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Iowa Teachers Reach Breaking Point Over Student Violence

Impassioned Letter Urging California Medical Board to Pull The Plug on SB276

Note: Below is a letter and links from Laura Hayes. For those unaware California's SB276, here's the bill's introduction: In short, it does what HMO care has done to medical pre-approvals, puts a California Public Health bureaucrat in charge of the approval of a new, narrow definition of qualifying events for vaccine medical exemptions.  Look at the terminology, "State Public Health Officer or the public health officer’s designee" or the Frankly, California's children would be safer in the hands of California's Department of Public WORKS.... If vaccination is so important to survival, how is removing the doctor who KNOWS THE PATIENT THE BEST from the equation and putting up a Wonder Wall that few will scale in the patient's or the doctor's best interest.   While doctors should be aghast at the further erosion of the rights, I believe that many or even MOST young pediatricians will be HAPPY to blame the system and to shunt the decision to someone else.  "Sorry, Mom, out of my hands. (Insert sad face.) Now roll up your son's sleeve."

CA SB276: Existing law prohibits the governing authority of a school or other institution from admitting for attendance any pupil who fails to obtain required immunizations within the time limits prescribed by the State Department of Public Health. Existing law exempts from those requirements a pupil whose parents have filed with the governing authority a written statement by a licensed physician to the effect that immunization is not considered safe for that child, indicating the specific nature and probable duration of their medical condition or circumstances, including, but not limited to, family medical history.

This bill would instead require the State Department of Public Health, by July 1, 2020, to develop and make available for use by licensed physicians and surgeons a statewide standardized medical exemption request form, which, commencing January 1, 2021, would be the only medical exemption documentation that a governing authority may accept. The bill would require the State Public Health Officer or the public health officer’s designee to approve or deny a medical exemption request, upon determining that the request provides sufficient medical evidence that the immunization is contraindicated or that a specific precaution regarding a particular immunization exists, based on guidelines of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 

