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Regaining Our Right to Refuse Vaccinations

Parental Rights
Note: Printable version of this post is here.

By Laura Hayes


  • No one, including the government, has the right to insist that another person, or another person’s child, be injected with anything.

  • Without the right to refuse vaccinations, one cannot protect oneself and one’s children from the known, and yet to be known, harm from vaccinations, including death.

  • Medical mandates of any sort, including vaccine mandates, cannot exist in a free and ethical society.

  • Vaccinations are not benign. They are invasive medical procedures. Each and every one has the potential to injure, make chronically ill, permanently disable, and kill. The risks increase when they are given together, as is routinely done, beginning in utero, then continued during infancy, toddlerhood, throughout childhood, and now into adulthood. Today’s American child will receive 74 vaccines from gestation through age 18, with more vaccine recommendations/mandates likely to be added with each passing year. The majority of those will be given before age 6, during the most vulnerable and prime time of the child’s development. Substitute the word “drugs” for “vaccines”, and then ask what parent would want their child to receive scores of drugs, beginning in utero, then continued at regular and frequent intervals throughout childhood…drugs which then lead to more drugs, due to resultant ear infections, asthma, allergies, type 1 diabetes, seizure disorders, attention issues, GI issues, skin problems, paralysis, POTS, ovarian and fertility problems, cancer, and more.

  • Vaccines contain ingredients that are known and admitted to be unsafe for humans. These include: mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, polysorbate 80, phenol, MSG, sodium borate, antibiotics, viruses and retroviruses of both human and animal origin, aborted fetal material from human babies, food proteins (injected vs. ingested), glass shards/particles, lead, stainless steel, tungsten, HCG, egg and yeast proteins, glyphosate, and more. Furthermore, vaccines contain ingredients that are not required to be listed on their ingredient labels, so neither those administering vaccines nor those receiving them can fully or accurately know what is being injected. Additionally, recent studies performed in Italy have revealed that vaccines contain nanoparticles and nanocontaminants which are not listed on the ingredients lists. These are ingredients for which the human body has no use, and which it may not be able to expel.

  • The listing above includes ingredients that are classified as poisons, carcinogens, toxins, neurotoxins, immune-and-nervous-system disruptors, allergens, fertility inhibitors, and sterilizing agents. They are known and admitted to cause and/or purposefully induce both toxicity and inflammation, which are known drivers of chronic illnesses, autoimmune issues, learning and developmental disabilities, infertility, premature deaths, and sudden deaths.

  • One vaccine ingredient, thimerosal, is known and admitted to be so dangerous to human health that it has been banned from topical use. Unbelievably, however, it is still permitted to be included in vaccines, which are far more dangerous as they are injected.

  • Another ingredient, aluminum, is present in vaccines in amounts that greatly exceed the   maximum allowable amount for intravenous feeding. For but one example, the amount of aluminum in the 8 doses of vaccines recommended for a 2-month old baby is 1,225 mcg. Compare that to the maximum allowable amount of aluminum per day for intravenous feeding in children, which is 25 mcg. One must ask how and why vaccines containing dangerously high amounts of aluminum are legal, much less approved, recommended, and mandated.

  • Yet another ingredient, polysorbate 80, an emulsifier, is specifically included to help other ingredients pass through both cell walls and the blood brain barrier. Cell walls and the BBB exist specifically to prevent that which is harmful from entering. Polysorbate 80 is also a suspected carcinogen and is known to negatively impact reproductive organs and fertility.

  • It is important to note that if any of the categories of ingredients listed above (known poisons, carcinogens, toxins, neurotoxins, sterilizing agents, etc.) were to be injected into another person by anyone other than a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist, that person would face criminal charges.

  • Vaccines are known by pharmaceutical companies to be so extremely dangerous, to the point of being deadly, that they go to extreme measures to hide their dangers, including separating lots so that “hot lots” (lots that cause more than the accepted and expected levels of harm and death) cannot be easily identified, or identified at all. No other drug is permitted to be shipped in separated lots. This is telling, and damning, in and of itself, and it most certainly is not ethical or acceptable.

