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A Letter to The Boulder Daily Camera In Response to Lindsay Diamond's Vaccine Editorial

Daily cameraFrom Laura Hayes: Below is what I submitted to The Boulder Daily Camera newspaper a week ago, last Monday. I emailed the editor of the opinion page at this paper today to inquire if/when he would be running my commentary in response to that of Lindsay Diamond, since he hadn't to date. He responded: "As specified in our guidelines, we give priority to local writers, and in recent editions we have not wanted for submissions from local contributors." I took that to mean that he/they won't be running my Commentary, so let's run it on AoA so our many friends and activists in CO can share it away there, without any help from The Boulder Daily Camera! And, to continue to encourage other AoA readers to counter, challenge, and disprove vaccine propaganda when they hear and read it!

Dear Coloradans,

I am the mother of 3 vaccine-injured children, now young adults, including one who was severely and permanently disabled by his “routine” childhood vaccinations. I’m writing to you from CA in response to Lindsay Diamond’s recent submission.

Ms. Diamond was correct about one thing. Colorado, like all states, has indeed become a vulnerable community, thanks to vaccinations. Vaccinations cause herd susceptibility, not herd immunity (which is a naturally-occurring phenomenon, not a vaccine-induced one). American children are suffering from new epidemics of childhood, including Autism (1 in 36), seizure disorder (1 in 20), asthma (1 in 8), food allergies (1 in 12), Type 1 diabetes (1 in 430), one or more chronic illnesses (1 in 2), mental health disorders (1 in 6), learning disabilities (1 in 6), high infant mortality (6 in 1000 before first birthday), and tics, facial asymmetry, and misaligned eyes (rampant, courtesy of the mercury and aluminum in vaccines, paired with innate responses to the high-stress situation of being held down with no escape possible).

Does that read like the report card of a nation that is doing right by its children? Does that reflect vibrant children who are healthy and developing normally, with promising futures ahead?

This egregious and unacceptable state of ill health, atypical development, and premature death should be sounding alarm bells nationwide. Causal factors of recent origin must be to blame, and they are not hard to discern. The shocking rise of these new childhood epidemics aligns in lockstep with the tripling of childhood vaccinations following the indemnification of pharmaceutical companies in the late 1980s. That is no coincidence.

Ms. Diamond wrote:

  • “Being a newborn has no relevance to receiving vaccines.” Wrong. Toxicity and inflammation are terribly damaging for babies in the prime of their development. Vaccines cause both, in spades. For but one example, an infant will receive 1225 mcg of aluminum at its recommended 2-month appointment, which grossly exceeds the FDA daily maximum of 25 mcg for intravenous feeding. There is no needed or safe amount of aluminum for a human.

  • “Human babies are not born with sufficient vitamin K.” Human babies are not born deficient, needing injections of synthetic chemicals from the moment they are born. Human survival for thousands of years without birth doses of synthetic vitamin K is proof of that. This synthetic formulation contains many toxins, which will be injected simultaneously with the many toxins in the Hepatitis B vaccine, making the newborn vulnerable to shock, cardiac and respiratory distress, jaundice, and future allergies. For newborns at risk for hemorrhagic bleeding, non-toxic oral formulations of actual vitamin K are available.

  • “1000 mothers transmit HBV to their infants.” How does that justify injecting 3,999,000 other infants with a potentially-fatal, toxic, inflammation-causing, stress-inducing, invasive medical procedure, for a disease that is contracted via IV drug use and sex?

  • “There is always an inherent risk with any medical procedure or drug.” Correct! That is why the gold standard for the ethical practice of medicine is that of prior, completely voluntary, and fully informed consent. Having a passive surveillance system in place, which is largely unknown and rarely utilized, does not make vaccine mandates acceptable or ethical.

  • “CDC estimates that vaccination of children prevented 322 million illnesses, 732,000 deaths, and saved $1.4 trillion.” There is no way Ms. Diamond can provide any proof for such claims due to the fact that the CDC has refused to conduct or commission a vaccinated versus unvaccinated study to assess both the short- and long-term health, development, fertility, and longevity effects of vaccination. Without such a study, absolutely no claims about vaccine efficacy or safety can be made.

