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Antibiotics Fail Decrease Use. Vaccines Fail Increase Use.

Tucker Carlson Recognizes the Pathetic State of Pediatric Health in America

Tucker Carlson PhotoBy Anne Dachel

Someone in the mainstream media actually noticed that something is wrong with our children. On May 9, 2019 Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson editorialized on the state of our children’s health and our elected officials’ failure to deal with it.

The occasion involved the most recent school shooting, namely the one at a Denver-area charter school where a young man was killed trying to stop an assailant. The title of the story was Vultures treat the Colorado shooting like a political prop—our kids deserve so much more, and in it Carlson went from criticizing politicians who use heartbreaking situations and push for gun control to asking the REALLY BIG QUESTION: WHY ARE KIDS TODAY SO DIFFERENT?

Carlson: Congressman Jason Crow and Sen. Michael Bennet, both Democrats, attended the prayer vigil. They were not there to offer prayers. They were there to belittle prayer, and instead hold a campaign rally….

What vultures these people are. The students walked out of the vigil. For the politicians, devastated children and grieving families were just political props -- props they could use to increase their own power at the expense of other people's freedom. That is their reaction to every problem and every tragedy.

This could have been stopped if you have given me more power. Of course, in reality, Washington has been getting more and more power for decades and has not been making our kids happier or healthier. …

There are a lot of possible explanations for this. We don't seem to be talking about any of them. The kids in Colorado were, though. They chanted, "Mental health." And they are right. But it is not enough to say we need more mental healthcare. It is also worth asking why we need it.

Why do so many kids have so many more mental health problems? It's not your imagination. It's real. It is measurable. It is being measured, though not addressed. In the past decade, teen depression has risen dramatically, as have teen suicides. They are connected, of course. Between 2008 and 2017, the percentage of adolescents with depression symptoms rose 52 percent. Among kids 15 to 24, suicides are up almost 50 percent. That's a horrifying number. No one mentions it.

Millions of American children are on drugs for ADHD, anxiety, other mental health problems. But why? What is driving this?

Is it the breakdown in the family? Is it too much screen time? Is it something in the food? We don't really know. That is the actual tragedy. And as long as our leaders' preferred response to this tragedy is opportunism, we never will know.

Carlson didn’t include autism in his list, but he did note other neurological issues now so common today, and he asked, “BUT WHY?” “…something in the food?”

Yes—and in the ever-increasing number of unchecked, unsafe vaccines we mindlessly inject into every child on the planet.  

(**And please take a look at Carlson’s interview of Robert Kennedy, Jr. on vaccine safety back in 2017.)

Carlson’s statement, “Millions of American children are on drugs for ADHD, anxiety, other mental health problems” doesn’t come close to describing how bad things really are.

Carlson needs to look over the MORE THAN 4,000 news reports on He’d see stupefying stats from countries everywhere. He’d see that our kids are getting sicker and sicker and that no one cares. Carlson needs to pursue his question, “BUT WHY?” for each and every story I’ve posted.

Just to save time, I pulled a number of recent statements from news reports both here and abroad.

But why? What is driving this?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released new statistics on autism. They estimate that there has been a 15% increase in the prevalence of autism across the USA, from 1 in 68 in 2012 to 1 in 59 in 2014.

Thomas Frazier, Chief Science Officer of Autism Speaks, says this suggests that the new estimate of 1 in 59 is likely to be a significant undercount of autism’s true prevalence in the USA.

Given these factors, it is not surprising that 384 students in [Rockland, ME] District 13, or approximately 23.39 percent of the total student population, currently receive special education services.

The number of special education students statewide with autism grew from 6,752 in 2000 to 37,435 in 2016, a nearly six-fold increase, according to the [New York State] Education Department.

One in four teachers in the UK say they experience physical violence from their pupils at least once a week, and many say poor behaviour is making them want to leave the profession,...

HAMILTON, Ontario — One in five children suffer from a mental disorder — with notable increases in depression and anxiety over the past 30 year.

The number of [Seattle] children living with autism has jumped 15 percent over the past two years. And now many popular attractions are learning how to cater to that growing population.

For schools across New Hampshire, special education is a growing need and a growing cost. Nowhere is that more apparent than in Manchester, the state’s largest district, where special ed expenditures have nearly tripled in the last twenty years.

The Colorado Department of Education’s government data reports that since 1992, Colorado student population grew by 49 percent while autism increased by over 400 percent.