  • It is also likely that vaccine makers know their products are carcinogenic, mutagenic, and that they impair/destroy fertility. We can be quite sure of this because they purposefully do not test any of their vaccine products for carcinogenic effects, mutagenic effects, or impairment of fertility. Equally disturbing is the fact that the FDA does not require that vaccine products be tested in these three areas before approving them.

  • Vaccine manufacturers are permitted by the FDA to do their own safety and efficacy testing. Their test results are not required to be verified by an independent entity that does not stand to profit or benefit in any way from the vaccine being tested. Vaccine manufacturers do not use placebos for controls. They do not always have a control group. They do not necessarily test the age group for whom the vaccine will be targeted. They select only healthy test subjects, despite the fact that vaccines are recommended and mandated for all, healthy or otherwise. Testing periods are as short as 4 days long, despite it being known and admitted by the government and its regulatory agencies that many vaccine-induced injuries and deaths take more than 4 days to manifest, including weeks, months, and even years. For controls, they use other vaccines, reaction-causing adjuvants, or a combination of vaccines and adjuvants, versus inert placebos. When the vaccine being tested causes no more harm or deaths than the “control” used, which also causes harm and deaths, the vaccine manufacturer declares it to be safe. The FDA accepts the fraudulent declaration, then approves the improperly-tested vaccine, with zero regard for the harm and deaths they know the vaccine will cause.

  • Not only are vaccines not tested according to the scientific gold standard on an individual basis (i.e. a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, conducted for a long enough time period to capture both short and long term adverse events), they are also not tested properly when administered in the many and varied combinations in which they are routinely given. That is akin to giving multiple prescription drugs at once, up to 13 as is done at some “catch up” vaccine appointments for infants, toddlers, and young children, with no regard for their interactions.

  • For decades (one could argue since the beginning of time), it has been common sense and common practice to protect pregnant women from anything that might harm them or their fetuses during pregnancy, including pharmaceuticals, toxins, and poisons. Yet, pregnant women are now told/coerced to permit four vaccines during their pregnancies (tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, and influenza). These vaccines contain mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, viruses and retroviruses, foreign DNA, antibiotics, and more, all of which are harmful, sometimes fatal, to a developing fetus. None of these four vaccines has ever been tested for use on pregnant women. Rather, they are recklessly recommended with no valid science, and with known dangers.

  • Clearly, with such improper testing, unethical approving, and long lists of ingredients that have no business being injected into any person of any age, much less one in the prime of their development, vaccine-induced injuries, chronic illnesses, developmental and learning disabilities, sudden deaths, seizure disorders, encephalitis followed by encephalopathy (commonly misnamed autism), infertility, cancers, heart conditions, hearing and vision loss, skin problems, GI issues, and blood disorders, to name a few, are common, and are by no means rare as is so often declared. Yet, those who administer vaccines are not required to report vaccine-induced injuries, illnesses, and deaths, nor are they required to immediately stop administering any vaccine products which have harmed or killed their patients.

  • False claims about the safety, efficacy, and necessity of vaccines are made everyday, by pharmaceutical companies, doctors and nurses, the media, legislators, and government regulators, without penalty. This is not so for other products, for which people and entities making false claims are regularly sued, fined, fired, and legally penalized. Vaccines have been granted a special status which forbids scrutiny, criticism, recalls, and moratoriums. Granting them such special status gravely endangers all of us.

  • Vaccine mandates violate our U.S. Constitution on many counts. They violate our God-given right to self autonomy and bodily integrity, which includes the fundamental human right to decide what one allows, or doesn’t allow, into oneself and one’s children. Vaccine mandates also violate many international codes of ethics to which the U.S. is a signer, including the Nuremberg Code, the Helsinki Declaration, and most recently, the 2005 Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights at the UNESCO Convention. The human right to self autonomy and bodily integrity is arguably the most meaningful right we have, and vaccine mandates obliterate it.