  • “The question of an outbreak in Colorado is not a matter of if but when.” Which represents a true problem…nationwide, a few cases per month of a week-long, typically-benign, immunity-developing, cancer-preventing infection named measles, or, 9259 cases per month of a lifelong, devastating, debilitating, communication-stealing, independence-robbing, financially-bankrupting disease named Autism?


Coloradans, if you are permitting your children to be injected repeatedly with poisons, neurotoxins, carcinogens, allergens, antibiotics, immune and nervous system destroyers, sterilizing agents, and undisclosed ingredients, as not all vaccine ingredients are required to be listed, while also accepting total liability, please ask yourselves why. If someone tried to feed your children such ingredients, would you permit it? If someone not wearing a white coat tried to inject your child with such ingredients, would you permit it?

Laura Hayes

Parent of a severely and permanently vaccine-injured young adult son, age 25

Stanford Class of 1987

Writer for the Age of Autism blog

WAPF Honorary Board Member

National Speaker (links to 2 of my comprehensive vaccine-related presentations below)

Longtime Member of the original FEAT (Families for Early Autism Treatment)

Co-Founding Family of the MIND Institute at UC Davis

Program Manager for her son’s ABA program since 1996


Vaccines: What Is There to Be ‘Pro’ About? by Laura Hayes

Why Is This Legal? by Laura Hayes








Laura Hayes

Will do, Susan!

susan welch

Laura, thank you so much for sharing that great, informative letter. Also, so encouraging that it was printed.

Please let us know when/if your excellent commentary is published.

Laura Hayes

Although my commentary in response to Lindsay Diamond's commentary has yet to be published in The Boulder Daily Camera, an excellent one by Coloradan Katie Walker was published yesterday that I wanted to share with AoA readers:


david m burd

Hi Laura,

Of course the massive autism casualties you cite every year are accurate.

YET, BEGGING LOGIC, the totally corrupt CDC et al. REFUSE to even suspect the massive and growing toxicity-damage by vaccines to fetuses/newborns/infants/toddlers in another dozen additional lifelong afflictions also being inexplicable -- as any suspicion of vaccines is NEVER investigated by the Govt/Pharma Vaccine Cabal.

Laura Hayes


Thank you, as always, for your excellent contributions here on AoA. I will be cutting and pasting your comment and sending it to the editor for the editorial page at The Boulder Daily Camera.

Laura Hayes


9,259 cases of Autism diagnosed per month in children in the U.S. is based on the commonly-used figure of 4,000,000 babies born per year in the U.S., and the most-recent CDC statistic of 1 in 36 American children being diagnosed with Autism. From there, it's just basic math:

1 divided by 36 = .277777

.277777 x 4,000,000 babies = 111,110.8 babies per year

111,110.8 babies divided by 12 months = 9,259.2333 babies per month

And there you have the staggeringly-horrific, completely-unacceptable, utterly-devastating figure of 9,259 cases of Autism being diagnosed in children each month in the U.S.

And yet, the national emergency alert service is sounded over a few beneficial cases of measles every few months, which will leave the recipients with lifelong immunity, not to mention a host of other health benefits.

Such an unbelievable, illogical phenomenon could only happen in a country that is now virtually owned and mostly controlled by pharmaceutical companies, and a few of their sinister relatives, like BigAg, BigChem, BigFood, and BigTech.

Time to take back America from these evil forces.

Kathy Sincere


Thanks for your response to Lindsay Diamond in the Boulder Camera. We will be sharing it far and wide here in Colorado. As always, you are spot on.

Several of us living in or nearby Boulder tried to comment in the Boulder Camera but were not published. Very loud crickets.

Ms. Diamond is a member of Colorado Parents for Vaccinated Communities, which is run by the Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition, which by the way is a division of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE).

A few months ago Ms. Diamond had a billboard put up on Highway 93 leading into Boulder. It read “Vaccines Have Saved Millions of Lives”. Ms. Diamond claims to have paid for this billboard with her “own money”. Yeah, and the Easter Bunny colored my eggs this year…….


Excellent rebuttal Laura!! Very well elucidated. I have one question pls... do you have a source for this last bullet point? I have tried to find this information to be able to share it. Is this in the US alone, or worldwide? Thank you.