As the number of students who qualify for special education increases to record levels, educators are struggling to keep up. According to the Rodel Foundation of Delaware, the number of students who qualify for special education has risen by 18 percent — or 3,141 students — in a little over a decade. Statewide, over 20,000 students — or 15 percent of all children enrolled in Delaware public schools — receive some form of special education.

… One in 35 children in New Jersey are diagnosed [with autism] by this time.

Around a third of the pupils [in Northern Ireland schools] are considered to be in the lowest quarter of the population academically, many have significant self-esteem issues and a negative attitude towards education…. It said between 2015 and 2018, the number of special needs care plans [in England] grew 33%, while funding rose only 6%.

…Currently in [Northern Ireland], one in 34 children are diagnosed with a form of autism….

Northumberland [UK] has seen a 50 per cent increase in the number of pre-school children with complex needs since 2013 and the number of pupils in special schools has risen by 32 per cent in this period.

…the number of students with autism spectrum disorder increases by more than 10 percent every school year. This growing trend in Montana and across the nation has been consistent for over a decade.

With more Minnesota students enrolling in special education services and public aid failing to keep pace with the cost of providing those services, the shortfall that school districts have to cover by tapping into general education dollars continues to grow.

“And this against a background where more young people in Dorset [England] are reporting mental health issues while we are unable to meet the demand for mental health services. … The figures from NHS Digital show 12.2 per cent of boys [in the UK] aged between five and 10 were found to be likely to be suffering from a mental disorder, along with 6.6 per cent of girls. The number of young students with autism is rising.

Last year Auburn [ME] had to place eight incoming kindergarten students out of district at a cost of $298,383. Of the eight, seven had autism. In the fall of 2018, Auburn placed four incoming kindergarten students with autism at an estimated cost of $260,763. In both years those costs were unanticipated, Grondin said.

Nearly 20 percent of Yonkers [NY] students have a disability … One-third of the [Bridgeport, CT] district budget is spent on special education. …

The number of [Scottish] pupils identified with [additional support needs] rose from 118,034 in 2012 to 199,065 in 2018 - with the total now representing 28.7% of pupils.

Carlson: But why? What is driving this? Is it the breakdown in the family? Is it too much screen time? Is it something in the food? We don't really know.

Carlson should also consider that many people already do know what’s driving this, and others simply don't want to know.



Grace Green

I agree with Will. There was even an item on the BBC news last night which purported to be about the "gut - brain connection". They proceeded to talk about "butterflies" in the stomach - which is the mind affecting the body! And that gut problems could be causing "mental illnesses" like Alzheimers! It seems to me there is an agenda to blame vaccine-induced brain damage on disturbances of the mind, with the same old aim of covering up their crimes against humanity.


There is also the liberal use of the term "disabled" in the western world especially the US. It started with a 1984 law signed by St. Reagan 'ZL, that made it easier to get disability benefits due to alleged mental illness. Now I see a slightly funny stereotype in the so called special education student of a white or Asian boy with ADHD or Asperger's his toilet humor and video game obsession plus and asthma or diabetes medicine. Yes he has issues but are the nearly as bad as a person with Tuberous Sclerosis and Autism plus epilepsy and heart defects? Tucker Carlson is right about three being an increase in sick and disabled children but loosing the meaning of "disabled" also plays a role and mental illness is not an excuse for mass murder.


I attended the fake public hearings in CT this past Monday and there was one woman who really triggered most of the legislators present. She talked about how she, as an active and lifelong Democrat, was completely dismayed that her party was behind the forced vaccination march. They did *not* like having the obvious partisan nature of these bills pointed out. Perhaps there is something to be hammered on there.

cia parker

I just saw this at the Spectator US. What an admirable man. There aren't many of them anymore.

"What makes this painful for The Narrative is that Fox News in general, and Tucker Carlson in particular, are regularly presented as thoroughly politicized, as mouth-pieces for the Right or (when they think they can get away with it) for the ‘alt-right.’ When it comes to Tucker Carlson, anyway, the only script that he follows is the script of his own conscience. I know that is a great disappointment to the Gadarene herd baying for his blood. But it happens to be the case, as this recent monologue shows."

cia parker

Tucker Carlson interviewing Robert Kennedy on vaccines: Congress is DROWNING in pharma money!


“Tucker Carlson Tonight,” a move that comes after the host said the “immigration crisis” in America makes the country “poorer and dirtier and more divided.”

Sooooo, they say. However; I have been lied to before and the little lie only cost a few of my children's brain cells. I would say it really, really is all about the vaccine thingy with JFK Jr. , but they did not want to draw attention to that interview and so picked what ever.

