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SB276 Why Aren't Pediatricians Up in Arms Over Losing Their Right to Practice Medicine?

Head up assYesterday, SB276 moved forward in California. This bill strangles a doctor's ability to write medical exemptions for his or her patients. Why would medical doctors give up more of their rights to practice medicine?

We've seen some pretty cruel social media and press statements from the young breed of pediatrician regarding vaccine safety and our right to say "no," to one or more shots or the timing of administration.

Pediatricians as a generalization over the last 3 decades are managed care gatekeepers and the final sales force for pharma. They are intake centers for specialists. They are Rx writers for antibiotics and psych meds. They weigh. They measure. They give a hearing and eye test to those patients who are compliant, verbal. They fill out school and camp forms.  They vaccinate.

They have watched American children plummet in all health stats with no reaction, let alone care.

So, as SB276 steamrolls the doctor patient relationship, I'm reminded that there is no relationship any longer. Practices are corporations. There's no pride of hanging a shingle on the office door that says "Dr. Smith - Pediatrician." There's a mad rush to pay outrageous student loans. To meet quotas. To fill out paperwork. To comply with managed care rules. To go home at the end of the day unencumbered by 24/7/365 emergency calls and late night pleas from scare Moms.  They are cogs in a corporate wheel.

I think many younger pediatricians are grateful for the cover the SB276 gives them. Not because they believe that Medical Exemptions should be rare. But because they do not want to have to make the decision to grant an exemption, and face the consequences of their masters.  They don't want to think for themselves and review the science of the side effects and contraindications of the products they administer. They are satisfied with their cursory med school instruction. "Vaccines are safe. Here's how to inject them."

If this were not the case, they'd be up in arms over this bill for robbing them of their hard earned right to practice medicine.  They should change their specialty  and become proctologists - and cover their asses.



Tim Lundeen

@jill The biggest impact from restoring liability to vaccines would be the publicity -- at it is now the damage payouts are swept under a big rug. Vaccine mandates won't go away until enough people realize all the injuries caused by vaccines are, not just autism.

Hans Litten

Agreed Gary\Jill - the only solution to these mandates is to get these people on the stand.

Zimmerman !



Colton Berrett "The doctors can no longer be trusted"


that was an interesting conversation between Marianne Williamson and the misinformed hosts of the View (they looked like they wanted to eat her alive). Even with the backtrack, she said some things that would be a milestone for vaccination safety policy: vaccine safety commission!!! and new revolving door policy for regulatory agencies.

Jill in MI

Cia - I should have been clearer in my post. Gary Ogden said it correctly. With the liability correctly reinstated, pharma could be sued in a real court of law. In a real court of law, the vaccine manufacturers would have too respond to discovery - just like every other manufacturer of anything in America. Let's all see those private e-mails from the vaccine manufacturers; all the original data of the testing performed; all the complete testing criteria revealed; the ACTUAL test results without the shuffling of age groups (and all the other shenanigans involved in sanitizing the conclusions); how much money is paid to lobbyists; how much money is paid into the medical schools, etc., etc. Finally subpoena William Thompson. It would be awesome to see Paul Offit under oath on the stand (also Peter Hotez, Julie Geberding - you get the picture). ("Yes your honor, I really did vote on my own patented vaccine to be approved into use for every baby in America and gee, I really did make millions of dollars while becoming a sound byte professional for vaccines without any conflict of interest...") Bring the popcorn. Cross-examination would be so sweet. After that information is finally brought into the public view (yes, that would mean the media would really have to do their job), I don't think mandates would then be a problem. The pharma companies will be too busy covering their own @##$#.

