, to be ostracized, defamed and/or harassed. NVIC lists examples of people currently being blacklisted, including parents, doctors, research scientists, journalists, celebrities, politicians, philanthropists and members of non-governmental organizations.

The computer algorithms used to analyze written communications are simply data assessing other data. Like vaccines, they are imperfect scientific attempts to solve a complex human problem. Algorithms may fail to recognize dated historical content, or appropriately interpret language nuances. One notable example: Facebook’s censoring of the Declaration of Independence as hate speech.

Frightening times for anyone who values their First Amendment rights. These kinds of Internet media slips, interruptions and censorship reemphasize the importance of taking screen shots and backups to preserve increasingly ephemeral digital data, which could be gone in an instant without warning.

So who are some of the foot soldiers of Internet totalitarianism?

One is Renée DiResta, a government-connected technology go-to for media quotes encouraging censorship of vaccine safety advocates. Says DiResta on LinkedIn: “I like working in fast-paced environments, problem solving in situations with incomplete information.” (Which is about the worst possible approach for studying the science and politics surrounding vaccine-induced autism.) In June DiResta admitted, “Across all platforms, the dominant form of vaccine-related content is anti-vaxx.”

Not just a self-described studier of disinformation, she has also created disinformation for California’s Sen. Richard Pan. What was DiResta thinking before deciding to help Pan remove citizens’ right to refuse unwanted vaccinations?

“[I]n 2013, I had my first kid. I started looking at ... You know, you have to do that preschool thing here, you’ve got to get them on a list a year early. I didn’t want to be in a preschool with a bunch of anti-vaxxers.”

Then there’s Dr. Peter Hotez, a vaccine developer, who urges formation of “public-private partnership between the U.S. government and all the major stakeholders – Facebook, Amazon, Google – to look at dismantling the anti-vaccine empire.” Hotez has perplexingly stated definitively, “We know autism begins in pregnancy, long before kids see vaccines.” Yet countless before-and-after videos of vaccine-injured children clearly show post-vaccine regressive autism not present at birth.


You’d think academic journals would promote civil discourse. Instead they become extensions of government PR – issuing edicts that reinforce party line rhetoric tailor-made for global distribution by an undiscerning mass media. It’s clear that some academics criticize vaccine safety advocates without bothering to contact them or examine the evidence that informed their beliefs.

Gaslighting of autism parents – by definition twisted power plays to manipulate victims into questioning their reality – has perversely become an Internet blood sport. Bashing provides benefits. Australian Naomi Smith gained prominence for spinning the “feminization” of anti-vaccine sentiment, distantly recording the words of grieving mothers as if mounting insects on pins.

The key question underlying this social media tug-of-war over narrative control is this:

Who is telling the truth? But there is no easy answer. Communications from autism parents may understandably be fraught with emotion, which can get in the way of the facts they attempt to present. And the U.S. government has a record of not admitting errors, or only doing so decades later.

An honest person is cooperative, says certified fraud examiner Pamela Meyer. Facial features may or may not reveal honesty, but content can. A prevaricator may add too much detail, stall, or have difficulty reciting testimony out of chronological order. (As for prestigious job titles guaranteeing honesty, watch Colleen Boyle’s deadpan face as she presented her obfuscatory testimony before a Congressional committee in 2012.)

Representing vaccine critics as liars serves many purposes for government and industry:

- it saves time investigating incriminating recordings and documentation;

- it saves perpetrators’ professional reputations, money, and prevents jail time;

- it acts as a defense mechanism (“don’t ask questions, or you will get the same”)

- it postpones the discomfort of blame and the psychological processing of huge societal horrors (e.g. Chernobyl, or an ever-increasing population of chronically ill, brain-damaged children and adults);

- it absolves perpetrators of their responsibility for expressions of remorse or restitution.

Sites like Google, Facebook and YouTube are censoring material either (1) without viewing it, or (2) having have seen it, but lacking the moral conscience in act ethically on it. Some companies have set up review panels of people ostensibly to examine material for credibility, but who will watch the watchers?

Facebook’s “experts” include vaccine stakeholders with conflicts of interest. To whit: Dr. Neal Halsey, who in 2002 told The New York Times  “no one did the calculation” of how much neurotoxic mercury the CDC was recommending to be injected into infants and toddlers. A similar product management void still exists today, as more and more vaccines are approved by ACIP and hundreds are currently in development. No combination studies, and no upper limits established.

