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Iowa Teachers Reach Breaking Point Over Student Violence

Abadnonned schoolNote: American children are regressing into a primal state of dysfunctional mental health. They are not naughty. They are not unloved. They are not possessed by demons. Screen time alone isn't destroying their ability to have empathy and control. One could say that even our poorest children living in abject poverty have more luxuries that our grandparents could have imagined. Kids are pathologically unwell. But they don't have the chicken pox, so teachers can be grateful for that as they dodge chairs and fists. Meanwhile, teachers, aides and bus drivers are also cracking up and being violent toward students with special needs. Children are not supposed to need psychiatric care at age 7. Schools nurses are supposed to hand out band aids to boys with scraped knees and feminine pads to frightened 7th grade girls and put cold compresses on a feverish child whose mother has been called. Today's school nurses might as well work under MASH tents for the trauma the see each day. Social workers used to facilitate lunch bunch and counsel children whose parents were in the process of a divorce. We have a monstrous problem on our hands. 


By Anne Dachel

Reporters endlessly tell us about INCREASES/CHANGES in the population of disabled children in our schools everywhere in the English speaking world. Despite the serious things they tell, these same reporters just move on to the next topic. There’s never an in-depth follow-up asking critical questions and searching for real answers.

One recent story immediately got my attention, and I felt I had to highlight it.

May 31, 2019, Des Moines, IA, CBS13: Extreme & Violent Student Behavior Pushing Iowa Teachers to Breaking Point 

Iowa teachers tell Channel 13 they are so overwhelmed by extreme violent behavior they have reached a breaking point.  They asked us to share their stories so people will understand what happens inside classrooms.

Ashlee May teaches second grade in Des Moines.  She said, “Most people, I don’t think, realize kind of what’s happening.  We get screamed at and cursed at daily.  I’ve been stabbed with a pencil before.”

Police reports back her up.  They contain stories of children ages 10 and younger throwing chairs, punching teachers in the face, and leaving bruises on instructors.  May considers herself lucky.  “In terms of what other teachers deal with, I think I’ve been kind of blessed because I’ve never had to go to the hospital.”

A teacher whose identity we concealed based on her fear of retaliation from administrators for speaking out told us children “get in the faces of the teachers.”  She said she hears things like, “Get out of my way, you (expletives).  You can’t do anything to me.  I’m not going to get into trouble.  You’re going to get into trouble.  All kinds of intimidation.”

May said, “There just comes a point where you’re just so worn out emotionally, and physically, and mentally that you just can’t do it anymore.”

We’re told, “Teachers have been sounding the alarm privately about extreme behavior for years.”

We hear about “room clears” where a child becomes so violent that other students are in danger and they have to be removed to the hallway. A single student is then left to trash the room.

So why have (elementary) students recently become so disruptive and out-of-control?

The 7 minute news video didn’t have much to say about it except that there are ‘gaps in our social fabric’ and insinuate that parents are at fault. 

“Teachers are tasked with types of nurturing that have never been asked of them, that they weren’t trained for, and state lawmakers haven’t budgeted for.”


Children seemingly aren’t being nurtured outside of school.

In addition, there is a lack of mental health services that children need.

The interview with a district administer went like this:

“All the gaps in our social fabric that schools are more and more expected to take on, whether that’s private service providers or access to private service providers.”

“Or moms and dads.”

“—Or moms and dads as a cohesive unit, providing the kinds of supports that I think a lot of us took  for granted in large part and certainly weren’t relying on the schools to provide.”

That not-too-subtle point of course lays the blame squarely on the heads of parents—today’s  “refrigerator moms” and dads.

The solution to the failure of parents is to call on government to provide MORE MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES IN OUR SCHOOLS.   That’s sounds easy. We can move on.

End of the story

There can’t really be an environmental reason behind all these behavioral changes. It has to be explained away simply as bad parenting, or as a 1998 CDC study called it, Adverse Childhood Experiences.

The truth is the child of the 21st century lives in a toxic wasteland. Our air, food, and water are all laced with brain-altering chemicals. And most concerning of all, we start injecting neurotoxins in babies while they’re still in the womb. I’m increasingly surprised children can function at all.


Other recent stories on Loss of Brain Trust  include:

 Multiple stories from all over England covered the fact that parents were on the march on May 30th.  Nationwide protests were held to call attention to the lack of special education services in schools.  Children on waiting lists, being bused long distances, being expelled, not receiving proper services—it’s happening all over the country, and parents have had enough.

