University of Utah Ordered to Pay Additional $216K To Whistleblower Dr. Judith Zimmerman
USA Today: Why Big Pharma distrust is fueling the anti-vaxxer movement and playing a role in the measles outbreak

WHO Is Misinforming?: British Politician Makes A Fool Of Himself Attacking Social Media

Jon ashworth uk
Jon Ashworth

By John Stone

"Jonathan Ashworth in his one specific example of social media misinformation has almost certainly misunderstood what he is reading. The cases he was reading about were almost certainly in the US where the Hep B vaccine is administered on the day of birth. Given that he himself seems horrified by the idea should not people be allowed to talk about it?"

(My comment in The Times, London)

Jonathan Ashworth, British Labour Party Spokesman on Health and Social Care, finds the idea of vaccinating an infant on the day of birth repugnant. He wrote in a Times of London editorial yesterday:

"The anti-vaccination content I’ve been able to find on Facebook in just a matter of minutes has been eye-opening. There appears to be a deep distrust in these closed groups of both the medical community and governments.

"I’ve found posts from terrified parents asking for advice on how to make sure their newborn babies aren’t taken away from them shortly after birth to be vaccinated.

"Other posts completely misinform the public about the science behind vaccinations. It’s why Tom Watson has called for a legally enforceable duty of care to be placed on these firms backed by hefty fines."

It is of course impossible know whether the other posts he read and felt challenged by were genuinely misinforming or whether he was just briefed to find them so, but in this instance what is almost certainly being referred to is the US practice of administering the Hepatis B vaccine to infants at birth, and it is quite interesting that he finds the idea - this does not happen in British hospitals - repugnant.

On a similar note I wrote to André Spicer, professor of organisational behaviour, Cass Business School (University of London)

Prof Andre Spicer

about his article last Friday in the Guardian(so far no reply):

Dear Prof Spicer,
I checked out this paper by Chiou and Tucker you linked to in your Guardian article yesterday
The nearest that they ever get to providing evidence of “fake news” p.8-9 fig 2, is saying a website misrepresented an article by exaggerating an associated risk of vaccines with neurological-psychological disorders. It doesn’t reproduce the “fake news” article and doesn’t link to the study they say has been misrepresented (which is also not in the bibliography) and has not as far as I can see been misrepresented at all (if I have identified it correctly). It contains very troubling information.
 They also cite Beatrice Lorenzin as a credible source (p.9) who in 2015 told Italians that 270 children had died in London in a recent measles outbreak (a bare-faced invention/lie).
So, no single piece of evidence of “fake news”, just algorithms for classifying possibly inconvenient data and fair comment as fake. I commented on the risks of this to the DCMS committee inquiry into Fake News. 
If this is the best they (Chiou & Tucker) can do there is a problem. They haven’t documented any misinformation at all, and the rest, frankly, is ad hominem. 
John Stone
Spicer is the recent author of a volume called Business Bullshit.





Same politicians bumping their gums on tv yesterday , looking like ,sounding like and behaving like ,
Code of Conduct flunkies ?
What in the heck is a poisionious anti -vaxxer ?

Some of these amadans need to get their public presentation "behaviourals " back to primary school to resit their exams on how to spot the difference between a "person" and a living breathing human being !

Winston Churchills Gestapo Speech You Tube

Kitchen tutorials updates available at.
The Vaccine Confidence Project .

Joint Select Committee
Whorlton Hall .Care Quality Comission Leadership to be questioned . 23 May 2019
The Care Quality Comission's Chief Executive, Ian Trenholm and Dr Paul Lilliott ,Deputy Chief Inspector [ Mental Health] Will give evidence to the UK Parliament Human Rights Committee in early June .
"Community immunity, with Communication Resiliance" Will not stay silent and marginalaised when there is such ferocious revulsion for health and safety risk assessment failure in vaccination products and or care standards provision failure in the health and social care sector?
A Proposal for a "Get Gagged culture"can away and take a high hoof and a hike with itself !


Censored /UK Column
https/ column/censored. 8 April 2019.