Insurance company Pacific Life announced Friday that it was pulling its advertisements from the program.

Now why would Pacific Life have to advertise to common peons like us when all of it's real clients are CEO of 100s of big companies in which the shuffle money around here and there; for retirement plans and such?

The other companies are:
Nautilus Inc., the parent company of personal training equipment Bowflex, personal finance website NerdWallet and SmileDirectClub also told The Hollywood Reporter on Monday that they are pulling ads from the show. I don't know about them. Some one with the smarts might track 'em down and see if some big pharma company is some how a client to them.


In Carlson's defense, he has to tread very, very carefully if he wants to keep his influential position in the mainstream media. He also failed to mention fluoride (maybe something in the water?), the other government-promoted and frequently-mandated debilitating toxin that is causing/contributing to so many health problems of Americans young and old.

Let's give him some space. If he speaks out too specifically he'll simply be fired and then he will be of no help at all.

Angus Files

Tucker its a pandemic virus called vaccines.

Pharma For Prison


Jonathan Rose

I have it from someone who is personally acquainted with Tucker Carlson that he has a vaccine-injured child. My sense is that he very much wants to raise the vaccine issue, but Fox only allowed him to get away with it once. In broadcasts such as this one he doesn't (and probably can't) address the issue directly, but indirectly he raises the same subversive questions that we have been trying to raise. For instance, in another broadcast he debated a doctor who was advocated gun control and asked her, "Are you the same doctors who told us that opioids were safe?" The Fox censors no doubt passed that one because they read it as a defense of gun rights, but it wouldn't take a great intellectual leap for viewers to substitute "Vioxx" or "Vaccines" for "opioids". His larger point is that the medical establishment is ignoring the health crisis our children face and can't be trusted -- yet another "elite" that promotes its own selfish interests at the expense of the general welfare. So yes, Carlson skirts the issue of vaccines, but just barely, and I'm sure many viewers can read between the lines.


Both things are important — gun control, and pediatric health/over-vaccination/drugs.

Politicians don’t just “use heartbreaking situations and push for gun control”. Thousands, maybe even millions, of people are sincerely passionate about the need for gun control. This isn’t just some kind of gimmick. It’s not necessary to belittle gun control concerns in order to make the point that there are major issues with pediatric physical and mental health arising from overuse of vaccines and prescription drugs.

cia parker

I LOVE Tucker Carlson and his great reports on many issues, including migration and Salvadoran drug gangs. I bought his book Ship of Fools last year. I LOVE it when the person he's interviewing says something REALLY st- and he just gazes at him, his mouth falling open in AMAZEMENT that anyone could say anything like that.

Wonderful. So now he's got his foot in the door of what's causing so much devastating mental illness in our children. Let's give him time. Once you start connecting the dots, all roads lead to Rome. (My bad, ridiculous mixed metaphors are on the list of things I'm studying with my daughter in homeschooling now.) Just getting the issue out on the floor with such horrifying concrete statistics and deeds forces everyone to stop whistling in the dark and do something. I predict we're going to see a new generation of politicians willing to court the huge percentage of the electorate ravaged by this issue, and just get rid of the old ones. Good riddance. They will be judged.


The tipping point keeps getting hit for more and more children. When they started pushing flu vax on preg women and infants, someone said that it was to cause autism to happen earlier. Then we wouldnt see as many dramatic videos of baby connecting shots then baby disconnected. I thought that was going too far. Now I don’t. I think the people at the top of pharma will tell any lie, hurt any child, ignore any data, to save themselves from the brutal anger when it finally comes out . #minetoo

Bob Moffit

Tucker Carlson:

“Millions of American children are on drugs for ADHD, anxiety, other mental health problems” doesn’t come close to describing how bad things really are …. but why? What is driving this? Is it the breakdown in the family? Is it too much screen time? Is it something in the food? We don't really know."

Tucker Carlson is on my very short "must watch" list for this very reason .. he at least broaches subjects other shows absolutely refuse to broach.

Unfortunately … I believe that Tucker deliberately did not include VACCINES among his list of things potentially causing millions of American children to be on drugs .. family breakdown .. too much screen time .. something in the food. The question is WHY?

Having watched his interview with RFK in 2017 .. in which RFK gave Tucker credit for having the courage to have RFK as a guest .. only one of two interviews he has been allowed on television .. Tucker knows very well that VACCINES should be among the primary sources to be examined for causing the overall breakdown of children's mental and physical health .. and .. for him to omit saying that in his latest comments is a shameful reminder that SOME SUBJECTS CAN NEVER BE BROACHED.

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