New Hampshire Child Didn't Have Measles, But Vaccine Reaction
V.A.C.C.I.N.E.S.: Is it Science, or Is It a Sales Pitch?

NVIC: What's Going on with Measles?

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Note:  Excerpted from NVIC.

This year, the fear mongering about measles has reached epidemic proportions in America. A day doesn’t go by without media outlets publishing angry articles and editorials spewing hatred toward a tiny minority of parents with unvaccinated children, who are being blamed for measles outbreaks. 1 2 3 The remedy is always a call to track down, persecute and punish any parent whose child is not vaccinated. 4 5 6

Some state and federal lawmakers are reacting to the relentless fear mongering by proposing to severely restrict the medical vaccine exemption and eliminate all religious and conscientious belief exemptions in state vaccine laws. 7 8 9 10 These exemptions, which help prevent vaccine injuries and deaths, also protect parental rights, civil liberties and the ethical principle of informed consent to medical risk taking. 11
Government, WHO, Medical Trade, Pharma, Media Say MMR Vaccine Is Safe & Effective
measles outbreak

The U.S. government, the World Health Organization, medical trade associations, the pharmaceutical industry and multi-national communications corporations all agree that the measles virus is extremely dangerous, the MMR vaccine is very safe and effective, and all children must get two doses of MMR vaccine to meet the goal of eradicating measles from the world by 2020. 12 13 14 15

While most of the public conversation in the past two decades has been focused on children, who have suffered convulsions, encephalitis and encephalopathy after MMR vaccine reactions and become chronically ill and disabled, 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 there hasn’t been much discussion about measles vaccine effectiveness or what measles was like before and after the vaccine was licensed in the mid-20th century.

This is a special report on measles vaccine failures based on evidence published in the scientific and medical literature that is not being discussed in public conversations about measles vaccine policies and mandatory vaccination laws. READ MORE HERE.



"People don't always catch diseases they're in contact with because they have a healthy immune system"

But there's a massive problem with such an explanation. It doesn't allow for anybody to recover from disease does it? If we only get sick because our immune system is run down, and of course, being sick presumably makes our immune system even more run down then how would we ever recover?

We couldn't. It would be impossible. The germ theory simply *cannot* be true in the same way that 2+2 =/= 5.

Nor does your explanation square with our experiences. People visit doctors because they are already sick - a run down immune system presumably. How do they not catch virtually every other disease in the waiting room?

"or they've previously developed immunity to that disease."

Doesn't explain why babies can survive a trip to the doctor office.

"Doctors will have had so much daily contact with sick people that they probably have a well-primed immune system."

Then how does *anybody* get sick? If the more contact you have with sick people, the less likely you are to get sick, why on earth would anybody believe in contagious disease?

At some point, doctors are going to have novel exposure to these diseases right? But unlike the rest of us who might only encounter a few sick people each week, doctors will encounter hundreds. So in the early days of their jobs, they will have novel exposure to hundreds of diseases *simultaneously*. If disease was even one millionth as contagious as we have been led to believe, no doctor could possibly survive this.

"Some viruses attack the throat, others other parts of the body, so why shouldn't spots also attack different areas of the skin?"

But I don't believe that viruses can attack the throat - or anywhere. The reason I give the skin as my argument though is that you might imagine that a virus is only able to attack one organ or one kind of cell - that might actually make sense. But the skin is the skin. It is all one organ. If a virus can affect the skin on your legs then it can also affect the skin on your torso. All that is required is that it can reach there. And given that viruses (presumably) circulate through our bloodstream clearly they can do that. So if viruses can cause rashes then those rashes would always be more or less evenly distributed around the skin on the body (the same way the blood (and presumably therefore viruses) are).

"And when you talk of the mind, I wonder if you really mean the brain - I can well believe that a neurological problem would cause a symmetrical pattern of effect."

I don't get it. You appear to be agreeing with me here that only the (sub-conscious) mind can cause a symmetrical patterning of rashes. Now, it is fair to ask "why would our sub-conscious mind do such a thing?" but at the very least we can be sure that it can only be the mind causing such rashes - nothing else could possibly cause symmetry. Viruses couldn't, and even if by some magical process they could, what purpose would it serve for the virus to do so?

"But if you're saying people are imagining themselves into having spots isn't that the same as Them saying autism is psychological?"

