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American Medical Association Attempts Run Around at Parental Rights: Let Kids Make Own Vaccine Decisions

School Nurse Assaults Bronx New York Boy with HPV Vaccination

Torri nurseNOTE:  I've had a very good relationship with the school nurses over the years. Their job has become 1000x more challenging than they ever imagined. I've never been shamed or bullied when it comes to my girls' health. But I'm deep into the trenches of vaccine rights warfare. And a loud mouth.....  Other parents are not in this position. Like this Mom in the Bronx.

Welcome to 2019 in New York.  News 12 in The Bronx reports that a boy was given intrusive questions about his family  life AND an HPV vaccination after going to the nurse's office for an ice pack. School nurses must NOT become "Vaccilantes (vaccine vigilantes.)  Where is the sanctity of parental rights? This boy was up to date on his school required vaccinesm per his Mom. And STILL the nurse took it upon herself to vaccinate him withthe first of  a THREE dose shot that has known and serious side effects. Heck, the vaccine was first "sold" as a shot to prevent cervical cancer in GIRLS only. "One Less," was the slogan. A SLOGAN FOR A VACCINE - like it was Pepsi Cola. "Pepsi Cola hits the spot but not has much as this great shot!" Lord help us.  New York - BACK OFF.

In Albany, the New York Capital TODAY, A2371a, the bill to remove the religious exemption to attend school will be on the agenda for the Assembly Health Committee this Thursday, June 13. New York's religious exemption is on the line. Advocates for civil rights are in Albany today.


Read and watch Video at News12


A Bronx mother says her 11-year-old son was given an HPV vaccination without her permission during a routine trip to the school nurse’s office.

Roxsanna Gautreax says she was told over the phone by the nurse at The New School for Leadership and the Arts that her son had been accidentally injured and needed ice for his face.

When her son came home from school, she noticed a bright green Band-Aid on his arm. The boy then explained that the nurse gave him a shot.


David L

Eindeker, No, I looked briefly for you and the original presentation as well as the paper and its conclusion interestingly DO NOT mention anything about unvaccinated aduilts whatsoever but does mention the cancer - higher vaccination link and other reasons for the vaccination rates. #13
Another article from this was interestingly updated months later as well "This story was updated July 12, 2019, for clarity and to include additional information." which now has focus on mentioning unvaccinated right at the top and measles both not mentioned originally at all in the article or the paper and the "Counties with higher rates of HPV-related cancers also showed higher HPV vaccination rates" prominantly at the top originally and still in the other article mentioned in my earlier post and the original paper is not even mentioned at all in the new update. Original: Now:
Those two updated articles later added counties with higher rates of HPV related cancers in unvaccinated adults also had higher rates of HPV vaccinations among adolescents without any data, but no data was stated that in the counties that were found with the higher cancer rates, are also the specific counties that have an increasingly higher rate of hpv related cancers in unvaccinated adults which would mean anything to the higher vaccination - higher hpv rates link.
And its been mentioned that Gardasil actually increases the risk of cervical cancer by 44.6% among women who were exposed to HPV infection prior to vaccination. And that nearly HALF OF ALL WOMEN HAVE HAD PRIOR EXPOSURE TO HPV—with 38% being exposed before age 10. (which puts them at an increase of developing cancer if they have the HPV vaccine. 34% of children ages 2-10 have HPV infection due to non-sexual transmission.


Hi David OK I accept your explanation that the newspaper article was edited later, but I don't agree with your statement "(but doesnt appear to have been in their presentation) that in counties with higher rates of HPV-related cancers in unvaccinated adults also had higher rates of HPV vaccination among adolescents".

If you go to the original abstract for the meeting there is this unambiguous statement "The main takeaway from the study, said Pierce, is that perception of high cancer risk overcomes traditional disparities (income level, location, type of healthcare insurance) that can affect HPV vaccine uptake.

I would guess the newspaper article you quoted was corrected at the request of one of the authors of the presentation

David L

Hi Eindecker, neither of your suggestions are accurate (that I didnt bother to read the entire article or choosing not giving the full story). I posted that on June 13th, interestingly it appears they modified their online article to add that one part you posted more then 4 months after they posted the article online and after I posted the comment. Here it is from wayback machine after my posting date without the blurb you mention. Perhaps getting heat for the post being they are in the medical industry? Sure seems like an important addition so why didnt they present that information also in their presentation:
“We found that the higher the rate of cancer in the county, the higher the rate of vaccination.” “It was exactly the opposite of what we expected,” Counties with higher rates of HPV-related cancers also showed higher HPV vaccination rates. Remember this has also been mentioned in other research such as Original post: and ideas why have been discussed
Now they are adding many months later (but doesnt appear to have been in their presentation) that in counties with higher rates of HPV-related cancers in unvaccinated adults also had higher rates of HPV vaccination among adolescents that they then leap to suggest those unvaccinated parents having HPV and being unvaccinated vaccinated their kids to prevent hpv. But it doesnt state data that in counties that were found with the increasingly higher cancer rates also are the counties that have increasingly higher rates of hpv related cancers in unvaccinted adults that accounts for the possible increase in vaccination rates.


Attention David L you either choose not to give the full story, or you didn't bother to read the whole article that you quoted, addendum at bottom of article:

"Clarification: The study found that counties with higher rates of HPV-related cancers in unvaccinated adults also had higher rates of HPV vaccination among adolescents, suggesting that parents considered the risk of infection when choosing whether to vaccinate their children against HPV."


