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Blood Is Thicker than Pharma: The Kennedy Family Betrayal

Loyalty makes you familyBy Katie Wright

Who exactly was sitting at home thinking to themselves, “I cannot decide whether or not to vaccinate my child until Joe, Kerry and Kathleen Kennedy tell me what to do!!!!” Neither Joe, Kathleen nor Kerry is a vaccine expert, an autism expert, a published author on vaccine science and neither one has spoken at length with parents of vaccine injured children. Nevertheless, these three self styled vaccine science and autism pros felt compelled to weigh in on the subject in which they have no expertise, shamefully disparaging their brother in the process. 

I know a little about this. Many years ago my parents, Bob and Suzanne Wright, publicly denounced me and my concerns about vaccine safety. It was a big mistake and it lives forever. Siblings, colleagues, board members, friends and family members were horrified. Many disagreed, some vehemently so, with my vaccination concerns but all agreed a public condemnation of a family member is a base betrayal of what family means. We reconciled but was long, long, road getting there. 

In the case of Joe, Kathleen and Kerry Kennedy the needless and shameful public betrayal of their brother is impossible to understand. Did they actually believe they would convince anyone to vaccinate? Could they be that self important? Who knows? But I guarantee you that their sloppy op -ed, filled with errors, did not convince ONE parent to vaccinate their child. The gist of their post is that in many countries (notably not the USA) many children suffer and die from communicable disease. Neither Joe, Kathleen nor Kerry did their homework. Bobby Kennedy speaks about the American system of checks and balances in vaccine safety and the lack of independent oversight in the vaccine approval process. In what way does Americans asking for independent vaccine safety oversight create a measles catastrophe in third world countries? It is the same kind of ridiculous logic applied by those who argue against the teaching sex education in schools “because it will make children have sex.” Untrue and flat out dumb.

Joe, Kerry and Kathleen are all emotion and no logic in their post. They go on and on and on about the history of measles, smallpox and the “dedicated professionals” at “WHO” and the NIH. I know, I know, it's both funny and sad. First of all, WHO is basically employed by Pharma! WHO never meet a vaccine they didn't like! WHO still actively campaigns for the continued use of mercury in vaccines because it’s cheap. The fact that mercury is a well known and potent neurotoxin bothers them not in the least. Think about this...the Soviet Union banned thimerosal in 1990! The Soviet Union, a nation that doesn’t exactly have high consumer safety standards, banned thimerosal 30 years ago! But in countries and entities owned by Pharma, like the USA, the subject of mercury in vaccines is off limits. If one dares to question vaccine safety in the USA and one is immediately labelled a flat earth, anti science heretic whose only goal is to see the maximum amount of children die from contagious disease! And they call us emotional! The great irony is that ALL research on the subject shows that parents who have concerns about vaccine safety are the most highly educated. So education is the enemy?

One would think that Kerry Kennedy would not be so quick to judge others concerned with the side effects of medication. A few years ago Kerry Kennedy was identified as driving dangerously erratically and was arrested for driving under the influence. Ms. Kennedy did not dispute she was driving under the influence, only that it was not her fault because she was the victim of an extreme adverse reaction to Ambien. OK, Ambien side effects include: dizziness, vomiting, light-headedness, etc...I could find no evidence that Ambien forces one to drive while intoxicated/ impaired. But I take her word for it. Severe adverse reactions too medication, even very strange ones, CAN and DO occur. The jury concurred and acquitted Ms. Kennedy of all charges and I agree with them.

My point is that Ms. Kennedy is saying that when she suffered an extreme adverse reaction to a medication (potentially killing others!) it was a very real and legitimate adverse reaction. After Kerry Kennedy’s arrest there was much talk about the hidden dangers of Ambien, the need to inform consumers of all side effects and the urgency to prescribe this drug far less often. No one accused Ms. Kennedy of destroying the sleeping pill market, no one said “oh well, some horrible adverse reactions are no big deal!” and no one accused Ms. Kennedy of lying.

However, when my child, and maybe yours, suffers brain damage from an extreme adverse reaction from a medication Kerry, Kathleen and Joe basically say who cares about your kid, tough luck!   Seriously, in their hit piece, the siblings acknowledge that severe adverse reactions occur but “its more than justified by the overall benefit.” Takes one’s breathe away, right? 

