USA Today: Why Big Pharma distrust is fueling the anti-vaxxer movement and playing a role in the measles outbreak
Maine and Colorado Vaccine Exemption Removal Bills on the Ropes

UNC Shooting Suspect Trystan Terrell May Have Autism

WeepNote: "Thoughts and prayers" go out to the families of the dead. That's what we're supposed to say right?   Join us at to start talking about these impossible issues related to autism and adulthood.  
By Kim Rossi

My Lord, the irony of this shooting to come on April, 30, the last day of Autism Acceptance month.

We have, in the past, tried to soften the possibility that these murderers (don't look to me for a sugar-coating) may be be autistic.  I went on CBS radio to tell listeners that Adam Lanza, was an aberration, not the norm.  I wrote a HuffPo post about Cho, the man who shot and killed students at Virginia Tech. You can call me angry. Just don't call him autistic. Tuesday's murders at UNC have no such shield from me. Trystan Terrell's father wrote a letter that soke of  his son's autism.  If the blog and the letter are accurate, Terrell has a medical autism diagnosis. Terrell's sister Chloe mentioned her father's description in a letter he sent her.  Take a look  below. 

From Terrell’s father, Craig, wrote in a blog post in May 2016 that his son was diagnosed as being autistic at three years old. Craig Terrell said that when a nurse in a neurological doctor’s office asked him, “Has anyone ever mentioned the word autism to you?… Our lives got more complicated.” He went on to discuss the difficulty of researching autism online as the family was living in a rural part of Texas with only dial-up AOL internet access. Craig Terrell added that the nurse told him that there would be no follow-up appointment but that family just needed research autism.

no follow-up appointment but that family just needed research autism.
no follow-up appointment but that family just needed research autism.
no follow-up appointment but that family just needed research autism.
no follow-up appointment but that family just needed research autism.
no follow-up appointment but that family just needed research autism.
no follow-up appointment but that family just needed research autism.
no follow-up appointment but that family just needed research autism.
no follow-up appointment but that family just needed research autism.

This is exactly what I faced when Mia and Gianna were diagnosed at one of America's TOP pediatric neurology programs run by Dr. Max Wiznitzer in Cleveland Ohio.   I was told to make sure I got an IEP at school and NOTHING MORE. I know young parents who go to Yale's famous autism clinic and hear exactly the same thing 20 years after I got the news. Autism.

Measles got you scared? It's a game of peekaboo compared to the monster in the closet of a generation of young, healthy autistic males with autism who need so much more than we have been able to offer. An adulthood for which they are not prepared despite parental love, care, and harder work than most can imagine. 

Most of us do our level best to support our kids.  And as a community, we rally around each other - loathe to cast a shadow on autism as being a violent or dangerous diagnosis. Except when.... it is. What a painful sentence to type. More painful for our families who live it every day. We do not know what the Terrell family faced with their son, brother. Perhaps that will come to light as the case unfolds. No matter the outcome, if guilty, Trystan is not a monster, despite the monstrous act. Autism is no excuse, but it sure is a complex reason to act out.

My friends with sons at every spot on the spectrum are insane with trying to teach them self-protective skills like how to survive a police encounter, a date, something he might think is a date. There are so many pitfalls.  So many social rejections.  So much testosterone with no outlet. No hugs. No kisses. NO BANGING - there, I said it as bluntly as I can. Young men need SEX. Crave sex. Where does the testosterone go for those who have no or few opportunities?  These are the questions that are out there. Why did Trystan turn to violence? What more could his family have possibly done for him? Maybe nothing. How about his high school. The college. His peers.  Anyone. We can not do it alone.

The world has been told that autism is such a gift, a remarkable talent that there ARE NO SUPPORTS FOR FAMILIES. If your son or daughter can "pass" - you get no funding -  and once school ends? You fall off a cliff. 

Here in Connecticut, if you have autism and an IQ of 69, you get traditional, old fashioned funding for mental retardation. If you have autism and your IQ is 70 or over you may get approved for the autism waiver. There are 109 waiver spots in Connecticut.  109 in the entire state. All taken. With a wait list of 10 years as of now.

Every campaign to "Learn the signs" is a failure. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. "Learn how to PREVENT AND TREAT" is the only thing that matters. 

