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The Next Battle: SF City Attorney subpoenas a Vaccine Exemption Writing Doc under a Public Nuisance Theory

San FranciscoYesterday afternoon and today, there is a nationally breaking story about San Francisco physician Ken Stoller receiving a subpoena from the San Francisco City Attorney for all his medical records for all vaccine exemptions he has written.

A new tactic is taking place to harm doctors who write vaccine exemptions in Squalorfnia, formerly known as California. Using public nuisance laws against them. Imagine that. The lengths to sell a bill. To remove rights. Let's chat about San Francisco, shall we?

San Francisco's is a squalid city of filth and disease. A city where there is human waste, poop, crap, shit - festering in the streets.  Maybe Tony Bennett will sing a new song, "I left my faaaarrrrrt, in San Francisco."

Public health is a farce in the Golden State. The agenda to jam vaccines into every citizen is not about health, but coercion, control and frankly, we do not know what else. It is monstrous. Until every child in the state goes to bed with a full belly in a clean bed, here in the United States of America, there in California, the claims of protecting children are shams. 

God help every doctor in that state who is trying to put patient rights and health first. And to the uber wealthy there who do not fully vaccinate, who have exemptions, and who could make a difference with the bills in play but who remain silent? Careful Karma doesn’t cause you to slip and fall face first on the streets.... of San Francisco.

From City Journal this Spring:

San Francisco’s homeless problem has become so grim that tourists wonder if they’ve just wandered into a seedy neighborhood. Last year, a Reddit user posted that he had “walked past numerous homeless” people who were “screaming and running all over the sidewalk near Twitter HQ.” He asked, “Is this normal or am I in a ‘bad part of town?’”

The “streets are so filthy,” National Public Radio reports, “that at least one infectious disease expert has compared the city to some of the dirtiest slums in the world.” A resident living in the South of Market neighborhood has documented an increase in Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

Complaints made about human waste in public spaces have spiked in recent years, growing from 1,748 in 2008 to 21,000 in 2017; they totaled 20,400 through the first 10 months of 2018, according to Data San Francisco, a city government source.

Below is a blog post from Dr. Ken Stoller's attorney:

Yesterday afternoon and today, there is a nationally breaking story about San Francisco physician Ken Stoller receiving a subpoena from the San Francisco City Attorney for all his medical records for all vaccine exemptions he has written.

The City’s Attorney’s action has been widely publicized in the California press and TV media, and
and nationally, so far in the Wall Street Journal and the Beast.

Of course, most of these stories key in on the increase in the reported number of measles cases which has most people alarmed. And that creates a challenging environment.

For what it’s worth, I haven’t found a single direct precedent for a government agency using a public nuisance theory on which to base an investigation seeking medical records for a possible public nuisance violation. I have seen a legal professor advocate using public nuisance as a basis to directly challenge families with PBEs/religious exemptions, but that hasn’t turned into a case, so far as I can tell. Maybe the City Attorney thinks going after a physician is an easier target.

One thing I’m fairly confident about: If they get away with it here, expect this to play at a theater near you soon, since every state, save West Virginia and Mississippi has physicians writing medical exemptions.

I have it on good authority that Dr. Stoller’s lawyer is carefully reviewing the subpoena and applicable law. Since the vaccine exemptees are the unnamed vectors of the alleged public nuisance, at some point, some of them might have something to say about the subpoena, especially those who don’t live in San Francisco. Read more here.



Unfortunately, Los Angeles also has a huge homeless problem as does Santa Monica and San Diego; not just SF.

WA state also has a huge homeless issue as do many other states, but of course, CA's warmer weather also plays a big part with our homeless issue.

It's a sad commentary on the human race that so many of our own are left to fend for themselves when they are at their most vulnerable.


Laura Hayes

Blinded by the Blight,

Lead is present in vaccines, too:


"In the study, published this week in the International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination, the researchers led by Antonietta Gatti, of the National Council of Research of Italy and the Scientific Director of Nanodiagnostics, say their results “show the presence of micro- and nano-sized particulate matter composed of inorganic elements in vaccine samples” not declared in the products’ ingredients lists.

Lead particles were found in the cervical cancer vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix, for example, and in the seasonal flu vaccine Aggripal manufactured by Novartis as well as in the Meningetec vaccine meant to protect against meningitis C."