Media consumers are also told to “trust us; we’re experts” by Frontline, Vox, NPR and former counterculture magazines like Rolling Stone and Mother Jones. How disillusioning to see once-pioneering rebel publications take such unhealthy glee in targeting vaccine outliers, rather than performing the kind of ballsy investigating journalism that set them apart. Nowadays, not once do their reporters ask why CDC staff are dispatched cross-country to investigate a temporary case of measles, instead of investigating reports of vaccine adverse reactions leading to lifetime disability and death.

To the parent of a vaccine-injured child, hearing pronouncements of pet theories from power-posturing “experts” amounts to useless busywork. So little study of biological sciences, or concern for failing social systems. So little listening about the impacts of vaccine injury, and no compassion for victims. All this polarizing talk, talk, talk is a waste of time, energy and bandwidth better devoted to research on diagnosis, treatment and prevention before autism rates increase even more than the disastrous 1 in 36.

What do “anti-vaxers” and “refusers” and the “vaccine hesitant” want?

For a start:

- Research on vaccine injuries, development of medical treatments for them, and prioritizing prevention of adverse reactions;

- Investigation and prosecution of government and industry employees who commit vaccine data fraud that results in consumers’ injuries and deaths;

- Elimination of vaccine mandates that violate civil rights and deprive consumers of informed choice.

Reasonable requests, all. But first, a civil dialogue must be established. For example, in a March Philadelphia Inquirer op-ed Penn State College of Medicine humanities chair Bernice L. Hausman suggested reframing vaccine attitudes and arguments less argumentatively. Hausman acknowledged the Temple University students vaccinated with MMR who came down with mumps. (Yet her article references the latest rotten Hviid study from Denmark.)


A May National Public Radio policy advisory took baby steps toward breaking down its negative stereotyping of vaccine safety advocates:

“[A]void the use of the terms "anti-vax" and "anti-vaxxer." These labels are often inaccurate and too inclusive… There is a spectrum of views here that we need to represent fairly.”

The authors said “vaccine hesitant" or "vaccine resistant" have less “pejorative weight.” However NPR, too, has yet to produce any deep-dive investigations into CDC data fraud.

A timely new book comes out this October by investigative journalist David Kirby, titled When They Come For You: How Police and Government Are Trampling Our Liberties - and How to Take Them Back. The book “shows how citizens fought back against violations of their constitutional rights to free speech and privacy by acts of federal, state and local agencies.” The book discusses Constitutional rights, such as freedom of speech under the First Amendment:

“Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press….”

On June 29 disenchanted Wiki co-founder Larry Sanger posted his own “Declaration of Digital Independence”:

“Humanity has been contemptuously used by vast digital empires. Thus it is now necessary to replace these empires with decentralized networks of independent individuals, as in the first decades of the Internet.”

What can you do to push back against censorship and protect your First Amendment rights to freedom of speech?

  • Participate in your democracy. Snap your family and friends out of their apathy about the politics of Internet communications. Every citizen deserves the right to suggest sensible policy changes based on real-life experiences with vaccines, acknowledging the limitations of laboratory experiments.

  • Boycott Google. Use other search engines like DuckDuckGo. Find other email providers, such as AOL or Yahoo!. Go back to using MapQuest.

  • Consider boycotting Amazon. Shop at local retailers. If you stay, write reviews of the books that matter to you.

  • As for Facebook and Twitter, make a stand. Point out the hypocrisy of those platforms’ forms of censorship.

  • Sign up on Yellist, a social media platform “for Communicators and Free People Worldwide.” Fittingly on July 4 Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. of Children's Health Defense(CHD) invited everyone concerned about censorship to join Yellist, “a new type of social media platform for media-rich conversations and video uploading.” Kennedy says freedom of thought is "a founding principle of our democracy and part of what defines us as Americans."

Censorship “tends to be the last resort of the ideologically arrogant and intellectually lazy,” said Omid Malekan, author of a book on blockchain technology. “Censorship is a form of power, and power tends to corrupt its practitioners, regardless of their ideology.” Malekan suggests allowing free speech and letting the free market sort it out. Certainly victims of vaccine adverse reactions and their families are entitled to having the judicial system sort it out – with a judge, jury, discovery, and honest scientific experts.

People who shut out unpleasant facts doom themselves to a life of limitations and lies. The people we entrust with maintaining our communications infrastructures must not be allowed to abuse their power to silence that which they do not want to hear. Free speech is not only our right… it is our responsibility.


Nancy Hokkanen is a Contributing Editor to Age of Autism.




Thank you nhokkanen!

Still unable to open. I’ve been made!