" No Need for ignorance / amadans "
Health and social Care Minister states, so -called, anti-vac-urs, have blood on their hands?
Calling the electorate "Reprehensible" for being" able- as- necessary " to question and evaluate vaccine, health and safety risk assessments ?
Dearie, dearie, me, chucking that type of terminology, around the newspapers most certainly does not meet the criteria /threshold under The Fit-and -Proper-Person -Assessment /
Serious, skills/competency , temperament/charachter deficit apparent ?
They exploit a difference -in- differences framework ?
States missed measles jabs anti- vaxxing a "Public health time bomb"
Them that want to do their public health and safety, risk assessments, on the back-side of an envelope! re vaccine risks vs benefits " are an accident waiting to happen , always have been"

Leadership .policy's and procedures, not fit for purpose , Are they in the right line of work ?let alone the right job? Terminology indicates they are immature, and lack skills/ability in their own competencies.
Laurel and hardy Dance AC DC- Shot down in flames. YouTube
What a political pantomime !


Therefore, to make all this fuss over us, is tacit acknowledgement they are paranoid of the truth becoming more widely known. A small breach in the dam which will lead to complete collapse.


I absolutely agree.

The sad part tough, is that they're not afraid out of a fear of being prosecuted for this egregious crime against humanity. They've long since bought anyone who would ever take things in that direction.

Their real fear is that if people stop lining up for vaccines, an awful lot of chronic illness is going to suddenly start going away. And with will go markets for many lines of their expensive pharmaceuticals.


I would bet on your prediction being right, Hans.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Benedetta | May 01, 2019 at 09:57 AM

You are correct. Keele has not investigated any Parkinson Specimens.
But they want to.
Prediction : I bet those Parkinson specimen Brains light up like phosphorous for Aluminium.

Elizabeth Hart

Bob, here’s a link to an Australian Bureau of Statistics report on Autism in Australia:[email protected]/Latestproducts/4430.0Main%20Features752015

What do you think?

Bob Moffit

@ Elizabeth Hart

'Bob, I'm not sure which developed country has the most vaccine doses, but I suggest Australia is right up there..."

I was stunned to read how many vaccines are recommended and approved in AUSTRAILIA?

Very curious to know if the neurological/biological/physical childhood development problems in Australia is the same .. or even close to the 54% of children with such problems in USA? Does Australia's autism rate come close to 1 in 35 as in some States in USA? Juvenile type 1 diabetes? Asthma? Allergies (peanuts?)

I would also be curious to know if those developed countries that reject the vaccine schedule of USA and Australia have better general healthy children?

Does anyone track these countries .. similar to the unvaccinated v. vaccinated studies that are NEVER DONE .. to see if COUNTRIES with less vaccines have better developed children's overall health .. like they do to monitor 'infant mortality' rates by COUNTRY .. INDICATING THE LESS VACCINATED COUNTRIES HAVE BETTER INFANT MORTALITY RATES?

Hans Litten

Scoundrels at work :
We will not cease until there is a separation of Pharma from State !

GlaxoSmithKline Plc reported better-than-expected first-quarter revenue and earnings on Wednesday, as sales of the British drugmaker’s fast-growing shingles vaccine surged another 60 percent.

Sales of Shingrix, the vaccine launched in 2017, were 357 million pounds in the first quarter, up 61.5 percent from a fourth quarter in which they also doubled.

That pushed GSK’s turnover to 7.66 billion pounds ($10 billion) in the quarter from 7.22 billion pounds a year earlier and above a company-provided consensus of analysts’ forecasts of 7.56 billion pounds.

Adjusted operating profit was 30.1 pence per share in the quarter versus expectations of 26.1 pence per share.

“We have made a strong start to 2019, which is an important year of execution for GSK, with growth in sales, operating margins and earnings per share in Q1, in line with our expectations,” Chief Executive Emma Walmsley said in a statement.

Since taking over in April 2017, Walmsley has been streamlining GSK’s operations and spinning off or selling units including its consumer health division to focus on expanding its drug pipeline – notably for cancer and HIV medicines – and developing vaccines.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Benedetta | May 01, 2019 at 09:57 AM

Ok Ok - glad to know someone is reading my posts.
I am checking on whether there have been any Parkinson specimens tested.

I loved this post by
Posted by: Pogo | May 01, 2019 at 10:05 AM
Made me laugh anyway

Elizabeth Hart

In response to Bob Moffit | May 01, 2019 at 06:38 AM

Bob, I'm not sure which developed country has the most vaccine doses, but I suggest Australia is right up there...

Consider the number of vaccine doses in the first two years of life under the Australian National Immunisation Program Schedule, i.e. the coercive No Jab, No Pay law...