And, from Part 2 of the article above:

"Metals including toxic lead contaminate virtually all aluminum adjuvants, a widely-used ingredient of human and animal vaccines, according to a recent study published in the leading journal of the vaccine industry. The research, from 2015 confirms the independent findings published last month by Italian researchers."

Carolyn KsMOM

I often look at the homeless on sf streets and wonder how many are vets damaged by vaccines and/or Agent Orange. The military is one big testing ground for Pharma. Perhaps Adult-Aquired ASD leaves you with just enough skills to survive. Tragic and terrifying.

BLinded by the Blight

What an amazing other irony:

In this story the same city attorney talks about how the lead paint makers continue to knowingly make lead paint . .. .
However, no one would ever lie about say, the dangers of MERCURY and ALUMINUM in shots?
I can't take it any more!

Blinded by the Blight

As someone who commutes to SF every day, I have to say they have cleaned up the streets, and being attacked for the streets does not help.

The whole state is bizarrely blind on this. How they can be for every kind of right except the right not be forcibly, without consent, being injected with the sickening toxins in vaccines, I do not know, and I get your anger. Since I live near the city, I will pop by this person's office and I'm so sure they will listen to me (just one tech zombie in 10,000) and reason (NOT). But I can try, and I can hope. Wish me luck.


ALL Politicians may have loved saving money and closing institutions, but what lead them to that wonderful money saving position, back in the 80s; were the mental health experts. They were just really, really sure that community mental health service centers, and drugs were going to make those institutions obsolete. Those snake pits, they called them. So many people should not be there they said. At that time everyone going to college had to read "One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest" and "I never Promised You a Rose Garden" Twice if not three or four or five times, about the same amount of times I had to learn the Krebs cycle. Drugs will cure all, we know all those biological pathways, we know.

The early 80s, my daughter was in the hospital with a vaccine induced Kawasaki disease from a DPT vaccine given to her 7 weeks prior, but I did not know it. Four doctors in the hospital elevator was telling each other how many homosexual men had died from AIDS that week, probably from a Hep B vaccine made for homosexuals, and not for newborns at the time. But I did not know it.
One of men that died that week was a high school class mate of mine. They buried him the following week in the same cemetery they buried my sister in. He had always been Gay, but he was also a lab med tech which was his life long dream. No doubt he got the Hep B.

By Mid 80s, All of Congress passes a bill that Pharma or doctors could not be sued if vaccines were involved, and Ronald Regan put his name on to that bill too. I did not know it. Ronald Regan dies later of Alziehemers that many researchers are becoming more convinced is induced by the aluminum in the vaccines.

President Reagan was shot by a mentally ill person, and the president's would be killer was sent to a mental institution. The President's health really never returned either, they say so. Many think that his descent into Alziehemers began while he was still serving as president. I put forth the theory that they gave him a tetanus shot (AKA DPT) while he was in that hospital with a bullet to his chest. Ronald Regan dies later of Alziehemers that many researchers are becoming more convinced is induced by the aluminum in the vaccines.

In the future, I predict that the Lancet will dig up Ronald Regan, and find that medical procedures ended his sanity, and life with aluminum; just like King George the third 's sanity, and life was ended by arsenic given to him by his doctors.

I also predict that some one darn well knew it, or guessed in the 80s that had the power to stop it. Why else all the lobbying of "ALL" politicians to pass the bill that a person can't sue anyone for making or giving a vaccine.

I also predict that Mary Jane may mellow out those with brain cancer or severe brain damage, it may help those with seizures that can't be controlled by anything else, but will further more brain damage. That is kind of a fact. Mary Jane will be like all those other drugs of promises, and will fall short of the mark.

But what do I know, I continued to vaccinate my kids, myself and my husband all through the 80s.


Found the video I was speaking about re my first comment:

YouTube video, "Californians Fleeing The Nanny State":

Short video - well worth the view...


Interesting Mercury News article re Conservatives Fleeing California:


..."And what a great point Kim made about public health being a farce in the Golden State...she is spot on."

Yes, what's going on out here has NOTHING to do with public health. Far from it. What is happening out here has to do with $$, power and control. NOTHING, nothing, nothing to do with protecting the health of our residents.

But then, this is what is happening EVERYWHERE, not just within the boundaries of California.

