Meghan McCain Calls Parents of Vaccine Injured Kids Arrogant & Dangerous
Press Release: UN Headquarters to host groundbreaking discussion on vaccine misinformation and growing distrust

Pro-Vaxxer Meghan McCain Continues to Pontificate



Seems Ms. McCain is compelled to preach. "Vaccinating your kids is an easy choice." Really? How lovely to be to so sure of one's self and an entire industry.  This was my response to Ms McCain. I see no need to stoop to their level. But boy, it's tempting. I have a rapier tongue - but I'm using my martial arts training to keep my cool. "I shall not use my skill outside the dojo except in the most extreme circumstances," is one of our codes of conduct. I won't take the bait she's chumming into the water. I will share  facts and my personal experience.




Adela Ludeke

If Meghan McCain wasn't the daughter of John McCain, she wouldn't be famous.


When I read that vaccinating your children is an easy choice, I thought, "She must not have children!" And alas, she does NOT have children.


When or more likely "IF" Megan has that baby; I bet there will be some real thinking a going on, especially that Hep B. Until then as Kim said, there is no heart there.

Shelley Tzorfas

As of Summer 2018 Meghan did NOT have Any Kids. This is what is happening-the Child Experts are the ones with No KIDS! Inflated egos but not much else. Damn the view for harming so many of our kids with 54% becoming permanently Chronically injured while your right to sue a vaccine Co. was stripped away since Regan signed that bill in 1986. Up to 83% of vaccines are made in China. Keep your toxic view to yourself and the Alzheimer's causing Aluminum, Cancer causing Formaldehyde, Peanut oils leading to anaphylactic shock to foods, 60 year old human FETAL CELL DNA which is tumorigenic, animal and insect cells, ether, msg and other toxic chemicals to yourselves..

Hans Litten

Posted by: Natalie | June 27, 2019 at 11:50 AM

As far fetched as it might sound to some, this is smthg others have mooted as a possible plan also.


My goodness; Megan is such a show boater. I doubt she is worth your trouble Kim.


Hans Litten
Every time they go to war with the moderate Muslim rulers (Saddam, Gaddafi, Mubarak, now Assad) who actually contained terrorist organizations such as Muslim Brotherhood) it leads to chaos and and a chance for these terrorists to rear their ugly heads. The West even supports them openly. At the same time, Saudi Arabia is an ally and no one's going against Iran despite all the proclamations ( they didn't support the Persians in their uprising against the government). My pet conspiracy theory is that they're trying to restore the Caliphate in order to create the clash of the civilizations to bring about the totalitarian global state. I don't know if it's going to be a WWIII or financial collapse or civil wars but something nasty is coming around 2030.

Bo Moffit

Megan … apparently .. "vaccinating YOUR kids is an easy choice" for HER … not so much an easy choice for YOU.

There is nothing more frustrating than having a demonstrably CRUEL woman provided a highly visible, public platform of a national television audience .. who then uses her "public national television platform" as a means to "demonize" and "ridicule" parents who have .. in her simple mind .. the "audacity" to disagree with her.

How dare they says the Queen from her throne .. "Let them eat cake".


I'm a little lost in this "debate." Does Meghan McCain even have kids? Easy choice or non-choice? Consequences she doesn't have to live with? Why is she even on this one? I would think with all their money Big Pharma could do better. They usually come up with some celebrity mom who smiles beautifully, while urging everyone to light someone else's kid on fire to keep theirs warm.

Hans Litten

I hope you enjoy this article Kim, like I did !

The recent moves to censor sites like and are driven by FEAR.
When one fears one cannot win an open battle, one avoids battle and resorts to guerilla tactics. Thus, when the “battle” is a public debate on, for instance, vaccines and one faction knows that it cannot ultimately win it if it is allowed to play out, it turns to efforts to stifle or avoid the debate, discredit, marginalise or cut the lines of communication of the enemy.
The sheer volume of dissenting voices calling out the likes of Big Pharma, Big Agra, the Psycho-pharmacy, the banking cartels and so forth for their various corruptions, scams, deceptions and crimes against the people has risen remarkably in recent years to a point where it now threatens to overwhelm and engulf them.
When it does, it is not merely their liberty to go on making profits no matter how many citizens or the children of citizens they kill, injure, poison or ruin that is at stake. There is their ability to remain above the law, for when that goes many of them will have to answer for a litany of the most shocking crimes.
We are fast approaching a tipping point or even a point of revolt of some kind and I can fully understand why they are afraid and becoming desperate to regain their control of the narrative and the information flow, keep the spotlight OFF themselves and their crimes, maintain governments as their political arms and so forth.
Hence the effort to control the communication lines and hide the truth from view behind a smokescreen of disinformation, character assassination, the inane utterances of bought politicians and the corruption of search engines such as Google.
But it is already too late. If they had acted to shut down dissent twenty years ago they might have stood a chance. But not now; the cat is out of the bag and their efforts to stuff it back in again are too little, too late and as futile as papering over the cracks of a crumbling edifice in an effort to shire it up.
Their censorship efforts or manifest authoritarianism via their proxies in government will, if anything, exacerbate the dissent and hasten their demise.
They could save themselves by getting honest and straight but instead they chose to remain crooked and try to control the internet. But the internet is not the source of their woes and tinkering with it will not make any difference in the end. The true source of their woes is their own criminality.
Total censorship and control of information backed up by an incessant barrage of propaganda was tried, arguably to a greater extreme, by the authoritarian Communist regimes of Russia and Eastern Europe and these crumpled like a house of cards.
None of history’s major revolts required the internet – nor even for that matter a particularly well informed peasantry.
What they required was a large number of very pissed off people.
Maybe the corporate powers are pinning their hopes on being able to drug everybody into a stupor or make the population too sick to do much about anything or too distracted by diversionary scares such as “The Muslims” or another freakin’ pointless war. They sure seem to be working on it.
But that in the end is going to ps off people even more.

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