  • Exercising this God-given, fundamental human right should involve nothing other than a simple “no thank you” when one wants to refuse one, some, or all vaccinations for oneself or one’s children. It is critically important to remember that informed consent requires a formal opting in, never a formal opting out. Opting in must always be voluntary, and without any government interference, coercion, cost, or penalty. To quote the Nuremberg Code, the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

  • Vaccine mandates result in the government restricting and prohibiting law-abiding citizens and their children from participating in society due to their refusal to submit to one, some, or scores of invasive, risk-laden, potentially-fatal, improperly-tested, unethically-approved medical procedures, for which no one who makes or administers them is legally, financially, or criminally liable.

  • Lastly, it cannot be overlooked that hurting babies and children has been legalized in the form of vaccinating. Painful jabs, beginning on the day of birth, and continuing at regular and frequent intervals throughout infancy, toddlerhood, and childhood, often requiring the manhandling and holding down by brute force of those too small and too young to defend themselves, is barbaric. Furthermore, such practices cause dangerous stress responses, resulting in downstream consequences for which there are male- and female-specific adverse effects. To state it very plainly, vaccination is child abuse in the form of medical assault and battery. With regard to adults, when vaccination is carried out against one’s will or wishes, say for school admittance, job requirements, elder care and housing, or military admission, or when carried out with one who is hesitant, or with one who is unsuccessful in resisting and refusing, it also meets the legal definition for assault and battery. We must begin to label these vaccine atrocities for what they are: blatant and inexcusable child abuse; medical assault and battery; and when death is the result, involuntary manslaughter.


  • Determine whether we attack this problem at the state level or at the federal level. If at the state level, we must eliminate and forever ban vaccine mandates in all 50 states. If at the federal level, an amendment to the Constitution may be needed, banning medical mandates of any sort nationwide, including vaccine mandates. Such an amendment may need to have both a prohibitive measure (medical mandates forbidden, including in times declared as “outbreaks”, “pandemics”, and/or “national emergencies”) and a guarantee measure (individuals and parents have the full and unfettered right to make any and all medical decisions for themselves and their children without any government interference, coercion, cost, or penalty).

  • Clearly establish that parents and legal guardians are solely responsible for all medical/vaccination decisions for minors, defined as those 0-17 years of age, no exceptions. Prohibit vaccination decisions to be made by minors. Reinstate that parents and legal guardians, not minors, are to be given access to, and copies of when requested, their children’s medical records.

  • Redefine quarantine as the maximum infringement the government can impose on any citizen with regard to transmissible diseases. Such quarantine would need to be narrowly defined so as to protect from government overreach and abuse. Home quarantine would need to be the first and most-protected option. Transmissible diseases would need to be clearly defined, to prevent quarantine from being wrongly and needlessly implemented.

  • Establish clearly-defined penalties for those who use, or seek to use, government interference, coercion, cost, or penalty of any sort for those who exercise their right to make their own medical decisions, and those of their children. Such penalties would apply to legislators, medical professionals, school board members, and to all.

  • Make it a criminal offense to approve, recommend, market, and administer medical treatments and procedures that have not been tested properly or ethically. Proper testing includes studies being performed in accordance with the scientific gold standard of double-blind, placebo-controlled studies, the prior, voluntary, and fully informed consent of the study subjects or their parents, the use of test and control groups that reflect the populations for whom the product is aimed, sufficient time periods so that both short and long term effects will have time to manifest and become evident, and a detailed plan of how the product will be surveilled post-marketing. Ethical testing necessitates that studies not only be performed according to the proper methods above, but that it also be performed by an independent entity that does not stand to profit in any way from the product.

  • Make it a criminal offense to ship vaccine products in separated lots.

  • Make it a criminal offense for pharmaceutical companies, the front groups they fund, and trade industry groups to financially contribute to the campaigns of legislators, and/or to lobby prospective and/or current legislators with any type of financial incentives or perks. There is no justifiable rationale for any of the above.