"9259 cases per month of a lifelong, devastating, debilitating, communication-stealing, independence-robbing, financially-bankrupting disease named Autism"

Laura Hayes

I just sent Kim the pdf for this article and have asked her to please include a link for it above so that Coloradans can print it out (only 1 piece of paper if printed front and back) for sharing and distributing with neighbors, friends, family, and colleagues, and in strategic locations, such as neighborhood lending library boxes, their local library, their local preschools, taped to communal mailboxes, etc.

Also, Kim posted a link to the pdf for another recent article of mine, which can be found here:


It takes just 2 pieces of paper if printed front and back, making distribution of it fairly easy :)

Despite increasing censorship, we still have lots of effective ways to get the truth out there! Hope these pdf links prove helpful.

Hans Litten


Legal Challenge Filed Against NY Law Ending Religious Exemptions for Vaccines

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who has previously expressed public skepticism about the safety of vaccines, is one of two attorneys representing the families in the litigation.
Signs about measles and the measles vaccine are displayed at the Rockland County Health Department in Pomona, N.Y., in March. The county in New York City’s northern suburbs declared a local state of emergency over a measles outbreak that has infected more than 150 people since last fall, hoping a ban against unvaccinated children in public places wakes their parents to the seriousness of the problem. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)
After New York state lawmakers approved legislation last month to remove the option for parents to forgo vaccinating their children on religious grounds, a group of families filed a lawsuit Wednesday aimed at reversing the measure.

Laura Hayes


Thank you for the link you posted, in which is embedded the link to the actual editorial that resulted in The Boulder Daily Camera's previous editor of the editorial page being fired when he self-published it elsewhere:



Good link. Thank you for posting it here.


Thank you for highlighting the hypocrisy that defies common sense...that students with hepatitis B are permitted to attend school, with their illness remaining in strict confidence, while healthy students whose parents have protected them from the dangers of the Hepatitis B vaccine, and who do not have Hepatitis B, are now excluded from attending school in a growing number of states. The absurdity and insanity are in full swing.

Angus Files

its the denial of freedom of speech and any critique such as Lauras is to be silenced.Follow the money...


About 30 miles northwest, in Boulder, a different scenario played out. Boulder Daily Camera Editorial Page Editor Dave Krieger was fired after he self-published an editorial he claimed was blocked by his publisher. The editorial criticized private-equity newspaper ownership and observed that “Alden has sold certain properties…to local investors willing to support these institutions. We would like to see similar activity in Boulder before it’s too late.”

And Ka-ching....

Newspaper baron and right-wing financial backer Randall Smith might be learning the hard way that sometimes diplomacy is more profitable than being an activist.

Smith’s New York hedge fund Alden Global Capital owns First Digital Media, one of the country’s biggest newspaper chains that includes the San Jose Mercury News and the Detroit News.

Pharma For Prison


Hans Litten


MMR Vaccine Licensing Called Into Question Following ICAN's Latest FOIA Exposure of FDA Coverup

AUSTIN, Texas, May 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- In another significant legal win for vaccine risk awareness non-profit Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), a new Freedom of Information Act disclosure from the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has revealed that the MMR vaccine was licensed based on clinical trials which in total had less than 1,000 participants and far more adverse reactions than previously acknowledged.

