Florida Democrat Introduces Federal Vaccination Bill for All US Children
Public Health Professor New Editor-In-Chief of New England Journal of Medicine

Robert Kennedy Jr. Speaks Out at Ohio Statehouse on Human Rights and Informed Consent

RFK Columbus press conference
Robert Kennedy, Jr. was in Columbus, Ohio on Wednesday for a press conference to discuss a middle of the night slip in to HB 268, the state budget bill.  Surreptitiously introduced was a repeal of Ohio's religious vaccine mandate.  It will be interesting to see if citizens rise up and protest or if the majority snoozes and loses, like in New York and California.

The headline in this NBC News story from Columbus Ohio s misleading, intentionally: Robert F. Kennedy Jr., others criticize vaccinations at Ohio Statehouse. From the news report:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told an audience at the Ohio Statehouse Wednesday that the United States has among the world’s sickest children despite having the world’s most aggressive schedule of vaccinations.

“This very aggressive vaccine schedule has not given us healthy children,” Kennedy said.

Kennedy appeared at the Statehouse in support of House Bill 268, which would prohibit employers from “taking an adverse employment action against a person who has not or will not be vaccinated.”

Michelle Krinsky, a nurse from Cincinnati, says she was given an ultimatum by her employer to get the flu shot or be terminated.



Great work going on ,much appreciated ! as while we were otherwise occupied, our basic human rights appear to have slipped into a " Big Beige Area?"

See For Post -2020 Vaccine Strategy -Health Policy Watch
https.www.healthpolicy-watch.org/who-stakeholders-meet-to establish-a-different-approach.
WHO Stakeholders Meet to Establish a "Different Approach" for Post 2020 Vaccine Strategy
21/3/2019 By David Branigan

Another sing along group hug and a mind-mapping sales pitch ! Vaccine injury deniers with a real hefty dose of denialism along with group chums at UN need to face up to their own harsh reality .
The biggest fraud ever is a broken promise of "Sold" as safe and effective !
Apart from human rights "Cultural Clearances ,by vaccine mandates"
Vaccine mandates ,pavement pests with plastic syringes producing mountains of plastic toxic garbage to dispose of ? Un sustainable goal [3] is in direct Head -to-Head conflict with Goal [13]
Protect the Planet Plastic syringes /Toxic Waste! With understanding and remediating contamination of our water resourses !.
Barra Boys promoting water in cartons now ? with Buzz Word Slogan "Boxed Water is Better "
Better than what exactly ? Mummy's milk jugs or running tap waer/

The Vaccine Song Ted Wilmore Youtube
"Go to work on an egg" Tony Hancock and Patricia Hayes in 1950's tv ad Health Promotion
Chewing the Fat EGGS Youtube

J Geco Chicken Song youtube and Gino The Chicken. Screen saver entertainment for Battery Hens?


For this reason alone … RFK should have entered the primary … GREAT IDEA Bob !!!

Whatever question they ask RFK in a debate, he could simply just start talking about vaccines live on the air.


For this reason alone … RFK should have entered the primary … GREAT IDEA Bob !!!

Whatever question they ask RFK in a debate, he could simply just start talking about vaccines live on the air.

Bob Moffit

@ Lewis

There is a big difference between requiring a child to wear "life jackets, bike helmets, infant car seats" and requiring a child to receive a "one size fits all vaccine" .. that big difference is the "one size fits all vaccine" CANNOT BE ADJUSTED TO ACCOMMODATE INDIVIDUAL CHILDREN WHO HAVE UNIQUE IMMUNE SYSTEMS INHERITED FROM THEIR PARENTS .. NO DIFFERENT UNIQUE FINGERPRINTS AND DNA.

If everyone was required to wear a "one size fits all" life-jacket, bike helmet, infant car seat .. unable to adjust for obvious physical differences .. those "safety devices' would soon become "dangerous" to those whom they DO NOT FIT.

Which is why all such "safety devices" are .. unlike vaccines … ADJUSTABLE.

Gary Ogden

Lewis: Until I was around 14 or 15, cars didn't come with seat-belts. Good idea to have them, though. Nevertheless, much of the rest of this mommie-state stuff is overbearing nonsense. We're screwed on that, yet we will stop this freight train of pharma abuse; the forced vaccination of everyone will not succeed. Into the streets we must. Pharma is really in a panic. The genie is out of the bottle, and can't be shoved back, no matter how much censorship of factual information to counter government/industry propaganda is shoved down our throats. A recent poll suggests 45% of Americans question vaccine safety. Close to the tipping point, if not there. The federal vaccine bill is a frightening development, but I think it will be a partisan issue, and won't go anywhere in the Senate. Divided government can be a blessing.


Perhaps this movement isn't going far enough. Why in the world should I be required to coerce my 9-year-old child to wear a life jacket EVERY time our family goes boating?! He knows how to swim. Could a child get caught on snags getting caught up on their life jacket straps? Shouldn't this be a parent's choice? Are we living in a communist country? If the vaccine choice movement was substantially expanded (to also include seatbelt choice, for example) we could finally return this nation to a place where caring parents are able to make their own informed decisions about their child's safety.

Shelley Tzorfas

They are putting an HPV shot with among the highest amounts of Aluminum-which is known to cause Alzheimer's on the Adult Vaccination schedule for Women to age 45. HPV is sexually transmitted however around 90% that get it, the body clears it on it's own. The very reason that it was given to women up until the early 20's was because if you acquired HPV and then got the shots, you could be in big trouble from those shots- Trouble like getting paralyzed or die as a reaction. What changed? Nothing changed-just more financial and chemical Aggression, more marketing and creating fear among Americans. There is no scientific proof that it stops cervical cancer which tends to show up around age 55. In the meantime 89,000 have become paralyzed or lost their lives to this Regimen. It was written that up to 30% of infants are born with it from vertical transmission. Now women in their 40's will become victims of this dangerous period in history; herstory. This is a Quiet War-WW111

Hans Litten

What if we were actually meant to get mild childhood illnesses like Measles so as to help prime our immune systems into fighting much greater diseases in later life? 🤔

— Jim Corr 🇮🇪 (@Jimcorrsays) June 25, 2019

Another celebrity breaking ranks ?


Michelle Krinsky's speech was haunting and brilliant.
As she mentioned in her speech, hospital employee vaccination rates are tied to higher compensation rates for hospitals for Medicare and Medicaid as part of the Obamacare bill. (I think patient rates are too, which is why before surgery, physicians want vaccination).
State Rep Ron Hood is a hero.

Bob Moffit

When will one of those "moderators" of the ongoing nationally televised debates for the Democratic Presidential candidate ask the candidates views on

#1 … Removing all philosophical, medical, religious "exemptions" to recommended and approved vaccines?


I think these two questions far more important than asking same old same old questions on how much money they all are going to give to their "base" constituents.

For this reason alone … RFK should have entered the primary … if for no other reason than FORCING questions regarding our out-of-control public health bureaucracies .. CDC, FDA, HHS .. goal of VACCINATING ENTIRE POPULATION BY THE YEAR 2020.

Hans Litten

Fairly certain the top vaccine on their mandatory list is Gardasil now.
Lots of talk about Herd immunity of HPV nonsense.


Oxbridges involvement yet again, the centre of the global clearances :

HPV Vaccines Are Reducing Infections, Warts — and Probably Cancer
An analysis covering 66 million young people has found plummeting rates of precancerous lesions and genital warts after vaccination against the human papillomavirus. (bullsh^ite & lies 66m)

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