A June 1st story from Hull is but one example:

The headline read, Expulsions, isolations and heartbreaking struggles: Hull parents' fight for help for their children with special needs

Passionate Hull parents of children with special needs and disabilities have revealed their fights for justice and the impact “shameful” governments cuts have had…. She criticised the “shameful” government for “ignoring” children with special needs and disabilities and vowed to take parents’ voices and represent them in parliament.

What was most noticeable to me were the six examples of affected children—all of whom had autism.

 …Ben Griffiths, who is classed as nonverbal and is due to start an assessment for autism.

…her 17-year-old son, James, diagnosed with Asperger’s…

…Logan Richards, is 10…and he also has ADHD and is on the autistic spectrum….

…Oliver, who has autism, …

…and Ankur Mehrotra, whose 11-year-old son Shaurya is on the autistic spectrum.

Another was Marta Salmeron, whose eight-year-old daughter, Adiza Mouhamadou, is on the autistic spectrum….

What’s happening in England is described as “a national crisis” and “a national scandal,” and clearly a big factor in why this is happening is AUTISM, something no one seems to notice.

In addition, the director of summer camps in the state of New York is asking for legislation to allow for mental health providers when kids are at camp.

First responders in Texas learned about autism as reported in a story where readers were told, ‘There are more people with autism in Texas than ever before. There are 63,000 people with autism in Texas public schools right now.’  …

They learned the characteristic behaviors of people with ASD and challenges for them.

What didn’t appear in the piece were the words CHILDREN/CHILD, in a clear attempt to downplay how autism overwhelmingly affects the younger generations.

And finally, I couldn’t help but notice the stories from Britain that casually noted that in one year, special education numbers increased 11%.


The number of children and young people with special educational needs (SEN) being supported by councils increased last year by 11%, government figures released today show. The Department for Education said there were 354,000 individuals with education, health and care plans (EHC) in January this year, compared to 319,800 at the same date in 2018. The increase has been driven by increases across all age groups, with the largest rises in the 20-25 age group (32%) and 0-5 (13%).

Not only are there MORE children coming into school in England with disabilities, but in 2014, the government extended schooling from 21 to 25 years of age. This, of course, helps in the absence of services for adults, but it places an even greater burden on schools.

There are lots more stories, far too many to include here. What they’re telling us is that society is failing our children. Somehow we’re trying to adjust to a disaster and to accommodate an ever-growing dependent population. We can’t win.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



This is outrageous and unacceptable! Schools are turning into psych wards like "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". Mental illness happy hour. How much BS our we going to put up with before people wake up to the fact that these shots that they're giving kids these days are making them sick and mentally deranged? Parents need to home school their kids, if possible. The school system is a failed construct as well as the medical system. Unfortunately, now they're bringing in mental "health" interventionists and will probably propose putting these problem kids on psych drugs, which will make the problem worse. They'll never admit it's the vaccines causing the problem. If vaccines are so "safe and effective", why is pHARMa free from any liability for childhood vaccine injury?


A few days ago I attended a high school graduation. During the ceremony there was a certain amount of bragging about the football team. Why is it that high schools can still field football teams? After the revelations about CTE and football?

I would characterize where I live as lower-upper-middle class. Students aren't playing football as a way out of poverty.

Initially when Bennet Omalu hit the news, the NFL was alarmed because it feared loss of business: people would stop watching; parents wouldn't let their kids play football; the pipeline would break. But I don't think that happened to any large extent.

My point is that people, myself included, can rationalize just about anything.

cia parker


Trump has a son with autism, there were videos showing him at the Convention with his family on Youtube (since taken down at the request of his mother). Trump talked years ago at that debate with Carson and someone else, I've forgotten who, and he said he had personally seen how vaccines cause autism, that vaccines were given in amounts appropriate for a horse, and he saw a healthy, normally-developing child get the MMR and regress into autism.

I also am disappointed that he hasn't done anything about this, other than appoint Kennedy for a new commission (and then decommissioned him? I never understood what happened there). However, he has done a lot in other areas, kept a lot of the promises he made, and there's only so much that any human can do. Taking on the pharma establishment would be very difficult and fraught with peril. I hope he'll do more in his second term, but he understands very well that vaccines cause autism, and he has been personally affected by it.

David m burd


A very pertinent example stands out regarding dramatic toxic exposure (during pregnancy, and resulting babies) to heavy metals including mercury from late 1930s into the 1950s was the massive air/water pollution from all the War production in the U.S. and Britain.

