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The Real Reason for Vaccine Mandates

Vax Cards Please! Children Expelled from Monsey NY School

Jewish Julu 4Note: Security guards. Cards to be shown to gain admittance. Expulsions. In New York. I'm having some difficulty locating good info on what is a "Satmar" school except that it is a religious, Jewish school, nor can I find much of anything about this particular school in Monsey, NY. There is a complicated relationship between the Orthodox community and the education system and non-Orthodox world of which I know little.  I am not defending or damning the school in this article below. I invite readers with more knowledge to email me at [email protected] and/or in the comments, please.  Thanks.


Satmar in Monsey took a bold stance against anti-vaxxers. Notices were sent out yesterday that the schools need all immunization records. Today all Girls who did not have them were expelled and were not allowed to enter.

The school hired a security guard who will not allow any kids who can’t show an Immunization card which every kid has to present every time they enter the school.

Reports claim girls were crying outside the building.

‘UTA Satmar school in Monsey NY posting hired security guards at the entrance, to prevent non-vaccinated children from entering. Highly irresponsible of parents to put through their children to such an ordeal.’ Tweeted Yosef Rapaport.

Read more at GreaterLakewood.com.



Of course the wealthy will get the exemptions. Just like they get their kids into the best ABA schools and get the best therapy, just like they don't worry about money and the thousands it costs to support a person with autism properly, just like they will never have any clue the stress us "normal" parents have when it comes to being less than privileged. It's always been this way and I have no doubt the wealthy will get their exemptions through money via a back door way. What are the rest of us supposed to do? Us.... the poor parents with little to no money with ZERO influence, the ones trying to just get through each day with no vacations, no rich parents paying their way, no private planes and boats and on and on. We will forever be behind the eight ball in this horrible game being played with our kids. I truly hope, sad to say, the young people of today think long and hard before having kids in the future. The government controls all now. It is frightening.

Managing Editor for NeedMore

Dear NeedMoreCash:

While your comment is likely tongue in cheek - we all know that the wealthy WILL find a way to get their exemptions. There will cosmetic surgeons who puff up lips like blowfish who agree to sign paperwork for their patients children after an evaluation for a deviated septum or some other trumped up DX. The rich found doctors to perform safe abortions, the poor went to back ally butchers. As it was now and ever shall be. I'm pretty sure the EPA would frown upon the toxic vax cocktails going into our water supply - remember, they are only safe when injected.......

Needmore cash

Just bribe a nurse to flush the things down the drain and sign the form as vaxxed and move on. He’ll get your nursing degree at a community college and do it yourself.


Far too serious to be remotely acceptable !
Is the vaccine vessel heading straight for the rocks via the obvious lighthouse ,vax passports or nae passports ? and

Vital Spark - Para Handy- Scottish Dance Band youtube
Para Handy Episode 21 "The Wedding" 1974
Are ministers on boats/ships/vaccine cargo vessels, considered not very lucky?
Perhaps a wee training module deficiency of the one at the Church of Scotland for improving learning outcomes.
[Aim 1] practice daily with advice from supervision How to leave your personal opinions in the organisational car park before you start your shift !
[AIM 2] Don't whistle in the direction of the wind ! It can cause a storm in a tea-cup on or off a boat or ship "aye right off-it!"
Share a good morning prayer for and with people .
Dear Lord, help me tae get ma brain in- tae the right gear before I go ahead an open ma big mouth !
Ministers / Priests telling people how to think is considered prescriptive ? just as much as a doctor issuing any medication script? Both parties need to realise their own limits and boundaries. ie clear seperation between State/ Medicine, and Religion?
If workers don't like being in a force 9 storm, then best stick to the canals "Out the way of the traffic"
Crinin Canal Song .Youtube

Angus Files

Julie, the dogmas of faith intertwined with the dogma of Pharma ,you just cant beat it eh!I wouldnt know how for instance the worshipper would convince God in prayers and get God to accept the use of aborted fetal cell lines from babies used in the vaccines and then injected into newborn babies who have no naturally developed immune system. High Anglican Episcopal isn`t too far removed from Roman Catholicism. Then and again I and my wife and people like us, cant and dont take too much offence with this worshipper who is unwittingly quoting from the pharma book of dogma,Pharma Science makes Black Adders Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells, look moral and humane when reality is both the Bish and Pharma are plainly barking mad,woof woof!!and leaves every other psycho maniac looking like Snow White.I only have prayers for the worshipper as he has for us that one day they see the light and darkness of Pharma and vaccination

.Baby Eating Bishop Quote
Bishop of Bath and Wells: Drugged, by God! Blackadder: No, by Baldrick actually, but the effect is much the same.