I am absolutely not saying that. The physiological changes are very real. You have spots - other people can see them. But the spots are caused by the mind. This shouldn't be hard to wrap your head around. After all, people accept that hives (a rash) is often caused by the mind (stress) but for some reason they refuse to countenance the idea that all the other rashes (or all the other words that doctors give rashes to be precise) might also be caused by the mind.


Pogo; that is an excellent analysis of the difference in Th1 and Th2 immune systems.
Vaccines causes the immune system to favor one type that also causes allergies.

Natural diseases causes the immune system to favor the other one.

CT teacher. I had measles twice too. Both a few weeks apart. I had the three days measles first, and then I had the German, or Rubella measles a few weeks later. How did I know the difference? I didn't, I am guessing. I was feeling really sick with the second round of measles and so assumed it was German or Rubella. They both were going around at the same time that year; I was in the second grade.

Grace Green

I would love to see all your references for that theory. I have a lot of sympathy with what you're saying, but would suggest some other explanations. People don't always catch diseases they're in contact with because they have a healthy immune system, or they've previously developed immunity to that disease. Doctors will have had so much daily contact with sick people that they probably have a well-primed immune system. Some viruses attack the throat, others other parts of the body, so why shouldn't spots also attack different areas of the skin? I do believe there are such things as viruses but I don't think we should eradicate them, but make ourselves truly healthy so we can resist them. And when you talk of the mind, I wonder if you really mean the brain - I can well believe that a neurological problem would cause a symmetrical pattern of effect. But if you're saying people are imagining themselves into having spots isn't that the same as Them saying autism is psychological? I don't think there is any evidence for either of those explanations. Interesting ideas, but finding them rather implausible.


Of course measles/chickenpox/roseola/5th disease (ie epidermis rashes) happened John. They just aren't caused by viruses.

How could they be? How could a virus possibly cause someone to get a rash behind their knees and inside their elbows but nowhere else?

How could a virus cause someone to get a rash on both hands and feet and nowhere else?

This makes no sense.

Do epidermis rashes sometimes cluster among several people at once? Sure. But very often there will be one solitary person who gets a rash and nobody else they come into contact will. And doctors manage (and have historically managed) to survive their jobs just fine despite being around sick people "germs" all of the time.

The cause of disease can be shared but it cannot be transmitted.

And when you consider that rashes (not just epidermis rashes but dermis rashes (like shingles)) are typically focused the cause of disease is blatantly obvious. The mind.

Indeed with shingles the phenomena is really interesting because shingles rashes occur on *either* the left side or the right side. Amazing. How exactly do you propose a virus could do that?

Note that I have asked plenty of virologists/immunologists this question and their response is "well the virus just stays in one spot because it feels like it". Which begs the question, if it only stays in one spot on the skin, why are we scared of it doing any other damage to the body?

One thing in the universe knows right from left.

One thing in the universe knows which parts of your body correspond to other parts of your body.

One thing in the universe has the ability to cause rashes that are focused.

Your mind.

And if all rashes are caused by the mind - and they have to be - then it is only a very small jump to realize that many diseases (possibly all) are caused by the mind.

John Stone


I had all the childhood infections - in the mid late 50s where I lived measles was feared a little more than the others. There is no doubt they happened.


Pogo there is a fundamental problem with your argument.

Whilst your arguments are perfectly logical you assume that there is some level of coherence and logic behind the immunity/germ theory paradigm.

There isn't.

You are looking for ways to explain the many problems from within the paradigm itself but the problem is the paradigm itself.

The reason that vaccines "appear" to work for their intended virus but increase susceptibility to other viruses is because doctors simply blame other viruses when a vaccinated person still gets the same disease. It isn't because the vaccine makes the patient less susceptible to one strain and more susceptible to other strains.

There is no susceptibility to viruses nor is there any immunity to them.

Vaccines poison us and render it difficult to go through healing phases without being locked into a cycle.

That is why official numbers of so-called VPD cases have fallen but the people are vastly sicker today than they have ever been.

It is also why you can visit (or become) a doctor without immediately dropping dead but you will probably leave there a lot sicker if you allow yourself to be treated with any of their concoctions.