I'm sorry for the Terrell family. For a Dad who was told to go forth and seek your own info. For a sister whose brother is forever connected to the horror of American male school shooters. For the families of the dead and injured.

For all of us.




It is both, both, both parties; everyone agrees. However; the Democrats have become unhinged as of late. and are scary. What is a Democrat anyway? Whose a Republican? They are us sort of, but not really. We peons gets to change when the leaders of these parties makes it hard.

This vaccine thing, is the whole world against any one that speaks against vaccines.
It is the chapel of vaccination; the “Temple of Vaccinia” the religious hut of Edward Jenner where he gave the first small pox vaccine along with tetanus and TB too. It is the education system, it is the pharma companies, it is the Congress of 1986 when they passed the laws not to sue vaccine makers. It is the Supreme Court against us. It is the priests; those whom we refer to as Doctors and nurses of “Temple of Vaccinia”. It is the majority of the people that believe in vaccine religioin.

There are very few Party leaders, Party Congressmen that atheist and agnostics of this religion.
Those few happened to be on the Republican party right now. They are the crack, a tiny crack. That is all.

Aimee, I don't understand why you keep asking what about the Republicans. Sigh.

Aimee Doyle

@Visitor -

We all come to this issue out of our own experience. And I feel and share your frustration. I too worry about where this is all going. And I'm resolutely opposed to mandates. But I do think there's plenty of evidence that this isn't solely a Democratic issue or a Republican issue. It's about Pharmaceutical control of politics and media.

What's going on in Arizona right now is a good example. Republicans in the legislature introduced bills to expand exemptions, improve informed consent, and make titer testing more accessible and acceptable. The bills were opposed by Democrats on the legislature's health and human services committee. However, Arizona's Republican governor, Doug Ducey, has recently vowed to veto these bills and any others like them. As he says, "I'm pro-vaccination, I'm anti-measles."

And even in California, it was sort of a mixed bag with respect to SB 277.

"Two Republicans crossed lines to vote yes, while five Democrats – three who represent districts in Los Angeles – voted no: Mike Gatto, Autumn Burke, Ken Cooley, Cheryl Brown and Patty Lopez." Three Democrats abstained.

I think legislators, like most individuals, get convinced one-on-one. Perhaps in addition to testimony at hearings, it's important to flood legislator's offices with stories of injury, with children in tow, with evidence in hand. Perhaps more listening takes place when it doesn't happen in front of cameras.

Anyway, I'll let it go after this post. Visitor...wishing you well.


Visitor, thanks to link to WAPO Kayyem editorial. She is profoundly ignorant and dangerous. There were plenty of Kayyem types in fascist 1930's Germany and we know how that worked out. The Kayyems of fascist Germany incited Kristallnacht.


I should have said., she wants the government to be willing to use a gun on anyone who resists? Not just me.


I went beyond hyperbole and regret my comments about the Democrat part. It is a subset that is powerful that alarms me., but a confluence of factors, partially self inflicted, dictated my diatribe. You are mainly correct. However, most of the folks who dismissed a, opposed, or criticized all info and treatments I brought about for my family member were on the left, let alone they are also ones in the broader public demonizing vaccine critiques or people who wish the right to refuse them.o This piece however, after our incessant efforts, drove home my concerns, especially the arrests part. She wants the government to be willing to use a gun on me if I resist?


What is a waiver?
I thought there was only Medicaid and SSI in which for a young, disabled person gets 2,000 dollars a year; for such an awesome amount; a person may have three tries if first denied. The third time puts a disabled person in front of some judge in a federal building.

A federal building in which they make you go through a metal detector, and in our case the guard ask permission to touch my back, to see if my bra's hooks and eyes are not some kind of weapon. LOL. Suggestion; go braless to federal buildings.

I don't think my sister-in-law with two identical twin boys; one with IQ of 69 and the other with an IQ of 70 knows anything about a waiver either. She went for the SSI too, and was denied.

If only there were jobs that pays for playing video games and watching way out movies.

Still it appears that we came out of this smelling like a rose, for ours are gentle souls.
As I look around at many of my friends' now grown men I recognize sadly that I was not alone after all. The world is full of them.

