Open Letter to Editor of Huffington Post On Removal of Vaccine Related Content
Critical Care and Constant Compassion

Age of Autism Fund Raiser Against The Summer of Censorship

Summer moneyHello, friends. a dozen years ago, Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill had an idea for a site to expose the Age of Autism as the epidemic it had become. Kim Rossi (then Stagliano) joined their team and Age of Autism, "the nation's first daily web newspaper of the autism epidemic" was born. In 2019, we're a site focused on autism, yes, but also on the much broader topic of HEALTH CHOICE.

We need your financial support. Gone are the days when organizations were able to sponsor and support us.   We are now fully donor driven. 
Your donation is tax deductible. I've signed on to Network for Good as a safe, easy to use donation platform.  Every dollar counts!   Or you can send a check to Autism Age, PO Box 110546 Trumbull CT 06611. And don't forget matching gifts! Especially is you work for a pharma company. Ha Ha! THANK YOU.

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Many mainstream platforms have censored articles that discuss health and vaccination choice, refusal, even safety. We've seen articles replaced by "404 Error" messages. Age of Autism is more important and valuable than ever. We stand almost alone. And we need your support to keep the rebel alliance, as our dear friend Dan called us, going strong.

Yesterday, we ran a post from Laura Hayes about the fact that Huffington Post deleted all content that was about vaccination safety, including many of my own posts.  I'll be writing about that soon. Laura wrote:

I just read your letter to Huffington Post readers regarding your decision to “remove dozens of blogs that perpetuate the unfounded opinion that vaccines pose a health risk to the public.”

I am wondering if you happened to even read the link you posted as evidence of vaccine safety? If you did, you seemingly missed the CDC’s own admission, albeit woefully inadequate, that vaccines come with myriad risks and do indeed cause harm, and fail, and have since their inception. Read her full letter here.

Health Freedom advocate Larry Cook pulled down all of his contributions on Vimeo (the video hosting site) because they removed vaccination safety and choice related videos.  I could not limk a Vimeo from Kevin Barry earlier this week - the link wouldn’t connect.

We've worked too hard - all of us including you, our readers, to see our work "Marie Kondo'd" because it does not spark joy for pharma. I have a plan underway for a new platform to tell HuffPo and Medium to become ShoveItPo and MediumSmallMinded. Stay tuned. And please, donate a few bucks to keep the rebel alliance going!  Thank you. KIM



Gary we must be looking through the same looking glass.


I know y'all are in cahoots with the cosmic Goddess of numbers! Ok, Ok, I hear you! You can stop messing with me! I see your 11-11-11 Ms Rossi and I raise you one. A dozen years you say?! I didn't mention anything the other day because I didn't want to steal the beautiful Miss G's thunder, but my daughter, too, celebrated her birthday this month, yesterday, the 12th! Her "golden" birthday. A golden b/day is when one turns the age of the date of her birthday. And then Mr. Ogden brings up Chelsea Manning. 7/12/07 happens to also be the date of the horrific war crime Ms Manning exposed. Banksy did a piece commemorating the tragedy. I wrote multiple letters campaigning for her release when she was first imprisoned. I'm pretty sure the numbers Goddess will strike me down if I don't figure out a way to get AoA something. It may be a paltry, embarrassing, symbolic, twelve bucks, but I will do my best. Aside from this being the worthiest of causes, if anyone out there reading this also wants the added incentive of sparing me from the Gods I would be forever grateful, as I am so very much for this forum! There are not adequate words to express the gratitude I feel for the lives you have saved sharing this information! To you Kim, and all the brilliant contributors from the bottom of my heart I thank you!!!!

Twelve wishes for the end to endless war!
Twelve wishes for the end of the heinous autism epidemic!
And an infinite amount of wishes that your lives be filled
the with peace and happiness you so richly deserve!



I’ am waiting to see if the new uncensored social media platform 'Thinkspot' gets off the ground in August 2019.

Its the brain child of Jordan Peterson the psychologist. It will be subscription based and users will be able to monetarize it. So people like Chris Exley and AoA may be able to raise some much needed funds.

We won’t know how useful these new platforms will be — until there're up and running.

Gary Ogden

Gerardo Martinez: Right you are. They are scared for their bank accounts because they have lost control of the narrative, and never will they regain control. Censorship always backfires; they are simply too dimwitted to realize this. Americans know better than to trust what their government says. Those of us who were alive during the Viet Nam years know that the government lied every day about what was going on. What they are doing today is far worse, because most of the victims are innocent infants and children. It is a crime against humanity. The CDC knows what they are doing; that's why Dr. Thompson told Brian Hooker that they are "paralyzed." Many of the employees there do have consciences, with a few exceptions, such as Colleen Boyle and Frank DeStefano, but the consequences of a lone voice, or even a group, speaking out are dire. Our government has the capacity, and uses it, to destroy anyone who airs their dirty laundry. Look at what is happening right now to Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning. Thrown in a dungeon for exposing war crimes committed by U.S. troops. At some point these public-health-establishment crimes will be exposed, if we don't sink into bankruptcy first, caring for all the injured, and that day will be a great national crisis. Crimes against infants? The public will be furious.

Gerardo Martinez

We got them scared. I read in scripture today that the truth will be uncovered and I believe this is what is happening. The PEOPLE control this country not pharma! Keep up the fight! I just donated too- in honor of my vaccine injured son. Blessings to all!

Laura Hayes

Just donated!

Age of Autism is my daily go-to for uncensored vaccine information, including the destructive, devastating, sometimes deadly aftermath that vaccines always leave in their wake.

Thank you for keeping this critically-important website going, Kim!

Jonathan Rose and Gayle DeLong

We've just donated, because it's difficult to think of a worthier cause. Bureaucrats and corporations hate the open internet because it's too damned democratic, allowing just *anyone* to publicly criticize and expose bureaucrats and corporations. Note that advocates of internet censorship say they want to stop "conspiracy theories", but of course any exposure of malfeasance in high places involves postulating some kind of conspiracy -- a conspiracy to rob the public till or cover up incompetence or do dirty deals at Davos or conceal the environmental harms caused by industrial products. Woodward and Bernstein were conspiracy theorists. If you block conspiracy theories, investigative journalism effectively comes to an end, and we're left with just a few gargantuan media conglomerates assuring us that everything established authorities say and do is just fine. So the attack on AoA is part of a much larger attack on dissenting websites in general.


Long time reader, first time poster. I’m not very tech savvy, but please consider looking into Brighteon 2.0, as I believe they would be very helpful and supportive of Age of Autism’s mission and content. Love you guys! Thanks for keeping me sane throughout my family’s decade+ long insane journey. Living in NYC, hubby and I are most likely going to be happily homeschooling all 4 of our recovered/recovering kids now unless RFK’s lawsuit succeeds. Big Pharma and the Albany swamp can all drop dead. Everyone we’ve been educating now, really seems to get it - once we mention “liability free vaccines” and that we’re proud “former vaxxers” not anti vaxxers! That really brings it home for them. Check’s going out today. God Bless us all.

Gary Ogden

It will be up to us, the little people, to fight this monster, the Stalinist state we are becoming. I've noticed, too, that important references I've bookmarked have been scrubbed. Still available, as of now, through DuckDuckGo, but for how much longer?

Bob Moffit


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