Gary Ogden

Jill: Absolutely right! Get the bastards in a court of law in front of a jury of fellow citizens, as guaranteed us in the Seventh Amendment of our Constitution, and the madness will end. This is the worst outrage ever committed by Congress. Thanks Henry Waxman and Ronald Reagan. The Supreme Court doesn't seem to mind a bit of shredding of the Constitution, either.

cia parker


I don't think that's the case. You seem to be assuming that the vaccines could be made safe if the manufacturers put their mind to it, and they would if they were liable for vaccine injury, but in most cases that's not the way it is. Vaccines cannot be made safe. Even if you were able to make them with no preservatives and no adjuvants, and I don't think you could, many people would still be genetically predisposed to have their immune systems react with too much inflammation to a vaccine (encephalitis, autoimmunity, allergy, etc.). The inflammatory reaction is necessary to force the production of antibodies: that's non-negotiable, but that inflammatory reaction in many people will be excessive and very destructive.

You seem to be saying when you say that mandates are not the problem that you think they're all right, but the pharma establishment has already asked that many vaccines be mandated, and that sheer number has destroyed many lives already. If they were successfully sued for billions, they'd raise the price of the mandated vaccines to make sure they still made their profit, and would mandate many more for that same reason.

There should be no mandates, and every parent must research it and think long and hard before permitting any vaccine, and absolutely have the right to refuse what he or she decides to. Even if you won millions of dollars in your lawsuit, it still wouldn't make up for your child's ruined life.


Every word in this article is true. Pediatricians sold their souls over 40 years ago. They receive kickbacks and other incentives for giving vaccines and other pharmaceutical meds. SB276 will actually enhance their money making practices, because after all, isn't it all about ....................MONEY?


I recommend watching Marianne Williamson on the View this past week (You Tube). Although she said she is not anti vaccine she said that legislators are too cozy with Big Pharma. Man those ladies tried to slap her down! Especially Meghan McCain who I know nothing about but formed a bad opinion of. They would not let any vaccine hesitant/cautious view even be expressed. Interesting though and worth a gander.

Jill in MI

I don't see the mandates as the real problem. I see the real problem as vaccine manufacturers having NO LIABILITY. If the liability for vaccines was re-instated, things would definitely change.


The side effects of indoctrination? What it looks like. sounds like and smells like, on an odour classification on a scale of one to ten , it's off-it, aye right off-it !

Pupil is thrown out of class and reprimanded by his teacher ,only 2 genders debate.
httpswww.dailymail.co.uk 20 June 2019.
Or another version at,
UK Column Latest News and comment from Uk Column
https www.uk column.org at end of news segment 21 June 2019
Indoctrination in it's raw state ? demonstration by "Mr Twidly Fingers " Teacher/Named Person for 17 yr old student chucked into the gagged segregation room in disgrace?
A good job the leather strap/belt, has been banned or this astute 17 yr old might have been in line for 6 hard lashes, and a leathering across the palms of his dear young hands?


If a doctor is truly “unscrupulous” a little malpractice isn’t going to stand in his way. What’s to prevent someone from saying he’s administered a vaccine when he hasn’t. Yes, he’ll have to charge for the vaccine but any parent would gladly fork that over to protect her injured child. Medical exemptions are simply going to turn into phony vaccine records. The true purpose of this bill is meant to get rid of the documentation of harm; to destroy evidence. A colossal waste of money that does nothing to achieve its intended goal.

Angus Files

Sure Pft they are just doing their job..

Pharma's frankenvacs , kumbaya
Pharma`s opioids , kumbaya
Pharma's monopolies ,kumbaya
Oh! Dr, kumbaya

Pharma For Prison



But feel free to write as many opioid prescriptions as your heart desires.


Its not limited to pediatricians. Look at those pushing aluminum laden flu vaccines on 50+ adults. Any wonder Alzheimers/dementias are skyrocketing?

Then there are Doctors who deny treatments or prescriptions that could help their patients to avoid the wrath of insurance companies and write useless or potentially harmful prescriptions to others to please Big Pharma

Its not just the medical profession. Academia and science research are also compromised, and hey, remember sub primes and other financial schemes, 30% interest rates charged to the poor, etc.

The country has become a moral cesspool driven . A Christian nation in name only. Some call it capitalist but its the worst form of capitalism, its monopoly capitalism with corporate control over the state, not much different than monopoly party control over privatized /state corporations in China

Angus Files

The Pediatricians are guilty of collective Pharma Kumbayaism the one stop choir for Pharma poisons.

