Ohio Legislators Sneak Removal of Religious Vaccine Exemption into Budget Bill
Children's Health Defense on CDC Perjury Regarding a Vaxxed Unvaxxed Study

Ciao Now! Vax Sheepherd Alienates Hello Bello Customers with Cruel Dismissal of a Child's Death

DaxWhere the Onion, Perez Hilton and AofA intersect....  Actor and owner of Hello Bello natural products Dax Shephard tells a Mom she is lying about her daughter's death because in DaxWorld, (not to be confused with VaxWorld, an old tradeshow devoted to DEC mainframe computers in the 1980s, but I digress) vaccines can never cause injury, let alone kill. Do we know if Jupiter Jove is telling the truth? Nope. But can  you think of another situation where a Mom would say her child died and the instant response would NOT be empathy??  "My child was killed while drowning in a chocolate river and then sucked into a tube...." wait, not, that's Willy Wonka and Augustus Gloop was fine, after all.  Only vaccine injury brings out this kind of  bitter, nasty defensive and wholly dismissive response.

Meanwhile, last week Mrs. Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel spoke out against California's SB276.   And Shepard and Timberlake are launching a new game show called "Spin the wheel."

Dax Shepard And Justin Timberlake Team Up For Brand-New Game Show ‘Spin The Wheel’

Spin the Wheel, Dax and Kirsten. If it lands on vaccine injury? We'll see you on Insta....



The response to comments such as this from Dax is to turn it against them.

Ask them how many people in history have died immediately following wild measles virus was *observed* entering their bodies.

Of course, the answer is none so point out that the evidence for vaccine injury/death >>>>> the evidence for virus injury/death.


Are they trying to" Do-a-selfie, with shepherding the narrative?"
"A nasty wee Jimmy, one click and he's clunked himself online?"
see Jimmy Savile ,clunk click, even on the shortest trip adverts . Public information films from 1970s
President Ronald Reagen thought promoting chesterfield cigs was ok as well ?

Immunisation training standards for healthcare practitioners -GOV.UK
https/www.gov.uk-public health protection immunisation . 7 Feb 2018 -- National minimum standards and core curriculum for immunisation training for registered health care practioners .
Ref PHE publications States Supporting UN Sustainable Goals [Agenda 2030]
Looks as though the evidence based medicine programe's fallen flat on it's own ass-essement ,could not hold it's own weight in magickal water and smelly onions.
More "Gaffs "in the presentation than Mr Hulot's Holiday ,and more holes in the evidence based presentation than a chunk of Swiss cheese ! A perfect example of leadership beyond authority?


Can somebody please ping this quote to DumbassDax please :

“[I]t’s a possibility [that vaccines might cause autism in genetically susceptible individuals]…. It’s hard to predict who those children might be…. More research is needed to determine if there are rare cases where underlying mitochondrial disorders are triggered by anything related to vaccines.” — CDC Director of Immunization Safety Frank DeStefano, 2015
From the devils lair itself ......the CDC
And it isn't rare either is it Frank ? 1 in 20 and rising , isn't that right Frank ?


Shephard tweeted another tweet from Jupiter Jove that was pretty vile. For me this begs the question, why is Dax Shepard responding to a vaccine skeptical tweet from Jupiter Jove?


Hi All,
While feeling some sympathy for a new parent who has not ( and hopefully never does) see vaccine injury in his own family, and who is no doubt worrying about the measles for his 8 month old baby ( Of course, in New York City they are now requiring vaccines at six months, apparently, so if he believes vaccines are harmless, effective and protective, he does have an easy way to make his daughter "safe". ))
Also the world health organization recommends treating vitamin a deficiency
From the article
Measles is a leading cause of childhood morbidity and mortality. Vitamin A deficiency is a recognised risk factor for severe measles. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends administration of an oral dose of 200,000 IU (or 100,000 IU in infants) of vitamin A per day for two days to children with measles in areas where vitamin A deficiency may be present.

