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June 14 California Call to Action March Against SB276 and Subpoena Against Dr. Ken Stoller

American Medical Association Attempts Run Around at Parental Rights: Let Kids Make Own Vaccine Decisions

Paper moon smokingMembers of the American Medical Association voted this week to support state policies that would allow minors to override their parent’s objections to vaccinations.

Moving forward, the AMA will encourage state lawmakers to institute comprehensive vaccine and minor consent policies, according to a news release. The policy recommendation came Monday during the group’s annual meeting in Chicago. Read more here.

Really AMA? Not sure why the AMA is doing the AAP's work for starters. And then there's this: kids have to be 21 to choose other behaviors/products with risk - like cigarette smoking and drinking.  One drink or one cig will not kill or harm a 14 year old. But one Gardasil shot can. 

Remember friends, the AMA is like the AAP but for grown ups, they are the UNION for doctors. A UNION. A union's job is to protect the financial well being of its members. Unions are sometimes what one might call..... oh let's see, hmmm, (mumbles Jimmy Hoffa) less than a lily white bride on her wedding night pure.

My response to the suggestion that MINORS should make their own medical decisions for vaccination is this:

1) Fine! As long as the doctor and every nurse in the practice are held legally liable - by  name, address and social security number. Signatures on every sheet of paper. A paper trail as long as a CVS receipt.

2) Great! There must be a print out of every vaccine insert blown up and on the wall of every room and waiting room, preferably on Team Umizoomi background paper.

3) Before the child can say, "Boy Howdy! Gimme that DTaP!" he must undergo a full neuropsych evaluation and IQ testing, and an MRI.  Parents must be provided with the results. These tests cost thousands, the practice will happily pay the costs to allow Janey and Johnny their medical freedom of choice.  Each child must also have a speech and OT evaluation to determine baseline status.

3) After vaccination, the doctor's office must agree to FREE follow up visits at 1 month, 2 months, 4 months, 6, months, 9 months, 12 months, 24 months, 36 months, 48 months, and 60 months to review any changes to neurological, IQ or emotional status. Man, these will be LONG visits, not the 8 minutes allotted by insurance. None of these visits will be billable to insurance. Sorry Doc! We'll call them "WELL we warned you," VISITS. If the doctors want to make sure the kids are vaccinated, lost income is a small price to pay.

4) Malpractice insurance will have to be increased to cover the liability.

Any other suggestions, clever readers?



Suspiciously, these children are only allowed to say yes to vaccines. They cannot exert their right to say no to vaccines while at a doctors visit with their parents. If they are old enough to make a decision to receive vaccines, they are also old enough to make a decision to reject vaccines. My pediatricians told the children if they did not get the hpv shot they would grow huge warts out of their privates and not be able to wear a bathing suit, or in the case of boys, that their privates would fall off. Those same pediatricians are lobbying for this legislation.

Grace Green

Have a look at the Guardian article Angus linked. Peter Openshaw said, "....vaccines work by stimulating your body's own immune system, not by drugs" !!!!!!! Vaccines ARE drugs, and other chemicals, as we all know, and your immune system doesn't need stimulating because it's, er, an immune system and that's what it's there for. I noticed that all the comments after this article were provaccine, whereas in the USA you now seem to be getting a much more enlightened public, at last. Looks like we've got a long way to go in the UK.


What next? Mandated privacy rooms in schools where children may have sex?
Gun licenses for children? Admission to bars and night clubs? Allow them to chose not to go to school?

Anyways thanks to the AMA for proving how utterly corrupt the medical profession has become. Of course, maybe it is ignorance. Most Doctors don't receive much of an education on vaccines in medical school other than the basic principles and recommended schedules. A handful of PhD’s in immunology know better but they are a vast minority. Most Pediatricians should know better but they have been bought out with large bonuses to ensure patient compliance to CDC vaccine schedule. Again, they are also a minority

Still, the literature is available even for non pediatricians and presumably many of them also have children and I suspect most know enough not to vaccinate according to CDC’s schedule. But I suppose they know a way around the no exemption rule by having a fellow Doctor fudge the paperwork. Thats speculation on my part.

Otherwise one would have to imagine that as parents they never bothered to look into the safety of vaccines for their own children. Pretty irresponsible if true. Makes you wonder how responsible they are to patients who have no relations to them.

Angus Files

Well said Kim.Roll out the Pharma clowns...

Should only MMR vaccinated children be allowed a school place?
A measles outbreak at three London schools has reopened the debate about vaccination

Pharma For Prison


Jeannette Bishop

Add any other immune mediated disorder that subsequently follows to their liability bill, for life!

