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V.A.C.C.I.N.E.S.: Is it Science, or Is It a Sales Pitch?

Sales pitchBy Cathy Jameson          

They’re desperate.  They have to be.  Why else would we see even more American representatives working so hard to protect liability-free products?  In light of how many state legislators were successful in stripping parents’ rights during the 2019 legislative season, Products Over People! should be the new political motto. 

The latest attempt to safeguard pharmaceutical products comes from the federal level to the people with a cunning title: 

V.A.C.C.I.N.E.  The Vaccine Awareness Campaign to Champion Immunization Nationally and Enhance Safety (VACCINES) Act: The Vaccine Awareness Campaign to Champion Immunization Nationally and Enhance Safety (VACCINES) Act will give the Center for Disease Control and Protection (CDC) resources it needs to understand what drives vaccines hesitancy and barriers to immunization. They will also be able to better track where there are changes in vaccine confidence or refusal rates. With this information, they will be able to predict where an outbreak might occur because of low immunization rates and target vaccine education campaigns to those areas before an outbreak occurs.

CJ June 2
When I first saw that, I couldn’t help but laugh.  The title.  The smiling lab-coated doctor.  The reference to the “settled science”.  The V.A.C.C.I.N.E. Act read just like a pharmaceutical ad!  I had to look twice to make sure it wasn’t a satirical piece like from The Onion.  It was absurdly laughable.  Rereading it, I realized that it was not fake. 

Schrier’s bill, which was filed in May as H.R. 2862, comes with all sorts of pharmaceutically-driven statements, which can also be found on the CDC and FDA websites including that vaccines are safe, effective and save lives.  The introduction of it, besides what one would read on pharmaceutical-funded documents, also comes with a complaint from one of the representatives in support of it:

As a medical professional for over 30 years, I find it absolutely ridiculous that we are seeing illnesses that should not be a public health concern now making a comeback.  I sense a great deal of frustration from this doctor, but as a mother of a vaccine-injured child, I find it absolutely ridiculous that a growing number in the medical community, and now in the political arena, are so quick to dismiss informed parents.  Informed parents look beyond Science.  They have to because it failed their child.  Doctors, and now doctors-turned-politicians, don’t want to listen to the parents.  They’ve turn their attention away from those parents and their valid concerns about the safety and efficacy of liability-free vaccines.  Simple questions, like asking why vaccines are being mandated when they contribute to outbreaks of the illness that the vaccine was supposed to prevent, aren’t allowed to be asked.  Doctors could choose to educate their paying customers, but they kick parents from their practices instead of address parents’ concerns professionally.

Some people are scared.  Their scared of illnesses, and they’re scared of outbreaks.  This year, they’re being told to be afraid of the measles.  They’re scared of vaccine stories they hear from former vaccine consumers, consumers who learned that adverse reactions do exist and that vaccine efficacy does wane.  People, and not just parents anymore, are justifiably leery because of what happened in LA County.  What happened there is happening in Louisiana, too.   Instead of calming the people or telling the vaccine manufacturers to fix their faulty goods, politicians fuel anxieties.  Oddly, while politicians rev the vaccine engine, the news will quickly report that outbreaks include the recently vaccinated.  A reporter might occasionally add a warning, “But even vaccinated children and adults can be susceptible to the illness,” somewhere in the article when outbreaks occur.  While true, that passive warning won’t get the airtime it deserves.  That’s because truth bombs don’t sell pharmaceutical ads as well or as quickly as fear does.   