How dare these three decide my son, your child or any child is a disposable sacrifice? Just think about what they said:  “Vaccines can have side effects…overwhelmingly minor, rarely serious (again they know nothing of which they speak) more than justified by the overall benefits.” 

The ignorant threesome say nothing about the need to take adverse reactions seriously, require doctors reports adverse reactions or anything about the need to make vaccines safer. Oh no! No need to fix anything because it’s OK our kids were brain damaged in the name of vaccines. So it’s all OK.

It is EXACTLY this arrogant, callous attitude that alienates parents. Bobby’s argument is EVERY child matters and vaccines must be safer. The Kennedy siblings seem to have disdain for our kids. Clearly Joe, Kathleen and Kerry Kennedy believe that if our kids must forfeit their fully functioning brains and good health to please WHO, fine! Then these hypocrites go on and on about how important it is to save every child’s life from the measles. Their arguments are so illogical and inconsistent, it’s embarrassing. 

I guarantee you that these Kennedy siblings have not read their brother’s book. How terrible of a person one must be to so thoughtlessly and callously betray a sibling in such a public way? Theirs was such a shameful act. I’m pretty sure I know how this happened. Pharma, WHO, the AAP, all the same really, absolutely hate, hate the fact Bobby Kennedy knows EVERYTHING about their shady practices and laughable vaccine safety research. Pharma cannot undercut Bobby by claiming he is after money, this endeavor has cost him money! Pharma loses every debate with him. Pharma cannot stand it that that he is beloved by autism families and is such an effective advocate for vaccine safety reform. So what does Pharma do? Hmmmm.....What could be a great way to hurt Bobby and damage his reputation. “I know!” I can almost hear someone exclaim. “What could be more powerful than getting family members (some suckers!)  to do our work for us and speak out against Bobby???”

So WHO/Pharma/AAP reps call up Joe, Kerry and Kathleen saying, “I know you three really care about the children!! Children will die (always with the high drama) because of Bobby’s words! Only you! Only his family, has the power to stop his dangerous campaign and save children’s lives! Because you three are so intelligent, accomplished and respected, speaking out publicly against your brother will be a game changer and you will SAVE LIVES! The public will applaud your bravery!” These three fell for this idiotic ego driven argument hook, line and sinker. Believe me, I’ve seen this movie before, many times in fact.

I mean it took the Unabomber’s brother a year to contact the police! Despite the fact he was fairly sure that his brother was likely the man who had killed 9 people, he spent a year torturing himself about potentially betraying his brother. But people understood this dilemma. To betray your sibling is a heinous act. 

To no one’s surprise, but perhaps to Joe, Kerry and Kathleen, it wasn’t Bobby who has made to look like the villain via his siblings public condemnation. Oh no! It is Joe, Kerry and Kathleen who have been very much received by the public as the bad guys, lowlives even. The reaction to their post was 99% negative! All their social media sites were deluged with astonished and disgusted reactions. Check it out! Even people who disagree with Bobby’s vaccine stance expressed revulsion seeing siblings betraying another sibling in such a way. Over and over again readers expressed astonishment at such a base betrayal. None of Bobby’s siblings needed to publicly agree with his work but to make public an emotionally off kilter, uninformed attack of Bobby re a subject on which they have no expertise is indefensible. Just another example of why Pharma is so successful. They are master manipulators. Wow, did they have Joe’s, Kathleen’s and Kerry’s number! Those three were played to perfection. 

Finally, don't ever write “My child, sibling,  spouse dangerously wrong wrong about x, y z,” and follow it up with with, “But we love that person!” Please, loving someone means not stabbing them in the back. 

Katie Wright is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.



Grace Green

RFK Jr. himself has said that the food allergies suffered by some of his children were not known among the generation of him and his cousins. The implication is that these conditions are caused by vaccines, not be genes.


It's known that both the Kennedy and Skakel (Ethel) families carried some genetic weaknesses and, despite the robust athleticism of many of their members, were not as healthy as publicly portrayed. I've often wondered how many cases of autism, asthma and other environmentally-triggered maladies would be found among the large extended Kennedy clan of today - now numbering grandchildren and great-grandchildren - were such a research project to be undertaken. Several of RFK Jr.'s children suffer severe allergies as does his cousin Patrick, Teddy's son.

