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The Handling of Rabbi Handler

Rabbi W handlerBy Anne Dachel

On May 21, 2019, Business Insider published a piece entitled,
The anti-vaxx movement is fueling the measles epidemic by deliberately targeting communities most affected by the disease.

Hundreds of people, mostly ultra-Orthodox Jews, gathered at a rally in Rockland County, New York last week to listen as speakers ticked off a slew of unverified claims about vaccinations.

The story included prominent critics of the mandated vaccine program: Robert Kennedy, Jr. Del Bigtree, Barbara Loe Fisher, and Dr. Andrew Wakefield via Skype. Also in the gathering was an outspoken leader in the Orthodox Jewish community from Brooklyn, Rabbi William Handler. Brooklyn is an area where the measles outbreak is especially acute.

Readers were told that most of the attendees were “ultra Orthodox Jews,” and that these are “people who are mostly isolated from the outside world and have limited access to the internet or scientific research, can be particularly vulnerable to anti-vaxx rhetoric.”

At a May 14th  rally in Albany Handler joined other activists in attacking a bill that would remove the right to a religious exemption from vaccines. “We have come here today to protest this latest desecration of God in culture to take away the religious exemption.” 

Handler has received coverage by such well-known vaccine defenders as the Washington Post and the New York Times.  A hit piece by Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura at the Times with the headline, Despite Measles Warnings, Anti-Vaccine Rally Draws Hundreds of Ultra-Orthodox Jews,  sounded more like an editorial than standard journalism.  Anyone questioning vaccine safety and calling for the right to exempt children were blamed for “the spread of misinformation.”

Handler was featured saying that his community has recently been demonized.  "We Hasidim have been chosen as the target... the campaign against us has been successful,” but the Times accused him of having  falsely described the measles outbreak among Jews as part of an elaborate plan concocted by Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York to deflect attention from ‘more serious’ diseases brought by Central American migrants.”

There was of course no mention of any risk involved with mass vaccination with multiple vaccines at once, or the fact that the people making and giving the vaccines can’t be sued for injuries resulting from the shots.

(To understand the attitude at the NY Times, one need only to look at the 2011 story where in attacking the movie, The Greater Good, reporter Jeannette Catsoulis made this stunning statement:

“But while the film acknowledges that science has so far been consistent in its refutation of a vaccine-autism link, it fails to point out that even were such a link proved definitively, all that matters is that its victims number significantly fewer than those of the diseases vaccinations are designed to prevent.”)

While the real fear mongers warn about measles outbreaks, Rabbi Handler continues to call attention to individual civil rights along with questions about the safety and efficacy of the measles vaccine.

In this 4 minute video from June 4th, Rabbi Handler explained his views.

So now they’ve hyped up the measles, it’s deadly—you can die. They scared everybody, and the politicians are getting on the bandwagon now. Oh, we’re going to save the country from the measles.

Everybody’s getting hysterical and frantic. And now the drug companies have gone up to Albany and they’re making a lobbying campaign. Oh, you see what’s going on. The measles is dangerous. We have to stop these religious exemptions.

When I grew up, the doctors actually recommended that you should make a party, a measles party or a chicken pox party. Make sure your child gets the measles at age five to ten so he’ll have a lifetime immunity to measles.

And the doctors didn’t even know some of the recent research that shows that if you get the measles, you are going to have a much lower chance of heart disease and cancer. …

Your pediatrician has a magazine which he reads that comes from the CDC, a list of vaccines he has to give, what the schedule is, what the dangers are, and he accepts it. And even if he doesn’t believe it, he better do it because he might lose his license if he does anything different than what’s called the standard of care.

Therefore the doctors all march in lockstep to the CDC. Not because they think they’re marching in lockstep, but because they believe it. They don’t understand that the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia is a totally corrupt swamp. To quote Robert F. Kennedy [Jr.], it’s a swamp pit. They are criminals.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe in his book, Mind Over Matter   —and as you know the Lubavitcher Rebbe  was very good technically, he went to the University of Berlin, the finest university in the world and the Sorbonne—he wrote:Unvaccinated children have a four percent chance of getting measles.”

Four percent. THAT’S IT. Ninety-six percent will not get the measles.

What percentage of children who are vaccinated get the measles?

According to the CDC, the measles vaccine is only ninety-seven percent affective. That’s what they say. Dr. Gregory Poland, head of the magazine, Vaccine, …says, two to ten percent.

So what do you want? The vaccinated children can get the measles just as readily as unvaccinated. Why are you picking on the unvaccinated children?