To Sherri Peters: My deepest condolences on your loss of your son. Among the many cruelties vaccine promoters perpetrate is denying parents full expression of the emotions they justifiably feel witnessing vaccine damage and death. If we yell or cry about infants or children or teenagers or adults who’ve died because of vaccines, our discomfiting grief and rage are twisted into an excuse for not listening.

I look forward to reading your article. How do these people live with themselves? By repeating their compartmentalizing “greater good” BS… and hopefully drinking themselves into liver failure. But I suspect that people in power making life-and-death decisions survive because they are utterly lacking in empathy - if Colleen Boyle’s uber-creepy flat-affect face is any indicator, they feel nothing.

John Stone


A fine account of the issues. Terms like misinformation and disinformation beg lots of questions - they escape the issue of truth and instead they just characterize information from a bureaucratic point of view as the right or wrong kind - the computer algorithm can easily sift the information they do not like and that is as suits them.


Compare DuckDuckGo's results for that same search (retrovirus + vaccine + harm) to those of Google and you will be amazed. You don't even have to add -rotavirus to bring up useful information.

Sherri Peters

Good job Nancy; well said, well done!

“Communications from autism parents may understandably be fraught with emotion, which can get in the way of the facts they attempt to present”

Ya think? Can’t imagine why. Nothing like watching your child’s life be stolen from them whether via lifelong injury or death. Of course, the lifelong injury might be 26 years and then result in death, as it did for my son 6 months ago. Sometimes you get the devastating combo punch. As well as everything that happened (and didn’t but should have) in-between; the medical profession’s aggressive denialism, government malfeasance and crushing silence of absolute facts, non-existent programs, etc. etc. etc. etc. Pretty damned hard to keep emotions out of it.

“Like vaccines, they are imperfect scientific attempts to solve a complex human problem.” That’s the thing isn’t it? The human immune system is not a “complex problem.” Complex? yes. The only problem is man trying to “improve” on something it doesn’t understand and causing catastrophic damage to instead. And the investors of course. Who could ask for more than a liability free investment?

Adam Schiff? Brilliant move. California’s (my state) utter devotion to the democratic party makes the slight of hand unnoticeable; encourage censorship, continued abuse by ignoring the existence of the 1 in 36 like my son, and removal of constitutional rights while shouting “We need to save the immunocompromised!”

And your comment Nancy re: The Machiavellian issue? I’m working on a piece relating to that specific issue and the question so many of us have asked for so long; How do these people live with themselves?

Robin Rowlands

Really, ( Such a naughty girl ) ( Though there are naughtier are there not Kim )


Angus Files

Very much the case use less anti vax swear words(like adverse reaction) and as theold saying goes talk less say more...or print less reach more...thanks Nancy briliant!

Pharma For Prison



To Annie: I was just able to open this HighWire page on Facebook, where I also wrote a brief recommendation. Del’s most recent post was July 18.

A friend of mine has not posted for weeks - he’s in “Facebook Jail,” for non-vaccine political commentary (e.g. “free speech”). One of his friends had been censored simply for posting an old book title that the faulty algorithms flagged.

Facebook’s clumsy attempts at social control are highly instructive about the Machiavellian forces leveraging our perosonal information for profit and defense.

cia parker

My daughter is supposed to be approved for a pre-employment ACT program, but she needs a Medicaid waiver for that. So we applied for a waiver when she graduated from high school in May, but haven't heard anything. She's going nuts. I wrote this morning, and got this: "we just got a memo from the Regional Office saying that there is a waiting list for waivers now (something that was not the case before). We don’t know yet what they will mean for your clients or how long the waiting lists will be. So this could be causing a delay with C’s waiver referral. We just have to wait for the regional office to approve her referral. I don’t know if that will be tomorrow or three months from now."

I think this shows the --- is starting to hit the fan now. Never a waiting list for waivers before. Now, suddenly, there is. C was born in 2000, just when the autism rate was hitting new heights.

And, regarding censorship: just the other day Malwarebytes blocked me for the first time from going to a website I've visited nearly every day for several years: Sultan Knish. My computer repairman wrote me this morning that Malwarebytes never censors, but I sent him a link to an article (one of many online) about its censoring patrons. I uninstalled Malwarebytes, but now my computer is screwed up. I had a subscription until next March, but they say no refunds for unused subscription time.