A colleague shared her letter to the CA Medical Board with me, which inspired me to submit my own. I hope that you, too, will be encouraged to contact the CMB, requesting that board members withdraw their support for SB276. You can email your letter to:  [email protected]  
Here is what I sent yesterday, and below it is a link to the letter by a colleague. Other colleagues have sent letters, too, and I hope that you will join us!  Laura Hayes
Subject: SB276: Reasons to not support this bill
Dear Members of the CA Medical Board,
As the parent of 3 vaccine-injured children, now in their 20s, one of whom was severely and permanently disabled by his "routine" childhood vaccinations, I am writing to urge you to NOT support SB276.
The sponsor of this bill, Senator Richard Pan, is without honor or ethics:
During the first vaccine bill he sponsored, AB2109, he promised parents that they would continue to retain the right to make vaccination decisions for their children...after first paying for and then submitting to a lecture of personal opinion by a specified healthcare provider. He lied, as just a few years later, he sponsored SB277. This bill eliminated the Personal Beliefs Exemption (PBE), and de facto, the Religious Exemption (RE), which Governor Brown had added when signing AB2109 into law, leaving only the Medical Exemption (ME), thus eliminating a parent's right to make vaccination decisions for their children. In order to send one's child to public or private school in CA, and/or to daycare, one had to submit to and comply with numerous state vaccine mandates, or secure a difficult-to-obtain Medical Exemption (ME), completely eliminating a parent's right to make vaccination decisions for their children. During hearings for SB277, Senator Pan promised that doctors would have full and unhindered discretion to write MEs as they saw fit. He lied again, as just a few years later, he is now sponsoring SB276, which would eliminate doctor discretion, and instead, place ME decisions in the hands of a designated public health official. Thus, Senator Pan is not an honorable man. He lies to CA citizens and to fellow legislators. He makes promises, then breaks them.
Furthermore, he is not an ethical man. By trade, he is a pediatrician. What doctor would prescribe, and worse, mandate, scores of risk-laden, sometimes-fatal, invasive medical procedures, which have a long and sordid history of inducing harm, including death, and of failing, for millions of children in CA, whom he has never met, and about whom he knows nothing? That is unquestionably unethical behavior. It is also unethical to practice medicine without the full and complete utilization of informed consent. The prior, completely voluntary, and fully informed consent of the individual/parent is essential to the ethical practice of medicine. That is universally acknowledged, and there can be no denying that. Informed consent requires a formal opting in, and never a formal opting out. Nothing other than a simple "no thank you" should be required when one wants to decline or refuse any medical treatment or procedure for oneself or one's child. Vaccine mandates, in and of themselves, make the ethical practice of medicine impossible. Therefore, any doctor who supports/legislates/enforces vaccine mandates, which includes Senator Richard Pan, is not upholding or practicing ethical medicine. 
Senator Pan has wrongly and unjustly accused fellow doctors of acting fraudulently when writing MEs for patients. In truth, and in accordance with the ethical practice of medicine, no doctor should ever refuse a parent who requests a ME for their child when that is the only remaining way for a parent to direct their child's healthcare as they see fit, which is their right, and when that is the only remaining way to protect their child from the known, and as yet unknown, dangers of vaccines, short of leaving the state of CA. The person acting fraudulently is Senator Pan. He lies to CA citizens and fellow legislators, as noted above. He tells dangerous lies when he speaks publicly, including telling those in the audience when he spoke at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health that "water is the most dangerous ingredient in vaccines." That statement alone should have caused the CA Medical Board to immediately revoke his license to practice medicine. He has told many other dangerous lies about vaccines, and about those who are not vaccinated in accordance with CDC recommendations, during hearings for AB2109, SB277, and SB276, during multiple interviews, and at UCB's School of Public Health, yet, the vast majority of his medical colleagues and the CA Medical Board have remained silent. Not calling him to the mat when he lies, and when he wrongly accuses colleagues of fraudulent behavior, jeopardizing their licenses, careers, and reputations, and continuing to permit him to practice medicine are wrong. He is a danger, and he should not be allowed near children. (Ask yourself if you would want your 12 year-old, now permitted by AB499 to consent to HPV and HepB vaccines without parental knowledge or consent, to see Dr. Richard Pan without you present.)
There is nothing in SB276 worth supporting, as neither doctors nor the state should have any say in parents making vaccination decisions for their children. Vaccination decisions belong solely to parents and legal guardians. What the CA Medical Board should be doing is loudly and publicly denouncing SB276 and its predecessors SB277, AB2109, and AB499, in addition to denouncing Senator Richard Pan, and working to strip him of his license to practice medicine.
Laura Hayes
Granite Bay, CA
Stanford, 1987
Co-Founding Family of MIND Institute at UC Davis (which has been a huge disappointment) 
FEAT Member since 1996 (Families for Early Autism Treatment)
Writer for the Age of Autism blog:
Here are 3 articles I have written specifically about Senator Richard Pan:
SB277 Sponsor Dr. Richard Pan Says Water More Toxic Than Mercury
The Pan Calling the Kettle Black
CA's Senator Richard Pan Publicly Denies Any Increase in Autism
Here are 3 articles pertinent to my email above:
Discrimination Against the Healthy and 'Less Sick'
10 Reasons MDs Should Sign Vaccine Medical Exemptions
Why Is This Legal?


Autism-Battered Dad

Hera: CDD (or ASD as they call it now) isn't a table injury unless it comes from the MMR or the chickenpox vaccines, and none of my kids had either before C.'s autism diagnosis.
P.S. Sorry about the late reply. The person living in the apartment above my nearest bar decided to turn off the Wi-Fi for a few days.


Hi AB Dad,
Here is some more information for you.
This is from the New York Education Board, about how they review vaccine exemptions.
The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH)
recommends health care practitioners consult the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization
Practices (ACIP) guidelines for contraindications and precautions to childhood vaccinations.
ACIP guidelines are set forth in the Contraindications and Precautions chapter of the General
Best Practice Guidelines for Immunization available at:
The Contraindications and Precautions chapter contains detailed information on medically
recognized contraindications and precautions to commonly used vaccines as well as conditions
incorrectly perceived as contraindications or precautions.

