Argument, Attack or Antecedent: Shooting of Intellectually Disabled Man and his Parents in Costco
Regaining Our Right to Refuse Vaccinations

CA Governor Newsom Makes Deal with Senator Pan About Medical Exemptions

Gavin NewsomThis Updated 6/20: announcement below is no victory. (Thanks to those who have clarified the net result.) While it's good news for the moment not to have public health bureaucrats approving medical exemptions to vaccination, it's clear that the push is on to punish doctors who provide them to patients. A solution would be for all physicians to respect parental choice and to offer exemptions to those with a family history of vaccination contraindications. Share the burden. There's strength in numbers. If parents could have safe, private conversations about their concerns with their doctors, the system would work better and parents would not HAVE to "doctor shop," which  makes them sounds like Opioid drug addicts looking for Dr. Feelgood and a Pill Mill. 

The contraindications to vaccines are usually far more severe than the disease for which the vaccine purports to prevent. Seizures, for instance, are worse than chicken pox as a rule. And the fact is, no one knows if they will have an adverse side effect or an allergic reaction to a product they have never tried - until it's too late. It's not like you can have an epi-pen at your side the first time you give your child peanut butter. There is no testing for vaccine reactions.  It's Russian roulette.

California public health officials would have more oversight of doctors and schools with high numbers of medical exemptions for vaccinations under a legislative compromise announced Tuesday.

Gov. Gavin Newsom and the bill's author disclosed the deal aimed at cracking down on fraudulent exemptions issued by sympathetic doctors.

The updated measure by Sen. Richard Pan removes a provision that would have required health officials to consider every exemption requested and expands the criteria for granting exemptions.

The California bill is aimed at deterring "doctor-shopping." Proponents, including medical and pediatric associations, said some doctors have been selling immunization exemptions since California ended non-medical exemptions in 2016. Read more at The Olympian.

Read more here:


a river of money

how high's the water mama?


Human Rights Rubicon--Maybe the question is: What does Pharma Not Own?

Gary Ogden

human rights Rubicon: Both parties. They own both parties. The Republicans tend to frown on the idea of government trying to solve every little problem, and the Democrats tend to think it is the responsibility of government to solve every little problem, so vaccine mandates are less likely in Republican-dominated states. But neither party is our friend. Bruesewitz v. Wyeth, which slammed the door on all vaccine-injury litigation, was decided by Republican appointees to the court.

human rights Rubicon

Does pharma own the Democratic party?

Paul Picha

This is NO small victory. There is no good news to speak of regarding the amended bill. The amended language is way worse.

I agree that the added statutory propaganda language about vaccines in the amended bill reveals the nationwide move toward mandating vaccines for adults. I am not sure what the near term fate for homeschoolers will be... I think they'll go after the much more lucrative adult market first, but don't make any plans for your family based on what I am saying.

I also agree the amendment creates a way for people of means to opt out.

Newsom is ready, willing and able... pen in hand.... and will sign the bill. No doubt about it.

I am not cheerleading for the dark side... this is absolute tyrannical corporate oppression of defenseless children and families.


Dodgy dealings? apparently the slogan/banner is, no child left behind without all vaccines.
Has Maslow's Hierarch of needs been replaced with wellness wheels and Adverse Childhood Experiences [ACEs] With Tick Box Questionnaires! Forensically fondled tae the hilt as well . Same question from 4 different angles and in unskilled hands of some wee jobsworth with control freak tendencies , could cause serious unwarrented trouble for children and parents!
"Mapping the Movement "Heading straight for the septic tank zone "
See Uk Column article -Dutch Welfare Minister , have you got a named person up your sleeve, by
Bernice Bortelds 11 June 2019 .

BBC reports Rural concerns over changes to GP - Provided vaccinations ?
Big Hat's nae cattle ?
Randy Neuman -Big Hat no cattle -youtube


Here is an article via the NVIC regarding a future adult vaccine program in the works:

Gary Ogden

I now understand what the boy governor was doing a few weeks ago. He was speaking to Party elites when he said he had misgivings about SB 276. All he was doing was virtue signaling to them, and to them alone, that he would protect their interests. To hell with anyone else. Slimy little fascist.


Sorry for the typos in my previous comment. Was not able to correct prior to posting...


From what I now understand, and partly from what Del Bigtree has stated:

The whittling way of our use of exemptions is not being done because of the few who are using them (most especially as regards the medical exemption).

Rather, this issue with the almost complete elimination of exemptions has NOT so much to do with the few who use them...

...but the elimination of exemptions is the groundwork, leading up to ADULT mandates. The powers-that-be known full well that most adults will not stand for mandates regarding (as an example) the renewal of drivers licenses, the ability to travel, etc., so forth.