Throw everybody out. Close the yeshivas.

Is that reasonable? No.

The reason that the unvaccinated children are the focus again is because they are potential customers who are lost by the drug companies. The finger is being pointed at them.

In the Disneyland outbreak, which was the big tumult, thirty-eight percent of the children…who had measles had a vaccine strain of measles, not natural measles. They got it from the vaccine. So the more vaccines you give, the more measles there is in the community. You’re giving these children a live virus. It’s not dead, it’s live. And for two to three weeks afterwards, fourteen days, just like regular measles, that child can give measles to anybody else.

(*I talked with a medical doctor about the effectiveness of the measles vaccine, and he corrected on statement by Rabbi Handler. Handler cited Dr. Greg Poland and said that Poland claimed it had a two to ten percent failure rate. ACTUALLY, Poland claims a two to ten percent for ALL VACCINES IN GENERAL. When specially talking about the measles vaccine, the failure rate is TEN PERCENT, according to Poland.)

I’ve had contact with Rabbi Handler for several years. He is a constant critic of forced vaccination despite opposition from within the Jewish community and the media at large.

Past coverage: 2013, An Interview with Rabbi William Handler on Vaccination

2016, Rabbi Handler on Vaccines, Politics and the Autism Holocaust





susan welch

How concisely you sum up the 'measles hysteria situation' George J Mead.

go Trump

A medical expert talks about the MMR vaccine
and someone "named Dr. Lancet" ???

George J Mead

So, do I have this right? 600 cases of a disease that lasts less than three weeks after which you have lifelong immunity, in a population of over 300 MILLION has killed no one in the U.S. in a decade, is a national emergency justifying emergency legislation and non-stop media coverage, yet a lifelong disability, that destroys the life of tens-of-thousands of children every year, and adversely affects hundreds of thousands more is just a strange anomaly with no known cause or treatment, and people who try to share "un-official" information in a desperate attempt to understand "what the he** is going on" are a menace to society who should be censored to protect people from "misinformation".

If you crossed George Orwell and Louis Carrol you couldn’t make this madness up.

I think Del Bigtree is correct about the real reason for the hysteria, it is not the loss of sales dollars for the few percent who use the exemption, it is in-fact to prepare the legal and political foundation for mandatory adult vaccinations. Orwell indeed. Follow the money.

Jeannette Bishop

I guess the corporatocracy feels like they have the internet under thumb to now suggest lack of access to the internet makes one vulnerable to "misinformation."


Thanks, Anne, for reprinting Jeannette Catsoulis’s shocking remark:
“…even were such a link proved definitively, all that matters is that its victims number significantly fewer than those of the diseases vaccinations are designed to prevent.”)

“All that matters.” What a chillingly convenient mental disconnect and labor-saving device: to arbitrarily decide that imaginary disease numbers trump the moral value of actual vaccine injury victims, breathing or not breathing.

Given the pervasiveness of that unemotional attitude toward all forms of human suffering, it’s no wonder media reporting is largely callous to the irony – and horror – of a Jewish community yet again singled out for persecution.

This brings to mind author/scholar Hannah Arendt’s writings on the notorious Nazi SS officer Adolf Eichmann, notably her phrase “banality of evil.” In 2016 writer Ada Ushpiz noted of Eichmann, a co-organizer of the Holocaust:
“It is precisely his absolute and thoughtless symbiosis with the Nazi world, its ideologies and racist norms – despicable and flagrantly immoral but nevertheless legitimate and lawful within the Nazi world, and enjoying the assent of its ‘moral majority’ – that is the embodiment of the banality of evil.”

Shell Tzorfas

Pharma is dumping poison on everyone then blaming the poisoned.


"Why decide to persecute the orthodox jewish community like this ?"


They are an obvious and distinct control group, like the Amish, they could easily be tracked down by an honest scientist for a study; their good health would become a smoking gun for vaccine dangers.

Angus Files

Well said Rabbi Handler, diplomatically you would think it would make more sense to be pro-choice but the pharma Kooks want it all, vaccinate or else...America the land of the free it used to be and still the home of the brave as Ann and all at AOA shows us the way.