"It's alarming that an appeal was required to get this information, but it's more alarming that every time ICAN prevails in obtaining a FOIA disclosure from the FDA, CDC or HHS, we learn about another serious shortcoming in their duties to assure Americans' health and health care," says Del Bigtree, ICAN founder and host of the weekly fact-based medical news show "The HighWire."
The MMR vaccine is at the heart of the vaccine debate. The following are some of the key facts learned from the clinical trial reports produced by the FDA, which the agency relied upon to license the MMR:
• There were eight clinical trials that in total had less than 1,000 individuals, out of which only 342 children received the MMR vaccine
• The safety review period only tracked 'adverse events' for 42 days after injection
• More than half or a significant percent of all participants in each of the eight trials developed gastrointestinal symptoms and upper respiratory infections
• All adverse events were generically described as 'other viruses' and not considered in safety profile of licensure
• The control group received other vaccines for either rubella or measles and rubella, and none of the controls received a placebo (an inert substance such as a saline injection)
Bigtree, an Emmy-Award winning producer, and director of the documentary "Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe," says the reason for increased vaccine hesitancy is not unreasonable fear, but a growth in awareness of the corruption, secrecy and obvious overt propaganda surrounding vaccines and the pharmaceutical industry.
"Thanks to the laws in this country that for now at least permit access to various government records, we now know the MMR vaccine was licensed using an irresponsibly small and limited group of children," says Bigtree.
"But what's even more alarming is learning about the serious adverse events that were known and acknowledged, yet ignored in order to license the MMR vaccine," Bigtree adds, noting "This was after only tracking adverse events for 42 days after injection – imagine what they might have found had they tracked safety for three years against an appropriate control, like they do for drugs."
MARC J. BERN & PARTNERS LLP Files Lawsuits For A Hundred Individuals Against Merck Alleging Shingles/Zostavax Vaccine Is Defective*
MARC J. BERN & PARTNERS LLP, the attorneys who last month filed their first complaint in Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas on behalf of Jorja Bently, today have filed complaints for another 100 plaintiffs against Merck regarding its Shingles vaccine, Zostavax. The assertions are wide ranging and include plaintiffs claiming to have suffered various side effects which include contracting shingles, chickenpox, high blood pressure, intense neuropathic pain, eye injuries, headaches, dizziness amongst others.
It is alleged by Marc J. Bern & Partners LLP that “Merck knew and had reason to know that its Zostavax vaccine was inherently defective and unreasonably dangerous as designed” that “Merck downplayed the serious and dangerous side effects of its product to encourage sales of the product; consequently, Merck placed its profits above its customers’ safety.” According to founding Partner Marc J Bern, the firm is currently representing nearly 5000 claimants and has thousands more filings to follow. “We have been investigating this drug for quite some time. We steadfastly believe in the merits of this litigation. This vaccination is at best 50 percent effective. Either it is not effective or it causes shingles or a host of other side effects. What is most troubling is that Merck had a better alternative on hand when this product was released.” says Bern.
About Marc J. Bern
Mr. Bern has been at the forefront of pharmaceutical litigation for over 40 years. A nationally recognized law firm, Marc J. Bern & Partners LLP has been part of verdicts and settlements that have exceeded $ 3 Billion Dollars. Mr. Bern has been selected as one of “America’s Premier Lawyers” by Fortune Magazine and has been named one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers. He has been designated a New York Super Lawyer® every year since 2006. In 2007, he was honored to become a charter member of the Litigation Counsel of America. In addition, Mr. Bern has been selected as one of “America’s Premier Lawyers” by Fortune Magazine and has been named one of the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers.
With offices in five states Marc J. Bern & Partners LLP represents injury victims nationwide. Marc J. Bern & Partner LLP have both the fortitude and the resources to take on the well-funded pharmaceutical and medical device companies. To learn more about the Zostavax Litigation or to see if you may have a claim please contact Marc J. Bern & Partners LLP at 1-800-LAW-5432 or visit their website at bernllp.com.

Bob Moffit

Gee .. its too bad the Bolder Daily Camera guidelines require them to give priority to local writers, and in recent editions they have not wanted for submissions from local contributors .. I am confident THAT was the only reason your letter wasn't published .. silly me .. I first thought the CONTENT of your letter was their primary reason for refusing to run it.

Laura's letter on HEP B vaccine:

“1000 mothers transmit HBV to their infants.” How does that justify injecting 3,999,000 other infants with a potentially-fatal, toxic, inflammation-causing, stress-inducing, invasive medical procedure, for a disease that is contracted via IV drug use and sex?"

It must be frustrating to have to argue against Laura's common sense .. and there is nothing more lacking in common sense that injecting a newborn infant with HEP B vaccine within hours of birth .. another dose 2 months later .. a 3rd dose between 9 % 12 months .. ostensibly to protect that newborn infant/toddler from a disease … as Laura said .. "that is contracted via IV drug use and sex?"

Even harder to explain is why a child diagnosed as HEP B positive is ALLOWED access to public schools while a perfectly healthy child .. HEP B negative .. is DENIED access to school unless vaccinated?


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