However, having said all that, I will no longer consider buying products from Hello Bella unless there is some kind of apology that acknowledges the reality of vaccine injury. And it only seems fair to let a company know why they have annoyed or chased away customers, so for anyone else also interested in politely expressing their views on the subject, here is their website and contact info

Done with Dax

Wow. I don't think anyone ever really considered him to be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but to be so unabashedly anti-Semitic? This country gets uglier by the minute.


Dax is probably vaccine damaged himself and oblivious.

IQ’s of children born after 1975 have been in steady decline after decades of increasing IQ’s. Environmental factors are said to be to blame but nobody dares mention vaccines as a possible factor, nor increasing RF EMF radiation. Big Pharma and Big Telecom are untouchable.

Of course, being a public anti-vaxxer is not a good career move. Its a label being used in the same fashion as holocaust denier, climate denier, conspiracy theorist, racist, sexist, etc. One doesn't have to be any of those things to get accused. Just have to question any aspect of conventional (dictated) truth and zing. Most career oriented people avoid these topics or parrot the accepted line

Many anti-vaxxers are not anti-vaccine. They are pro-safety. They want more and better independent safety and effectiveness studies so as to better evaluate the risks vs benefits. As it is now the risks are grossly understated
( see Thompson and CDC fraudulent manipulation of data to mask autism link with MMR) and benefits exaggerated (sometimes fraudulently so-see Merck lawsuit thanks to whistleblowers on MMR study)

Basically anti-vaxxers want the right to informed consent, a right mandated by congressional legislation at the same time congress gave vaccine makers freedom from liability. They also required regular reports by DHS to congress on vaccine safety trends and improvements which has been ignored for over 30 years.


A decade ago, I was discussing with my now-retired GP the pressure being applied by a Kaiser pediatrician about vaccinations, pressure (and insurance changes) which resulted in our family returning to his practice. He said that that was interesting because he knew a lot of Kaiser pediatricians who didn't vaccinate their own families. #theywerepediatricians

cia parker

I have been called a liar in online comments many times in the last few weeks, often with additional colorful invective. There are also a lot of anti-Semitic comments, reviling the ultra-Orthodox community in New York refusing to injure their children with vaccines. I flagged several of them yesterday, and said I was disgusted by the anti-Semitism on display. This would not have happened even ten years ago.

This is obviously a new chapter in the pharma playbook. Their shills have been instructed to be as insulting as possible and try to isolate vaccine critics in a group defined as either complete flat-earthers with no conception of scientific reality or malignly plotting to destroy the healthy children of the community at large, assumed to ALL be eager to participate in the absolute and enthusiastic acceptance of 70 doses of vaccines by the age of 18.

No more nuances, gotta keep it simple when you're designing propaganda for the masses. When I said something about VAERS last week, Mike linked a "study" which said that no reports to it were of authentic vaccine injury, that many of them were made by people with no connection to the vaccinee, who had only probably read about the death of a child in the newspaper and immediately decided to report it to VAERS as a vaccine injury. All vaccines are always safe. No vaccine has ever caused death or autism. Measles is an extremely serious and often fatal disease. As are ALL of the VPDs. They wouldn't be on the schedule if they weren't. But when I ask for specific examples, they do not reply. I commented about smallpox last night, saying that smallpox became mild in the US after 1897, causing few fatalities after only a few years. A ** who is a professional and probably knows better, replied insisting that smallpox had a death rate of 30%. It had that high or higher a death rate in some places at some times, but not in the US after 1897: within a few years, smallpox mortality in the US had gone down to a fraction of one percent of cases. But that's not going to scare anyone.

If these discussions were occurring in real life, we would be getting close to mob violence. And obviously, this new tack is attempting to soften up the populace for acceptance of what Pan's new California proposed bill would accomplish: the actual forced, tie-them-down and stick them compulsion of vaccination of all children who do not willingly comply with the mandates. It would amusing to see something so ridiculous happening in real life if it weren't so despotic, with the lives and minds of millions of children on the line.