Pharma For Prison


cia parker

I love Rabbi Handler and his talk, but have to say that it is not true that only 4% of unvaxxed children will get measles. At this time, it would be much less than that in the US since the measles virus is rarely to be found in the environment (to our detriment). I refused the MMR for my daughter, knowing how mild and beneficial m, m, and r are, hoping she would get them, but so far she has not. But in a society in which measles is a common childhood disease, such as the US before the vaccine, 99% of children got measles by the age of 18, some of them subclinically, but they still got antibodies. In 1960 in the US, there were three to four million cases a year of measles, the entire birth cohort, and if you were born before 1958, you are presumed to have had natural measles and are exempt in most states from ever having to get the MMR. 450 deaths a year on average, which is very few out of four million cases, and they were usually in the already immunocompromised or the malnourished (like in the Mississippi Delta, which at that time had high rates of malnutrition). There was one death in every 10,000 cases.

Hans Litten

It smells of some sort of set-up doesn't it ?
Why decide to persecute the orthodox jewish community like this ?
Something isn't right about all of this ?


"Pediatric neurologist Dr. Andrew Zimmerman originally served as the expert medical witness for the government, which defends vaccines in federal vaccine court...Dr. Zimmerman now has signed a bombshell sworn affidavit. He says that, during a group of 5,000 vaccine-autism cases being heard in court on June 15, 2007, he took aside the Department of Justice (DOJ) lawyers he worked for defending vaccines and told them he’d discovered 'exceptions in which vaccinations could cause autism.'

....Dr. Zimmerman goes on to say that once the DOJ lawyers learned of his position, they quickly fired him as an expert witness and kept his opinion secret from other parents and the rest of the public.

What’s worse, he says the DOJ went on to misrepresent his opinion in federal vaccine court to continue to debunk vaccine-autism claims...."

And as for the notion that a case of natural measles is worse than a lifetime of autism? Please. I had a conversation with an autistic teen recently and it was clear that she will never be able to live without a caregiver. I thank God that I was allowed to get measles as a child.

Donna L.

Why is Business Insider even weighing in on anything related to alleged epidemics or disease?
Unless, of course, this is all

Gary Ogden

Thanks, Anne. Rabbi Handler speaks truth to power, but he is a threat to the profit stream, which is the only purpose of vaccine mandates. 20% of pharma revenue now comes from vaccines. That's billions of dollars. To hell with our children, or with sincerely-held sacred beliefs. America-land of the crook, and home of the swindler. What disgusts and perplexes me is that the Democrats, once a champion of the poor and downtrodden, and my party for 40 years, are now the chief promoters of this criminal quackery. There are some very good, honorable political leaders who who are Democrats, and some who are Republicans, but they are the minority. The political parties have become utterly corrupt. They have nothing but contempt for the public.


The truth: The vaccine industry is creating a measles epidemic by deliberately targeting communities that don't buy their products in order to boost sales.

Bob Moffit

"Therefore the doctors all march in lockstep to the CDC. Not because they think they’re marching in lockstep, but because they believe it."

Unfortunately, far too many New York State legislators are no different than "doctors marching in lockstep" to the media's daily "scaremongering" reporting of every measles case as if it were the same as bubonic plague or Ebola. These daily "updates" on the measles "epidemic" .. while at the same time "demonizing" the 1 or 2% of children who obtained a "religious exemption" to protect themselves from the ever growing onslaught of vaccines they are required to receive .. and removing the religious exemption is their ONLY option to meet the media's demand daily demand they DO SOMETHING.

Yesterday, NY Post reported the results of a Siena College poll that claimed 84% of 812 statewide registered voters supported REMOVING THE RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION. I find the NY Post publishing this poll .. at this very critical time .. to be just another example of the media's greatest power .. their power to IGNORE .. which they have studiously done for WEEKS as NY State legislators in Albany have been deluged with thousands of citizens calling and visiting their offices to plead their legislators protect the RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION they presently have.

In my district .. my Assemblyman put his own "poll" on facebook so as to gauge the opinions of his constituents on this highly controversial issue .. and .. the last time I looked it was just the opposite of the Siena poll .. out of almost a thousand responders … 86% were in STRONG FAVOR OF RETAINING THE RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION.

If the NY Post were truly interested in "polling" the people all they had to do was "poll" the legislative offices to see how many people were calling, emailing, personally visiting their offices .. actively OPPOSING REMOVING THE RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION … I suspect they would have soon realized the Siena poll was unreliable at best.

Hans Litten

Hammer them with the Science, not make believe !
What else can be added to this list - I know there is a lot more.

1. The mumps Merck rabbits blood vaccine fraud 2010 Krahling\Wicholski

2. Corvelva results truly embarrassing

3. Fetal DNA-RNA fragments recombining with a babies own stem cells.
Definitely causes auto immune disease

4. the mmr vaccination has tested positive for glyphosate contamination. Samsel Seneff (they already know the deliberate carnage they are causing)

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