Has anyone seen any follow up to this? I’d sincerely love to know the status of the situation 4 mos later. It’s unbelievable. :-(

Loraine Fishel

I am a RN and I think this other RN is beyond outrageous. I beg people to consider their choice carefuly. I work with adults. Being an RN didn't protect me and my son and daughters from being shamed at each and every office visit. I started seeing Dr Bradstreet instead. but this was after it was really too late for my dear boy Kevin. There are other RN's that feel like I do, but we are the minority. I am still hoping the world will come to its senses. Today I am worried. I admit it. I just sit in amazement as many continue to vaccinate their kids. They seem to feel Autism etc.can't happen to them. Vaccines are my deepist and only regret. We lost soooooo much to it. God help the world.

Grace Green

I understand the problem you and your family face. Don't rely on the situation changing or improving any time soon. A lot of us have been making that mistake for many years! I can make a few suggestions. Home education doesn't have to take place from 9 to 4 every weekday, but can happen at any time. Only a short amount of time - say 12 hours per week - of actual supervised learning is necessary. (They would probably get less than that in school!) So you might be able to share "childminding" duties around several members of the family, or friends. Some people so believe in Home ed that they would be willing to help without payment. Or you could get together with other families in the same situation, if the new law would allow it. We're all learning to think outside the box. Good luck.


My grandchildren have never been vaccinated. The recent NY vote removed the religious exemption (and how they could justify that in America I have no idea) So they are faced with vaccination or home-schooling.
Their mother cannot afford to take time off work or hire a home school teacher.
Does ANYONE know how to prevent this assault on my grandchildren?

Saddened Mom

My daughter is 25 years old and has had noticeable Multiple Sclerosis symptoms for over a year a half and was diagnosed with it over a year ago. When she was a teenager, I brought her in for a regular doctor appointment. When the woman who came out to take her to an exam room, she asked her if she wanted the HPV vaccine. I had no idea what that was and the woman (nurse? Don't recall) said it was to prevent cancer which you could get from inanimate objects. I remember that clearly. I thought "What! The chair is an inanimate object!" Before I could ponder this, my daughter had agreed to it. She went in after that for the 2 follow-up injections. To this day, I am baffled by the inanimate objects comment and boy am I pi--ed!


This incident of a young boy being given a Gardasil shot by a school nurse without parental consent is OUTRAGEOUS! The mother needs to hire a lawyer to fight for the fact that her son's rights were violated. The nurse should be fired and prosecuted for a criminal act against this boy. If this could happen in the Bronx, it could happen anywhere. Gardasil is the worst vaccine ever to be promoted to the public under the false pretense that it will protect them from HPV, when in fact, it is just another criminal ploy by Merck to make huge profits at the expense of damaging and killing people. What has happened to our medical system to let Merck get away with this and what can be done to stop the manufacture of a phony, useless and harmful vaccine being given to innocent young people?

Angus Files

No Informed Consent given , and very mercenary -ish a terminator vaccinator nurse of fortune.Hope they sue.

Pharma For Prison


Jeanne J

This mom needs to hire an attorney and do the following:

1. Send a letter to this health clinic, the school superintendent and the school board requiring that the nurse is fired for violating her son's HIPAA and lying to the mom for only saying he was in her office for an ice pack, or face a criminal charge for assault.

2. File a civil law suit against the health clinic for possible future damages based on sterility as a side affect of this vaccine.

This should not go unchallenged!!!

Hans Litten

Posted by: Bob Moffit | June 13, 2019 at 06:42 AM

Agreed totally Bob.
In fact the mother needs to take legal action for the good of all of us.

Clearly this is a policy and no accident. They are testing the tolerance of the populace.

David L

USA Health researchers studying HPV vaccination rates in Alabama have made a surprising discovery: Counties with higher rates of HPV-related cancers also showed higher HPV vaccination rates, according to research presented at the Society of Gynecologic Oncology’s Annual Meeting on Women’s Cancer. “It was exactly the opposite of what we expected"

Since Gardasil came on the U.S. market in 2006, people have reported over 450 deaths and over 61,000 serious medical conditions from HPV vaccines to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Among girls and women who received the vaccine and among girls and women who received AAHS alone, an astonishing 2.3% in both groups experienced conditions indicative of systemic autoimmune disorders. This means that for every 100,000 people who are given Gardasil 9, there will be 2,300 serious adverse events, and yet the cervical cancer rate in the U.S. is around 7 women per 100,000. Half (49.6%) of the clinical trial subjects who received Gardasil reported serious medical conditions within seven months. The 500 micrograms of aluminum adjuvant (AAHS) in Gardasil 9 being used are more than double the amount of aluminum in Gardasil in those trials. Girls and boys will receive two shots of the vaccine, bringing the total amount of aluminium injected into their bodies up to 1000mcg with this AAHS adjuvant.

The HPV vaccine is being pushed mainly for profit with safety and effectiveness secondary to the discussion of how this product is going to make everyone who touches it rich.

This must-watch video details the many problems with the development and safety of Merck’s third-highest grossing product, Gardasil.

Bob Moffit

I would love to see this mom find a CRIMINAL LAWYER to demand this nurse be held accountable for RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT OF HER CHILD .. injecting an UNAVOIDABLY UNSAFE vaccine with numerous well known serious adverse reactions having been reported is CRIMINAL CONDUCT .. NOTHING LESS.

Unfortunately this nurse would probably have been TERMINATED had she given the boy a cigarette instead of the vaccine .. and .. I would love to hear a criminal prosecutor argue to the jury that the nurse was RECKLESS because the vaccine is far more dangerous to the boy than a cigarette would be.


I wondered if the ice pack was from falling out from the shot.

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