It depends on how you calculate individual doses. I've taken this info from the Australian National Immunisation Program Schedule, calculating 36 doses up to and including 18 months of age (up to 39 doses in South Australia), not including flu vaccination (with doses in brackets below, i.e. breaking down combination vaccine products):

Birth: Hep B (1)
2 months: Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hep B, polio, Hib, plus pneumococcal and rotavirus (8)
4 months: Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hep B, polio, Hib, plus pneumococcal and rotavirus (8)
6 months: Diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hep B, polio, Hib (6)
12 months: Measles, mumps, rubella, plus meningococcal ACWY, plus pneumococcal (5)
18 months: Hib, plus measles, mumps, rubella, varicella (chickenpox), plus diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (8)

Plus children in South Australia are urged to have up to three doses of the highly questionable, aluminium-adjuvanted GlaxoSmithKline Bexsero meningococcal B vaccine product, which has been rejected three times so far for the national schedule, but which was implemented in South Australia after lobbying of politicians by GlaxoSmithKline and its supporters.

Plus in utero - pregnant women pressed to have pertussis and flu vaccination...and future maternal vaccination for respiratory syncytial virus could be on the cards...

This is a shocking amount of vaccine doses being pressed upon young children, including 8 combination injections containing aluminium adjuvant (11 in South Australia with men B).

And we need to question all the revaccinations in this list too, e.g. four doses of hep B, what is the justification for that...except more sales for Pharma for their dodgy products?

This whole situation is out of control and needs to be turned on its head. We have to find a way to go on the attack, launching a full scale assault on the vaccine pushers, particularly with all the vaccine failures emerging now, e.g. measles, mumps, pertussis, pneumococcal, flu etc...

We need to paint a 'big picture' of a global vaccination bureaucracy gone berserk, with the support of the biased media, and which is likely in the process of damaging/destroying the natural immunity of current and future generations, i.e. stealing away our natural defences.

This is one of the, if not THE, most important political issues facing the world today.


.... what is almost certainly being referred to is the US practice of administering the Hepatis B vaccine to infants at birth....


How can doctors possibly tell the difference between a child who was supposedly born with autism, and one who made autistic by that Hep B vaccine on the first day of life?

If the DTaP vaccine actually included autism in it's list of possible side effects (, how can anyone claim with any certainty that Hep B isn't doing the exact same thing?

Angus Files

He’s wearing `I am clever Harry Potter glasses` that`s all that`s needed to be credible and learn`ed.

Pharma For Prison

Bill Bradford

It's almost scary and terrifying, to think about the double-speak, gobbledygook, psychobabble, and ridiculous nonsense that fills our Propaganda Media, - the Lame-Stream Media, the "Fake News" media, ALL of it strongly PRO-vaxx.... Pro-Corporate Profit. Pro-Government Power. Pro-Medical Fascism. ANY mention of a simple question about vaxx safety and efficacy is immediately met with cries of "Anti-Vaxxer bad!", "Anti-Vaxxer DANGEROUS!"....
"If vaccines are so "good", then WHY are they ONLY available as PRIVATE, FOR-PROFIT products? Why are they NOT available as Public, Non-Profit products?" Has anybody here heard of a "generic vaccine"? Does such a thing even exist? What about increased population-wide vaxxing creating vaccine-resistant viruses? We all accept the notion of anti-biotic resistant bacteria arising from the irresponsible and gross over-use of antibiotics. What about the AI virus? ("AI" = Artificial Intelligence)
That last, about the AI virus, is the most terrifying. Apparently, the AI virus has become loose across the internet. The AI virus appears to have no effect at all on biological humans. But the AI virus is out there, "in the wild", as it's called. How would we even *begin* to develop an AI virus vaccine?
These types of articles, above, would scare me more, if not for the counter-balancing TRUTH I find here at AofA. KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, People!


I have heard over and over again calcium channels. I don't know what a calcium channel is.
Is it just another biological pathway that is screwed up? However; calcium is causing protein clumps?

It seems to have a lot to do with both Alziehemers and Parkinson, in causing clumps of proteins in different places in the brain. These are usually at the ends of nerve clumps. Protein clumps, is that what they are calling misfolding proteins? Is that it?

alpha synuclein: That is Alziehemers

beta-amyloid: That is Parkinson

In short both of the above protein clumps alpha synuclein and beta-amyloid are the same thing but have different targets in the body. They both share the same mechanisms in that calcium (I suppose calcium channel) gets screwed up, and floods the mitochondria; damaging them.

Is aluminum messing up the calcium channel? I forget basic chemistry, I had to look it up. The outer shell electrons of aluminum is three. Silicon which Dr. Exley says drink silica rich water to eliminate aluminum from the body has two valence electrons in it's out shell just like calcium.

Maybe it is not calcium channel all messed up, but aluminum is attaching to calcium since there is no silicon present?