( By the way, standard disclaimer: none of what I am writing should in any way be interpreted as giving medical advice: I am not a medical practitioner! ( get medical advice from your doctor.)

However, you don't seem to be aware of the likely educational outcome for your child if the law you want passes. ( By the way, is it true, as beleaguered Autism Mom asks, that your daughters MMR shot failed after two injections?) Either way, I am very sorry for your daughters injury. I am also sorry for the many with similar injuries from vaccines.And also for those who will have, or already have had to, face a choice between risking the health of their child, or losing their child's right to an education.
Sorry about the several spelling errors in the previous post ( oops) .


Hi AB Dad,

Wow. It's a good thing then that you came here, because I don't think you know what you are hoping for.

An egg allergy is not, per the CDC site, a contraindication to the MMR , the DTP, or any other vaccine listed below except the IIV, according to the CDC list below. Even if the allergy is so bad your child needs ephipherine, per the CDC,the doctor can choose to give the IIV in the hospital....
"Egg allergy other than hives, e.g., angioedema, respiratory distress, lightheadedness, recurrent emesis; or required epinephrine or another emergency medical intervention (IIV may be administered in an inpatient or outpatient medical setting and under the supervision of a health care provider who is able to recognize and manage severe allergic conditions)."

Here is that list of CDC accepted contraindications.

The CDC specifically says in table 4.2 that allergy to eggs is not considered an MMR contraindication.

CDC contraindications are the only thing they are allowing in educational review boards as medical exemptions ( if you even can get someone to write one even for those.).
If your doctor was investigated in California, then what do you think the chances are of your doctor keeping her license?
Even if your doctor was willing to write your daughter and exemption and risk her medical license and ability to practice, then places with an education board who reviews the exemption would take it away anyway.
This is an article about the kind of medical exemptions that are being rejected in New York.
Quote from the article
"Another New York child who had his medical exemption rejected, Ameer Hamideh, 9, uses a wheelchair and assisted communication device because of cerebral palsy and a seizure disorder. He was in and out of the hospital for seizures after his last round of immunizations as a toddler."

Sadly, under the laws you want, your choice, or your childs' right to an education, will, like so many of us , be taken away too.


Autism caused by meningitis is a tragedy.
Autism from vaccine-induced encephalopathy is a tragedy.

California’s SB276 targets people who have concluded, based upon varying medical evidence, that they or their children cannot be safely vaccinated.

The State Department of Health will act like any government agency: it will serve party politics, rather than serving citizens. Children will continue to be needlessly injured and killed by vaccines.

Vaccination is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. The cruel polarizing and health-damaging mandates have to end.

Autism-Battered Dad

Autism Beleaguered Mom: The doctors found out about the unvaccinated teen because he received treatment for measles two days after coming into contact with C. He was incubating it when he bumped into her in our local Target.
Hera: I don't think our family physician would give my youngest jabs even with a law prohibiting refusal. She'd much rather be investigated than put his life at risk with his egg allergy.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Autism Battered Dad, According to the CDC and the State of California there are practically no legitimate reasons to delay or avoid vaccination. Are you saying your daughter wasn't vaccinated on schedule and you regret it? Or she was vaccinated for measles and it failed to protect her? I am sorry to hear about your daughter's subacute sclerosing pancephalitis. It sounds like you are as angry about your daughter's condition as I am about my son's. How did you confirm it was due to an unvaccinated adolescent (who no one noticed had measles spots) coming into close contact with your 5 year old? All 3 of my children were were fully vaccinated on time/on schedule. I regret it. My son is living proof of the damage that can occur. Perhaps one of my kids shed live virus near your daughter up to 28 days after they were vaccinated - if so I am sorry you were not warned to isolate your daughter from exposure to recently vaccinated kids.