Timeline for solutions:


Many citizens are currently being harmed by the implementation of vaccine mandates and vaccine requirements. Immediate remedies are needed, for both parents and individuals.

Written by:

Laura Hayes

Parent of a severely and permanently vaccine-injured young adult son, age 25

Stanford Class of 1987

Writer for the Age of Autism blog (

WAPF Honorary Board Member

National Speaker (links to 2 of my comprehensive vaccine-related presentations below)

Longtime Member of the original FEAT (Families for Early Autism Treatment)

Co-Founding Family of the MIND Institute at UC Davis

Program Manager for her son’s ABA program since 1996


Vaccines: What Is There to Be ‘Pro’ About?

Why Is This Legal? by Laura Hayes



cia parker


I would also make the doctor read to the parent that there are genetic factors which we know about now which predispose to vaccine reaction, like MTHFR (in about half the population), as well as many others, including some gene deletions. Also mitochondrial disorders, for which there are some tests which could easily be done. They should ask the patient if they want to test for these factors before vaxxing, but accept a no as well without pushing. Also, that those who have relatives with neurological, allergic, or autoimmune disease are more likely than others to react severely to vaccines. Wouldn't that be everyone? They should also inform the patient as to how dangerous the disease in question was before the vaccine and how dangerous it would probably be now when it occurred.

Most reactions are not anaphylactic and immediate. I don't like demanding that only doctors and not stores give vaccines: I think store personnel have drugs to inject in case of an anaphylactic reaction and could call an ambulance as easily as the doctor could. I don't like giving doctors even more power and income by making them the only providers for those who really want a vaccine(s).

I think you'd have to just ask the patient to read the list of possible reactions from the package insert, they go on for pages and pages, and no one could listen to them with sufficient attention and consideration, and it would take half an hour to read them out loud. To be fair, in the discussion of how dangerous the disease used to be and would be now, I think it would be fair to describe how many used to die of it (like from Hib disease, one in a thousand babies in the mid-'80s) and what the symptoms were, as well as how effective the vaccine has been in preventing such suffering and death. And, as far as is possible, tell them how often severe reactions occur, but also tell them that most reactions occur long after and may be because of several vaccines, or be impossible to associate with a specific vaccine, but still destroy your life. Also tell the patient about homeopathic nosodes and give information about how effective and safe they have been.

And no, not many people would want to accept the vaccines after all that, at least they'd be a lot more selective, which would be all to the good.

So if the patient signed after all that, and there was a serious reaction, then you don't think they should be able to sue? Maybe sue the vaccine maker, or the government, but not the doctor? I've thought about that: the premise of Vaccine Court was to fairly compensate the vaccine-injured regardless of whether informed consent was present. Of course it hasn't lived up to that, but it was supposed to.

Laura Hayes

Greg Hill,

What you wrote is brilliant. Might I suggest that you turn it into an article to be published here on AoA?You could even add the obvious, that before any vaccine is administered, it must first be tested in a scientifically-valid way, as described in my "Solutions" section.

Thank you for your contributions here on AoA!

Greg Hill

Laura, thank you for your thoughtful reply. Certainly, there are good scientific reasons for distinguishing between "biologics" and "drugs" as they are defined in the links you provided. However, for regulatory purposes (and I guess this could be done at the state level overriding federal regulations, such as has been done in so many states that have legalized medical cannabis despite its being classified as a "Schedule 1" drug by the DEA) I believe it would make good sense to have both drugs and vaccines classified as "prescription pharmaceuticals." For multi-disease vaccines like the MMR and DTaP, each immunizing component should be required to also be made available as a separate vaccine.

