NY State Senator Stavisky Believes Children As Young as Nine Can Make Medical Decisions
Memorial Day 2019

Speaking in Absolutes

Know the enemy
By Cathy Jameson

Just when I think we can breathe a little sigh of relief, attacks against our community make headlines again.  I expect it more nowadays, but it’s pitiful how much corporate media despises parents in our community.  Who are we?  We’re those who thought to question liability-free vaccines.  We’re also people who stand up against forced liability-free vaccines. 

Cj Vox

Image source: Screenshots of headlines

Part of me is in disbelief that our efforts have achieved national spotlight.  But the other part of me thinks, well, it’s about time!  With all of the media’s energy and effort on drumming up vaccine sales and supporting vaccine policy, it’s hard to escape the topic.  Once a private matter, all sorts of platforms have taken on the subject.  Vaccine consumers would normally benefit from having platforms to talk about how their government supports pharmaceutical products that can fail.  But not anymore.  When former pro-vaccine parents in our community speak up, it’s become bad for business.  Unless you’re all for vaccines, even the ones that cause the illness officials claim they will prevent,  it’s not wise to speak up.  Social media giants  are making sure to shut us down, too.  

That’s too bad because it was another parent who took time to take me aside to talk to me about vaccines and the adverse events that can follow vaccination, not any of the medical professionals my son was seeing.  Those professionals wanted me to keep on vaccinating, even though the illnesses and medical problems he was having presented post-vaccination.  When I tried to point that out, I got a sympathetic look and one of these pat responses:  Vaccines are best.  They’re for his health.  We believe they’re for the greater good.  And hey, he needs them to get into school, too.  I got nowhere with medical people.  Other parents, who were never judgmental and who were always willing to share their time even though they, too, had a child with special needs, were quick and happy to help me.   It’s through their knowledge and guidance that made me realize I how little I knew about vaccines, including that they could cause serious issues.   

Sadly, some parents are still very late to the party and are only now being made aware of table injuries,  of Vaccine Court, and of the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP).  But ironically, thanks to the media perseverating on vaccines, those aspects of vaccines are finally part of the conversation.  Parents who’ve reached out to me privately recently are none-to-pleased that they have never been made by aware by any medical person that injuries are possible.  Never have they been informed that the NVICP exists either.  Imagine their shock when they realize that our government has paid out over $4 billion to families for vaccine injury and death.  These parents might not get the whole picture from their doctors, but with the media’s incessant vaccine postings, at least new parents are beginning to learn what several of us did not learn in time – that not every vaccine is safe, and not every vaccine provides benefits. 

No other product gets the free pass that liability-free vaccines get here in America.  That’s thanks to the legislators who allowed the pharmaceutical industry to do what they wanted and when they wanted and with no repercussions.  The industry, along with a growing number of industry-persuaded politicians and the media, speaks in absolutes.  Their opinion is the only opinion that matters.  According to them, vaccines are only safe, only effective, and should be mandated for all.  But, when those of us who were once pro-vaccine speak up, we have a different message. 

Based on our personal experience and based on the incredible amount of information we gathered after our children were harmed, we don’t criticize less-informed parents like the papers do.  Our suggestions come with something the media refuses to use and doesn’t expect—we speak with respect:

If you chose to vaccinate, you might want to read as much as you can about the liability-free product first. 

Remember, according to the CDC, all vaccines can come with risks.

In some states, your child is still able to go to school without having to follow the recommended schedule.  It’s worth looking into. 

After you’ve had every question answered fully, trust your instinct.  Keep in mind that it was given to you for a reason. 

The read, ask, read some more suggestions parents like me offer are tips, not demands like what some of the latest state bills and federal acts include—vaccinate or else!   The only absolute I, the parent of a vaccine-injured child, will state is that I absolutely regret not knowing as much as I should have before my child was vaccinated.  That fact will stay with me the rest of my life. 

Knowing I could have prevented some of what my child went through weighs on every decision I now make.  With that, I want other parents to avoid what I did not.  To the parents who are listening to moms like me, who are reading as much as they can now, and who dare question the medical professionals faster than I thought to, you have my support.  You have my complete admiration.  As you go forward, may you find the answers you are looking for, the people you can trust with your child’s health, and the peace of mind to be brave in this strange world of vaccine insanity. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.