Autism-Battered Dad

Autism Beleaguered Mom: All 3 of my children were quarantined for the first 18 months of their lives, then C. got measles from an unvaccinated adolescent (as her mom and I later learned) when she was 5, right in the period for childhood disintegrative disorder.


Hi Autism Dad,
I think you don't understand what SB276 does. It means that no child who has received less than 60 plus vaccines is allowed an education. Even if they skip just one vaccine ( say , maybe the one that killed a sibling) , they will never be allowed in a school.They have to remain away from school until they are 18, and are not allowed any education except homeschooling. They can of course still go to parks , groceries etc, and given how hampered they are in getting any type of education, at least some of these people will most likely end up in the low paying service industries; your waitresses, grocery clerks etc.
I am certainly deeply sorry your child developed encephalitis; many of the posters here have children who suffered from encephalitis too. As You probably know, encephalitis is a known table injury recorded by the CDC for the MMR.(That is the measles, mumps rubella vaccine)
The CDC has very strict guidelines about when you are allowed to be compensated for MMR caused encephalitis; you must file within two years, Here are there additional guidelines;
Vaccines containing
measles, mumps, and
rubella virus or any of its
components (e.g., MMR,
A. Anaphylaxis <4 hours
B. Encephalopathy or encephalitis 5-15 days (not less than 5 days and not
more than 15 days)
C. Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine
Administration<48 hours
D. Vasovagal syncope<1 hour

Of course, children who have medical contraindications to vaccines can no longer get any vaccine exemptions in California, as the doctors are too scared to give them ( they will be investigated for giving more than 5!), so they will join the growing numbers of California children denied an education, or given the choice to be permanently disabled or killed by the vaccine..
It was once a basic human right that vaccines, like all medical procedures required patient consent. Heartbreaking to see people throwing away a basic human right, as seems to be happening now.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Dear Autism Battered Dad, Your daughter was not quarantined during her first year of life? You did not know about viral shedding from people who are vaccinated?

Autism-Battered Dad

I think this is a bad idea. If there were a law prohibiting vaccine refusal in my state, my daughter very likely wouldn't have developed autism after getting post-measles encephalitis.


I would love to see a detailed article about any information on Pan’s Pharma contributions, something that could be shared and reposted. And also how they compare to others in the legislature.


Actually I think it is probably time to stop fighting and go into Soviet style passive resistance mode. If the authorities do not listen to reason and are dead set on totalitarian style "health care" that is maiming and killing our children, nobody said that we are obligated to tell the truth any longer. It takes some mental re-organization on both sides, but it is not impossible. We have been living it in Russia for 70 years...

Laura Hayes

Sent a second email to the CMB yesterday:

Subject: SB276: Supplement to my first letter, sent via email on 6-4-19

Dear Members of the CA Medical Board,

I am writing to you once again, urging you to not only withdraw your support for SB276, but to speak out against it publicly. Please see the damning information below regarding aluminum, present in the majority of today's vaccines. Then ask yourselves the questions I posed to my readers this morning when I sent it out. The evidence is overwhelming, not only should there never be vaccine mandates, there is not one vaccine currently on the market that should be.

Laura Hayes
Granite Bay, CA

Aluminum (present in most of today's vaccines) and its causal role in Autism, Alzheimer's, MS, and more

After reading this, please take a few minutes to ponder these questions:

Are we really knowingly injecting aluminum into pregnant women (TDaP), newborns (HepB and some vitamin K shots), infants (at every "well-baby" visit), toddlers (well-baby visits), young children (boosters), hormonal teens (HPV, meningococcal, and pneumococcal), young adults of child-bearing age (any vaccines that have been "missed", or recently added, plus TDaP booster), elderly adults whose immune systems are weakening with age, time, and environmental insults (goodness only knows what our elderly are being shot up with at every doctor appointment)...are we really doing this??!