Can it ever be fixed? I want it fixed.

I found this; big long thing that no one will want to read or care.

"Two of the most devastating neurodegenerative diseases are consequences out of misfolding and aggregation of key proteins-alpha synuclein and beta-amyloid. Although the primary targets for the two proteins are different, they both share a common mechanism that involves formation of pore-like structure on the plasma membrane, consequent dysregulation of calcium homeostasis, mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative damage. The combined effect of all this factors ultimately leads to neuronal cell death. Whereas beta amyloid acts on the astrocytic plasma membrane, exhibiting a tight dependence to the membrane cholesterol content, alpha–synuclein does not distinguish between type of membrane or cell. Additionally, oligomeric forms of both proteins produce reactive oxygen species through different mechanisms: beta-amyloid through activation of the NADPH oxidase and alpha-synuclein through non-enzymatic way. Finally, both peptides in oligomeric form induce mitochondrial depolarisation through calcium overload and free radical production that ultimately lead to opening of the mitochondrial permeability transition pore and trigger cell death."


A Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Oxford has written this article, bless her little cotton socks:

Anti-vaxxer effect on vaccination rates is exaggerated

As we know, the percentage of Medical/Religious and philosophical exemptions is only about the 2% mark, so seems to be a fair assessment to me. Wonder if this article will now get taken down?

Therefore, to make all this fuss over us, is tacit acknowledgement they are paranoid of the truth becoming more widely known. A small breach in the dam which will lead to complete collapse. Hence, they’re making every use of Main Stream Media as an echo-box for their misinformation.

“Medical science is making such remarkable progress that soon none of us will be well.” — ALDOUS HUXLEY

Postscript: As Charlie Chaplin said in his speech from "The Great Dictator."

We have the power!” “Let us all unite”


Hans, has Exley looked at Parkinson's brains?

Hans Litten

"Merck had one of its strongest quarters in recent history," Chief Financial Officer Rob Davis said.
including $838 million from Gardasil

Professor Chris Exley can “see” the cause of all these diseases ! Alzheimers, Autism, Parkinsons CAA etc etc He can see the aluminium in the brain ! Which means their denials are meaningless

(1) Introduction: In 2006, we reported on very high levels of aluminium in brain tissue in an unusual case of cerebral amyloid angiopathy (CAA). The individual concerned had been exposed to extremely high levels of aluminium in their potable water due to a notorious pollution incident in Camelford, Cornwall, in the United Kingdom. The recent development of aluminium-specific fluorescence microscopy has now allowed for the location of aluminium in this brain to be identified. (2) Case Summary: We used aluminium-specific fluorescence microscopy in parallel with Congo red staining and polarised light to identify the location of aluminium and amyloid in brain tissue from an individual who had died from a rare and unusual case of CAA. Aluminium was almost exclusively intracellular and predominantly in inflammatory and glial cells including microglia, astrocytes, lymphocytes and cells lining the choroid plexus. Complementary staining with Congo red demonstrated that aluminium and amyloid were not co-located in these tissues. (3) Discussion: The observation of predominantly intracellular aluminium in these tissues was novel and something similar has only previously been observed in cases of autism. The results suggest a strong inflammatory component in this case and support a role for aluminium in this rare and unusual case of CAA.

Bob Moffit

It is very easy to label someone "anti-vaccine" because the term 'vaccines' applies to 16 or 17 different vaccines .. and if someone opposes to a single one of those vaccines … ergo .. they immediately are identified as "anti-vax".

A "one size fits all" vaccine like the HEP B within hours of birth defies common sense .. PERIOD.

There is no discussion that will defend administering the HEP B to infants .. whether they were born premature or full term, weighed 3 lbs or 10 lbs .. with an inherited immune systems that is as unique to EACH INFANT as are their fingerprints and DNA .. within hours of birth .. ostensibly to protect those newborn infants from a disease that is primarily spread by unhealthy BEHAVIORS .. such as .. promiscuous unprotected sexual intercourse or sharing drug contaminated needles .. behaviors that are impossible for a newborn infant to engage.

The United States is the ONLY country in the developed world that has instituted vaccine policies requiring parents to subject their precious children to a virtual GAUNTLET of vaccines .. beginning with a pregnant woman recommended for flu or DPT shots .. followed immediately with HEP B at birth .. followed by 76 doses of vaccines in first 5 years of life.

Is there another country in the developed world that has adopted the US standard of vaccine requirements for children in their country? I suspect NOT. Which begs the following question;



susan welch

Brilliant, John. That's telling them!

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