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USA Today: Why Big Pharma distrust is fueling the anti-vaxxer movement and playing a role in the measles outbreak

Merck trust usNote: This is a relatively balanced article about a topic that has been forever a one sided refusal to even entertain a conversation. Vaccine safety. Pharma drug safety. They two are the same. And yet, in the media, they are worlds apart. To many Americans, they are worlds apart. Pharma is the devil when it comes to drug safety and an angel when it comes to vaccines. If only the world were that black and white.  Our Dan Olmsted was a founding writer for USA Today when it launched. I wish he were here today to help us sort out the morass of vaccine safety reporting.  KIM


Bernadette Pajer doesn't trust the pharmaceutical industry. And she doesn't trust vaccines.

The founder of a Washington state advocacy group says her dual distrust shouldn't come as any surprise. She notes drugmakers have a "pretty poor record overall" on safety and transparency. Not to mention the opioid crisis, though Pajer often does. 

Pajer is not alone. As distrust of the pharmaceutical industry grows, so has the anti-vaccination movement. That is a critical issue as the number of measles cases in the USA surges. 

Vaccine supporters – which include federal, state and local officials, the public health community and most doctors – say it wasn't drugmakers' idea to require protection from largely eradicated deadly diseases. It's the government's doing.

It's also the government that shields drugmakers from liability when vaccines are found to cause injury. To vaccine skeptics, including drug safety advocate Kim Witczak, this suggests they may be hiding or at least getting away with something.  

When voters were surveyed in January about their feelings toward industries that benefit from the North American Free Trade Agreement, nearly half had an unfavorable opinion of pharmaceutical companies, up from about a third in 2008, according to the advocacy group Public Citizen and the research firm Citizen Research.

"The pharmaceutical companies in particular push the negative reactions off the chart, with nearly half giving the most intense negative response," says a summary by pollster Stanley Greenberg. “Just mentioning the pharmaceutical companies as benefiting is like throwing a bomb in every quarter of the electorate." Read more at USA Today here.




Correct John. According to US census data, children are ten times as likely to have a disability today than before the widespread use of vaccines.

There is no greater good. There is no good of any kind from any vaccine. Just 7 billion completely deranged people who have somehow allowed themselves to be convinced that a trillion viruses raining down on them from the sky each day is harmless but a few thousand viruses jumping from a child to their child is instantly fatal. At the same time, these completely deranged people have decided that being around these sick children is so dangerous that they need to get a vaccine to protect themselves from them - except that they get most of their vaccines at a place typically filled with sick people.

Lunacy. The fact is that if you believe in any vaccine in any kind in any situation then you don't have a mind. I don't mean that you are stupid. I mean that you are literally a mindless automaton without anything remotely resembling consciousness.


What I find extraordinary telling is that legislators pushing mandates can only make their mouths say 'safe and effective', and cannot, will not and appear quite incapable of saying 'vaccine injury' because then they have confessed their evil sin.

John Stone


It is not utilitarian to injure so many people.


What I find extraordinary telling is that legislators pushing mandates can only make their mouths say 'safe and effective', and cannot, will not and appear quite incapable of saying 'vaccine injury' because then they have confessed their evil sin and the utilitarian basis of their motives.

Grace Green

Well worth reading the original article. It looks like a chink of light in the reporting of the vaccine holocaust.


Once again, THANK-YOU, Bob Moffit. Your comment above, is so close to what I would write, that it saves me from having to write a longer comment myself. So, I AGREE 100% with what Bob is saying. And then some. When ANYBODY asks ANY question about VAXX SAFETY, the media immediately brands them as dangerous "anti-vaxxers".
So let ME ask a question. If vaxxes are as "safe and effective" as the media and PhRMA *claim*, then WHY are they NOT available as NON-PROFIT PUBLIC GOODS, but ONLY as PRIVATE, FOR-PROFIT PRODUCTS?.....
My 2 typing fingers are getting tired. Maybe somebody ELSE here can answer that question today?....
KEEP UP the GOOD WORK, People!
~Bill Bradford

Bob Moffit

"Vaccine supporters – which include federal, state and local officials, the public health community and most doctors – say it wasn't drugmakers' idea to require protection from largely eradicated deadly diseases. It's the government's doing."

Can someone please explain why …. for 20 years .. those very same VACCINE SUPPORTERS have steadfastly refused to conduct an independent, scientific study of vaccinated v unvaccinated populations .. to ascertain if BOTH populations suffer the same inexplicable, dramatic increase in childhood development problems which now affect 54% of today's generation .. up from 12% in 2002. ?

For 20 years this common sense study not only remains UNDONE .. but those begging for it to be done have been routinely "DEMONIZED AS ANTI-VAXXERS' .. while providing ludicrous reasons for not doing the study. After all is said and done …. this country has the resources, data and expertise to conduct this study .. THEY LACK ONLY THE WILL TO DO SO.


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