Oregon State Senator Dennis Linthicum Questions Vaccine Mandate Proposals
The Next Battle: SF City Attorney subpoenas a Vaccine Exemption Writing Doc under a Public Nuisance Theory

Measles Hype and Misinformation in New York

Brooklyn bridgeNote:  We received this letter and permission to share it with you. Measles mandates, measles "mafia" (wrong ethnic group, the strongarm tactics are the same) threaten our rights.


As the measles debate wears on, we’re hearing a lot about the “spread of misinformation” in relationship to vaccines. Typically, this term is used to describe the efforts of vaccine safety advocates to expose the truth about vaccines to the public, but with the current backlash and push for mandatory vaccination, we’re seeing a new level of misinformation in the press that warrants the attention of every American.

The truth is, it’s easy to accept what we see in print without taking the time to really consider what it’s saying…and whether it’s true. At a time when the nation is more divided than ever, it’s vitally important that we check the facts before accepting what we read in the media…and while it’s easier than ever to spread misinformation by simply hitting “share,” the internet has also made it easier than ever to quickly do a fact check and research claims for yourself.

This is especially important when it comes to situations like the one unfolding in New York. The state has reacted by placing the blame on one population in particular when it comes the spread of measles: The Orthodox Jewish community. Major media outlets have been feverishly publishing titles like the Washington Post’s recent “New York City vaccination order shines spotlight on insular Jewish community”. The claims made by the media and government officials have circulated throughout the country...but are they correct?

The state claims that poor vaccination rates in Orthodox Jewish neighborhoods are to blame for the “epidemic” of measles that’s going on in New York. They’ve targeted these neighborhoods, forcing mandatory vaccination on thousands under the threat of court charges and fines, and officials have shut down Yeshivas (Orthodox Jewish schools) over immunization records. Six thousand children who attended 60 mostly Jewish schools and child care centers have been unable to attend class, and articles are circulating throughout the nation about the measles epidemic being started by Orthodox Jews returning from visiting Israel…where measles has been active.

I think it just opened up the door for everybody to say whatever they wanted to say,” said Steve Gold (chairman of the Jewish Community Relations Council) in an interview with The New York Times. “And they’re putting, the way it looks right now, 100 percent blame on the Orthodox community.”




Intelligent Non-autistic Vaxxer

So to my teacher, how did you get your teaching degree? Physiatrists are people who prescribe drugs, pills, etc to people that they can pick up at a pharmacy. This isn’t over the counter stuff, this is very potent. Bar Mitzvah happened exactly one month ago (I got photos). Also, reread my statement.

Grace Green

As a retired school teacher I am of the opinion that the comment by Intelligent non-autistic vaxxer is actually written by a not-very-intelligent adult. For one thing, children do not decide to vaccinate themselves, so s\he is not the "vaxxer". (How long ago was the Bar Mitzvah?) Also, he states that "parents and other doctors confirm" that he doesn't have autism. Are all USA children confirmed not to have every possible disease they might have? That must be very expensive! Parents should not be conferring or withholding diagnoses on their own children. And can anyone tell me what a physiatrist is? We don't have those in the UK. Not as bright as he makes out, and not even a child!


And the other part I don't get. Why would you being smarter than all the other fully vaccinated kids in your class somehow prove that vaccines don't cause neurological damage? Surely an intelligent person would have worked out that such a claim would only be relevant if most of your peers were unvaccinated?


And another thing oh intelligent one,

Why are you so sure that viruses harm us at all? If someone getting sick immediately following a vaccination is, according to you, just a coincidence, then what about someone who has some "virus" in them (even though we have no idea when they first encountered this virus) and is sick? Why do you believe the latter (non-temporal) link is proof positive of causation but the former (strong temporal) link is just a coincidence?

That doesn't seem intelligent. That seems completely deranged to me.


"Intelligent vaxxer",

I hate to be the one to break this to you but immunologists have no idea how vaccines could work. If you ever actually ask them how our immune cells can "learn" how to fight off a self-replicating pathogen they will admit that all they have is a bunch of nonsensical hypotheses. Sure, we all, know the propaganda. Our bodies see a threat, fight it off and then "learn" how to fight it off more easily in the future. And with vaccines this is supposed to occur with a "dead" virus that gives us the important lesson, without any real risk.