What better, more practical way, therefore, to force these vaccine mandates onto an unwilling and unreceptive adult population than to make sure that NO exemptions are available when this grand plan is put to play.

Del Bigtree has spoken about this on one of his Highwire YT videos. Worth the watch...


The California political class drops a weight on the soul of the nation.
Such a steep price.


Agreeing with you, Gary Oden. Seems Newsom's fear of government encroachment on the doctor/patient relationship was adequately 'resolved' by the exemption door being opened enough for him and his ilk to walk through. With vaccination, things are fast becoming an affair of the less than one percent versus everyone else.

Gary Ogden

The fix is in. Our new baby governor attempted to fool us recently with his fake "grave concerns" about SB 276. The only purpose of these amendments is to make it easier for the elites to skip the mass poisoning which we peons have no choice about. Everyone in this country should be alarmed at the creeping medical fascism brought to us by our bought and paid for elected representatives. The banality of evil.

Angus Files

Pft up here in Scotland they are already removing the lucrative vaccine poison schedule from the GP`s remit.It will/is the responsibility of a clinic vaccine poison squad travelling the country shooting up the kids with the poisons.Understandably the GP`s are pissed because its goodbye vaccination gravy train(oh well!).This is the forward thinking by the Globalist controlled Scottish Government. They think they are steath -like,subtle and controlled, as subtle and controlled as Kim Yong Un`s rocket testing is.Just now we dont have compulsory vaccination but all the pieces are being slid into place to make it impossible to buck they system if they did bring in compulsory vaccine poisoning.

Rural concerns over changes to GP-provided vaccinations

Pharma For Prison



Maligning the vaccine risk aware with the most vile aspects of our society has been the Pharma PR playbook for many years:

If you assert that there is such a thing as neurological damage, then you are homophobic b/cuz there’s only neuro-diverse.

If you assert that Black-American male children, and Somalia refugee children and refugee children at our southern border are being injected with products that may harm them exponentially, then you are a slovenly character, taken full advantage exploitation of the most disadvantaged, b/cuz what we want to inject into those children is nothin but pure, nothing but safe, nothongbbit absolutely necessary.

If you assert that CA doctors, who are aware of the scientific realitity, are the same as Pill Mill opioid dealer/doctors, then the moms of the vaccine injured are demonized again.
You can definitely burn the likes of me at the stake Dick Pan, buy throw me in the water and I gaurantee you I’ll float.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Angus Files | June 18, 2019 at 05:34 PM

Quite right --- Civil disobedience en masse is the only way to right this !

Carolyn Kylesmom

5 a year? What happens to all the immuno-compromised children who go to cancer specialists? So the specialist can only exempt 5 a year, but will let the others take their chances? What about the vaccine-vulnerable families? Some would entail 3 exemptions just in that family. This is a fake deal. I am sure Gavein meant well, but he did not think this through.

Laura Hayes

There is NO small victory anywhere in the amended version of SB276, none.

As a matter of fact, this new amended version is FAR WORSE than the original.

Once the included vaccine propaganda becomes statute, it will help to ensure that homeschoolers will be added to SB277 next year. There will be virtually no way to protect your child from vaccine-induced harm or death if you reside in CA.

What to do? Clearly, appealing to our legislators, or the CMB, or the CDPH, or the CDE, or the governor, as we have seen and experienced for many years now, is seemingly futile.

The only solution I can conjure up, and it is a short-term one at that as in one year's time they will be back to add homeschoolers to SB277, is for every CA parent to call their child's school today to dis-enroll their child for the coming school year, with the sincere conviction that they will not send their child to school next year. The effect would be an immediate defunding of every school, which would cause an immediate uproar by schools, leading them to immediately and loudly oppose Pan and SB276. Further, if that effort proved to be successful, I would put forth that parents then increase their demands to include the repeal of both SB277 and its predecessor AB2109...and then to include the immediate elimination of vaccine mandates.

Now, for the reality check. Do I think enough CA parents would be willing to do this? Sadly, not at all. And, thus, we will soon be subject to the oppressive tyranny of SB276, the state-forced poisoning of all CA children via ever-increasing vaccinations once homeschoolers are added to SB277 next year, the coerced poisoning of young adults pursuing higher education, since CA colleges and universities have taken it upon themselves to enforce their own vaccine requirements as a prerequisite for admission, and the coerced poisoning of adults of all ages as vaccine requirements as a prerequisite for employment are on the rise, leaving our state with an increasingly chronically ill, developmentally disabled, infertile, mentally ill population.

Think this is overly dramatic, or alarmist? Think it through. Look at the progression from AB2109 in 2011, to SB277 in 2015, to SB276 this year. Look at what is transpiring in NY, ME, and other states, and contemplate what the future in the U.S. looks like with regard to parental rights and medical choice freedom.

