American Medical Association Attempts Run Around at Parental Rights: Let Kids Make Own Vaccine Decisions
New York’s Cuomo Signs Bill to Remove Religious Vaccine Exemption

June 14 California Call to Action March Against SB276 and Subpoena Against Dr. Ken Stoller

San fran march
Protest March and Press Conference

March Starts: 12 pm

San Francisco Chronicle
901 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

Press Conference: 1pm
City Attorney's Office
1390 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94102


Our Call to Action:

1. Demanding that San Francisco City Attorney, Dennis Herrera, withdraw the subpoena he issued against Dr. Ken Stoller, requiring that he turn over medical records containing sensitive genetic information of his patients who are medically exempt from vaccinations. The City Attorney’s actions are an affront to the rights of all patients worldwide and must be stopped. If not, we can expect other government entities to follow in his steps.

2. To stand UNITED in defeating SB 276 which if passed, would eliminate a physician's expert-based authority to write medical exemptions for patients he/she deems vaccine-fragile. This protocol would instead be placed in the hands of government bureaucrats who are not required to ever examine our children and are complete strangers to the patients and their families. Some may very well not have a license to practice medicine.

SB 276 passed the California Senate and goes in front of the Assembly Health Committee next week.

The march will start at 901 Mission Street at the San Francisco Chronicle building, then proceed to the City Attorney’s Office at where the press conference will take place.

This event is global! It is being sponsored by a number of well respected and long-standing medical/health news/vaccine information organizations, both in the US and abroad.

We are asking for everyone in the world who is concerned by the City Attorney’s actions and bills like SB 276 to voice your opposition by contacting City Attorney, Dennis Herrara’s office on June 14:

phone: 415-554-3944

fax: 415-437-4644


Please be polite and respectful in your communications.

The message can be as short as:

> “Doctors, Not Bureaucrats”, Withdraw the Subpoena”,

>“Health, Not Politics”,

>“Protect my medical privacy rights”,

> “Do Not Open the Door to Medical Privacy Abuse”,

> “Don’t Target Fragile Children and Families”

...or anything else (polite and respectful) which strikes your fancy. Or state that Governor Brown made it a point to specifically allow broadly written medical exemptions with SB 277.


Hans Litten

Posted by: Anita’s Daughter | June 14, 2019 at 11:49 AM

Civil disobedience is the only way.
Open Rebellion en masse

Anita’s Daughter

I meant to say “developing new approaches” not “developing new vaccines” argh ! Writing during commute via phone.

Anita’s Daughter

Sent this to City Attorney:
When people were allergic to penicillin we developed other approaches that helped everyone. We didn't force them to take penicillin, risking death or serious injury. We didn't attack the doctors who studied this. But this is what we are doing when we deny vaccine injury happens, and add to the burden of struggling medically-vulnerable families.

As a San Francisco tech expert, I have often troubleshooted (troubleshot?) complex systems. When I worked as a programmer, when code didn’t work for a specific device, we studied that device and learned why. When code brike how a device works we listened to our customer and even halted release rather than cause more damage.
This is because:
1)We cared about our customers
2) We had liability
Merck and other companies have chosen another approach, one that they tried with Vioxx (which killed thousands):
1) Silence vaccine-injured victims’ families
2) Force them to take vaccines rather than admit harm
3) Lobby legistlators and the media to
attack specialists who understand and treat these injuries
4) Use misinformation to misrepresent the reasons people will no longer vaccinate
Furthermore, instead of admitting that clearly their vaccines are not effective enough, and developing new vaccines, rhey put the blame for vaccine failure on vaccine-injured. It would be like forcing a survivor of 9-11 to go into a high rise to prove that high rises are usually safe. Or making a survivor of a 737 max crash get on a 737 max to prove that planes are safe—while insisting the crash was a coincidence and refusing to truly study why.
Study the outliers! It’s common sense!
On behalf of my vaccine-injured Mom,
Anita Donnelly Coughlin

Greg Hill

I meant to say, "this criminal +outrage+"

Greg Hill

We still have a long road ahead of us. For those of us who are old enough to remember the Viet Nam War protests, it will likely become "deja vu all over again" before a majority of Americans wake up to how the medical-industrial complex has been using their money to corrupt the government for their own profit the same way that the military-industrial complex did in the 60s.
Thanks to the heroic efforts of heros like RFK Jr. and Del Bigtree to gain access to the corporate and government documents proving outright fraud in the vaccine "safety testing" that lead to their approval. And thanks too to the power of the Internet, the mainstream media and so-called "free press" will soon be unable to keep the truth hidden from the general public any longer. Eventually this criminal will come to an end the same way the Viet Nam War did. Until it does, those of us who have already woken up to the truth must bravely keep up the fight against tyrrany.

Bob Moffit

Don't know why anyone would object to having faceless "government bureaucrats" deciding who is allowed to have a "medical exemption" and who is not. After all .. faceless "government bureaucrats" have a history of performing their duties with great success .. of course we must forget those times when the same bureaucrats stumbled in their role as "regulators" of powerful industries .. such as .. Thalidomide, Vioxx, Talcum powder, Agent Orange, tobacco, lead in gasoline .. on and on ..

Hey some people will probably die .. but .. there is risk to everything right? Who better to identify those RISKS than faceless bureaucrats?

susan welch

Have emailed explaining how the above looks from a UK perspective.

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