Go Trump

I don’t believe the “Association of American Physicians and Surgeons” supports the present “vaccine madness” of some of the other medical associations.

Surgeons make the most money for any hospital day by day, and I would doubt they are forcing vaccines upon them as they cannot afford to have them in poor health. Seems to be mostly forcing vaccines on the nurses who have had their own protests against the mandates.

Always thought it would be GREAT to have a web site where a doctor could log in by State, and sign up to take the “two month well baby visit vaccines” perhaps getting a "Gold Rating" if they take the baby vaccines adjusted to their body weight.

Anyone could then check the site to locate their favorite doctor.

Tim Lundeen

Why should we limit kids rights to vaccination? If they can decide about vaccines, they should be able to decide about any medical procedure. Their bodies, their choice! Who are we parents to stand in the way of them getting whatever medical treatment they want!

David Weiner

Now that the AMA has become the champion of minors who want medical autonomy, surely they will be issuing a statement soon indicating their support for minors with cancer who do not want to undergo chemotherapy. Right?

John Stone


Nicely put.


Gary Ogden

You've nailed it, Kim. Certainly cleverer than I! As I understand it, only about 20% of physicians are card-carrying members of this union, so possibly their influence is not huge?


I have an idea. As Del Bigtree has had some success with requesting stuff under the Freedom of Information Act., am wondering if it would be useful to get a FOI regarding what financial considerations (if any) the vaccine approval committee uses to justify an new vaccine being added to the schedule?
A short while back I posted my thoughts on the think tank paper:
Financing Vaccines in the 21st Century: Assuring Access and Availability.

It states and I quote:
The public and private partnership that supports the immunization of children and adults in the United States requires vigilance and flexibility in assuring that the social benefits of vaccines will continue to be available to all, regardless of ability to pay or health care setting..

To do any cost-effective analysis (CEA) and cost-benefit analysis (CBA) would require (and I selectively quote again):

... “financial savings that result from decreased medical expenditures, enhanced quality of life, reduced care-giving burdens, and gains in productivity associated with the prevention of infectious disease.”,

Associated gains refers to less time off work, not passing the diseases onto work mates, causing them to take time off. Longer working life and longer to be consumers which aids the economy, etc.

Think you can already see where I’m going on this. A good CEA & CBA would also have to subtract from the benefit per 10,000 people:

1) The extra life time cost of caring for those with ASD.
2) The reduced of quality of life for both individual and caregiver.
3) The extra cost of emergence treatment for those that get measles too young or too old.
4) The extra life time cost of having an allergy.
5) The reduced of quality of life due having that allergy, resulting in perhaps death.
6) Ditto Mumps
7) Ditto Hooping cough
8) Ditto… or as the say in the far-east, it turtles all the way down!

Plus the societal effects of class room violence on teaches and pupils. Sure you can think of more like autoimmune, diabetes and so on.

Money speaks and more people might start taking an interest if they knew the real life time financial costs.

Bob Moffit

"Members of the American Medical Association voted this week to support state policies that would allow minors to override their parent’s objections to vaccinations."

Apparently .. censorship and coercion are not enough desperate acts to stem the growing tide of increasingly aware parents refusing to vaccinate their children as the VACCINE INDUSTRY REQUIRES.

"1) Fine! As long as the doctor and every nurse in the practice are held legally liable - by name, address and social security number. Signatures on every sheet of paper. A paper trail as long as a CVS receipt."

This is an excellent .. long overdue suggestion .. to hold accountable those ADMINISTERING VACCINATIONS ABSENT CONSENT OF THE MINOR'S PARENTS. Should ANY serious adverse reaction occur to ANY MINOR who was vaccinated without parental consent .. THOSE WHO ADMINISTERED THE VACCINE SHOULD BE CRIMINALLY .. YES .. CRIMINALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT OF THE MINOR.

The vaccine industry has avoided being held accountable for the damages caused by their PRODUCT .. however .. those who ADMINISTER the vaccine ought not be protected by the same shield that protects manufacturers of an "unavoidable unsafe product". The ONLY people who should be held CRIMINALLY LIABLE for damages caused by KNOWINGLY administering an "unavoidable unsafe product" would include the AMA and AAP for recommending their members expose their patients to the 'unavoidable unsafe product".

No different than a tire salesman who sells tires he KNOWS are "unavoidably unsafe" to his customer .. and the customer is then involved in a deadly crash "caused" by the known defects of the tire he was sold.