The medical community and the corporate media are making sure to keep their latest vaccine sales pitches plastered everywhere, especially when reporters add a, “Get vaccinated!” demand at the end of their article.  It’s got to be confusing for the less informed parent who is trying to read the news stories:  Vaccines save lives!  But, wait, they don’t really work!  You should get them anyway!  You must, or you’ll regret it!  And your neighbor will blame you for polio even though no one’s talking about polio!  With the sloppy, wishy-washy reporting and displaced blame people get for merely asking questions about vaccines, it’s understandable that the public has questions.  It’s no wonder that feelings of apprehensions about brief illnesses and about manufactured vaccines associated with them have risen, too.  Rather than work to truly inform the public, doctors and pharmaceutical companies are cashing in on the publics’ fear.  A host of politicians are cashing in on that fear, too, by creating bills and proposing legislation that will boost vaccines sales.  In order to secure those sales, government-endorsed and protected products will need to continue to use the people, not care for them or their best interests.  Those with financial ties to the pharmaceutical companies must be overjoyed at the prospect. 

Politicians may be scared, but not of temporary illness where people recover; they must be afraid of their standing, of their political shelf-life, and of losing their financial backers.  Why else would so many so quickly have such strong opinions about a once-private matter?  Why else would they also be so willing to turn against the people they were elected to serve and force unnecessary or unwanted vaccinations on them?  I don’t see them as concerned about health as they claim.  What I do see in the latest vaccine legislation is legislators working overtime to protect and support U.S. for-profit pharmaceutical companies.  With the state bills that were filed this year and with the wording seen on that V.A.C.C.I.N.E.S. Act that was just announced on, it’s almost like politicians are vying for sponsorship from pharmaceutical companies.

I didn’t see too much science as I reread that document again this week.  What I saw was the latest government-backed stunt disguised as an overly glorified vaccine sales pitch.  If it gains momentum, which I pray it doesn’t, liability-free vaccine profits will surely swell again.  The public won’t reap long-term benefits from those profits.  They can’t.  How could the public ever?  The US government blew the chance to protect its own people over 3 decades ago when they granted immunity to pharmaceutical companies instead. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 





Maybe they could rename it the
Bill to Undermine Liberty by Lying about Safety and Health by Industry Trolls.

AKA the B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T. Act


Good article ,science or sales pitch/ All fur coats and no underpants? with policies and procedure risk assessments !
Promoting economic, political ,control policies /sales pitch for biceps and buttocks zones, vaccines for acess zones ,all years/ ages potential? Profits, super duper zone happy!

Sings like, The More I see You - Chris Montez-Youtube

Anti-dote, perhaps ,- Runrig, - Dust- Youtube


CDC-Center for Disease Creation

Tonya Prim

@ go Trump
I like your two names for the CDC.
"Center for Dog-gone Coincidences" points out the absurdity of the organization's words and actions, while "Center for the Destruction of Children" shows the seriousness of our current situation.

Hans Litten

Feb 2009


The Promotion and Marketing of OxyContin: Commercial Triumph, Public Health Tragedy
Art Van Zee, MD

Shelley Tzorfas

In the Los Angeles area community, if you mention something about vaccine ingredients or how they don't work as declared-you get a blank stare or someone who is about to punch you. I am not talking about research scientists who use fetal cell DNA in places like the University of Ca system, U of Wisconsin, U. of Miami, Ivy League schools and countless others where safety of their students is paramount and using fetuses has become a top priority. No, I am talking about waiters, drivers, retail sales folks, electricians, even comedians who have absolutely no clue as to the deadly Aluminum, Cancer causing Formaldehyde and glyphosate, or peanut oils leading to anaphylactic shock to foods. This last one bugs me. Why do grown-ups who ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches nearly everyday as a kid not care about children dropping dead from a peanut ingredient? Why don't grown -ups ask why entire school districts have become Peanut-Free Zones. Parents are not allowed to bring in cup-cakes for fear of an accidental peanut or accidental tragic death from a cookie.This has become todays "Cookie Monster."
They must believe as in their "Cult-like State" that it is ok to die from a peanut, cancer, seizures from the MMR, as long as they don't catch measles. Disclaimer; People in every state get defensive or angry on the subject of vaccines but they don't look as if they are performing like an actor or taking parts for a screen play...

go Trump

V.A.C.C.I.N.E.S. what a clever title for an ACT of Congress !!! Will there soon be a song and a TV commercial ???