Good article, cauterisation intervention remedy? with nose- to- tail scoping exercise of "The squinty Perceptions crew with an infestation of smelly measles mercinarys?" Needing to separate a pox /the pox ,from politics?

Mandatory Vaccination -does it work in Europe? Vaccines Today .
https www.vaccinestoday27 Nov 2017

Vaccine mandates will save lives -NCBI by S A Plotkin

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Interview /video, with Georgia Pouliquen , Yellow Vests - Macron's Assault on the French People -
by Brian Gerrish Thursday 23 May 2019 at UK Column.


annie, smallpox was never eradicated it was just renamed (to things like monkeypox, severe chickenpox etc). The impetus to declare a tiny virus that could only be seen with an electron microscope eradicated was pure propaganda. The health agenies wanted to be seen as heroes and encourage greater faith in their other vaccine/health programs.

These "heroes" had already decided that smallpox was to be eradicated and so they simply defined it out of existence.

Astonishingly, even though their claims (to have eradicated a virus that could only be seen with an electron microscope) were literally impossible, the whole world believed them and the propaganda worked.

How could the WHO have known that just because they quarantined a few thousand people with a severe looking rash in India, that there was nobody with a severe looking rash in Nova Scotia? They couldn't of course. No mere mortal could.

And no mere mortal could possibly know that a tiny little virus that can only be seen with an electron microscope (that's assuming you accept the notion that it is even caused by a virus) didn't exist anywhere on the planet - down a cave, under a rock, up a tree or in an asymptomatic patient.

They made it all up.

They make it all up.

And you can check this for yourself. Go to the CDC website for smallpox and it is clear that people (outside bioweapons labs) have tested positive for smallpox "virus" since it was declared eradicated, but the CDC has - with a wonderful piece of circular reasoning - decided that none of those cases could be smallpox because, you see, smallpox doesn't exist anymore!


The degree of idiocy in California, and even nation-wide media campaigns!
First they try to convince us that we need to risk lives and health of our children in "order to protect the immuno-compromised and the vulnerable" But with the same breath this imbecile pan tells us that doctors could not be trusted to select and protect those very same immuno-compromised and vulnerable... Whom are they kidding? They stopped pretending that the vaccine junta is about public health long ago. It is all about total control and extortion.

cia parker

When I was a child in the '60s, no one had pox parties. Measles and chickenpox broke out every two years or so, and most of the non-immunes in elementary school got it and then recovered. As I did, and everyone I ever knew my age or older. It wasn't considered either a good thing or a bad thing, sort of like colds and flu now. While getting colds and flu is actually a very good thing for those with normal immune systems, improving immune function and preventing cancer, I don't know anyone who goes looking for them in order to get them. And when we get them, then we're sick for a while, and are unhappy during that time. And despite the hysteria, I don't know anyone who falls apart if they or their friends get flu, much less a cold. I think the hysteria is drummed up by you-know-who. I'm not sure when pox parties began, I know they were reported in Mothering magazine in the early oughts, but I don't think they were ever common anywhere, but if they become common now, that would be a very good thing.

That being said, these days when measles and mumps have been all but eliminated by vaccine, I'd welcome it if my daughter had an opportunity to catch them naturally. Lifelong cancer prevention is a very good thing.

Carolyn FedUpCA

Why doesn’t CA trust its doctors? And why don’t CA doctors trust each other? What a message of medical incompetence SB276 is. We should therefore insist that every shot comes with info about VAERS , a doctor explaining adverse effects for 5 minutes, and a demand that all drs and the medical board overseeing
learn about vaccine injury and how to detect and treat it.

David m burd

Shelly, you mention "Alzheimer's causing Aluminum" in many vaccines foisted/urged on seniors. You are correct!

However, the biggest cause of Alzheimer's is the annual flu vaccine - taken every year by tens of millions of seniors - such flu vaccine shots containing 25 micrograms of neurotoxic ethylmercury in every shot, year after year.


Is it enough to simply get or maintain the right not to vaccinate your own child?

Isn't the larger issue a government and its regulatory agency that knowingly pushes unsafe vaccines on unwitting parents/children?.

Some might call injecting children with untested and unsafe chemicals a crime against humanity, even with uninformed parents consent

And those Doctors receiving large bonuses for keeping patients adhering to the CDC schedule by withholding information about risks (or refusing to accept children of anti vax parents as patients) should be held accountable as well.