What should the punishment be to cause not just a few out of one generation, but many out of several generations to never be able to live up to what should have been their full potential? I can't think what that punishment should be?


Kim-I can't believe there are only 109 Medicaid waiver slots in Connecticut and they are all taken! I also can't believe there is a ten year wait list to get on the waiver in Connecticut! There are other states in the south with similar situations of years long wait lists for people to get on the waiver. What are all the people waiting to get on the waiver supposed to do and their families while waiting ten years for services? This is a crisis situation for the disability community and it will only get worse as more and more people graduate and are added to the list. The families are left with the overwhelming responsibility of caring for their children once they graduate with no services, putting a tremendous burden on them that is extremely unfair and very stressful. What does the future hold for all these disabled people who need services and their families?

Bob Moffit

@ Shelly Tzorfas

Greatly appreciated the article you recommended listing SSRI drugs connected to mass shootings in this country over decades … positively frightening these drugs continue to be prescribed to people with mental health problems. FDA says the risk of violent results from taking these medications is as "rare as 1 in 1,000" but there are literally MILLIONS of people prescribed these drugs. 1 in 1,000 of MILLIONS seems like a HIGH RISK to general population. Everyone should read Shelly's article:

On a personal note .. reading the article bought to mind my long deceased mother's experience .. a devout Catholic who suddenly began having thoughts of suicide … soon after being prescribed Prozac by a well-intentioned doctor .. which at that time was relatively new on the market. The doctor immediately stopped the Prozac knowing the inexplicable thoughts of suicide were due to the DRUG. That happened at least 60 years ago …….


Hey Visitor,
there is an old saying "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." Aimee is very definitely for the rights of the vaccine injured, so please give her a break.

I suspect in the end it is going to be a mix of grass roots organizations putting facts out there that can't be refuted; legal challenges, people speaking up to their representatives, and more and more people getting vaccine injured that will combine to stop this. Already, the doctors etc who have been testifying about how rare or unimportant vaccine injury is are having to face all the mothers who are talking about their vaccine injured children.

I also wonder how the doctors are going to spin the injuries of those who have been forced to take the MMR vaccine in New York? Mostly they get to say things like" it is just a coincidence" while the kid runs 105 degree fevers and throws epileptic fits after the vaccine, and the parents realize what happened later on when there are no doctors around to explain why their kid can no longer talk; but how many of the force vaccinated are going to buy that for a minute?

Vancouver just decided their outbreak is over. I wonder whether repeated vaccine version measles infections and multiple severe vaccine injuries had anything to do with their definitive decision that suddenly the crisis is "over"?

Aimee Doyle

@Visitor - good grief, I'm not pro-vax. I am against vaccine mandates, and I am for safer vaccines for those who want them. I don't think all cases of autism are caused by vaccines, but I definitely think it happened in my son's case, and in many others'.

I looked at the links you sent - BTW - you gave me the same one twice. I know that there are Republicans who have opposed Democrats' efforts to tighten vaccine laws. Good for them. I really hope they have success. It's not news to me that Democrats are pushing laws that get rid of exemptions. Makes me furious. As I said, I'm opposed to mandates.

But I notice that Republicans have not actually expanded any of the exemptions that currently exist, in states where they have the power to do so (Republican governor, Republican controlled legislature). And there are red states, such as West Virginia and Mississippi, where the medical exemption is ONLY exemption. That's been true for a while, and there doesn't seem to be much political will to change it.

And at the national level, I haven't seen Republicans in the House or the Senate actually DO anything about the autism crisis or hold hearings about vaccines and safety. And I haven't seen Trump do anything except appoint pro-vax people to head agencies and say people should get vaccinated against measles. Whatever happened to that safety commission he promised?

And if you want to talk about demonizing, I would respectfully point out that calling people "Nazis" "fools" and "mentally unstable" is sort of demonizing. Both sides do this, and I think both sides are wrong. Democrats are a varied group, as are Republicans, and I personally know Dems and Liberals and even some far-lefties who are concerned about our out-of-control vaccine schedule, and who think that vaccines could be behind the rise in autism.