Pharma For Prison



Your wife must be someone who is able to exercise extreme self-control in order to limit herself to having 'a word' with the priest. My hackles were up just reading that this happened in her church.


Girls crying outside the school, presumably because they have been denied entrance?? The idea of teens (their apparent age, from the photo) crying to get into school is certainly quite a change from a lot of what we see today. It would seem that this particular institution is cutting off its nose to spite its face by rejecting some of its most promising and dedicated students.

Angus Files

Thanks Klara for the clarification- nothing like live and let live?Very persecutory times history not far from repeating which I hope people see and do not allow.If someone chooses not to vaccinate who`s business is it apart from their own.My wife had our autistic son at the local Anglican Episcopal Church Of Scotland yesterday as she does most Tuesdays .One of the sermons ended with a prayer for the irresponsible parents who choose not to vaccinate their kids(I kid ya not!).Of course my wife had a word with the woman priest afterwards just to put a few things straight...goddamn cheek.

The 11th commandment do not do pharma out of profit.

Pharma For Prison


Grace Green

Klara Eliza,
Thank you for that very helpful information. Like most people, I'm finding the reports of how these communities are being treated truly shocking and abhorrent. However, I did wonder whether the reference to security guards might be being used as further intimidation of these pupils. Wouldn't there already be security guard(s) in place for the daily protection of these children? Of course, they shouldn't be used to keep the children out!
For those girls who were crying outside the door, I would echo one of the comments after the article - dry your tears and find somewhere where you're welcome.
There seems to be a misunderstanding in the minds of many about what religion means. To me, it is down to the conscience of the individual, not something which is decided by a human hierarchy. From what I understand, that would be the case in Judaism as well. It seems that some in these communities are denying the right of others to follow there own consciences, which is very sad, but I'm afraid is happening in all religions. I have been forced to leave several, and now follow my own path.

Gary Ogden

Klara Eliza: Thank you very much for your cogent explanation. In a nation founded upon religious freedom we should all be alarmed, and given the history of the treatment of Jews by governments and free-lance thugs alike, how can anyone not be horrified by what is happening in New York?


Thank you Klara Eliza for your detailed explanation.

Klara Eliza

Satmar is a dynasty of Hasidism. This means it is an individual group in ultra-Orthodox Judaism. Satmar is one of the most prevalent dynasties, but people from many different dynasties live in the New York community being denied the right to not vaccinate their children and being attacked by medicine and the media. A Satmar school would operate and teach specifically based on the beliefs and teachings of the Satmar dynasty. The reason for the complicated relationship between the education system and Hasidic schools has gone on long before the measles outbreak and subsequent hate thrown at this community. There have been allegations of low educational standards and older students not grasping basic concepts and still moving up in grade levels. Some of these allegations come from people who have left Hasidism, so the community is suspicious the accounts they give and think they may be retaliating. The educational system also dislikes Hasidic schools because they resist their efforts to make change through either suggestions or mandates. Hasidim (Hasidic people) think that educational officials are ignorant or uncaring of their beliefs and do not care if their changes cross religious or traditional lines. Schools like the one in the article are not the same as yeshivas, or schools based only on religious texts. Many people confuse the two and may think that children only learn religion in Hasidic schools for young children.

As was used in the article excerpt, Satmar can be used to refer to a person or people as a noun or an adjective. It would be correct to say "the Satmar school" as well as "Satmar girls", or "a neighborhood with Satmar". When referring to Hasidic Jews as a whole, Hasidism is the entire group, used like Catholicism would be. One person in any Hasidic dynasty is a Hasid. More than one are called Hasidim. Hasidic can be used as an adjective referring from anything from schools to neighborhoods. The term 'ultra-Orthodox Judaism' is almost exclusively used in America to refer to Hasidism, but can refer to other groups of Jews called Haredi Jews. Hasidism is a subset of Haredi Judaism. 'Ultra-Orthodox Judaism' can be used as a term for shock value in the media and is sometimes viewed as a negative term within the communities it refers to, so the terms Hasidism or Haredi Judaism are preferred. Haredi Judaism and Hasidism are groups of Orthodox Jews. However, people who would call themselves Orthodox Jews are those who are more liberal and interact with the non-Jewish world more than Hasidim or Haredi Jews, but still strive to follow the Torah and traditions. I hope this has been helpful in understanding this article and others like it about a community the government, medicine, and media make no attempts to understand.

Bob Moffit

It is not the first time in history that Jews are routinely and callously being asked for "their papers" by unformed security officers who are just 'doing their job" .. identifying those deemed carriers of diseases simply for their religious beliefs. It would make public health officers job easier if all members of a particular religion were made to wear a highly visible yellow arm band.

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