Nobody has yet mentioned Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE) regarding a repeat infection.
Is this the reason that more kids are getting rushed to hospital these days? Bob Moffit might be right that measles appears to be getting more serious.
Immunoglobulin G Antibody-Mediated Enhancement of Measles Virus Infection Can Bypass the Protective Antiviral Immune Response

What all that medical mumbo-jumbo is explaining, is that an individual can form protective antibodies upon the first infection but ‘sometimes’ only for that particular viral strain. If a different strain comes along later, then the antibodies coating the cells can act as sticky fly-paper to grab onto the viral bodies as they float by. However they (the Y shaped antibodies with a protein grasping hand at each end) are not a perfect fit for the new strain, thus can not kill (neutralize) them. Unfortunately, the B cells which would normally come to the rescue by making correctly fitting antibodies are ‘blinded’ by the chemical messages that say “Its OK folks, we recognize the virus and are dealing with this repeat infection”.
So that leaves a lot more of the viruses being held in the very position they want to be - against the cell wall. There, they now have all the time they need to gain easy access by the normal process without being challenged. They can even be swallowed by white blood cells with almost impunity for the same reason. Since the white cells can’t neutralize the new strain – it becomes a virus factory itself.

Vaccinations bias the secondary immune system and thus B cells and Th1 Helper Cells in the primary might not be given enough opportunity to produce the necessary antibody variations which might be called upon in the future. Mind you, this is a rare occurrence and can also happen with natural infection.


Now had more time to digest the paper Human Gut Microbiota from Autism Spectrum Disorder Promote Behavioral Symptoms in Mice which gives more ‘objective’ credibility that diet and amino acid taurine can reduce the symptoms of vaccine damage. Its not just the ‘subjective’ opinion of the parents. Here are the short bits that I think are of more interest to us here. NOTE: Non of this should be take as medical advice.

The study found and I’ll quote: “Notably, phenotypes were more pronounced in male offspring mice” …. “than in females”
“However, it is unknown whether this male bias was a true effect or an inherent result of our experimental design, using only human male donor samples in this study’’
But then it goes onto say when noting elevated levels of soy-derived isoflavones namley genistein and daidzein in the colon:
“Various sexually dimorphic effects on neurodevelopment and behavior are linked to genistein, daidzein, and their degradation products.”

That should interest us because the source of genistein and daidzein is Soya as the paper says. Its flavonoids mimic human oestrogens. Here in the UK, Soya infant formula milk is only supposed to be proscribed by Doctors (as a day’s feed equates to a few birth pills) but I see it on open display. Its one of the foods which we often need to eliminate from the diet and which the mice got from their lab food (Lab Diet 5010).

This is my speculation from both this and other research taken together: Due to the dysregulation of the immune system and metabolic pathways by vaccines, the body becomes poor at dealing with soya and so increase excitation in males the most. Also remember, boys first start producing testosterone between 4 and 6 weeks of gestation. So how can one expect the hormonal system to maintain proper regulation when it has no control over total oestrogen levels? Second, the dysregualtion, which favours the growth of the wrong type of gut bacteria, becomes a self -reinforcing cycle by keeping the immune system disrupted, which in turn prevents the colon from absorbing properly due to lymphoid nodular hyperplasia that Andrew Wakefield’s colleague John Walker-Smith discovered (a finding that was not part of the paper’s retraction). Thus keeping the gut contents rich in the nutrients that the wrong sort of bacteria thrive on (or creates a bias), (including undigested Saccharides -noted in other research on ASD), thus keeping the immune system poisoned, and so back to the start of the cycle again. All kicked off with a few CC’s of liquid injected into the arm. Therefore, any one problem is difficult to correct with out correcting the other issues at the same time.

The next notable finding was that amino acid taurine (already know to ameliorate the symptoms of vaccine damage) and 5-aminovaleric acid (5AV) . Again I’ll quote rather than miss-quote like journalists are prone to do.

“5AV Reduces Neuronal Excitability in the Prefrontal Cortex of BTBR Mice Some forms of ASD are thought to result from an imbalance between excitation and inhibition (E-I) in synaptic transmission and cortical circuitry”

“Exposure of taurine and 5AV to developing BTBR mice during the prenatal and weaning periods is critical, as administration to juvenile mice starting at 4 weeks of age and through adulthood did not rescue behavioral alterations.”

Sound like its a bad idea to eat soya from pregnancy onwards. By the way: 5-aminovaleric acid (5AV) is the bodies form of Valeric Acid which we obtain from foods we eat. First isolated and named from the calming herb Valerian.

