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Thank You To California Governor Gavin Newsom for Common Sense and Kindness

Gavin NewsomCalifornia Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat,  really put his neck out and bucked his party line when he expressed opposition to California's strangling vaccine laws.  See below.

Dan Olmsted was adamant that AofA is apolitical. And as a non-profit entity we have to be. But we are humans. And most of us (waving to John Stone) are American voters. I grew up in Massachusetts and am a New Englander. It has broken my heart to watch liberal states, blue states like my home,  ignore, belittle and crush those of us who want vaccination choice. My daughters need so many services.  As a generalization, the Democrats pay for social services more willingly than Republicans. But the Republican party has been more amenable to healthcare choice over the years. It's a real quandary for me every time I step into the voting booth. I hope that more politicians follow Governor Newsom's brave lead.  Maybe he just followed his heart? May others speak out for AMERICAN rights which know no party.

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

Gavin Newsom signals opposition to tightening California vaccination rules

From the Sacramento Bee

California Gov. Gavin Newsom said Saturday he’s concerned about having government officials sign off on vaccine exemptions, arguing those decisions should be made between patients and doctors without government involvement.

“I’m a parent. I don’t want someone that the governor of California appointed to make a decision for my family,” he told reporters after his speech at the California Democratic Party Convention.

Although he didn’t mention the bill explicitly, his comments indicate he doesn’t support a bill by state Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, that would require the California Department of Public Health to sign off on doctors’ medical exemption requests. If the Legislature passes the bill, it would need Newsom’s signature to become law.

Read more here:


Laura Hayes

Right on cue, the Pharma-funded SacBee publishes this piece of propaganda trash:

Glad to see the commenters are calling the article and author to the mat.

Hans Litten

"Thank You To California Governor Gavin Newsom for Common Sense and Kindness"

Yes thanks Gavin for not poisoning me !
Come on - this isn't good enough. Doesn't come anywhere close.


Vaccines are inadequately tested and almost certainly unnecessary. Those of us who grew up and indeed had children before the vaccination age and before the max-vax age know this from experience.

More to the point, few who read what is in vaccines, let alone how they are made would drink the stuff let alone have it injected into anyone. Quite how a toxic cocktail of laboratory confected disease, synthetic chemicals, antibiotics, residue from animal, human and bird material designed to confuse, trick and manipulate immune function could ever contribute to health is the real question.

However, the key issue is freedom of choice for any medical treatment. Mandatory medicine has no place in a civilized democracy.

And no, the world won't go to hell in a basket without vaccines as those of us who grew up without them know.

Gary Ogden

Dr. Ken Stoller has filed suit against the City (and County; they are one and the same) of San Fransisco, and their City Attorney, acting in his official capacity, for one of the most egregious abuses of authority I've ever seen in this lunatic fringe State. An open and shut case. This clown (City Attorney) is using public nuisance statutes in an attempt to violate the federal- and state-guaranteed rights to privacy of medical information. He has no statutory authority to do so. He didn't think up this strategy on his own; it was developed by Josefina Stalin herself (she goes by the alias "Dorit Rubenstein Reiss"); she is not named in the suit, but is referred to. Interesting that Gavin Newsom is the former mayor of San Francisco.

Paul Picha

Don't fall for Newsom's lies... his comments were released through the typical vaccine cartel media channels for a reason.

They are creating noise about the bill so that it is amended to provide the Medical Board of California with legal access to the medical records, when no public complaint (to the board) of an MD's wrongdoing exists.

Keep your eye on the ball. The Democrats (as a party) have repeatedly shown us who they are with respect to the mandatory vaccination issue... they are telling us who they are, we should believe them.


In the same way that many blame Ralph Nader for Al Gore’s defeat in 2000, anti-Trumpers would fume if a well known liberal threw his/her hat into the presidential race as an Independent. The irony is that if vaccine risk awareness was that Independent’s signature issue he or she would draw just as many votes away from the Republican Party. Maybe even enough votes to usurp the two party system, save the environment, end mass murders, end corporate corruption, and end the wars.

