Antibiotics Fail Decrease Use. Vaccines Fail Increase Use.
Connecticut will NOT Vote to Remove Religious Vaccine Exemption

Undue Burden: Abortion Rights V. Vaccination Rights


Alabama has all but removed a woman's right to choose to terminate a pregnancy, even in cases of rape and incest. As a Mom of three disabled daughters who face a lifetime of sexual assault, this ruling appalls me.

Undue burden means significant difficulty or expense: In the field of reproductive rights, having the purpose or effect of placing a substantial obstacle in the path of a woman seeking an abortion of a fetus that is not yet viable. Laws that impose an undue burden on a fundamental right are unconstitutional under current Supreme Court cases.(

What about the undue burden of vaccination rights?  How far will a parent have to travel to find a doctor willing to give a medical exemption to a child, when that doctor knows his license will be at stake? We're creating a new back alley. In 2019. Not to mention the threat of vaccine injury to every single child. That fact is swept under the rug because most politicians, heck, most Americans, simply do NOT believe vaccine injury exists beyond the redness at the injection site. Vaccine injury is as mythical as the Jabberwocky. And if vaccine injury does not exist, there is no reason to ever say "no" to a vaccine, therefore exemptions are not needed. Find me a bottle that says "Drink Me," please.

Maine removed a woman's right to choose to say "no" to pediatric vaccines for her children, even in cases of previous family injury, religious belief or scientific research having convinced her that to delay or deny a vaccine is in the best interest of her child.

Women who rally against Alabama's law are considered Handmaid Heroines.

Women who rally against Maine's (and New York and Connecticut, and California, and Oregon et al) law are considered dangerous, selfish, obnoxious threats to be silenced.

Here's a clever way to sum up American politics today.

Republicans  = Guns and Buns (in the oven.)

Democrats = Vaxes and Taxes.

"Twas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe. All mimsy were the borogoves, and the mome wraths outgrabe." (Lewis Carroll.)  This is not, as our Dan Olmsted would have said, a "frabjous" day for any of us.


Hans Litten

Frazer-Stanleys Gardakil-HCG went live in 2006, & now has a 45% US uptake. 85% UK.
6M fewer births have occurred than expected. Good work professors.
Ian Frazer is going to clear his own homeland too - Scotland cant get enough of Gardasil - SNP

Demographer Kenneth M. Johnson of University of New Hampshire’s Carsey School of Public Policy estimates that had fertility rates not dropped, 5.7 million babies would have been born in the past decade.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Benedetta | May 17, 2019 at 12:46 PM

It sure is a part of the depopulation policy. World Global population 7.5 Bn today
Since the massif promotion of abortion policies in the 70s, there have been 2 Bn abortions.
Think of the magnitude of these numbers.

I am not able to estimate the number of people poisoned to death so far with mercury amalgams, fluoridation of water, vaccination-assassination and tainted food supplies.
Then there are the sterilisation figures. This project is huge and right in front of our eyes.
I am not sure if anyone here can put a figure on that, but its huge for certain.


Science is pure. People are corrupt;

Maybe you are right. But there are so many issues that just might have at their very base root, something similar.

Our ideas are not our own, or seldom, it is what the government decides to feed us thru the public education system, and how far does that all go?

What we think we know, we don't. Perhaps abortion like vaccines all come from the same educational, government propaganda.

What if they are both the same, driven by the same reasons to reduce the population. Ahhhh we say, no. Well why not? Why is it so unbelievable that vaccines is part of a population control? They certainly managed to screw our heads on all wrong about vaccines, what about abortion? What about Climate change? What about making airplanes that well ---- the root is all in there, some common cause if only we could just put our finger on it.

1.2 million abortions at the height of the abortion frenzy, every year for almost two decades.

Victim of rape
Fetal health problems
Physical health problems
Would interfere with education or career
Not mature enough to raise a child
Don't want to be a single mother
Done having children
Can't afford a baby
Not ready for a child

In 2014, approximately 19% of U.S. pregnancies (excluding spontaneous miscarriages) ended in abortion.

Perhaps if there is a God (I am certain of it, but many are not) then as a nation we are being cursed, with low birth rates.

Society's time clock, that we have set up, especially on our young teenagers may not fit into their biological clocks. Maybe their biological clocks like their strange moods of bipolar, depression, hormones, going into puberty early and then menopause early is all vaccine related, and abortion takes care of that little problem, cause later on it is all over.

As you say people are corrupt.

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

I have been beating the drum for some time about the need to avoid linking the perversion of science with the various other agenda of the age, since it will only weaken the unity of the extremely varied people who come from all demographics working for the cause. The discussion here is a good example of why.


A person can be peacefully against abortion. I am tired of radical feminist and there extreme abortion agenda. The life of the mother or in the case of rape or incest is about 5% of abortion possibly as little as 2% of abortions. Religious fundamentalist compare condoms to abortion and wrong or right they are not the same. There are going to still be other ways young children die in Alabama like poor quality medical care or being killed by the police for stealing a slice of pizza.