What kind of society would do this to its own people? What kind of doctors and nurses would continue to turn a blind eye to this type of horrific poisoning and resultant decimation of health and well being? What type of law makers would mandate invasive medical procedures containing aluminum (not to mention mercury, formaldehyde, and too many toxic and heinous ingredients to list here), versus immediately abolishing them and declaring them to be illegal? Which parents, once informed, would still make the decision to permit their children to be injected with aluminum-containing vaccinations (or any vaccination, for that matter, seeing as they most clearly are not being tested or approved properly or ethically, or with health, proper development, fertility, DNA preservation, and longevity in mind)? *See additional, related info below.

I wake up every morning in disbelief and horror that this Vaccine Holocaust continues, in earnest, backed by endless propaganda, fueling fear in the populace, and enforced by increasing tyranny.

Praying for an end to this vaccine nightmare,

Additional, related info. For those who have yet to read Forrest Maready's book Crooked (, which chronicles aluminum's role in many/most of today's chronic health issues (including when paired with the effects of being held down with no escape, and when paired with antibiotics), I strongly urge you to watch any/all of his 3 videos summarizing his book...then purchase it for the full read!

Link to long version:

7-min. version:

2-min. with visuals (start here, and work your way back up this list to the longest):

And for anyone still contemplating permitting vaccinations, I hope that watching my recent presentation Why Is This Legal? will be helpful to better understand why vaccinations are not safe, effective, proven, needed, ethical, or wise:

cia parker

I know that they're taking away our rights by increments, but it really should not be the case that we're fighting over the right to try to persuade a doctor to give a medical exemption, when very few will do so. This should be ENTIRELY a parent's or patient's choice, unless they want to give the child MORE than even the ton of vaccines recommended.

Greg Hill

Not only should Dr./Sen. Pan loose both his license to practice medicine and his seat in the California Senate, he and all his co-conspirators in this horrific, totally un-American tyranny should be tried, convicted and sent to prison for what amounts to crimes against humanity. He and the whole lot of them are not one iota less immoral than the Nazi leaders who were imprisoned in the aftermath of WW2. It took a long time and an awful lot of suffering, death and even foreign intervention before the German people finally overcame their pro-Fascist brainwashing and overthrew their oppressors. What is it ever going to take for the American people to overcome their pro-vaccine brainwashing and overthrow our own oppressors?

I am hoping and praying that the damning information that the likes of RFK Jr. and Del Bigtree, bless them, have been digging up through FOIA requests in support of pending court cases will eventually become so nearly universally known (probably through the Interaet, not through the Big Pharma-controlled "free" press and electronic media) that the general public will wake up and force the necessary changes in the law at both the state and national level here in the U.S. Sadly, although some Europeans and the Japanese will probably lead the way in rejecting mandatory vaccines and even making some of them illegal -- just as they are already doing with Roundup and other toxic chemicals in their food -- the plutocratic "chemocracy" in the United States is now so firmly entrenched in power that their overthrow may require nothing less than massive protests in the streets (which I hope and pray will not become violent).


This bill is about protecting a medical revenue stream, not respecting patient choice.

Shelley Tzorfas

Even though Senator Pan knows that deadly Aluminum, Thimerosal, Cancer-causing Formaldehyde, Human fetal cell DNA- which is tumorigenic because those cells are 60 years old, Peanut oils leading to anaphylactic shock to foods are in vaccines, he chose to say that the most Dangerous part of a vaccine is "Water." Pan must think that Californian's are imbeciles. As a pediatrician he knows that there are Peanut Free zones in school cafeterias and schools where Peanuts are banned from the building. I think Pan should be going to school cafeterias to set up "Dangerous "Water-Free Zones?" What do you think?


Superb work Laura!! Well done


While watching Senator Ben Allen testify to the (I think) Appropriations committee, I was struck by how much he fawned over Pan, and how it was if he was almost apologizing for his abstention. I also read recently of a conversation that RFK Jr had with one senator who stated that the science was complicated the support of 276 was really mostly about “collegiality” to Pan. California state Democratic legislators’ deference to Pan reminds me very much of federal Republican legislators’ deference to Trump. It doesn’t matter how much scientific evidence is presented, or how much public outcry there is, or how illogically expensive this bill will be thus taking away funding from so many other more worthy needs, CA Dems are far more worried about rubbing Pan the wrong way then they are about protecting vulnerable children from Pharma.