Sidewalks, window sills, buildings turned black for those years, yet the autism spectrum remained virtually nonexistent. ONLY when vaccines began their exponential increasing from 1963 (the measles shot) did the autism spectrum also increase, in exact conjunction with increasing baby/child vaccines. Injecting babies with innumerable toxins clearly is so obvious, yet cannot be admitted by the Vaccine Gods at CDC, FDA, NIH, and their Pharma Partners, causing the greatest Holocaust in recorded history.

John Stone


Well, it is interesting - I wonder whether lead to radical change. Time will tell.


Bob Moffit

@ John & Gayle

At the direction of President Trump .. here is recent HHS Secretary statement intended to restrict ALL "fetal research":

“After a recent review of a contract between Advanced Bioscience Resources, Inc. and the Food and Drug Administration to provide human fetal tissue to develop testing protocols, HHS was not sufficiently assured that the contract included the appropriate protections applicable to fetal tissue research or met all other procurement requirements. As a result, that contract has been terminated, and HHS is now conducting an audit of all acquisitions involving human fetal tissue to ensure conformity with procurement and human fetal tissue research laws and regulations. In addition, HHS has initiated a comprehensive review of all research involving fetal tissue to ensure consistency with statutes and regulations governing such research, and to ensure the adequacy of procedures and oversight of this research in light of the serious regulatory, moral, and ethical considerations involved. Finally, HHS is continuing to review whether adequate alternatives exist to the use of human fetal tissue in HHS funded research and will ensure that efforts to develop such alternatives are funded and accelerated.”

I was encouraged watching Del Bigtree's excellent "Highwire" program just two days ago .. wherein Del gave credit to Trump for issuing an order to HHS to severely limit "fetal research" that WILL include examination of the vaccine industry's JUSTIFICATION for including "fetal cells" in VACCINES.

Like everyone .. I am frustrated that vaccines have not been a higher priority for President Trump in his less than THREE YEARS IN OFFICE .. but .. I remain hopeful he has not abandoned his original belief there are far TOO MANY, TOO SOON vaccines being given to children .. a schedule that is possibly contributing to the otherwise inexplicable increase in autism.

I agree with Del .. restricting "fetal research" maybe a SMALL step in the right direction .. but .. I sincerely believe NO OTHER PRESIDENT WOULD HAVE TAKEN IT.


"Up and over the crow road with it!" A severe warning from Lennox Castle Hospital!
It was only the students ie us or the qualified staff that were allowed to look at and review the patients medical records! Aye nae blinkin wonder ? with diagnostic labels ingrained on paper saying ?
Idiot , Imbacile , Moral defective ,Or just mentally handicaped ? which so many of the patients were most certainly not?
One of our tasks for examination qualification was to do a full Gunsburg assessment with an allocated patient .The dear chappie I was assessing most certainly did not have a learning disability ? but did have a learning difficulty ? totally different thing right? He could use an electric cooker but not a gas cooker /never been guided to learn new task?
could count in old money ie pounds shillings and pennies , but had never been tutored or guided to learn new decimal currency? This dear chap had a learning difficulty not a learning disability!
In the early 90's there was professional chatter describing "Feral Children!" that useless label was neither use nor ornament ! for new presentation of behavioural difficulties problems and issues !
Parents and teachers are really strugling now ?my heart goes out to them!

John Stone


In the U.K. we have had three Prime Ministers with affected close members of the family and they did less than nothing to help - couldn’t run away from it fast enough. Blair may have instituted the plot against Andrew Wakefield: he certainly took part in it, having previously invited him to tea at number 10 and avoided vaccinating his own son. It would help, no doubt, if governments and the scientific establishment recognised the causes of the problem but I really can’t see how they can more than ameliorate the level of injury.

With Major it was his grandson, Blair a nephew or niece, Cameron his wife’s step sister. They preferred to be discreet. Trump was indiscreet for a bit but having typically not mastered his brief he backed down in front of the industry place-men and MAGA. The only thing to be said for him is that he is not the post-liberal establishment.