One last thing. As long as Democrats have power vaccines will be pushed and rights eroded. Root of evil? Call it what you will. The Democrats are pushing the notion that the majority can dictate what personal rights you have. Evil in my book.


Aimee. Here is an independent assessment.
Republicans reject Democratic attempts to tighten vaccine laws

Why are Republicans across the country pushing back against vaccine bills?

Despite outbreaks, GOP opposing Democrats' efforts to tighten vaccine laws

Democrats promise to eliminate vaccine religious exemptions within a year

Aimee, you pro-vaccine?


Aimee Doyle

I held my peace about the direction of Democrats for a long time. Talk about demonizing, the left specializes in this. The Republicans a re cowards I would agree, but the left are the offenders. You can continue with the constructive dialogue bit if you wish, bit I have seen enough. The left is the home of authoritarians. That is my take and you can take or leave it. I will give no more. I don't care if you think it is useful or not these people are dangerous. Wait till they come to your door for your adult vaccinations.,


I have never heard of a single school shooter who wasn’t on psych meds. Terrell is a victim too. Psychiatrists don’t know as much as they claim about how psych. meds work much less how they work in autistic individuals. Shrinks are gambling with the lives of teens and the lives of others.

Jonathan Rose

Tim Lundeen: You're right about "psychiatric treatment", and I stand corrected on that point. It certainly won't work for autistic individuals.


cia, if you want to get people to understand that so-called VPDs are not dangerous then why wouldn't you say:

1) Provide me with any observational evidence that a virus has ever jumped from one person to another and immediately caused symptoms? And even if a virus has ever jumped from one person to another, then why would I be scared of these viruses and not the trilions of viruses that rain down on us from the sky every single day? If you can't answer these questions then clearly the idea that viruses causes illness is just an observation free belief - a superstition.

2) Explain how it is that being around one healthy (or sick) unvaccinated child could be any more dangerous than being around the dozens of sick people we would be surrounded by whenever we visit a doctor or hospital?

3) Explain why I should believe that doctors would never alter their diagnosis if a patient is vaccinated?

Oh that's right. You can't ask those questions because they are too extreme (read coherent) aren't they? Apparently the best way to fight this massive war is for every single anti-vaxer to hand over all of our best ammunition to the other side.

Shelley Tzorfas
A list for Bob M.


Ahhh, we have known for a long time really.

I sent two copies to my two Congressmen in Washington, a decade ago. Did I get a thank you or an acknowledgement? Why no.

Vaccination, Social Violence, and Criminality: The Medical Assault on the American Brain Paperback – January 1, 1993
by Harris Coulter

Aimee Doyle

@Visitor -

I have been a political independent most of my life. However, I do not think either party is the "root of all evil". I don't think it's useful to call people names like "fools" "Nazis" or characterize them as "mentally unstable." You will never convince anyone that way - and it will simply harden their position. Saying things like that reflects on all of us who question vaccination - and makes our position look unhinged. Argue with evidence.

The Democratic push toward mandatory vaccination is appalling, I agree. However, I don't see Republicans doing much to push back. Trump appointed pro-vax heads to all the key agencies: FDA, CDC, HHS. Trump recently affirmed the "importance" of getting vaccinated. Republican Bill Posey did nothing with the whistleblower documents regarding William Thompson. The (until recently) Republican majority, Republican chaired House Government Oversight and Reform Committee held no hearings while it controlled the House. The Republican Senate has held no hearings on the vaccination issue. Republican controlled legislatures and governors are not changing anything in red states that I can see. Why aren't you holding Republicans to account as well? It seems that people who have the power to do something, and who choose to do nothing (while the autism rate skyrockets) should be held accountable as well.

I think there is plenty of blame to go around. If you want to demonize any group, why not start with Big Pharma. They seem to own almost everyone else.

cia parker

This has come up many times in the last few weeks. Again, it comes down to knowledge and education. The pro-vaxxers are succeeding in their mandates because we have not successfully taught everyone about the diseases. As long as they can say: a) Your freedom ends at the point it endangers, even kills, my child, and b) Look at all these people who can attest that they got all the vaccines, and nothing bad happened to them, that's why all the medical professionals tell us they're safe, then we're not going to win.