Also, keep in mind the unvaccinated children of today will also be at risk as adults from what used to be childhood diseases as a result of vaccination that eradicates infection from wild viruses (temporarily at least) and subsequent natural lifelong immunity. This will eventually lead to a push for mandatory vaccination for both adults and children , with adults being the big prize.


At some point I heard that the pen is mightier than the sword and Age of Autism the writing is pretty powerful. However I have to admit there are times I wish I had a decent, working, second-hand lightsaber.

Shelley Tzorfas

Before WW11 came to a head the Nazi's began asking children and families to spy on each other. They would be handed a reward if they found a family that did not support Hitler and his effort to make Germany great again. Children tattle-taled on children and on their parents. Neighbors butted into the affairs of neighbors. What was once private became public. Hitler is also credited with the term "In the best interests of the child." Todays Media is encouraging children and young families to spy on each other and publicly report on neighbors. 'Is your child fully vaccinated because next week my child will be having a birthday party and your child can't come to the party unless she is vaccinated?" In one public school a few years ago kids without proof of vaccination were herded into the auditorium while parents were forced to remove the children as other teachers and classrooms got to look and snear at the audited-herded kids. That seems like it should be a violation of human, medical and privacy rights but this is Pharmaceutical run America where drug makers are paying it forward , making laws and making sure that every infant child and adult gets ample doses of Alzheimer's causing Aluminum, Cancer Causing Formaldehyde, Peanut oils leading to anaphylactic shock, Polysorbate Human Fetal cell DNA (Tumorigenic and able to shed illnesses to nearby friends and neighbors) Ether MSG and dozens of other toxic chemicals into the veins, brains and souls of innocent Americans.

Loraine Fishel

Thank you for your continued fight against the insanity of vacinism as Del Bigtree calls it. I read Age of Autism to stay sane. I exhale as I see in writing I am not the only one who has dealt with Autism. Someone else knows how much vaccine can ruin your life. I am often give pieces of misinformation about Autism by neighbors and Co workers. I usually just walk away. At almost 60 years old I am beyond wasting time with people who will never understand. I fear that we will all be force vaccinated one day. I dearly hope that never happens.


What a counterintuitive world we have, when parents choose the risk of disease over the advice of public health policymakers. That's insulting to the people who supposedly have our best health interests at heart, but necessary because their actions (and inactions) indicate otherwise.

If vaccine injuries were appropriately diagnosed, treated, and studied for prevention, then victims and their families would not feel as if they’d been left twisting slowly in the wind. How many times must we ask for the obvious from a community of college-educated professionals?


As always thank you so much Cathy!!! I wonder if it would benefit the cause of the vaccine risk aware to drill down on the impetus for the cessation of smallpox vaccination in the Western Hemisphere? Lately I’ve been picking up on how keen the powers that be are to make clear that measles outbreaks in the US are the result of someone contracting the infection from abroad. In the vast majority of places throughout the US measles vaccination rates are well above 80%. If an infection that was considered “eliminated” in 2000 is now “endemic” as our good friend Zdog has declared doesn’t that mean that the vaccine is circulating the virus to a greater degree the the wild strain?

Gary Ogden

There is clearly diabolical evil in this world, and the pharmaceutical industry is a representative of that, but I think we should reserve the bulk of our venom for the regulators, and the cowards in Congress who are completely derelict in their duty to oversee them. Even my own congressman, one of the few I respect, is in the top twenty for pharma funding. Also, MD's who are either ignorant or in denial of vaccine injury. They are not doctors, despite the license. The vaccine program represents an existential threat to the nation and the world, but those in authority are simply blind to it. Thank God for this wonderful community, and others like it. There is strength in community, in knowledge. We will not prevail electorally, but by the sharing of knowledge and the taking of action.

Angus Files

I am sure in the past when a dose of measles etc hit a town everyone knew about it and invited everyone round to catch it,GIVING IMMUNITY .Thats what happened in our town in my childhood.Just shows how people and the word of people has been demised over corporate interests how subtle and effective it has all been for Jenner and Pharma.

Pharma For Prison


susan welch

Thank you, Cathy, for this much appreciated 'Sunday morning sanity'

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