Perhaps its time to reach out and join forces with those resisting these types of mandatory regulations happening on the rest of the continent. An example is Argentina which belongs to the Pan American Health Organization. Other members are:
Antigua y Barbuda
Estados Unidos

Or roughly – the whole continent.

The Argentinian bill is 22.909 COMPULSORY VACCINATION LAW.

Here are a few examples from it.

It calls for everybody to be vaccinated and re-vaccinated (by full force of the law) with any vaccine the Argentinian National Health Authority chooses – (no doubt with the help of Pharma on the committee).

Travel to certain places abroad will require vaccinations.

Visitors from abroad (that means you and me) will require proof of certain vaccinations if coming from an endemic/epidemic disease area.

Requires national and local data bases to keep track of everyone to make sure no one is missed. This will also mean in practice, vaccination proof will be required for driving licences, passports, and dealings with anything of a official nature.

It also covers all health care workers and other occupations which are considered to require extra vaccinations. Therefore, it can be rolled out to all occupations at a whim of a committee (with no doubt, the help of Pharma again).

Have tried this link with google Chrome and will translate it adequately.

Can’t but notice ‘free vaccine’ keep getting mentioned. But when the gov. give away something ‘free’ we are always forced to pay for it through our taxes.

The same word ‘free’ is used in the recommendation (below) from this US think tank. The same mandates to cover everyone (including the uninsured) are discussed.
Financing Vaccines in the 21st Century: Assuring Access and Availability.

Also explains (when read between the lines) how US tax payers will pay Pharma to develop even more vaccines!
It will be done by paying them a subsidy over and above the cost of development and manufacture, so to pay for the development of the next one. The amount paid to be decided by a panel of experts in their field (and we can guess who they might be and where their loyalties will lie). Note: I only give the link to show that the ideology was set in concrete many years back, and this study just explores the ‘how to’. – but do yourself a favour and skip reading it.

Hans Litten

I LOVE THIS - I REALLY DO ! Thanks CBS_fakenews

20. Montana 45 % GARDAKIL uptake
1. Idaho 29% GARDAKIL uptake

5m US births gone missing since 2008 and Gardasil went live.

UK 85% uptake Ireland 70% uptake

Unknown UK-Ire births gone missing since 2008 and Gardasil went live.

Bob Moffit

"The bill would require the State Public Health Officer or the public health officer’s designee to approve or deny a medical exemption request, upon determining that the request provides sufficient medical evidence that the immunization is contraindicated or that a specific precaution regarding a particular immunization exists, based on guidelines of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)."

As I understand the purpose of this bill .. it is designed to deny MEDICAL DOCTORS their professional obligation to exercise their highly educated .. hard earned .. INFORMED CONSENT .. when treating their patients.

Indeed, what are the "professional medical qualifications" of both .. the State Public Health Officer .. or even more importantly .. the "PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICER'S DESIGNEE" .. that will be making the critical decisions overriding the professional opinion of the patient's DOCTOR?

As proposed .. this bill is positively frightening … it defies common sense .. after all is said and done .. who in the world would want some unknown State public health "designee" .. who has no personal knowledge or personal familiarity with a child or the child's parents family history … making critical decisions regarding ANY MEDICAL TREATMENT .. INCLUDING VACCINATIONS?

Hans Litten

sb276 : maybe it would be better if it is passed !

Hear my argument.

If doctors are passed over, they no longer need to be paid these eye watering salaries\pensions.
In fact they can be dispensed with altogether.
Lets face it their track record of protecting people and speaking out is appalling.
They have happily poisoned as many people as are willing to submit.

But maybe when their whole reason for existence is under threat,
then maybe & finally they might start telling the truth !

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