I got something from Levi Quackenboss this morning, which said that yes, in 1960 mortality from measles was one in 10,000 cases. But now it's one in a thousand. (I'm not convinced that that's accurate.) She thinks the reason for that is that people, nearly all of them vaccinated, get measles at an older age, when it's more dangerous. I think it's more that everyone gives anyone with a fever Tylenol or Ibuprofen to reduce the fever, not realizing that that interferes with the immune systems using strategies to preserve your life. Also that people's immune systems have been degraded, weakened and/or messed up into autoimmune/allergic reactions by so many vaccines.

That means that we have to teach people that the best thing for healthy children is to go through natural measles, see Aaby Senegal study on the tremendous survival benefit it gives. There's no instant fix to correcting the problem and giving everyone natural immunity in childhood, but we have to start from where we are. Infants must be sheltered for their protection until the day comes when all their mothers once again have natural immunity with which they can protect their infants. Adults must decide what they want to do: maybe get natural measles when their vaccines wear off, or keep getting boosters for life. But not interfere with everyone else's seeking the opportunity to get natural measles. We'll see cancer rates plunge fifty years from now! Think of that! A victory in the War on Cancer! Teach everyone that the nosode is effective and inexpensive prevention if you don't want to catch measles.

But as soon as they got one instance in which Child 1 catches measles from unvaxxed Child 2 and dies of it, then there would be an uproar, saying that Child 2 has no right to be unvaxxed if it's going to kill others. And also continue with the object lesson of children reacting to the MMR (etc.) within days or weeks with autism and bowel disease.

Right now not many people remember measles. And measles is potentially dangerous enough that it must absolutely be respected and treated appropriately (vitamin A, no fever reducers, three weeks quiet at home after the day the rash appears). But it's so beneficial that most people will want to get those benefits once they learn about them. And those who fear measles can go ahead and get the vaccine, as long as they're aware of the terrible disability the vaccine often causes.

I was a Democrat too until the election of 2016. They used to be the party of defending human rights and the poor and the environment. But things change. I voted all Republican in that election and also this past November. The Democrats have become ridiculous and extremely offensive, but it hasn't always been that way.

cia parker

I should have said "bated breath," sorry, just rereading it.

cia parker


I think a big reason for its poor success rate is that it didn't focus on the structures of language, only, at most, on simple phrases like Bye! (while waving), or Thank you! And those don't get you very far in another country. Though better than nothing. My daughter just started responding Good night! when I say it in the evening, about two weeks ago, and it makes a big difference in feeling that we're communicating in a friendly way.

I was putting together the two methods, ABA and English as a Second Language, in a novel way, to show that the situation is similar in both: lack of the language structures in the target language, and with that the entire culturally-constructed edifice of ideas given shape by our language, though the causes are very different. The situation is much more dire for the autist, because if you grow up speaking another language, you still get the structures which enable you to access the concepts of human life, mediated through language. If your language structures are wrecked by vaccine encephalitis, you can't make progress in any area which requires learning concepts or any academic discipline until you have the structures to support them. ABA, for whatever reason, didn't understand that this is the KEY deficit in autism. My daughter's high school speech therapist, when I explained this to her several years ago, said But that would take YEARS to work on every single structure! Yes, it does, it has taken YEARS, but my daughter has made great strides in her ability to use language and understand concepts. So what's the alternative? There is no magic bullet.