This paper should help -I hope- to encourage more research into microbiota gut inoculations from healthy people to correct these microbial imbalances. Some very good results have already been obtained in other studies. Whilst at the same time looking more at 5AV (maybe from Valerian supplements).

Work on treating another dysregulation of the immune system called myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME/CFS) with the drug suramin to reset the immune system showed promise some years ago but the improvements were often temporary. Maybe because no attempts were made to improve the diversity of the gut bacteria? It’s being trialled again and this time including ASD.
Perhaps a more holistic approach of augmenting the treatment with using micro biotia gut inoculations, diet, 5-aminovaleric acid, taurine (acetyl L Carnitine, Phosphatidyl Serine in the case of ME/CFS) might be more efficacious.

Finally: My thoughts are that if this had been a drug proving trial, then it would have needed more animals to be creditable but as a proof of concept endeavour, it more than shows the value to be had from doing a second trial involving biotia which includes female ASD donors next time around. Hopefully too, including the drug suramin. Never give up hope.


Benedetta, there is no such thing as immunity to disease. We have incorrectly extrapolated short term tolerance to poisons into immunity to diseases.

Germs don't cause disease and all the viruses and bacteria that doctors blame for these diseases linger in our bodies long after we have recovered from the illness. So how can anybody blame the viruses and bacteria and even if they did, how could anybody believe in immunity?

It makes no sense.

What does actually make sense though is German New Medicine - epidermis rashes are *all* the same and all have the same cause. Doctors call them measles, chickenpox, smallpox, roseola, 5th disease, hand foot and mouth etc but they're all the same. They are all caused by separation traumas.

The key is that rashes are *focused*. Indeed, sometimes they even occur on corresponding parts of the body! (Think hand foot and mouth as an illustration). How could a virus do that? It can't. Only the mind could cause non-focused rashes.

Dermis rashes like shingles are caused by a different type of trauma and, interestingly, know left from right (again, how could a virus possibly do that?)

The fact that rashes are typically focused allows us the foundation to understand *all* disease if we just allow ourselves to break the shackles of the theory of contagion.

Sharon Smith

'Over-vaxxers' , those that think more and more vaccines are the answers to all our problems. sounds catchy to me!


Why am I the only person on this planet who consistently points out that the above proves that disease is not contagious and cannot be caused by germs?

What blocks people from questioning the idea of contagion? It literally took me 5 minutes to give the notion away but even supposedly hardcore anti-vaxers prefer to cling to the idea of contagious disease despite the fact that it makes no sense, is mathematically impossible and is completely contradicted by almost all of our experiences.

CT teacher

Benedetto, I had the measles only once, but I had German measles more than once. Could that be the difference? I always thought that German measles was the same as Rubella, but that might be incorrect. I was born in I may have been a little younger than your mom. I grew up in PA in a small town in the greater Phila. Area. I was 12 when I got the first polio shot, and was never healthy again. I have suffered most of my life from autoimmune disease, which I believe came from the end of a needle. The vaccine program, while essentially well intended , has been accompanied by a host of unintended consequences. Instead of acknowledging this, the scientists and medical establishment have tried to deny this, and tried to cover it up. As the unintended consequences grew more severe, and the damage became more visible, officials became more desperate to cover it up, and Refused to see what was in plain sight. There is no other explanation for the chronic illness in this country and the timing of the illness with the institution of the vaccine program is unexplainable in any other way. No more excuses are acceptable.



The fourth doctor, that came in late; was not the regular three doctors from the county that I knew. I still don't know who he was, and never saw him around again.


Well Greg; That is what the Japanese study that Fisher quoted found. Just like my Mother having measles three different times; natural measles does not really bring on life long immunity. It is in the human population circulating, and probably changing. In the adult populations, for those individuals that have had measles before it is not presenting like it did in children.

These geniuses did not understand, or even ponder the true nature of what they declared war on, at all. Cause people like my Mother was well known by the old country doctors back in the late 50s and early 60s. My Mother having measles three times was present, and acknowledged by the county doctors.