Pharma For Prison


Laura Hayes


I always read and appreciate your astute, spot on comments...thank you for your contributions here on AoA.

Watched the Advair video clip you provided. I will be sharing that with my email group. Speaks volumes. Thank you.

Grace Green

I feel for those who are in such difficult circumstances. Can I suggest that any who find they can't home educate consider taking their child to work with them, and explaining why they have no alternative. The child's education can take place in the evenings and at weekends. I have been refused all income because of being autistic (in the UK), and my condition is worsening with age. My son, who provides for me, says he will take me to work with him when I'm no longer able to stay home on my own. I have also challenged those who are trying to get property tax out of me, when I have no income, and they eventually fell silent, so it is possible to win. If people are put in an impossible situation then those in power must be confronted with reality.


They are Rx writers for antibiotics and psych meds. They weigh. They measure. They give a hearing and eye test to those patients who are compliant, verbal. They fill out school and camp forms. They vaccinate.


I completely agree with this statement, except I think the order is a little off

1. SUPPOSED reason for bringing a child to a pediatrician

" ..... they weigh. They measure. They give a hearing and eye test to those patients who are compliant, verbal. They fill out school and camp forms..."

2. ACTUAL reason for bringing a children to a pediatrician

" .... They vaccinate. "

3. ACTUAL reason why the medical system is so desperate to vaccinate children:

So pediatricians CAN BECOME " ... Rx writers for antibiotics and psych meds..."

The medical system is all about making money. Anyone who has doubts about that, should really check this 2001 sales meeting for an asthma med called Advair.


Pay particular attention around the 1:25 mark, where one of the sales execs says:

“There are people in this room who are going to make an ungodly sum of money selling Advair..."

The pharmaceutical industry has become a monstrous, money making machine. But the engine of that that machine wouldn't even run, without a fuel called "illness" that vaccines are serving up.

go Trump

How deep in debt is the typical 28 year old American pediatrician ?? with a few hours training in med school with vaccines ?

I would guess $500,000 plus ... with school, home, car and business loans. How "many patients a day" do they have to see for 9 minutes each ... just to pay off their debt ???

There is NO MONEY to be made with "informed consent" or placing "ALL the vaccine insert labels" in the waiting room for all to read.

Seems that might be an easy item for Trump to mandate.

I would guess the typical American hospital is nearly a billion dollars in debt just so they can try to keep up with the hospital down the road. Billing insurance companies for vaccines is the only thing that keeps the pediatricians going... and they never want you to see that dollar amount.


The helplessness I feel right now to be able to protect my family is palpable. I believe there is a true discrimination lawsuit here because this law in particular, discriminates against women, minorities and the poor, who are unable to homeschool due to economic reasons and are therefore robbed of informed consent to invasive medical procedures. This sets a dangerous precedent. Even if we know for a fact that our child was injured, we will be forced to inject them again with the very same thing they reacted to because no dr will be willing to risk writing the exemption. Blood will be on all our hands if this isn't stopped.

Laura Hayes

Thank you, Kim, for shining a spotlight on CA's latest act of terror and fascism.

SB276 is yet another battlefield the vaccine profiteers have strategically designed, to distract us from the actual battle that needs winning, all the while whittling away any remaining remnants of our parental rights and bodily sovereignty. So, here we are, once again, essentially fighting to “keep” the Medical Exemption (available almost exclusively for those who have already been gravely harmed by vaccines, but rarely granted), versus using every ounce of our efforts to immediately and permanently eliminate vaccine mandates.

Instead of expending all of our efforts and resources on fighting to keep that which we shouldn’t have to beg for and use in the first place, exemptions, imagine if we directed every ounce of our time, energy, and money to banning vaccine mandates in all 50 states? The mandates are the root of all problems, so if we don’t succeed in eliminating them, we will forever be begging and battling for rights and freedoms that our inherently ours in the first place.

