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Religious Exemptions Restored in Vaccine Bill Passed by Maine Senate

MaineNote: Ginger Taylor wrote about this bill and a similar bill in Maine for AofA last night - Maine and Colorado Vaccine Exemption Removal Bills on the Ropes

From NewsCenterMaine.

AUGUSTA, Maine — The Maine Senate has passed a bill that would end non-medical vaccine exemptions, but voted to keep religious exemptions in.

The Senate debated L.D. 798 Thursday, passing the bill 20-15.

The bill, if enacted, would end philosophical opt-outs by 2021 for public school students, as well as nursery schools and health care facilities employees.

Senators did vote to keep an amendment that allows religious exemptions. According to the Bangor Daily News, Democratic Sens. Dill, Herbig, Luchini and Miramant, all sided with Republicans to keep the exemption.

The bill will now go back to the House for a vote with the religious exemption added. 


Shelley Tzorfas

Removing Any exemption begins a downward slippery slope. Removing Philosophical exemptions is particularly sad because it is the only one where you don't have to explain yourself, defend yourself or prove anything. I acknowledge Ginger for her powerful efforts and am glad to see Maine kept the religious exemptions.
People need to see the big picture. Just a few decades ago you could easily say no to the dangerous chemicals being shot into your children like Aluminum, Thimerosal, Peanut oils, and it was nobody's business, certainly not the business of the TIMES. Today it is headline news fabricated on lies and our kids are paying the price as health declines, longevity has decreased and the media frenzy has brought the public into full time brainwashing and a call for people to report their unvaccinated families which is reminiscent of the way neighbors turned in neighbors as world war two erupted. This is WW3 where the preferred instrument of destruction is at the end of a needle.

cia parker


I agree that we have to continue to educate about the VPDs and vaccine damage. I just meant not hit the panic button if the philosophical exemption is removed, but the religious one remains. It's not certain that that will mean the elimination of all exemptions. What happened in California was weird, Jerry Brown ADDS a religious exemption at the moment the philosophical exemption was removed, then signs a bill a year later to remove that one too. I don't think that's how it was originally meant to play out. But, again, Missouri added an extra step to getting the one personal exemption, the religious one, but so far it's stayed that way, and it's really very little extra trouble.


Excellent post Hera!

cia parker

And it's not a disaster when the philosophical exemption is replaced by a religious one. As far as I know, Missouri has always only had medical and religious. Fifteen years ago you could pick up the exemption form and fill it out at any school office. Then they changed it to where now you have to go to the public health office to get it, fill it out, then turn it in at the school. It's a little more trouble, but really not a big deal. I've had to go get it three times at the health office since getting it the first time at the school office: no one has ever given me even the slightest hard time. I know that in other places it may be more of a hassle, but I think that as long as a personal exemption is available, we should save our efforts for larger battles. Like in Oregon, where they've just done away with all personal exemptions.


Cia Parker,
Respectfully, I don't think it is time to relax. I think it is time to let everyone know about vaccine injury, in as many forums as possible. We have old people who had six or seven vaccines with no clue that they are voting to give 70 vaccines to babies, starting on the day of birth.
We have people deliberately not tracking vaccine injury so they can pretend it does not exist.
We have people giving live vaccine viruses that they know can infect the immunocompromised, but not warning the recipients to stay away from the immunocompromised.
We have immunocompromised children going to school with live vaccine recipients shedding all over the place but no one warns them.
We need information to be out there, so that the obvious lies can no longer be told without the person telling them looking stupid or uninformed.
And yes, we need bills starting now to protect rights to informed consent, and to stop doctors receiving slush money payments from insurance companies for 100 % vaccine compliance. That's not medical treatment for the patient; that's pressure to force medical goods on someone for money.

cia parker

It's just what they did in California several years ago, which was fine until Pharma used Pan to get rid of the religious exemption as well. I'd relax until the efforts begin to do that in Maine. The Colorado governor just did the same thing, so they're safe, for now. The philosophical and religious exemptions are the same, you don't even have to believe in God to claim the religious one, nor belong to any particular church. California is down for the count, and now Oregon is as well.

Bob Moffit

So I guess Maine's right to "informed consent" is now .. officially … kaput?

So too I suspect Maine no longer recognizes a parent's right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" … since "liberty and pursuing happiness" and "my body, my choice" .. no longer apply?

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