Just think what the schools could do if they started from Day 1 with a curriculum based on 1. Greetings, 2. Classroom objects, 3. Simple commands (Run, Pick up the..., Jump, Sing), 4. Colors, 5. Give me the ..., Give him/her the..., Give us the..., Give them the..., etc. You'd have to show ability to use each one before moving on to the next level (what they should do in beginning language classes at any level). They could have Structure of the week at schools, to encourage everyone at the school, staff as well as students, to use the structure when interacting with the autistic students, to reinforce with directed practice. My daughter to this day has never said a sentence with a color used as an adjective. She learned the colors very quickly as a toddler, just never started to use them in sentences. She got the concept, but didn't have the structures in which to use them. Never used the words pretty or beautiful either. Well, I'd better stop there, you've got the idea. But in our homeschooling now, we're doing the Middle East and the breakup of the Soviet Union with all the new countries formed. When I asked what mountain range separates Europe from Asia, I meant the Caucasus, but she said the Urals, and I remembered that she'd learned that on one of our question sheets maybe five years ago, and she remembered it! She had to learn the names of the five Muslim republics which are now independent states, and I asked if she remembered where a young woman was from whom we met at her outside speech therapist's a year and a half ago. She immediately said Kazakhstan. YES! We'd talked about it when we studied the Aral Sea, almost drained now. And now she can rattle off all five of them. I think today we'll complete identifying the names and capitals of the Middle Eastern countries, she learned them much faster than I thought she would, but I crank out a lot of mnemonic devices to help her. I'll never have a more appreciative audience: she waits with baited breath for them and then laughs her head off. They used to let the cedars of Lebanon take root in the bay. Get it? Beirut. The capital of Turkey is Ankara, an anchor to keep the Anatolian peninsula from floating away. In the fertile crescent of Iraq, on the banks of the Tigris and the Euphrates, Dad fills a bag with all the dates he can grow. Baghdad. A fisherman in Egypt rowed to the Mediterranean with his pet crow on his shoulder, which cawed all the way. Cairo. I also did them for Ataturk, the Shah of Iran, father and son, Jamal Abdel Nasser, Yasser Arafat, etc.

But all these little steps are necessary building blocks before more advanced comprehension and reasoning are possible. I'm worn out after nearly fifteen years. It might be more efficient to have similar programs at every school with autistic students. They're just going to have to admit that inclusion in the general classroom doesn't serve the needs of this population, who by and large just feel left out, uncomprehending, and inferior, when they could instead be given the tools they need for greater understanding and participation.


The Democrats are the root of all evil. Any fools who voted Nancy Pelosi into office are mentally unstable. Those who are trying to force vaccinations are Dems. The Dems are the Nazis. My first party registration was Democrat and how I regret my ignorance. Freedom is the domain of non-Democrats.
My own brother once said to me while sitting in my house " you are a Nazi" and proceeded to tell me I could not speak. He persisted to silence me in my own home.. These people are seriously dangerous. Leftists are truly dangerous. I ended up perching his funeral as he asked me to and I love loved him so deeply I could not turn him down. . He knew down deep I loved him. He had suffered and I knew this, but the perverted nature of Leftists need to b checked. Forcing vaccinations is absurd in a free society. I am a liberal I n my mind, but a conservative as interaction with insane leftists.


On the other end of the spectrum:

So happy for Ms Thunberg! So happy for the environment! I hope she does get the Noble Prize! I’m heartbroken, however that acknowledging the accomplishments of those on the spectrum has come at the expense of helping and preventing the hardships of those who are not on the list for the Noble Prize.

Angus Files

our earth shatter`r was " its Autism" whats autism is there anything we can do about it, my wife asked " "no luv go home and have a cuppa tea" the spokesperson for the line of professionals sitting behind their desks said.Off we went stunned.

Its great how they just dump their damage on the parents though how they do that is masterclass.#

Pharma For Prison


Bob Moffit

@ Bill

"Since 1996, (I think that's correct), some of these drugs, (maybe ALL of them, I'm unsure exactly), have carried an FDA-mandated "Black Box" warning telling of the small, but very real risk of "suicidal and homicidal ideation and behaviors" from persons given these drugs. The persons MOST affected seem to be adolescent and teenage males, as for the "homicidal" aspect. The "suicidal" aspect seems to more affect females, but the numbers are very close."

From Today's NY Post: "Youth poison suicides soar"

"The suicide rate by poison among Americans under 19 more than doubled in the past decade and more than tripled for girls and women 10 to 24, according to a study published Wednesday.

From 2008 to 2018, more than 1.6 MILLION Americans aged 10 to 24 tried to kill themselves with poison, the Journal of Pediatrics said. More than 1.1 MILLION , or 71% were female. The annual number of attempted suicides by poisoning for kids younger than 19 jumped from 39,367 in 2000 to 78,474 in 2018. The study's authors say the spike could be connected to the rise of smartphones and social media"

It ALWAYS seems to be SOMETHING in the environment .. such as smartphones or social media .. or air pollution and global warming .. never a connection to DRUGS AND VACCINES … how difficult would it be to ascertain if SSI's were involved in MANY IF NOT MOST OF THE 78,474 SUICIDES IN 2018?