If that interest you.
I actually had small pox as a child.
I had the small pox vaccine when I entered school at six years old.
Then I actually had small pox in the spring between third and fourth grade. I was in isolation at the hospital for a couple of weeks. . I was really sick. At first we thought it was chicken pox. I seldom went to the doctor, but I did with this one. The old country doctor said at that time it was just chicken pox and sent me home. Dad built a fire because it was a cold May day. I was sitting in front of it thinking dang; chicken pox is the roughest of them all. I woke up in the hospital in isolation.

Three doctors all said it was small pox.
I was covered in pustules. I mean to the point it looked like just one big, solid, water filled blister.
It left few scars, some were raised up, but most were just little shallow holes in my skin. The only ones I worried about were the three on my face, but they turned out to be a none issue for me because they shrank to very small, by the time I was a teenager, and eventually faded over the decades.
According to the four doctors at the hospital, it was the type of small poxs put in vaccines, the type that is referred to as cow pox. Like measles there were different variants of small pox too.

It turns out that at the end of the school year, the teacher let us all go early to play outside on a pretty spring day. I ended up though, sitting in the balcony, over the gym watching the new kids coming in and getting their small pox vaccines. This was two weeks prior to coming down with small pox.
I was not out in the fresh sunshine, playing with my class, which was unusual because my spring allergies were bothering me that day. What does that mean? What can be taken away from that?

I figure that is was the darn series of DPT vaccines given to us all as babies. I am sure it at least had something to do with those spring time allergies. And that the small pox virus in the vaccine was different enough from the one that I was vaccinated with a couple of years earlier, that it did not matter? There are lessons to be learned here.

I have never won a lottery, I don't think I lost a lottery in this instance either. This is probably very common place happening.

Gary Ogden

Greg Hill: Read Dr. Richard Moscowitz' post published here about a week ago. The human immune system is indeed an amazing and essential part of our proper growth and development, and serves us well throughout life. Children must experience febrile infectious illnesses for that development to occur. That proper development has been taken away from the vast majority of American children by the CDC vaccine schedule. It has replaced those acute, temporary, strengthening illnesses, with chronic, life-long auto-immune conditions for many. Nearly three centuries of quackery is enough. It will lead to social collapse, as Anne Dachel's posts about the crises in schools has repeatedly warned us.

Greg Hill

Benedetta, thank you so much for sharing that about your mother. I'm just getting started learning about all this stuff, and at this point I understand just about 5% of what I would like to know about how the mindbogglingly complicated "immune system" sometimes works for us or against us or not at all. Following my nose around the Internet I discovered this web site, which quickly became one of my very favorites, not just because of the excellent posts but also because of the excellent comments, like yours Benedetta, where I pick up fascinating tidbits of new information that can help me get my conceptualization of the immune system more clearly into focus and conceptually consistent. So, thank you to all of you here for contributing so much to my self-education.


Maybe it is not waning immunity, but variant types changing just like the flu virus. HA, good luck controlling that by -- next year.


Found this article in last months Cell journal interesting.

Human Gut Microbiota from Autism Spectrum Disorder Promote Behavioural Symptoms in Mice.

The research team transferred gut microbes from children with ASD to mice. We know that the gut is often involved in late onset ASD. Could this give us some pointers to treatment?

Haven’t yet full digested the study but a quick glance suggests it involves common types of bacteria that normally live symbiotically in our guts but some strains are pathogenic. They seem to like diabetics and we note that children with ASD get on better with a sugar free diet. Being Gram Negative, penicillin type antibiotics should kill them but as we know, kids get too many today. So could ASD be made worse by having a bloom of pathogenic, penicillin resistant, gut microbes?
Could the depression and disruption of the immune system by the triple components and adjuvant of MMR give the pathogens an opportunity to take over? To my limited knowledge this is the first study to have ever looked, at what has often been suggest as a contributing factor.

David L

With all the push to remove exemptions to being able to decide what is and isnt good to put into our bodies (from those who took 25 years after harm was known and 7,000 studies for example before the first surgeon generals report against smoking came out as the goverment and medical establishments all promoted it). I decided to dive a bit deeper into the Measles and the MMR vaccine, looking at benefits to getting measles, side effects and contamination of the vaccine, vaccine failure of measles & mumps, transmission to others, and treatment with vitamin A. Heres what I have so far which compliments what Barbara wrote and may help at some point with future attempts at removing exemptions and choice about this vaccine.

david m burd

Barbara Loe Fisher (and Dr. Harris Coulter) are two of the greatest heroes in medical history, fighting against the absolutely corrupt Vaccine Industry including ALL of our national agencies such as CDC, NIH, FDA. Here! is a reference with Barbara's own words telling what happened to her child being vaccinated it literally makes me cry.