Then before any vaccine is administered (which must be done in a doctor's office, hospital or other medical setting with a licensed doctor physically present) a doctor must first write a prescription for it based on a specific medical condition that is being addressed by the vaccine in this individual patient. It would not be legal, for that purpose, for a doctor to even take into consideration anything like "public health" or the totally fictitious meme of "herd immunity." Whenever they are writing a prescription for anything they are always treating an individual patient for a diagnosed medical condition, period, end of story. And with all prescriptions, including both drugs and vaccines, the prescribing doctor or their qualified assistant should be required by law (in the case of vaccines, before administration) to carefully, directly inform and discuss with the patient (or in the case of minors, their parent or other legal guardian) all possible adverse side-effects, what sub-populations they have and have not been tested on (such as pregnant women or newborn infants), and how to immediately address and report any adverse events that might possibly be linked to the drug or vaccine. That information must be read out loud, not just printed on a piece of paper. The patient or their medical guardian (usually a child's parent) must sign a copy of a document certifying informed consent, including the entire text that was read aloud, prior to administration, with both parties receiving and retaining a copy. If after a vaccine (or other pharmaceutical) injury the prescribing doctor cannot produce a signed copy of the informed consent form, then the patient or their representative (including family members in the case of death or mental incapacitation) can sue the doctor for malpractice without having to go through anything like a "vaccine court." The prescribing doctor either has a signed copy of the informed consent form or he/she does not.

As for the advertising issue, I couldn't agree more that it's a huge problem that involves a lot more than just prescription pharmaceuticals. However, since I've heard that every nation in the world except the United States and New Zealand have already made direct-to-consumer advertising of prescription meds illegal, it seems to me that that would be a reasonable place to start. As one of the most eloquent leaders of our movement so often asks, "Why Is This Legal?"

Laura Hayes

At the request of a family member, I just submitted my article to a MSM newspaper as a rebuttal to a dangerously inaccurate article it recently published (yes, I know in advance they won't run my article, but did it anyway to honor this relative's request). I added this bullet point between the ones about thimerosal and polysorbate 80:

"Another ingredient, aluminum, is present in vaccines in amounts that greatly exceed the maximum allowable amount for intravenous feeding. For but one example, the amount of aluminum in the 8 doses of vaccines recommended for a 2-month old baby is 1,225 mcg. Compare that to the maximum allowable amount of aluminum per day for intravenous feeding in children, which is 25 mcg. One must ask how and why vaccines containing dangerously high amounts of aluminum are legal, much less approved, recommended, and mandated."


Just wow. Thank you, Laura, and others who have offered their agreements and support here. I'm sickened by the diseased thinking that has gotten a hold of the populace, and afraid for my as yet unvaccinated teenage children. I'm so grateful for all of you who have dedicated yourselves to this fight. I simply don't have the voice that you, Laura, have, but what I can do is write those letters, sign petitions, and let you know how grateful I am for your work! Many loving eyes are on you, many people grateful that you are doing this.

Heather Kovac


Thank you for another brilliant article stating the whole truth and nothing but the unvarnished truth! I wish everyone in our movement could see that we must fight mandates and not beg for exemptions!

Thank you for all of the time and energy you put into this fight!


Thank you, Laura. This should be required reading for every legislator, doctor, and nurse.


Laura Hayes for governor.

Not kidding.

Laura Hayes

Thank you to all who have commented...I really do appreciate the support and encouragement here on AoA :)

Mark Wax, I am very sorry to hear that you are seriously ill. If you care to share at all, perhaps one of us here on AoA might be able to help in some way. In any event, I will keep you in my prayers.

Greg Hill, I have been thinking about your 2 questions throughout the day. First, I looked up biologics to see how the FDA defines them ( Here is an excerpt:

"In contrast to most drugs that are chemically synthesized and their structure is known, most biologics are complex mixtures that are not easily identified or characterized. Biological products, including those manufactured by biotechnology, tend to be heat sensitive and susceptible to microbial contamination. Therefore, it is necessary to use aseptic principles from initial manufacturing steps, which is also in contrast to most conventional drugs."