The confusion is deadly to love and reason. Then media feeds on the confusion. We are fucked! I don't how to feel but discouraged. Ignorance rules and I don't know how to feel but discouraged. The educated are supposed to be leading the way,, but the voices in media are nothing but sinister and retreaded. l am stunned and immobilized by these power hunger media prostitutes.

Tim Lundeen

@jonathan rose -- I always appreciate your comments and the work you do, thank you!

I do take exception, though, to the idea that "psychiatric treatment" is the answer to mental illness. The track record of conventional treatment is horrible, and the drugs they use just lead to more dysfunction. People with mental illness are typically ill because they have been poisoned, and their brains and metabolism don't work well. What they need is a healthy environment and treatment for the multiple poisonings all too common today.

For example, see the work of Dr Kelly Brogan, who treats mental illness with nutrition and a more healthy environment; or Dr Rimland's work for autistic children.

Aimee Doyle

@Cia -

I also don't hear as much about ABA - Applied Behavioral Analysis - as I used to. I think there are a couple of reasons.

First, ABA has evolved in the last several decades, and there are a number of programs using some ABA principles but combining it with other disciplines. This article references different kinds of ABA

Second, I also know the neurodiversity movement has criticized ABA and campaigned against its use with autistic kids, calling it abusive and worse.

We did the entire five-year ABA program when my son was young. It was all positive reinforcement, discrete trial type learning, and I think he benefited from the program. But it wasn't a full recovery by any means...some concepts he never did get, and generalization was hard. I've read that there are some kids who recover through ABA intervention...but in 25 years of being in the autism trenches, I've never actually met any.

From everything I've read, full recovery from autism hovers around 8% and no one intervention stands out as the silver bullet.

cia parker

Autism is stroke-like brain damage, especially to the language and social center of the brain. There are many allopathic drugs which may be able to suppress the aggressively acting out of the symptoms, but they all have so many negative side effects that most of us agree that their use should be avoided if at all possible. Allopathic medicine has no treatment of the root problem.

ABA used to be considered the gold standard treatment, I don't know why I don't see much about it anymore. Probably because if people thought about it, they'd realize that the reason for the damage which requires this treatment is vaccine damage, and we can't have that. And it was gold standard for a reason: the demonstration and intensive repetition and practice of very narrowly-defined skills is the only way to build new neural circuits in the brain to replace those that were broken by the stroke-like brain damage. Language and behavior are administered by the same area of the brain, and both are severely damaged or destroyed by the encephalitic brain damage. The only answer is to start as early as possible to create new neural circuits for language, ESL essentially, intensive demonstration and practice. The actual grammatical structures, inborn physically in the brain according to Noam Chomsky, act as shelves for concepts. The concepts cannot even be conceived without the delimiting structures, and without the concepts, the autistic person cannot reflect on or enact in his behavior rights, generosity, compassion, fairness, justice, etc.

This has to become the basis for autism treatment. There are quite a lot of structures required to be able to understand and reflect on a question like How do you think -- feels if you hit him because you want his blocks? And yet current therapy leaps to make the supposition that, as I have been told, of COURSE he understands all the structures as well as concepts involved because he has heard English (or his native language) every day for his whole life. But that's ONLY true if you have the inborn structures in your brain intact, already available to process information received from the surrounding world, as this population does not.

Maurine Meleck

35,000 in Florida on the waiting list for a waiver. Most waiting their whole lives....

David Weiner

It is well-known that early lead exposure can cause brain damage and violent behavior. In fact, the article below makes a strong case that the removal of lead from gasoline is responsible for the decline in violent crime that we have seen in recent decades.

So it should come as no surprise that heavy metal poisoning from vaccines could also lead to violent behavior.

Grace Green

Absolutely right, although I have to say, when you've got a brain injury EVERYTHING hurts!
I was struck by the question the nurse asked, "Has anyone ever mentioned the word autism to you?" It's not the first time I've heard of someone being given the diagnosis in that way. It's as if they expect the patient/parents to have worked it out for themselves.