Autism Investigated

And they all have Democrat-controlled legislatures too.

Autism Investigated

He still supports the SB277 law though. Plus, all four governors that have signed away their states exemptions so far are Democrats.


Keep in mind that at the other end of the nation from Calif., in the state of Maine, is a governor who EXPRESSLY assured her constituent, in social media... that she would not take away religious or philosophical exemptions. Yet, it seems she didn't mean it. Will Gavin do the same? I'm not breathing relief quite yet.

Carolyn Exemptor

I am hopeful. This bill would also make it easy to hack a database and see if for example senator pan was exempting his children . . . Not only that, anyone who is concerned about the concept of the state getting between someone and their doctor can see how easy it would be to use this precedent to take away right to refuse medical treatment, right to abortion even if clear medical reason like ectopic pregnancy. I added aclu to every tweet about SB276 . It is a clear medical rights disaster.

Gerardo Martinez

I too pray the governor of California holds his ground. I think the governor of Maine once expressed vaccine choice, then did a 180 and threw us under the bus. The governor of Colorado is vaccine choice I think.
On another note hey Mr Pan, my completely healthy unvaccinated child is visiting your state. He keeps getting perfect attendance awards. I wonder why? Go figure. We spent hours and a lot of $$ at a theme parks. We might drop by your area -not LoL.


I have been warned by my husband that my enthusiasm over Gov. Newsom's recent statement re Pan's bill, may be unwarranted as of yet. Gov. Newsom has to actually VETO the bill, not just proclaim parental rights, something of which he's not indicated he's going to do.

So - fingers crossed that common sense and just doing the right thing will prevail here.

Gary Ogden

A pleasant surprise. We all know that politicians can't be trusted, but this doesn't sound like a political position, especially since it is bucking the party line. He has four kids, some of them pretty small. I think he knows something. Something about vaccine injury. Perhaps this is a signal to the Assembly to stop the bill in its tracks. We shall see.


If I was a parent in California, I would do all that I could to leave the state in order to protect my children. At the same time, we need the people there to keep fighting the good fight, to remove the Big Pharma sponsored politicians from power and expose their corruption.

On the political issue, even Bernie Sanders said that compulsory vaccination was the way forward, so unfortunately the Democrat party is by far the more toxic of the main two dirty options, and off-limits for those who are enlightened about the dangers of vaccination.

The Original Someone #1

While it is true that not every single Democratic legislator wants everyone who doesn't want to be vaccinated to be forcefully vaccinated against their will, allegedly to prevent everyone else from succumbing to self-imited infections, at the same time, as Bob just stated, it doesn't seem to take much coercion from "the dark side" to suddenly change their opinion to match that of their peers.

Everyone must write, call, email the governor to ask that he hold his course and veto SB 276, should it come to his desk. The pressure must be kept up, no matter what his stated personal opinion is or how seemingly favorable it is. We must not think for one moment that "the dark side" isn't putting enormous pressure on him to change his mind right now.


It's what I suspect. Never mind Pan pissing us off with his mandates push, but I imagine there are also a lot of 'provaxxers', even notable ones, who 'secretly' prefer that he cans it with his efforts, and he is pissing them off too. I've seen this movie before. Likely the Governor is not so much speaking out of concern for the rights of 'antivaxx' parents, but his concern is more rooted in the fear that he and his chums may also get trapped and exposed.

Bob Moffit

Unfortunately .. if my failing memory serves me right .. NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo was also against the "government intruding between parents and their doctor" .. BEFORE HE CHANGED HIS MIND AND IS NOW REPORTED TO BE IN FAVOR OF ELIMINATING THE RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION IF THAT PENDING BILL REACHES HIS DESK.

I wouldn't be surprised that Gov Newsom ends up signing Pan's bill when it reaches his desk .. it would the POLITICAL THING TO DO .. which is quite different than being the RIGHT THING TO DO.


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