And most laughable of all is the construction of measles as a "killer" disease, when it is no such thing in well-nourished populations, but is rather extremely beneficial in the long run. Also apparently point #2 on their bulleted list is to bring up SSPE in every comment about measles. I said last night that SSPE was caused by the use of fever reducers for measles patients, which is the most dangerous thing you can do, deliberately impairing the immune system from combatting the infection. There are many immune mechanisms only made operational in the presence of a fever. The shill du moment went on about all the measles encephalitis victims, and I said he wasn't paying attention, that I had already put up an authority on SSPE's being caused by fever reducers, so if he were really in the debate, he had to put up a study showing that SSPE occurred even in patients who had not gotten any fever reducers. No response, of course. I looked it up in Suzanne Humphries, who says that SSPE is caused by Tylenol or similar given to both children with the fever of measles and to those getting a shot, which then depresses immune function and prevents the complete elimination of the measles virus. She said SSPE was caused by immune deficiency and was iatrogenic, caused by human interference. SSPE never used to affect babies, the most vulnerable group, because 99% of their mothers had had natural measles and were able to protect their babies with their own antibodies, through placental immunity for six to fifteen months and through breastfeeding for as long as it continued. At this time the rate in babies under one year old has risen precipitously, of course with tragic results. SSPE occurred in one in a million cases of measles in 1970. And when SSPE occurs, it sometimes does so in children who got the MMR.

Measles is simply not a disease which lends itself to the role in which Big Pharma has cast it, but it's the only potentially epidemic contagious disease which they have to work with, so they're just doing a lot of cynical lying and brutal indoctrination about it to drum up support for physically-forced vaccination of everyone. I hope it won't come to that.

"In this report of the Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis (SSPE) Registry during 1960 through 1970, the findings indicate a 50% relationship of SSPE to early (under 2 years of age) measles infection. The frequency of SSPE is one per million, and a majority of the patients reside in the southeastern part of the United States."


The Original Someone #1

Anyone else notice the very crooked smile on Vax Sheepherd's face in the picture from that link? Yikes! I would bet he's a takin' his annual flu shots. Note the perfect symmetry of Justin Timberlake's smile? That's quite the disparity-- their smiles and their beliefs. I don't predict that their friendship will last much longer. Much love to Justin and Jessica for taking a stand!

Angus Files

Soon be warning lights just like safety belt warning lights..UN VAXXED APPROACHING! in a red triangle or will they just resort to lepers warning bells.

Pharma For Prison



Can everyone please note his hashtag MeaselTov? A direct, pointed finger against the Jewish communities who have seen the biggest outbreaks. Why isn’t he being called out in anti-Semitism here?

Bob Moffit

Duh .. no one is telling this fool Dax that .. "his son does not need a car seat". What even he should not need to be told is that his son is placed in a car seat that fits HIM. Which is why car seats, bike helmets, seat belts .. you name it .. are all ADJUSTABLE TO FIT THE INDIVIDUAL CHILD.

On the other hand .. Dax should be extremely grateful that parents who have suffered severe injury .. including DEATH .. are desperate to warn uninformed parents LIKE HIM that the "Benefits of vaccines ALWAYS outweighs the risks" of a "one size fits all vaccine" is not only scientifically implausible .. it is scientifically IMPOSSIBLE.

I suspect Dax would have problem with all those warning that J&J's innocent product "talcum powder" contained asbestos and cause cancer .. or .. cigarettes, or lead in gasoline, or Agent Orange, on and on.

As the wise old saying goes … "There are none so blind as those who refuse to see"

Grace Green

According to the article the new game show is to be about pop culture. On the BBC news this morning it was stated that pop singers (among other jobs) are more likely to have been to private schools than the average person. My feeling is that these people have brain cells in inverse proportion to their inherited wealth.

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