Speaking in Absolutes
When Regular Ed is Special Ed and Special Ed is Behavioral Ed


Gary Ogden

And my father in the European theater, Battle of the Bulge, also a medical corpsman. The evil they fought is still with us. Read "Operation Paperclip."


"You have good reason to admire your father. (My father was in Korea.)"

As do you Carol.

Peace and love.

Angus Files

All the brave lads we remember you.

Pharma For Prison



Visitor, i just binge-watched The Pacific. You have good reason to admire your father. (My father was in Korea.)


Did not see this posting until today. In honor of all who served and to my dear departed Father who was a Naval corpsmen attached to the marines in WWII. He was a medic on Iwo Jima and was at the base of Mount Suribachi on the beach when the flag was raised. A very brave and good man. A Democrat too, one of the good ones by the way. I may sound like I am bragging a bit, and I am.

Tim Lundeen


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