Ms. Fisher and Dr. Coulter's book was/is titled "A Shot in the Dark". It's more true today than ever before. Please read and pass on.


Should be a must-watch for all elected officials trying to remove exemptions.


This is one of the best articles I've ever read. Click through and read it. (You'll be glad you did.)


My Mother now in 89 years old; She has stomach problems all my -- entire life, or at least as far back as I can remember. I remember my older sister; eight years older than I, declaring that our mother had cancer; then weeping and crying when Mother went all the way to Louisville to a doctor to get some help.

She was my second grade teacher. She was around measles all the time. She taught in a large consolidated school. There were three second grade classes, each with about 35 to 40 students in each classroom.

My Mother had measles when she was young girl.
My Mother had measles two more times as a teacher.
My Mother had the measles for the third time, and at the same time I had the measles when I was in the second grade.

The principle insisted that all teachers get a flu shot, one year. I think it was before I even entered school, but I am not sure.

What I do remember was that after that for a year she would start feeling bad for no reason, and start running a fever out of the blue. She ended up in the hospital that year twice, with pneumonia, one time right in the middle of summer.

My Mother also as a child had a typhoid vaccine every Fall, at school time. The county doctor came with his nurse to each one room school house around the county and gave it to them. She lived in a pristine environment because they could smell the rubbing alcohol from the time the medical team of two, turned down the road toward their community school. They grew patches of corn, beans, and potatoes on higher mountain tops, that was intermingled with forests for lumber, and down below in the bottoms, they grew tobacco, their cash crop.

Mother's best friend, a little red head, had seizures ever so often.
Then when she was 12 or 13 she walked to the end of the creek to meet the county nurse to receive a series of three whooping cough vaccines. She said she was receiving these vaccines for the whooping cough, while she had the whooping cough.

At any rate my Mother had the measles three different times. Sigh. What does that mean I don't know, except having the measles for some did not imply life long immunity either, and I suspect the same could be said of Rubella? If anyone has any thoughts on this, other than perhaps an immune system must be handled with extreme care?


A Royal prerogative?
With us here in the UK, busy removing the homeless from the streets of London (heaven knows where their going to put them all), in readiness for the US President’s State visit and soirées, I wonder if Meghan Markle is considering asking the Pres for a Presidential Exemption, so that her new baby, who hold American citizenship, can forgo the 60 shots he is due? After all, Donald did have a long chat with Andrew Wakefield so that he knew what to Tweet to the undecided before the elections. Say if.. the experts are right that ASD is genetic... then with the skeletons in the royal closet (eg., Queen’s two cousins (Learning Disabilities), Prince John, son of King George V (ASD) and those of other European royal families they are blood related to, then there is much to consider. She’s on record as supporting both vaccination and the natural way of doing things. Might be time to put her tiara where her mouth is and show what kind of Mom she is.

Bob Moffit

Positively frightening that all evidence of the long term unintentional consequences of mass vaccination programs continues to be ignored .. disregarding all dire warnings the measles virus has .. and will continue to outperform any "one size fits all vaccine" .. it will adapt .. it will become more virulent .. it will strike later in life when the virus is likely to be far more dangerous in adults than children.

"The priority of the U.S. government, the World Health Organization, medical trade associations, the pharmaceutical industry and multi-national communications corporations all agree that the measles virus is extremely dangerous, the MMR vaccine is very safe and effective, and all children must get two doses of MMR vaccine to meet the goal of eradicating measles from the world by 2020."

Consider .. the enormous power and influence of the vaccine industry puts as much .. if not more .. energy and focus waging all out war on "unvaccinated children" ... then they do waging war on measles .. for instance .. instead of making their MMR vaccine more efficient and safe .. because ONE DOSE HAS PROVEN INEFFECTIVE … they demand all CHILDREN must suffer the RISKS of getting two doses of MMR by 2020. We can rest assured .. when those two doses fail to provide that ever illusive, mythical "herd immunity", they simply will demand ALL ADULTS get two or more doses over coming years.


Is this a great country to be a vaccine manufacturer or what?

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