Bob Moffit is more psychic than he realizes! His is the only comment above, and he's 100% correct, and then some. Without bragging, arrogance, or exaggeration, I'm something of a "Subject Matter Expert" on the topic at hand. First, Bob means "SSRI", for "Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitor(s)". It's a class of psychiatric drugs first mass-marketed in the 1990's. Since 1996, (I think that's correct), some of these drugs, (maybe ALL of them, I'm unsure exactly), have carried an FDA-mandated "Black Box" warning telling of the small, but very real risk of "suicidal and homicidal ideation and behaviors" from persons given these drugs. The persons MOST affected seem to be adolescent and teenage males, as for the "homicidal" aspect. The "suicidal" aspect seems to more affect females, but the numbers are very close.
Persons HAVE BEEN found "Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity", or something similar, in MURDER CASES.
Adam Lanza was a psychiatric drug victim, himself. Try looking into his psychiatrist, and the role he played in the shootings. That aspect was COVERED UP. Even the CT. AG's office, in declining to release the FULL report on the shootings, stated that he would NOT release the full report, because to do so would, "CAUSE PEOPLE TO STOP TAKING THEIR DRUGS".
As for Cho, the shooter at VA TECH? Again, PSYCHIATRY and PSYCH DRUGS. Columbine? PSYCHIATRY and PSYCH DRUGS. Parkland, Fla, last year? PSYCHIATRY and PSYCH DRUGS. In fact, I'll go so far as to say in EVERY mass-casualty school shooting, what's the COMMON DENOMINATOR? PSYCHIATRY and PSYCH DRUGS. Please, *try* *to* find an exception. Please do. I don't believe you can find a case where psychiatry and psych drugs, - usually SSRI's, - is NOT involved. I honestly don't see where a subjective "diagnosis" of "ASD" has any real place in this media-CENSORED CARNAGE.
GOD, I hope Friday is not like today. I need some time off!
~Bill Bradford

Jonathan Rose

I too used to be reluctant to conclude that there was a connection between autism and violent behavior, but we can't go on denying it. Several studies point toward that conclusion (for instance, and I've observed it in a number of families I personally know. These families have nowhere to turn, because schools and programs for autistic young people generally turn them away if they're violent. And the parents fear that if they call the police, their child will be taken away from them, locked up in an institution, and doped up. Yes, autistic people are more likely to be victims of violence than the general population, but they themselves are also more likely to be violent. Yes, Bob, the SSI drugs they're prescribed often only make matters work, but the drugs were usually prescribed in the first place to deal with violent outbursts. No, autism isn't an excuse for violence, but autism can render individuals legally insane, where they can't control their actions and/or can't grasp the consequences of their actions. To send these people to prison would be barbaric, but the fact is that are prisons are filling with more and more people who are mentally ill, and should be receiving psychiatric treatment. Yes, many autistic people are not violent, but many are, and they are dangerous to others and to themselves. And until we face up to that, autistic people, their families, and the individuals they attack will all pay a terrible price.


Autism is Brain Injury.

The brain is sick and hurt yet doctors just tell people to go home and research. When you come back to the doctor with your research that shows your child may have a brain injury, you are told you shouldn’t trust google.

The medical community carries the final blame in this tragedy. Brain injury IS TREATABLE.

Bob Moffit

"I know young parents who go to Yale's famous autism and hear exactly the same thing 20 years after I got the news. Autism"

17 years ago our family made the costly trip to Yale .. because our pediatrician knew absolutely nothing about my then 2 year old grandson's 'regression" and Yale was the ONLY resource we were recommended where we could obtain an official "diagnosis of autism".

Again … in my personal opinion .. I am extremely hesitant to blame autism alone for these types of heinous acts .. without knowing entire medical history of the perpetrator .. by that I mean whether or not he/she was prescribed SSI drugs during their life .. either as a child or adult ..

Of course releasing THAT information would violate HIPPA laws .. protecting privacy of individual involved .. which also conveniently protects the 'privacy' of the drug manufacturers who provide medications that come with a black box warning; "If you experience thoughts of homicide or suicide while taking this medication .. call your doctor immediately".

Does ANYONE maintain a data base of all these types of mass shootings involving PRESCRIBED MENTAL HEALTH MEDICATIONS?

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