His aunt Eunice Shriver founded the Special Olympics to honor her disabled sister Rosemary as well as recognize the accomplishments of others similarly afflicted. I suspect RFK Jr.'s inspiration to fight against vaccine dangers springs from a similar source, and only wish Eunice were still around. She would surely support him, and what would Caroline and Joe and Maeve then have to say?

go Trump

Thanks Katie, great to see you back on AoA.

I especially like the last few minutes of this talk with RFK Jr.


I must add that even with dystonia mania, it is not a raging, uncontrollable anger, it is more like she does not get over and forget about things that most of us would. My Mother is a very lovable person. IT has made her enemies over the years, but she was very successful in her job, and when it comes to family she is wonderful, colorful, interesting person. It is not black or white stuff; these brain injuries, these mood disorders, are very complex. It has made her suffer though, and she will soon be on this earth for 90 years. She exist, and she is not uncommon; some one or some ones that has/is working on vaccines all these years have to know that. Plotkin's Bible mention it? It has to be in the science and medical literature some where. Rats'social tendency; studies.

Generations vaccine brain injuries is no longer just mood disorders that can hide behind people that can still function in society, it is not autism and functioning in society is very, very hard to impossible.
Now JFK Jr knows, and those some ones time is coming to an end; as Dr. Wakefield said the truth will always come out. Not every one in a family are cut out to be warriors. JFK Jr. just happens to be one.

Carolyn Coughlin

As a lifelong Irish Catholic Democrat, from a family that deeply admires JFK and RFK, Bobby’s standing up for my son and all of our children, by speaking out about vaccine injury has saved me from despair time after rime.


when I read Chris Matthews book on Robert Kennedy Jrs father recently, I was surprised how much of the book was devoted to war experiences of the Kennedy family.
There are all kinds of wars, and I am grateful that RFK Jr is fighting in this one.


Try having a mother that is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. A flu shot made her sick years ago, but she tells me regular that I don't know for sure it was the vaccines. Oh, yeah, but I do. I got to observe it all close up.
My Mother was very vaccinated herself. She; I finally got it figured is bipolar too, she does not have euphoria like manias, but dystonia like manias. That means she is not a happy manic, but an angry manic when not depressed.

Oh for the way of things; Vaccines; immune system even dictates our moods, not how things actually are, but what we are made to feel.

I am sorry about your parents Kate. There is nothing more frustrating than a parent telling you as another parent that you are not for sure what you, and your child lived through.

It is just too foreign to them, they came from a time that children were dying of diphtheria and polio; then that fear blessedly ending with a relief of that fear. They thought it was settled. it was getting rid of a pathogen, by just priming our immune systems, and nothing more.

But only a few, us very few knows it is not that simple. I feel for JFK Jr. It may at times make him questions what he knows, make him go over the list of what he knows, but once you know, you can never unknow.

Kennedy's three siblings have given it never a real thought or read. They are too blinded to even question, to lazy to even give it all a second look. Closed minded, blind and arrogant in that they think they really do know. . There is little that can change them, but time and putting the truth again and again in front of them. But to publicly stab him in the back? Yes, a horrible thing.

Shelley Tzorfas

Katie hit the nail on the head in this article. I'd like to add some of my recent insights. The media owned by the pharmaceutical industry no longer just pushes vaccines and state-to state vaccine mandates. These Private companies control our politics, religions, Common Core Public school education. That was just not enough for them. Now they promote hatred of those who do not vaccinate. Just like Hitler taught neighbors to report neighbors who were not Hitler loyalists, they are getting neighbors, friends and families to report and shun the unvaccinated. "Is your child vaccinated because if he is not-then he can't come to my sons birthday party." They brainwash people into believing that those who aren't vaccinated are spreading diseases without telling the public that Thousands have the mumps right after being vaccinated with the MMR shots ( The first one didn't work so now they have to get a second and a third one). A few years ago people who know nothing about vaccine ingredients like Alzheimer's Causing Aluminum, Cancer causing Formaldehyde, deadly Peanut oils leading to anaphylactic shock to foods would argue with mothers and families that vaccines save lives but today many vaccinators want to practically Punch you in the face if your kids are not vaccinated. Some schools have marched children into the auditorium for all kids and teachers to watch, branding them as unvaccinated while their parents are called to pick them up and take them out of school-a violation of their privacy-their medical information being made public. "The Hunger Games" comes to mind.Hospitals and some doctors offices are calling Children's Protective Services on families that won't vaccinate when the baby is born for "Medical Neglect." Infants now get a "Hepatitis B Vaccine" to prevent an illness that the baby can't get unless she is having unprotected sex, an IV sha druggie sharing needles, or if the mom has the disease. They know exactly which moms have it-they blood test all moms. A quiet Violence and hatred is being stirred up directly or subliminally. It permeates films, sitcoms (I can't get to work today, I have to get my kids vaccinations,") all news broadcasts, even Zoos and car race events. This same media has fully censored those who speak the truth. Amazon, Google (I hear Google is connected with GSK) FB, Pinterest and soon to be Youtube. That is what Hitler did. There is a calm before the storm brewing. With religious and philosophical rights being abandoned, what is to be the result? They will force vaccinate all adults. That is where this is headed. Adults who had measles, chicken pox and have lifelong immunity will be rounded up , hated, then poisoned with vaccines that they do not need.