Gary-the president is having, according to him, the time of his life in England with the royal family and our problem with raising our autistic children is the furthest thing from his mind. Incidentally, no one in his family has been affected by autism, and if they had been he would on the front lines to do everything to stop the skyrocketing rates and approve more money for research in reversing this devastating condition! We are left to suffer and anguish over our children and a whole generation of people with autism has been forgotten by our president.

cia parker

It's not just the autism spectrum and the vaccines. I substitute taught many years ago and the students were cooperative and well-behaved. Then a few years later I taught high school French and some of the students were savage, stealing, yelling, insulting, throwing erasers at me. I called the mother of one of them and she said they couldn't do anything with him at home either. One student cheated on an exam with his notes in front of him, I confiscated the notes and gave him an F, but the principal intervened and said I had to pass him. I nearly had a nervous breakdown. I took a tape recorder with me to class and recorded them as evidence: it was amazing how they all fell silent when they knew I was getting evidence against them. The union I belonged to offered to pay my legal expenses to sue the school for its treatment of me, but I was too worn out to do it. And that was before 1990, before the start of the autism epidemic. I think it should be easier to expel students. Maybe have special schools for the delinquent. Make it more of a privilege to get an education, not an entitlement. The last time I student taught, near the end of my Ph.D. program, the students were a nightmare and just one day of it brought on a paralyzing MS attack. Never again.


Bob Moffit. Interesting to compare current and past generations. Children growing up in the 1930’s-1960’s were exposed to DDT (remember the commercials DDT is good for me) , arsenic/lead, and serious water/air pollution (esp in urban environments) , much more 2nd hand smoke from smoking parents, and there was more extreme poverty that adversely affected nutrition. Starting in the 50’s we also saw increasing vaccination that introduced SV-40 via the polio vaccine and a bad inactivated measles vaccine in the 60’s that caused complications. So it wasn't exactly a paradise

Today and yesterday of course children have to cope with extensive vaccination, increasing RF EMF radiation that affect them more than adults, GMO foods, glyphosate contaminated food and prescribed drugs of dubious safety to treat chronic illnesses that half of them have.

Its no wonder that IQ, life expectancy and fertility rates are in decline. I suspect the current generation will live much shorter lives with even lower fertility rates than todays adults

Angus Files

I noticed over the years when there was a school inspection by the schools inspectorate or a grand
jolly meeting involving show casing the schools - the difficult ones autistic whatever and worse were all subtly taken out for the day away from the school...once again quietly vanished..

Pharma For Prison


Shelley Tzorfas

Here's the Roadmap. The teachers who are in the front lines of this war need to join our ranks, the experienced ones, the mature ones who saw the population get worse from the time they first began their teaching careers. Then they must help us enlist the clergy, the ministers, rabbi's, priests, Centers for Spiritual Living and all religions out there. Then the Physicians must join, the nurses, paraprofessionals, Speech therapists, Occupational therapists, Physical therapists, and Chiropractors. The music industry must join, that's your rock, blues, hipster rap gangstas, concert pianists, orchestras, new age... We must get the gay folks involved as they have been able to bond as a group in ways that we have not. Then the politicians must join when they see how big we've grown; senators congressmen mayors...liberals, Dems, Republicans, camps, youth group leaders, civic leaders..Finally all those journalists who chose not to speak or publish the truth in the media as to how the cancer causing Formaldehyde, Alzheimer's Causing Aluminum, Thimerosal, Human Fetal Cell DNA, Deadly Peanut oils leading to anaphylactic shock to foods has resulted in the minds, behaviors, and chronic illness among our -Young People who have become at War with Themselves.

Go Trump

War is when the Government tells you who your enemy is... (measles ???)

Revolution is when you figure it out for yourself.

Cynthia Cournoyer

And in Oregon.....

Teachers are getting hurt. Teachers afraid of getting in trouble for restraints. So they evacuate the classroom to protect the other children.

Hans Litten



This was on NPR a couple of days ago: "Desperation And Broken Trust When Schools Restrain Students Or Lock Them In Rooms"

Every time Jennifer Tidd's son was secluded or restrained at school, she received a letter from his teachers. Her son has autism and behavioral issues, and over three years — from 2013 to 2016 — Tidd got 437 of those letters............
...........Restraint and seclusion are most often used on students with disabilities or special needs — children like Tidd's son. Those terms can mean anything from holding or using restraints on students to isolating them in a separate room or space.

Laura Hayes

Anne, your efforts to daily record and report on the decimation of our children, schools, communities, and nation are nothing short of heroic. Kim, great intro to Anne's story.

I submitted the comment below to my article which ran yesterday, but it has yet to post. I will post it here, too, as it most certainly is relevant to the decimation of today's children. Willful ignorance by medical "professionals", government regulators, and law makers is both unethical and unacceptable. The question is, when will our populace ARISE, RESIST, REFUSE, and REBEL?