I got a letter last week from Microsoft, saying that they have new guidelines regarding permissible activity for those who have MS accounts or use their platforms. It said that those who violate their rules after August 30, 2019, will have our accounts deleted. I opened a new email account at Yandex ( to have an alternative to gmail.

susan welch At 40.09 on today's programme, the excellent UK Column covers an article from The Mail which reports how 'anti-terror' algorithms will pick up 'anti-vaxxers' and post pop-ups/offer counselling for those of us misguided enough to research vaccines.

Excellent post, Nancy.

Hans Litten

The Pakistani government has urged Twitter to take down anti-vaccination messages after fellow social media giant Facebook removed misinformation and propaganda videos from its website.

The government thanked Facebook for its prompt action in removing the propaganda videos which it says endanger the lives of Pakistan’s 270,000 polio vaccinators - many of whom are volunteers.

Polio workers and their guards are frequently attacked in Pakistan as Islamist militants and hardliner clerics stoke fears by saying vaccination campaigns are a foreign plot to sterilise Muslim children and a cover for western spies.

Islamist militants groups have killed around 100 polio vaccination workers and their security guards since 2012.

In a letter seen by The Telegraph, Babar Bin Atta, the Prime Minister Imran Khan's lead on polio eradication, said the Pakistan government “would like to extend its sincere appreciation to Facebook in helping effectively regulate anti-vaccine content”.


Has Highwire been banned from Facebook? Can’t open their page for a couple of days now.

Gerardo Martinez

Good Morning to all. An adverse/serious/deadly side effect is only "Rare" if it doesn't happen to you or a love one. If you want to read a horror story read the insert of vaccines and hold on to your seats. Seizures, fainting, brain swelling, infection and even death. oh no big deal right? This is not fake news. Goodness! How long can this madness continue? 54% of American children has a chronic health condition, this is a fact not fake news. G_D help these United States of America. Who will defend our country? The other day I met a cashier at a local grocery store. Being in my 50's he asked me for life advice. I told him to get as much as education as possible. He said he was waiting for his MD to send the military branch he wanted to join a letter stating that he still can function , even though he has ADD. So sad. This young man was in his late teens. I noticed he was trying his best, but made some mistakes with the customers in front of me. G_D bless him.

Gary Ogden

Thanks, Nancy. These tech giants are not only censoring and manipulating public knowledge about vaccine risks and injuries, they are manipulating elections, as well. The Russians, forsooth!
This is chilling. As for the tech giants, I boycott them all. It is up to us to hold the feet of our representatives to the fire. A $5 billion fine is small potatoes to these goons. Jail time would be in order. Throw them in the dungeon.

cia parker

Explorer is also Microsoft. Consider using Mozilla Firefox instead. Doing that allows me to get to sites now blocked by both Google and Explorer. If you use Duck Duck Go but do so via Explorer, you will still have a lot of stuff blocked.


Health Facts Aren’t Enough. Should Persuasion be a Priority?
The above is the title of an absurd article today in the New York Times about GMOs and vaccines. I am asking readers of age of autism to post comments soon. These are read by a lot of people. Get another opinion out! Thanks!!!!

Bob Moffit

The obvious question .. "Who is telling the truth?" .. is followed by an equally obvious answer that our "US government has a record of not admitting errors, or only doing so decades later"

Unfortunately .. human nature being what it is .. most if not all people develop a certain "loyalty" to the institution, corporation, government, etc. they serve .. and .. if the obvious answers to troubling questions will reflect badly upon the institution they serve .. most people if not all .. will choose to "protect their institution" over telling the "truth".

Indeed, all governments will avoid at all costs admitting errors .. and .. governmental public health bureaucracies that recommend, approve and profit from vaccines will avoid at all costs exposing the TRUTH of the RISKS THEY HAVE WILLINGLY ACCEPTED TO IMPOSE ON OUR CHILDREN AND FUTURE GENERATIONS. For them … it is far better not to know the truth … which is why that "unvaccinated v. vaccinated" study WILL AWAYS BE .. ACCORDING TO SWORN TESTIMONY OF STANLEY PLOTKIN .. UNIVERSAL GODFATHER OF VACCINES .. SIMPLY 'TOO HARD TO DO".

"Representing vaccine critics as liars serves many purposes for government and industry" .. is something Sol Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" recommends .. "demonize, isolate, ridicule enemy forces".

“[A]void the use of the terms "anti-vax" and "anti-vaxxer." These labels are often inaccurate and too inclusive… There is a spectrum of views here that we need to represent fairly.” ,,,, "The authors said “vaccine hesitant" or "vaccine resistant" have less “pejorative weight.”

How about "safe or safer vaccines" as a "less pejorative label?

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