Thanks SO much, Katie! Best article I've read on the subject in a long time! Glad to know you have reconciled with your parents but it must be difficult. One of the saddest, scariest things about this whole vaccine mess is the way it is splitting families & breaking friendships - all pharma orchestrated of course. Divide & Conquer is the name of the game. We MUST prevent it from working!!

John Stone

Thank you Katie, courageous as ever.

With autism and vaccines it seems the price of remaining in public life is to say nothing, deny everything. If anyone stands up they suddenly get surrounded by tasteless behaviour. What truth would need to be protected in this way?

Anna Quandt

Thank you Katie Wright. You write well and I appreciate your brave voice.
My family members and best friends think I am a "conspiracy theorist."
I try to limit my advocacy around them in order to keep their love and support. We all need the support of our families. We overlook the pain they inflict when they regard our problems as "poor parenting." I am a single older Mom with a 28 year old who needs my help every day. (High functioning, not vaccine damaged.) I need my family.
You are braver than I. Thank you for speaking out.


Just completely shocking that anyone in the Kennedy family would direct any ire at all toward one of their own. Thank you so much Katie Wright and thank you RFK Jr for standing up for the most vulnerable in the face of such personal objection.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Other than making fools of themselves what are Joe, Kathleen, and Kerry known for? Who thought putting them up against RFK Jr. was a good idea? Other than showing RFK Jr. has disloyal relatives what did their post accomplish? Do the provaxxers have anyone knowledgeable and trustworthy on their side? Where are the pop culture influencers vaccinating their kids and bragging about it? Crickets, silence. I wonder what advice influencers are given by their public relations managers and agents? Maybe they don't have to be told how to stay popular. How could a course of action that causes brain damage ever be made popular? How can you get vaccine mandates passed in every state for something that is not popular? These are the questions pondered by the people we are up against. 1 in 36 boys. At this rate it will be hard to find people with no opinion to be influenced on this subject.


And which one of them came up with the phrase "internet doomsayers"? My guess is none of them.

Angus Files

Joe, Kerry and Kathleen Kennedy the three Pharma Monkeys see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil about Pharma. Money is a great solvent and lubricant..they say!Great article thanks.

Pharma For Prison



Re: the Soviet Union banned thimerosal in 1990!

And believe it or not see page 305.
”The Soviet Union was the first country to restrict use of lead in gasoline: By 1967, its sale was banned in Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Baku, Odessa, and tourist areas in Caucasia and the Crimea”

Oh I’m showing my age here and remember the leaded petrol (gas) debate well.
There were heated debates about how Alice Hamilton tried to prevent its introduction in 1925 but lobbyist won the day.
With the first attempts to finally get it banned, Prof. Needleman got accused of scientific fraud etcetera.

Also remember as a kid in Europe, listening on my short wave radio to the station Voice of America, castigating the Russians for restricting religious freedom. Oh how things change and don’t change.

“It often requires more courage to dare to do right than to fear to do wrong.” – Abraham Lincoln

Cheryl Bailey

All I can do is sit here and sob. How many of us lost our "family" due to going public and not backing down with our child's or children's story? WAY TOO MANY OF US. Thus we grew our on "family" out of stranger with one common bond....vaccine damage. Remember Alton Ochsner threw his grandchildren under the bus too, to promote the polio's an old story that just keeps getting new chapters and family added. Thank you Katie as always, nobody could say it better.