Then, I checked out this site:
Please read in full (it is very short like the first link). Another telling excerpt:

"Drugs generally have well-defined chemical structures, and a finished drug can usually be analyzed to determine all its various components. By contrast it is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to characterize a complex biologic by testing methods available in the laboratory, and some of the components of a finished biologic may be unknown."

What did I learn? I learned that biologics, which include vaccines, should perhaps be subject to even more scrutiny than "drugs". I wanted to remind readers that many hospital surgical waivers now include a clause that grants permission for unspecified "biologics" and "biogenics" to be used during surgery. That could include not only blood, but also vaccines being injected while the patient is unconscious, without their knowledge or specific permission. Patient, beware! If you do not want vaccines injected into you while under anesthesia, write NO VACCINES in bold, black Sharpie on your waiver, and also let your doctor and all surgical staff know that you do NOT give permission for any vaccines.

So to answer your question, it seems like drugs and biologics are quite different, yet both are pharmaceuticals, and each needs to be properly and ethically tested, and if approved, vigilantly monitored post-licensure during manufacturing, transport, storage, and post-administration, all done with respect to the individual natures of drugs vs. biologics. And just as for drugs, those who make and administer biologics should be liable, and anyone who improperly and unethically approves and recommends them should be liable, too, as in criminally liable. Hoping I understood your question correctly, and please write back with your thoughts on the matter.

Regarding your second question, I started answering, and it got very lengthy, so I deleted what I had written. In sum, since he who has the most money can quickly begin to control the airwaves, all forms of media, and the narrative in our country, via paid ads, it seems we need to revisit advertising in general. Ad money, like lobbying money, is wreaking havoc and causing destruction in our country, and therefore, we need to figure out how to right the ship, and soon.

david m burd

Some day, it will come, the incredibly corrupt Mainstream News (Print, TV, Radio, Internet) with its inexcusable brainwashed/bought-off Editors and reporters will realize what terrible havoc they have let happen via vaccine carnage.

Actually, it's more than they let happen and blissfully ignore: Mainstream Media is truly a partner with the forces of the Vaccine Industry and agencies such as CDC, NIH, FDA who have long ignored any sane ethics, as they relish their power and authority to brainwash and control the naive masses. There is no precedent in history of such an evil Cabal

Angus Files

You cover it all Laura.The mind washing of the public and learned people, to accept the most toxic substances as a health benefit sums it all up for me.The pharma elite must laugh themselves to sleep every night at us all, I was one they laughed at and accept their lies, not now they aren`t laughing at me now..we will have the last laugh at their expense.

Thanks again !

Pharma For Prison


susan welch

Mark Wax. I am so sorry you have been seriously ill and sincerely hope your health is improving.

David L. Well said!

Laura. Thank you so much for your tireless efforts.

Greg Hill

Thank you, Laura. An excellent contribution to the discussion, as always. There are two more things that I thought might be added to your suggested Solutions. The first would be to scrap the distinction between prescription medications ("drugs ") and vaccines ("biologics"), classifying them all as "pharmaceuticals." Second, I would ban all direct to consumer advertisement of all pharmaceuticals, which would include vaccines. Your thoughts?

Kathy Sincere

As always, I have tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat when reading your article.

You eloquently state the truth, the pure truth, about what is happening in our sick (literally) American society and globally today. Vaccines killing and maiming babies, small children, and adults….soon to be MANY MORE adults when vaccine mandates arrive for them.

Thank you for writing this article that can be shared with friends, family and politicians. I can only hope that they really read it and THINK on it.

My four vaccine-injured adult children could have been spared if I had read an article like yours in the 1970’s. I can only echo the comments that precede mine; you are an amazing woman who works tirelessly for the cause of medical freedom and integrity in our country. God bless your efforts!