But, you see, not only is it not true, it is not even logically possible.

You see, viruses do not typically infect us on an *acute* basis. They linger in our bodies for weeks, months, years - possibly our whole lives - so there is no sense in saying that we ever actually "fight them off". But if we never actually "fight them off" then how could we ever learn to acquire immunity? It isn't just wrong, it's a category error. Note that this logical contradiction applies equally to so-called natural immunity as it does to vaccine derived immunity. Both are literally impossible.

We are using a theory of disease that cannot possibly be true to influence our decision to poison hundreds of millions of children. Now note that the lingering nature of viruses (think HPV, measles, polio, Hep B, varicella etc) has been well known to virologists for decades so this should have made them realize that everything they believe is a lie. And yet, the vaccine institution is so important and so rich that no logical arguments can penetrate it. If vaccines were in any way, shape or form scientific as opposed to a religious belief, the moment virologists realized that viruses linger in our bodies they should have immediately abandoned all vaccinations (and more than likely the germ theory). But they did not. Because vaccines are a religion.

Now had you ever thought of this oh intelligent one?

I suspect not. Why not? Why had you never realized that lingering virus infection (chronic infection as it is known) destroys the entire vaccination paradigm? The thing is, it is actually quite obvious.

It's because you are brainwashed.

And the same lying fools who can't see how ridiculous the idea of immunity is are the same lying fools who swear blind that children who die or are seriously injured straight after a vaccine have just been victims of a "coincidence".

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Dear I. Non-autistic Vaxxer,
Since your statement A. is true (allergic reactions to vaccines happen), Statement C. (vaccines don't cause autism) can not be true. An allergic reaction to a vaccine results in encephalopathy (popularly known as autism). The Vaccine Injury Compensation Program has awarded $4 billion in compensation to people who have been harmed by vaccines, with some of the largest awards for encephalopathy - as described by scientific experts. Trying to spread "your opinion" (lies) on this site is disingenuous.
Since we both agree your statement A is true. We are really just arguing numbers. You want to believe it is just a few, to be expected, while many readers of this site believe every vaccine causes harm and the consequences are being revealed every day with higher infant mortality, autoimmunity, ADHD, autism with declining intelligence/test scores, decreased life expectancy for all.

Intelligent Non-autistic Vaxxer

Almost forgot, by "every vaccine possible," I should have said every vaccine mandated at my age.

Intelligent Non-autistic Vaxxer

A. I do realize allergic reactions exist. They aren't common, but they do exist.

B. I phrased the type B cell section poorly.

C. So far, we cannot confirm what autism is caused by. Until then, we cannot prove that vaccines are linked to autism.

D. If you want a dose of my opinion, check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBkVCpbNnkU
There's a sources document in the description.

susan welch

Now, with me having every single possible vaccination this should be impossible.

Intelligent Non-Autistic Vaxxer. I winder why you make that statement? If you are as intelligent as you say you are, you should know that nobody on this site would make such a sweeping comment. You certainly cannot have read many of the articles about vaccines here at Age of Autism. If you had, you would know that not all babies/children become autistic after receiving multiple vaccines. Nor is autism the only injury. There are plenty of other adverse events, such as auto-immune disease, asthma, allergies, ear infections, seizures.......

In order to live up to your obvious intelligence, perhaps you would be wise to read more than one article/do a little research before commenting in future.

Jenny Allan

Intelligent Non-autistic Vaxxer "I have taken all possible vaccines. I almost forgot that I am commonly referred to as the smarted person in my grade. Now, I have over the years had my parents and other doctors confirm that I don’t have autism. Now, with me having every single possible vaccination this should be impossible."
Hello Intelligent Non-autistic Vaxxer Your post sounds a bit like an e-mail Kim got from RoseM, also claiming to be a well vaccinated A grade Student. She claimed to be autistic, nothing to do with vaccines of course, and said she was offended by Kim’s blogs and articles. https://www.ageofautism.com/2019/05/students-sending-emails-asking-unusual-questions-about-vaccines-and-autism.html#comments

It’s good to know you are not autistic in spite of having had ‘every single possible vaccination’. I am assuming your long list of subject As includes English Language, but My Dear – ‘every possible vaccine’ includes such dangerous and pre-emptive jabs as those for Yellow Fever and Rabies. I assume you actually meant you got every vaccine on the US child schedule without problems, and I am glad for you, I really am, and wish you well. Please use your intelligence wisely, never seeking to deliberately undermine your fellow citizens.