After reading this, please take a few minutes to ponder these questions:

Are we really knowingly injecting aluminum into pregnant women (TDaP), newborns (HepB and some vitamin K shots), infants (at every "well-baby" visit), toddlers (well-baby visits), young children (boosters), hormonal teens (HPV, meningococcal, and pneumococcal), young adults of child-bearing age (any vaccines that have been "missed", or recently added, plus TDaP booster), elderly adults whose immune systems are weakening with age, time, and environmental insults (goodness only knows what our elderly are being shot up with at every doctor appointment)...are we really doing this??!

What kind of society would do this to its own people? What kind of doctors and nurses would continue to turn a blind eye to this type of horrific poisoning and resultant decimation of health and well being? What type of law makers would mandate invasive medical procedures containing aluminum (not to mention mercury, formaldehyde, and too many toxic and heinous ingredients to list here), versus immediately abolishing them and declaring them to be illegal? Which parents, once informed, would still make the decision to permit their children to be injected with aluminum-containing vaccinations (or any vaccination, for that matter, seeing as they most clearly are not being tested or approved properly or ethically, or with health, proper development, fertility, DNA preservation, and longevity in mind)? *See additional, related info below.

I wake up every morning in disbelief and horror that this Vaccine Holocaust continues, in earnest, backed by endless propaganda, fueling fear in the populace, and enforced by increasing tyranny.

Praying for an end to this vaccine nightmare,

Additional, related info. For those who have yet to read Forrest Maready's book Crooked (, which chronicles aluminum's role in many/most of today's chronic health issues (including when paired with the effects of being held down with no escape, and when paired with antibiotics), I strongly urge you to watch any/all of his 3 videos summarizing his book...then purchase it for the full read!

Link to long version:

7-min. version:

2-min. with visuals (start here, and work your way back up this list to the longest):

And for anyone still contemplating permitting vaccinations, I hope that watching my recent presentation Why Is This Legal? will be helpful to better understand why vaccinations are not safe, effective, proven, needed, ethical, or wise:


63,000 people with autism in Texas is unbelievable! The entire country autism numbers are rising exponentially. Society cannot sustain the cost of supporting the huge numbers of people diagnosed with autism. We need research by qualified people to study and solve the way to reverse the damage being done to our children NOW, not in another ten years. Society will collapse at this rate of increase. The violence mentioned in the Iowa schools is also occurring here in certain areas of New York and soon no one will want to go into the teaching profession anymore. What a tragedy we are facing.

Gary Ogden

We are at the beginning of societal collapse, and the pharma reps, excuse me, politicians, turn a blind eye to everything except pleasing their masters and running for office. Where the hell are you, Mr. President?

Hans Litten

Italy’s state television network goes populist thanks to Matteo Salvini

Italy’s state television network is being taken over by supporters of President Putin, enemies of Europe and anti-vaccination activists as the influence of Matteo Salvini spreads, critics claim.

Bob Moffit

"There are lots more stories, far too many to include here. What they’re telling us is that society is failing our children. Somehow we’re trying to adjust to a disaster and to accommodate an ever-growing dependent population. We can’t win."

Reading how "we're trying to adjust to a disaster" happening throughout schools in the UK as well as the USA .. ONE question immediately comes to mind:

#1 .. "Why is TODAY'S generation so different from all previous generations .. where a growing majority of children requiring "special needs" education and "mental health" care is being described as a "national disaster". These "mental health" problems compounding the inexplicable dramatic increase in chronic autoimmune life-threatening and life-long disorders that were far less common in all previous generations.

Consider .. yesterday was the 75th anniversary of D-Day .. the allied landing at Normandy that began the end of the Nazi domination of Europe. I don't believe either the UK or USA could assemble the same number of healthy young men/women today if such an all-out defense of BOTH countries required it.

In any event .. while it is true the "child of the 21st century lives in a toxic wasteland. Our air, food, and water are all laced with brain-altering chemicals. And most concerning of all, we start injecting neurotoxins in babies while they’re still in the womb. I’m increasingly surprised children can function at all" .. it is on the other hand .. ludicrous to suggest as the CDC has .. that children of the 21st century are victims of "Adverse Child Experiences" that did not affect all previous generations.

Those previous generations lived through and experienced as children the national ravages of the great depression and World Wars I & II .. without exhibiting anywhere near the greatly diminished mental or physical health of THIS generation.


Yet .. just as Nero fiddled while Rome burned .. our legislators in federal and state governments .. spurred on by public health bureaucrats and the media .. turn a blind eye to the future they are creating for our CHILDREN AS WELL AS OUR COUNTRY.

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