David L

Now we are engaged in what can only be seen as a great civil war, testing whether our nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. The time has come for everyone who wants to be healthy and for the masses to speak out and campaign against the deliberate attacks on censorship of information and independent science, informed consent and the things potentially harmful to our health. An electronic burning of the books has begun. We must rally against policies that are being enacted by the corrupted lawmakers on behalf of the pharmaceutical corporations who have been profiting from the agenda to sicken the nation in the name of disease prevention and health. It is no longer ok to poison our bodies, our food, our water, our air, and our environment. It is not ok to have vaccines that are not properly tested, have thousands of reports of harm and then force people to take them regardless of genetic issues, risk or, religious and personal beliefs instead of a focus on improving the safety. The greed of one corporation harms all as well and must be stopped. Those who are pushing vaccines and pharmaceuticals for money are being harmed by those who push glyphosate and gmos over health, and they are being harmed by those who push Emfs and 5g over health, and they are being harmed by those who push biosolids over health, and they are being harmed by those who push plastic and chemicals over health and on and on. Greed of one harms all. Profits over peoples health must end. If we cannot look within as a nation and see that, then there is no hope for humanity to survive. We must change and do the right thing for the sake of humanity which truly now hangs on a precipice.

The world may little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it will never forget what we can start. It is not just for you, but for all the living, and future generations that we are here, to now dedicate here to the great task remaining before us - the unfinished work so these catastrophic mistakes will not continue. That this nation, under God, shall have a new rebirth of freedom and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

There have been certain points in human history where people have stood up to strong destructive forces against what often appeared to be insurmountable odds. Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot. Nothings going to change. The fact its just not.
Begun, the health wars has.


Mic drop. Thank you for your brilliant advocacy.

Mark Wax

I have known Laura for about 20 years. My son is now 26. Totally disabled and irreparably harmed. I relied on Laura for much of what we initially learned and investigated for our legal efforts, community responses and her pure intelligence. Laura is an alumnus of Stanford. I from USNA. Let me tell you something. We are not crazy nor products of inferior critical learning skills.I have recently been seriously ill and may not achieve my goal of obtaining justice for our son in my lifetime. But, I encourage Laura and everyone else to fight on. It is your duty. You have an unstated oath to your child and the children of others. The quest for truth may be painful. But there is nothing more freeing.

Bob Moffit

Laura .. your informative column should be required reading by every politician .. local, state and federal .. every "talking head" supposedly medical "expert" on television or posing as a "health reporter" for print media .. who has been spewing the same "benefits outweigh the risks" .. "one in a million adversely affected" .. "science is settled" .. propaganda that has done far more damage to our children than the decades of damage done by some of those very same people and bureaucracies who once denied cigarettes caused cancer.

I will be using your column in my own effort to "lobby" my local, state, federal politicians .. explaining parents resisting vaccines for their children are not as presently defined .. ANTI VACCINE .. instead their numbers continue to grow because they have lost faith and trust in our public health authorities.


I as sick and tired of listening to self-serving politicians in my home state of New York .. spew the same tired "compassion" for the need to protect the "herd" by eliminating all options to exempt from vaccines so as to increase COMPLIANCE BY ALL .. in order to "protect those too young to be vaccinated or are immunocompromised and cannot be vaccinated themselves".

Anyone reading YOUR comments today would have an extremely difficult time pretending the problem with vaccines can be resolved by implementing of harsher measures .. such as .. criminal prosecutions of all resisting vaccinations .. for the sole purpose of increasing "compliance" …. rather than acknowledging all the incredible information you have gathered THAT CLEARLY DESCRIBE AN INDUSTRY THAT DESPERATELY REQUIRES IMMEDIATE STRONG OVERSIGHT AND MONITORING TO BEGIN RESTORATION OF PARENTAL TRUST IN VACCINES.

Any politician .. such as Schiff .. who presents himself as acting in the best interests of CHILDREN when he seeks to silence the voices such as Laura .. actually is acting in the best interests of the vaccine industry .. a volunteer protecting that morally, ethically, bankrupt industry from being EXPOSED FOR THE DANGER AND HAVOC THEY HAVE UNLEASHED ON GENERATIONS OF CHILDREN..

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