Laura Hayes

To donate to Dr. Stoller's legal fund:

However, I have asked Dr. Stoller for an address to which donations can be mailed, as I don't want to give one penny to GoFundMe, as they are involved in censorship (including the removal of the GoFundMe page for attorney Alan Phillips):

Here is a P.O. Box to which donations can be sent for Dr. Stoller. I do hope that every AoA reader who is able will make at least a small donation to support Dr. Stoller as he fights this egregious and unjust attack on him:

Dr. Ken Stoller
P.O. Box 502
Lagunitas, CA 94938

And what a great point Kim made about public health being a farce in the Golden State...she is spot on.


I was going to hold back from posting any comment to this piece, but I'll save most of what I'd like to say for later (perhaps), but in the interim, I'd love to know:

Where are Dr. Stoller's cohorts? Why aren't his fellow physicians and physicians' groups speaking out in his defense? Where's Dr. Sears? Has he offered ANY support for his fellow physician?

Let me make one thing crystal clear: Although California is, by and large, a liberal state, there is a small segment of the California populous, who veer toward the conservative bent. But having said this, it is decidedly the liberal group(s) who run things out here and not only do they run things, they have ALL control at the moment, with the support of some extremely wealthy Democratic/liberal individuals.

Many conservatives have left this state. Why? Because any and all efforts made by many of them when speaking to our state representatives in SAC, have been treated with outright scorn and derision. I will try to find a documentary that I sent to someone a couple of years ago, about this very issue. The doc had three story lines as I recall; it detailed the stories of three conservative families who had been living in this state for years, but after witnessing the destruction of true democratic principles re the political machine in this state, they fled - to Texas, as I recall.

I have said this repeatedly and I will say this again - MOST of the people who reside in this state DO NOT BELIEVE IN FREEDOM OF CHOICE WHEN IT COMES TO VACCINATION. PERIOD. Being a liberal and/or a Democrat, at least in THIS state, does not equate to freedom of thought and/or choice.

That freedom to speak one's opinion is only granted valid, IF that opinion marches to the beat of those of whom you are debating.

This movement of ours IS A MINORITY MOVEMENT, and MUCH more so here in California.

So before you start trashing all Californians and denigrating this state, I would admonish you to think about those of us who cannot move from this state, who are obliged to stay here for economic purposes and understand that those of us who truly believe in freedom have been outnumbered by the fascist opinions/mindset of those of whom have been so brainwashed by the agendas of those of whom they follow.

Makes my blood boil...


just wanted to add that public health authorities failed to prevent the California measles experiment in LA.
vaccine manufacturers (with billions in misconduct fines) and public health authorities (with budgets and careers tied to vaccine uptake at any cost) are not the ones who deserve trust.

SFO attorney is disrespecting the fact that children especially vulnerable to vaccine induced illnesses are not often possible to identify, and therefore there should be no mandates of a product indemnified from the harms caused, especially as the physician is also indemnified by proxy.

this is injustice.


The disgusting homeless problem is because those freedom loving conservatives closed the mental hospitals to save money and reduce government involvement in healthcare now look at the consequences. The needle exchange made things worse.Also with marijuana being outlawed the drug addicts found much worse drugs. Half the homeless are mentally ill.


California keeps loosing its glory to pharma greed goons.
One of the most beautiful states, and now one of the most corrupt, vying for the title with New York.

Interestingly, fighting the new conscious rule is also a priority for this attorney
he states:
"These policies reflect the San Francisco Department of Public Health’s respect for the religious and moral beliefs of its staff, as well as its paramount responsibility and commitment to serve the needs of its patients. They represent a careful balancing of the important interests at issue."

Doesn't care one whit about the religious and moral beliefs of those with conscientious objections to vaccination.
Money. Greed. Power.

Bob Moffit

Apparently, the vaccine industry and their compliant colleagues in State Legislatures and main-stream media .. have a new ally .. our criminal justice system .. now fully "weaponized" as a means to prosecute and penalize doctors for violating "public nuisance laws" for providing "vaccine exemption" for patients the doctors have professionally determined require them.

If Doctors can be sued for MALPRACTICE if they cause injury to their patients .. so too should law enforcement agencies who have decided THEY .. NOT DOCTORS .. WILL DENY ALL MEDICAL EXEMPTIONS.

The ONLY way to confront these scoundrels who are abusing their legal authority by "criminalizing" what has always been "non-criminal" .. is making THEM HELD PERSONALLY LIABLE for any injuries suffered by patients DENIED exemptions due to their prosecution of doctors.



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