The Original Someone #1

Joe, Kathleen, and Kerry Kennedy are on the wrong side of history, and their biggest failing, perhaps, is that they don't care one bit about any of the children (and adults) who are brain-damaged or killed by the vaccines they take willingly, or take by force. How can anyone proclaim to care about the medically fragile children who cannot take vaccines, but at the same time have such contempt and hatred and denial about the "healthy" children whose brains are ruined or dramatically diminished by a medical product? Why are the medical product and the vaccine schedule more important to ANYONE than the significant harms they cause? If anyone cares more about a "hypothetical" model of "herd immunity" from mandated vaccines than they do about the 1 in 34 kids with vaccine-induced brain damage (in NJ) from our overly aggressive vaccine schedule, then they are clearly sociopathic to some degree. Joe, Kathleen and Kerry are the ones with the problems of ignorance, cognitive dissonance, and faulty logic, not their brave brother, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Esq., who is a godsend and a speaker/champion of our most unfortunate, most unforgivable truth. Our children are being destroyed for profit by the greediest of industries. Liability protection is not enough. Pharma needs product mandates for every baby, child, teen and adult. All of their products all of the time. How soon until we are all mandated to be vaccinated on a monthy or weekly basis at this rate of vaccine schedule expansion?

Gary Ogden

Thanks, Katie. An astonishing betrayal. From a family I've always admired for their dedication to public service, whose bright and shining exemplar today is Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. A family whose uncle and father were murdered by different elements of the same cabal which pharma represents (when I was 14 and 19, respectively). Hide your heads in shame, Joe, Kathleen, and Kerry. Better yet, issue a public apology for this shameless act.

Hans Litten

the “dedicated professionals” at “WHO”
I couldn't read past this part without laughing to myself ! What a joke !
A privately owned corporation in full compliance with Pharma's agenda.
The organisation is named as such to trick everyone into trusting their neutrality.

Bob Moffit

I am pretty sure RFK begins EVERY public appearance with the following opening statement … "I am not anti-vaccine. I have vaccinated my own children". RFK then proceeds to explain his ONLY purpose in speaking publicly on the highly emotional/controversial subject of vaccines .. is to expose the entire public health bureaucracy .. CDC, FDA, HHS, IOM, etc .. and .. the entire vaccine industry .. of FAILING to conduct even the most basic scientific research .. such as .. a double blind placebo study .. instead fraudulently replacing a true placebo saline solution with another vaccine or a solution containing all the adjuvants in the vaccine except the antigen.

Katie's analogy of Kerry Kennedy's adverse reaction to Ambien was SPOT ON .. exposing the serious adverse consequences of just ONE drug causing adverse reaction the pharma company did not DISCLOSE to those .. apparently Kerry herself .. using the drug. Indeed, there has never been an industry found guilty time after time of failing to INFORM their CUSTOMERS/USERS of the likelihood that dangerous adverse reactions will occur.

Even today pharma industry is being sued for MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS for "deceptive advertising" of opioids .. that were promoted as being NON-ADDICTIVE .. deliberately exaggerating the BENEFITS of opioids while deliberately minimizing the KNOWN RISKS that have contributed to the ANNUAL overdose-drug deaths of TENS OF THOUSANDS.

Imagine that .. a drug manufacturer exaggerating the BENEFITS of a drug while deliberately minimizing or .. even worse .. ignoring the KNOWN RISKS. And .. being held in some instances CRIMINALLY AND CIVILY LIABLE FOR THEIR DECEPTION!

That is EXACTLY WHY RFK HAS CHOSEN TO SPEAK OUT .. TRUTH TO POWER … and God bless him for having the personal courage to do so.

Grace Green

Katie Wright,
You've really put your finger on it with this impassioned article. I have known since I was able to think/walk that certain members of my family would be willing to sell their relatives to the devil in order to save their own skins. True to form, they have lived up to my expectations! Big Pharma and their cohorts have the ability to pick out those who will be persuadable and will do whatever it takes to use their position in the family or society. This ploy is as old as the hills. Robert Kennedy Jr. is a very brave and conscientious man who has the admiration of many like myself. I'm sure he won't let this episode shake his resolve.

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