Just more to think on and it is this.
" If your daughter (God forbid( gave birth after an assault in a land of mandatory birth and mandatory vaccination your grandchild would surely also become autistic. "

It has happened. I have a good friend from grade school days. She was blessed with a son and a daughter; and heart broken over their mental illness. The son died young from an over dose, her daughter had mild autism, bipolar and a drug addict too, she gave birth to three children before she was reined in. The daddy of this young man in the video below died also of an over dose. My good friend gave the boy to her mother, he was raised by his great grandma, because his grandmother (my grade school friend) was raising two additional granddaughters by her mentally ill daughter. They are wonderful. She vaccinated late, or not at all.

Guess which young man has a mentally ill mother in the below U tube?


Did Bella receive the Hep B at birth?

I think you told us one time about it, it was at CHOPs.

Democrats seem to be very entrenched in the abortion thingy as well. They are very entrenched in Planned Parent Hood, and very entrenched in late term abortion : As in New York encouraging very aggressive late term abortion laws As in Virginia governor saying "after the baby is born, we would make it comfortable, as they figure out what the parents wanted to do. As in Hillary's silent, strange composure during the debate as Trump said a nine month old being aborted was too much.

So Democrats is the party of vaxxes, might really kind of makes sense. After all vaccines are driving down the birthrate even out here in the land of buns and guns. (Buns are getting rare here too) Vaccines are being given to pregnant women that causes them to abort or give birth to more children that won't go on to reproduce. Even vaccines that makes women abort so exist for areas like Kenya, Africa, India and the Philippines. Maybe it is all the same thing for the same purpose to diminish the populations so that Mother Earth is free to reproduce more sage grass, and poison ivy, ticks and mosquitos. Allow the immigrants in as long as they get their vaccines; come on in said the spider to the fly.


@ Carolyn,

I just want to say that I loved your comment! First thing I read this morning...


As always so well said Kim! A mother’s right to control what gets injected into her children as important as a woman’s right to determine if she wants to carry a pregnancy to term! Watching the news coverage of the Alabama decision it’s stunning how the arguments defending abortion choice parallel with the arguments defending vaccine choice; the right to bodily integrity, the constitutional protections against undue burden, thousands of women protesting all over the country holding up signs that read “My Body, My Choice”, yet only one issue that begs that right is positively covered by the media.

Carolyn Kylesmom

I apologize for all the typos. When I try to fix them in preview I often lose the entire message.

Carolyn Kylesmom

Whaf I do not get is this: Bills like Sb276 which allows the medical board and state to go after drs who are educated and compassionate enough to exempt vaccines—are supported by the very women who demand that their reproductive rights be private and between them and their doctor. I believe that I would not have chosen abortion no matter what showed up on my son’s ultrasound, but what if he was to live a life of anguish? What then? How can we allow vulnerable women like your daughters to be at the mercy of sexual predators who could literally force them to have a baby they couldnt care for? So as a Catholic I think abortion should be safe, legal, and rare, and balanced with incredibly good supports and medical care for the infants and pregnancy. I also have seen evidence that vaccinating a pregnant woman increases the risk of miscarriage. While I know many since “right to lifers” I believe that these abortion bills and Sb276 are both mysogynist and both a fight for our bodies and for the automomy of our doctors. It is obvious to me that if a rightwinger won CA and 276 was law, he or she could use and harass doctors who say an abortion is medically necessary—just like those who grant exeption. I do not get why aclu or naral or the churches no matter what their stance on abortion or vaccines arent screaming bloody murder and joining us to fight this slippery slope. Drs who were specialists in say tubal pregnancy could be silenced as easily as doctors who are specialists in vaccine injury. Wake the heck up California. And thank you Kim
For your courageous advocacy. Sometimes medical decisions simply are not black and white. If your daughter (God forbid( gave birth after an assault in a land of mandatory birth and mandatory vaccination your grandchild would surely also become autistic. No one has the resources or the years left in their life to endure the anguish of watching that happen all over. You would love that child like no other but the insanity of putting a severely autistic child-woman through that ordeal is unfathomable. And who would take care of all of you as you aged. This feels like war. It is insanity and as RFKJR said yesterday, the cognitive dissonance is mind boggling. You are a hero Kim.


Good morning. I was clear in my memoir - I chose LIFE when given the opportunity to abort Bella. Mia and Gianna had just been diagnosed. I chose life. I will not tell another woman what to do - and if my daughters are raped - I can not say I would have them carry to term. I’m honest. Transparent. Keep commenting and talking to eachother - we can’t stop.



I vehemently disagree with your views in this situation. If you care about defending the defenseless, you should care about the unborn. Watch the movie Unplanned. You will see abortion for the evil that it is. It’s the brutal murder of innocent, defenseless children. It’s state sanctioned lethal child abuse. It’s yet another weapon in the arsenal of destroying our most precious gifts, our children, just like the vaccines are. Sex has serious consequences and shouldn’t be treated like just a fun recreational activity. I understand your concern for your daughters being the victims of abuse, but should an innocent child be slaughtered for the crime his father committed? My innocent sibling was killed by a flu vaccine my mother received when she was pregnant. MY SIBLING’S LIFE MATTERED!!! Shame on you! You should care about all innocent children, born and unborn!

Coram Deo

I'm appalled that you are appalled!

'Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man'
Genesis 9:6

Donna L.

Amen. You nailed it, Kim.

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