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Blood Is Thicker than Pharma: The Kennedy Family Betrayal

MMR You Praying on Sunday?

Davey Measles
From the Classic Sunday children's show Davey & Goliath: Davey Has the Measles

Hello, dear readers. Cat has the day 0ff for not one but two graduations in her family - 8th grade and high school! Cat has five children, and  you know them all thanks to her beautiful, sharing posts each Sunday. Ronan's siblings take such good care of him. The Jameson family is truly blessed. Cathy is a devout Catholic, who brings her faith to her writing in an open way that anyone, no matter their religion can relate to and appreciate.

Then there's Kim. 

I was on Twitter last week, and threw myself into the morass of vaccine Tweets. The true believers (think vats of Kook Aid and a space trip to the Mother Ship) are often so nasty to us, mothers of vaccine injured children. They are dismissive, cruel and taunting. We're the only group that people can beat on with impunity and the grace of the media.

First I tweeted this: Pharma loves me this I know. For my doctor tells me so.

Then I was struck by what could only have been divine intervention and channeled our version of the Child's bedtime prayer.

Now My child is on my lap. MMR, polio and DTaP. If his brain should catch on fire. The doctor will scoff and call me a liar.

World without end. Amen.

Prayer is meant to be shared. Share away.



Angus Files

Pogo yes the Bushes up to their eyes in everything Pharma.The bit of ill gotten hope I had for Trump, was that his business interests it seemed were neither oil or pharma.Sadly it is very much the case you cant get elected these days unless your compromisable or in the Pharma pie or both. As John Stone touched on, if harm comes down family way deny,alienate and dismiss it as bad luck or genetics because if you don`t you loose the goose that lays the golden cash laden rotten pharma egg.

Pharma For Prison



And for all the beautiful people of this community that have cheerleading or enlisted family members (movie lovers think “this is my rifle this is my gun):

Hey hey ho ho!
Vaccine mandates have to go!

Not a coincidence not a whim!
Vaccines can cause autism!

Pan can run but he can’t hide!
The science is on our side!

Stop this now before too late!
Separate Pharma and state!

Rinse and repeat throughout the day.

Loren Lockwood

I’m crying again Kim
Beautifu, succinct and eloquent as usual


@Angus Files
You must be psychic. Just been reading that the whole
Bush family have also been major stockholders in Lilly, Abbott, Bristol, and Pfizer. So was Dan Quayle who’s farther owned a controlling interest in Lilly.
Politics must be a very addictive environment to work in!,+Abbott,+Bristol,+and+Pfizer,&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjHo9OT59ziAhX_ShUIHVoPAKEQ6AEIKjAA#v=onepage&q=Bush%20family%20has%20also%20been%20major%20stockholders%20in%20Lilly%2C%20Abbott%2C%20Bristol%2C%20and%20Pfizer%2C&f=false

Disease is the biggest money maker in our economy.
―John H. Tobe


Post-vaccination prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep,
Hoping that my brain I keep.
If it should swell before I wake,
then at least it wasn't mumps. Or measles. Or chicken pox. Or rubella. Or flu. Or diarrhea. Or scarlet fever. Oh, wait, we don't vaccinate for that...

Angus Files

Pharmas love is like a red red rose but to be honest i would rather have a dose...

Back to the day job ...Trump let us down by the looks offit..pharma kooks everywhere!

Liberal Group Questions Trump Ties To Big Pharma As Drug Price Promises Fizzle
A nonprofit's new website and ad campaign spotlights former pharmaceutical executives now holding top administration positions.

Pharma For Prison



Stumbled upon this bullet point in an article waxing lyrically about investment opportunities in the mushrooming global vaccine market.


  • "Toxicity is the single-most crucial impediment while introducing most of the adjuvants for human use. Toxicity may also increase the financial burden on market players during the development and manufacturing phases. Thus, the negative impacts of toxicity of adjuvants on vaccine manufacturing cost and safety profiles of vaccines are hindering the growth of the market."
  • Suppose much of the financial burden is incurred by having to do all those expensive pre- licensing trials until they find a protocol were the effects of toxicity doesn’t show up in the results.
    Further down it mentions “Vaccine adjuvants are in the method of advancement, and currently, MF59 [squalene] and aluminum salts are the only adjuvants that are feasible for human usage.”
    Well, those here that follow these things, we know they are now using lipid A’s. Example: In Cervarix its Monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL) + aluminum salt. Shingrix also has MPL.
    Heplisav-B (hepatitis B) contains as it adjuvant: Cytosine phosphoguanine (CpG), which is a synthetic form of DNA.

    “In a truly unfettered, free market economy of barter and exchange, we should be allowed to buy vaccine experts for what their worth and sell them again for what they think their worth.” - Anon

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