Take home message: It is no longer safe to raise one's children in CA.

In utter disgust at those whose job it is to protect our rights, not usurp them,

David Weiner

"Gov. Gavin Newsom and the bill's author disclosed the deal aimed at cracking down on fraudulent exemptions issued by sympathetic doctors."

How is an exemption based on the doctor's best judgment fraudulent?

"The California bill is aimed at deterring "doctor-shopping."

Yes, god forbid we should have competitive forces in medicine and have parents seek out doctors who are aligned with their philosophy. The medical cartel will not have that.


targeting poor women and their children. Meet the new democrats.

what is this, entitlement to genetic results?
(6) Other nonmedical information necessary to establish the patient’s or client’s unique identity and record.

Tim Lundeen

One more comment.

The changes just made to SB276 make it a lot easier for people with influence to get medical exemptions. I wonder if some high-roller Democrat donors, or important politicians, or perhaps his wife, talked to Newsom and said that they really need medical exemptions... With the changes just made to SB276, the state can simply not review an exemption and it is valid. Before, the state had to review it before it was valid, which would make it much harder to use different standards for different people.

Not only that, but Newsom comes off smelling like a rose: in favor of protecting the doctor-patient relationship, while still cracking down on "fraudulent" exemptions.

Not only that, but all CA politicians have wonderful cover for voting for the bill -- "Gov Newsom worked with Pan to make sure it protects the doctor-patient relationship!"

Before, I would have said this bill was 100 to 1 to pass, now it looks like 1000 to 1. It would be shocking if it doesn't happen.


Quotas will just increase the price Doctors can charge for an exemption.

The unintended consequence is a way around quotas will be found. Doctors will write up the paperwork but not actually inject the vaccine. Perhaps just inject it into the sink and charge for the vaccine. Everyone gets what they want. Big Pharma gets the sale, parents and child avoid the vaccine but get the paperwork saying they did, and Doctors get paid whatever they charge with no need to write up an exemption


5 or more medical exemptions and drs are on the spit.
bill puts appeals in the hands of CA HHS.
that's like sending it to Dr William Thompson's trash cans.

David L

It appears they wont stop until they completely shackle the ability to write exemptions in all but the most extreme cases. Doctors effectively wont write them under whats presented... concentrating on doctors who write five or more exemptions each year and schools with a vaccination rate below 95 percent. California Department of Public Health doctors or registered nurses would review exemptions issued by medical providers to make sure they meet national standards. The state public health officer, who is a doctor, could revoke any found to be improper. The amendments require public health officials to refer doctors to the state medical board for investigation and potential disciplinary action if they believe their decisions create a risk to public health. Public health officials could bar doctors from granting additional medical exemptions while they are under investigation.
Dr. Kenneth Stoller and Dr Kennedy both are suing

Yet they completely ignore important facts. Individuals who suffered nonfatal vaccine injuries who continue to be given vaccinations, 16% experienced another injury, of whom 18% rated the recurrence as more severe then the initial injury. Imagine a child experiences seizures over the next few days after a vaccine. You might want to make sure they never receives a particular vaccine again. You might decide not to give any more vaccines at all. You might also decide to delay vaccines for her siblings or to forego them altogether who didnt have the problem themselves, but you cant as the medical doctor feels threatened to write one now.

They also continue to use the measles spreading as the reason. The measles virus has mutated predominately in higher vaccinated areas and no longer being neutralized by antibodies, causing a rise in measles outbreaks even among the vaccinated. Further, A comparison of two geographically distinct communities revealed that 10% of children previously vaccinated against measles lacked antibody after vaccination and protection also wanes ‘after initial effectiveness, 8.9% of children having two doses of the vaccine, as public health authorities now recommend, will have lost their immunity after just seven and a half years. Its not being caused by not vaccinating which needs to be made clear.

Angus Files

Another deal with the devil by the looks Offit..

If all the people who arent vaccinating just now refuse what they going to do expel 50% of the kids and lock 50% of the kids parents up?dont think soo!!

"Data from the California Department of Public Health shows several schools in Sacramento and surrounding counties with immunization rates of 50% or less.

MORE: 2017-2018 Immunization Records For California Kindergarteners "

Pharma For Prison


Tim Lundeen

Jaffe's analysis is that the changes actually make the bill worse.

"The practical result will be the same as under prior iterations of the bill, no broad based complete, non temporary medical exemptions." and

"This version really goes after the exemption writing physicians hard, and especially the exemption writing physician’s who are not the child’s PCP."

greedy Gavin

What is Gavin Newsom selling? A who's your daddy pharma state.
The amended bill puts a quota on no of MEs a Dr can write, declares perjury as potential Dr penalty.

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