Will they promise Every vaccine to be FREE someday soon ???

This ACT of course, is supported by the CDC – “Center for the Destruction of Children” and also the “Center of Dog-gone Coincidences”

Tim Lundeen

Vaccinate now, increase illness rate later: "Despite short-term success in eliminating the disease [measles], long range projections demonstrate that the proportion of susceptibles in the year 2050 may be greater than in the prevaccine era.” -- Am J Epidemiol. 1984 Jul;120(1):39-48. The future of measles in highly immunized populations. A modeling approach.

The whooping cough vaccine is a total failure: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/pertussis-vaccine-failure-not-failure-to-vaccinate/

There is also type substitution for HPV, showing that the vaccine has shifted the strains to be more virulent (and curiously, highly vaccinated areas have higher cervical cancer rates). https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/hpv-vaccines-likely-contribution-to-swedens-spike-in-cervical-cancer/

But of course we are right about the science. The problem is that the propaganda and fear of "vaccine preventable" disease is at a fever pitch, and believers are a 2/3 majority. Unbelievers are increasing, we can only hope we are near a tipping point.

Gary Ogden

Bravo, Cathy. Well spoken. Today, Medicine is a business, and politicians know which side their bread is buttered on. Their true constituents are industry, not the public who voted for them. What is truly scary is how easily people are led by the propaganda operation which is today's media. I cancelled our local paper four years ago, when they published an op-ed by Pan and Allen defamatory of Dr. Wakefield, but I've missed the Saturday crossword puzzle ever since. Yesterday I picked up a newsstand copy for the puzzle and comics. On the back page, under "Health" was a Mayo Clinic News Network piece titled "Vaccinations crucial for pregnant women." I'm not kidding. Sample Q and A: "Q: If a mother gets any vaccine while pregnant, what is the risk to the child? A: There is really only theoretical risk when getting vaccines during pregnancy. The CDC says, "The benefits of vaccinating pregnant women usually outweigh potential risks when the likelihood of disease exposure is high, when infection would pose a risk to the mother or fetus, and when the vaccine is unlikely to cause harm." I could write a book parsing these fifty-two weasel words, but notice all the qualifiers: "theoretical," "usually," "when," "unlikely," yet the title misleadingly calls them "crucial."

susan welch

Well said, Cathy. Excellent article. Thank you.

Bob Moffit

It is time for legislators, public health bureaucracies, media .. to ask why public health in the United States is continuing to DECLINE .. as mandated vaccines continued to increase .. year after year since the 1980's .. consider the following:

"On average, life expectancy across the globe is steadily ticking upward—but the same can’t be said for the United States. Three reports newly published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlight a worrying downward trend in Americans’ average life expectancy, with the country’s ongoing drug crisis and climbing suicide rates contributing to a third straight year of decline."

"U.S. infant mortality rates (deaths under one year of age per 1,000 live births) are about 71 percent higher than the comparable country average. Differential reporting methods are likely a factor: a recent paper from the American Economic Journal: Economic Policy found that data difference may explain up to 34 percent of the difference in infant mortality rates between the U.S. and comparable countries."

Indeed, the inexplicable, dramatic increase in chronic autoimmune disorders within today's highly vaccinated generation is positively frightening .. asthma, allergies (peanuts?), juvenile type 1 diabetes, juvenile rheumatoid arthritis, ADD, ADHD .. autism 1 in 35 and expected to rise even higher in coming years .. on and on .. all indications that SOMETHING has gone terribly wrong with the United States .. whose citizens once enjoyed the best public health in the world.

It is time to raise serious questions whether eliminating "vaccine preventable diseases" .. such as .. measles, mumps, chickenpox .. has done more harm to public health by replacing once common childhood diseases with life-long, life-threatening diseases/disorders that have shortened life expectancy, increased child infantility rates and caused serious childhood development problems for generations to come.


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