If nothing else .. the AMA's statement on vaccinating MINORS ABSENT PARENTAL CONSENT should at least be mention in the main-stream media .. but then again .. that media can always exercise their greatest power and IGNORE THE AMA'S EGREGIOUS USURPATION OF PARENTAL RIGHTS.

Hans Litten

We have to educate our children of the very real dangers of this crime.
Literally pound it into them to resist this tyranny.

The deadly athletes foot pandemic (which starts with “pan” instead of “epi” and is thus much more scary) that has cut a swathe of carnage throughout the civilised world (Iceland) and America may already have claimed a billion lives and looks set to claim a bazillion more according to recent discoveries by scientists.

Officials representing Big Pharma and other charities have ordered the government to take urgent action as the epidemic shows no sign of abating. It may in fact present a bigger threat to LAKI (Life As We Know It) than any of the previous epidemics that infected tens of people the world over, such as Bird Flu, Swine Flu, Ocelot Boils, Horse Hair and Blancmange Fever and brought common sense to a complete standstill.

A scientific team working for the pharmaceutical giant BCI (Benevolent Chemicals Inc) made the shock discovery whilst researching into how to find a use for vaccines that might otherwise be wasted and threaten the pharmaceutical industry with the nightmare scenario of having cooked up a chemical it can’t make money out of.

Hitherto, athletes foot had never been considered particularly deadly except in rare cases of people who have more than two feet but it is now known that it is caused by a variety of fungi all belonging to a sinister group called dermatophytes.

Dermatophytes are now believed to be the most evil fungi in the universe. They may have killed more than a billion people since history began. Officially dubbed a Huge Scary Threat by the government pursuant to instructions from a number of charitable bodies such as RIGHT (the Rothschilds Institute for Global Hysteria and Terror)and HOAXY (Help an Aged Oligarch eXterminate You), dermatophytes fungi were found in the feet of one in three of the cadavers examined by researchers at a New York mortuary. As nearly three million people die in the US every year this proves that athletes foot is now linked to almost a million deaths a year in the US alone.

It explains too why athletes foot escaped attention for so long because, whilst COD (Cause Of Death) of one in three people appeared to be a variety of things such as pneumonia, leprosy, heart attacks, getting shot and so on, it is now known that such things were merely complications brought on by the dermatophytes infection.

It is believed that once dermatophytes takes up residence in the human foot, it disables the immune system even more than vaccines do, thus rendering the human body defenceless in the face of attacks by hostile organisms such as the Ebola virus, tuberculosis, hamburgers, Monsanto and other killers.

The statistical evidence, in so far as dermatophytes was also found on the corpses of one in three people who died from falling out of windows, getting shot, working with glyphosate or being vaccinated, also proves that the infection makes people accident prone.

Further horrific revelations also show that athletes foot, found to be thriving in the toes of many suicides, politicians and other deranged people, causes mental illness. Dr Wantme Hedexamind of the Brain-U-Like Institute, having studied the scientific findings for more than three minutes, announced jubilantly that preparations are being made to institutionalise up to a million athlete’s foot victims as they “present a clear and present threat” not only to themselves but to to normal people (psychiatrists, arms dealers and corporate oligarchs) everywhere.

National security agencies, alerted to the threat, are now exploring the links between athlete’s foot and terrorism. It is known for instance that before he was killed and dumped in the sea to save the public the cost of an embarrassing trial, the renowned terrorist leader and Homeland terror asset, Osama Bin Liner, complained of itchy feet.

It is believed that immigrants are bringing athletes foot into the country and that the epidemic may be the result of a plot by Muslims (who are already known to be to blame for everything, such as the National Debt, government corruption, corporate lawlessness, banking, unemployment, autism, Ritalin, media disinformation, the Irish potato famine etc., and not Vladimir Putin as previously believed) to smuggle a biological warfare agent into the country hidden in their sandals.

But just when it seemed that we were all doomed, Benevolent Chemicals Inc, have come to the rescue in the form of a new vaccine, Necroxia, which by an amazing coincidence had been sitting in their fridge for three years as no-one had found a market for it but which just so happens is really, really good for athlete’s foot.

Detractors and Athletes Foot Conspiracy theorists point out that Necroxia contains aluminium, mercury, ocelot spit, antifreeze, ground Lego bricks and bat faeces and has been linked to autism and the risk of dying but proponents point out that the risks are outweighed by the benefits: a child injected with Nexicron in its first year of life probably has a much reduced chance of dying from athletes foot or its many complications.

During Nexicron trials, of the children under five who inexplicably died or became inexplicably ill or autistic, only one in six were found to have athlete’s foot.

Nexicron vaccination of children is expected to become mandatory in California and other states favourable to population culling later this year.

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