Sent this to my email group yesterday:

I wake up every single morning baffled why people refuse to demand and defend, with boldness and unflinching conviction, their parental rights and medical choice freedom.

I wake up every single morning baffled why activists on "our side" refuse to loudly and unequivocally denounce vaccine mandates at every single opportunity.

I wake up every single morning baffled why people would argue to keep the last remaining exemption in a growing number of states, the medical exemption, versus loudly proclaiming that no exemption should be needed. Nothing other than a simple "no thank you" should suffice when one wants to decline or refuse any medical treatment, procedure, or product for oneself or one's child...and we need to be stating that at every single opportunity, not begging for a ME that few to zero doctors will be willing to sign in today's increasingly-tyrannical climate.

I wake up every single morning baffled why those on "our side" don't point out that "informed consent" requires a formal opting in, and never a formal opting out. Medical mandates make informed consent and the practice of ethical medicine impossible. Why isn't every doctor and every activist stating that loudly and clearly?

I wake up every single morning baffled why those on "our side" continue to state that we need "more studies", and "more transparency". What we need first and foremost are our rights returned in full. All else is secondary.

I wake up every single morning baffled as to why there aren't more men involved in this movement (thank you to those who are!). I like to envision men of the old Wild West telling doctors and nurses exactly what they can do with their syringes, and then tarring, feathering, and chasing out of town any who would dare to keep injecting poison and toxins into pregnant women, newborns, infants, toddlers, young children, developing teens, child-bearing young adults, young adults busy providing and caring for their families, and elderly adults who may not be able to defend themselves.

My new mantra:


And don't stop until vaccine mandates have been eliminated and banned forever, until individual and parental rights have been fully restored with regard to medical decision making, and until the 1986 Act has been repealed, with liability being returned to its rightful owners.

In closing, I would also add:

Why is this legal?


Vaccine-free is the way to be!

Perhaps reading the above will embolden you in some way next time your parental rights, right to bodily sovereignty, and/or medical choice freedom are threatened, including being legislatively eliminated by those elected to protect our rights.

In boldness for liberty,


Kim thank you for your commentary and with Bob's comment they are both bookends to the deplorable sad state of affairs. I remember some years ago that Ted Kennedy wrote about not wanting to be around when the wheels come off the trolley.

He's not around, THE WHEELS ARE COMING OFF THE TROLLEY. We know it.

Paul Picha

Kim, WOW you absolutely nailed it.

I especially like the title of your article, which evidences YOU CAN pay a trained professional enough money to accept a mere role as a cog in the machine of a fraudulent healthcare delivery system.

There are very few pediatricians (none) up in arms about SB276 in California. There is almost nobody (nobody) from their profession lining up with the parents of vaccine maimed, disabled, and killed children to voice opposition to the bill at publicly attended hearings in Sacramento.

The ones who speak out, though, are exceptional human beings. We pretty much know most of their names due to the vaccine cartel media rags.

Gary Ogden

Yes, Medicine is a business. Nothing wrong with anyone going into business and making a pile of money, but there is no other purpose to medical care than the care and healing of the patient. Medicine has little to do with such quaint notions. It is about the revenue stream and little else. Why would anyone want to become a doctor?

Bob Moffit

Kim this may help explain it … just one of more articles titled:

Millennial physicians opting out of the Hippocratic Oath in favor of alternatives


"Younger physicians may have less faith in the Hippocratic Oath, which has a patient focus, because they feel it no longer holds in today's healthcare environment in which many needs compete for their attention. According to the poll, only 12 percent of physicians under age 34 said they were always able to put patients first, compared to 40 percent of physicians age 65 and older. Many younger physicians also indicated they felt the oath's patient focus added to burnout. Forty-seven percent of physicians ages 34 and under felt the oath contributes to burnout compared to 27 percent of those over age 65, according to the report."

Makes sense to me .. holding true to oath .. FIRST DO NO HARM .. is just too hard on young physicians … worried about "burning out" while "under age 34" is their fear .. not doing something harmful to their patients .. not so much.

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