I have 6 grown up grandchildren. All of them received the UK recommended child vaccines. One of my grandsons became autistic shortly after receiving the MMR vaccine in 1992. He has never had a booster. In addition to the autism, he has bowel problems and epilepsy. His much younger sibling got monovalent vaccines for measles, mumps and rubella, privately at great expense. The present autism statistics in the UK, puts the incidence of autism at around 1 in 50 (1 in 35 boys). The huge increase in autism from a previous rate of around 1 in 10,000, coincides with the introduction of MMR vaccine in the UK.

This site offers support and information for autism campaigners and parents of children who have been vaccine damaged. In Scotland, where I live, soaring autism rates are causing havoc in our schools and health services, but our Government is totally uninterested in finding out WHY.


to intelligent non-autistic vaxxer--you may be intelligent, even smart, but you are yet not wise and have a lot to learn. As a Jew reading your comments I can only say "oy vey".

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Dear I. Non-autistic Vaxxer,
Your statements indicate you do not really read this site. When you claim type B white blood cells are primed to deal with multiple adjuvants, toxins, DNA fragments/contaminants injected into the blood stream (bypassing natural defenses of skin, nasal cavity or GI tract) and "can produce antibodies on a whim" you sound like an uninformed troll. You don't seem concerned with the autism epidemic - like the readers of this site.
Here are some articles on a government website for you.


Now that you have learned those two words.
Here is yet a third to learn.

There are over 80 types of autoimmunity so far listed by the NIH.

Auto immune diseases are actually listed on the vaccine inserts by the manufactures. RA is one of them listed on the Hep B. There are others autoimmunity disorders that are less familiar to us like Lupus, or Multiple Sclerosis (listed on the Hep B insert) .
Autoimmune can be just asthma.
Autoimmune can also be just an allergy - hay fever. I need to get off of here and use some Nasacort for my hay fever; it is wonderful stuff, and yet 15 dollars a bottle.

The irony of it. Vaccines gives a child epilepsy, and they have to pay the same pharma companies for seizure medicine for life.
Vaccines give us hay fever and we have to give 15 dollars for a bottle of Nasacort for life.
But that is too hard of an concept for such a one, of such tender years; such as your self. For you, have yet to fully understand the love of money and true greed.

There are other things for you to think on, and enjoy that are not part of this serious world. Have you seen the latest Marvel movies? Have fun while you can.


Intelligent Non-autistic Vaxxer
After you have learned the word adjuvant and find some examples of what adjuvant they use in the vaccines, the next word to learn is Encephalopathy

NIH admits that brain swelling occurs with vaccine reactions or injuries. Brian swelling causes brain damage. Maybe it is a hard brain injury that leaves a baby in constant seizures with drawn up hands and feet. Maybe it will be softer brain injuries that could be autism which has a wide range of cognitive abilities, or other mental illnesses like anxiety, or bipolar (which are really smart) , or even schizophrenia (which are really smart), but does not manifest until a person is in their 20s or 30s.


Intelligent Non-autistic Vaxxer
Vaccines are just a weakened or dead pathogen presented to our immune system is a fairy tale that they tell us all . There is so much more in vaccines.

Any one that ones to jump in and list the viruses that have been found, or DNA fragments from aborted human fetuses, or bovine, or eggs, or gelatin, or peanut oil, or what ever I missed please feel free.

Here is the first word you need to learn; Adjuvant.


Aimee Doyle

@ non-autistic vaxxer - "Do your research, and only government articles and medical papers count as evidence, not Facebook." Note - the following information is from doctors and scientists. This information is not from Facebook.

You might want to take a look at the physician run website: https://physiciansforinformedconsent.org/

You might also want to take a look at the following books, all written by physicians, or citing medical studies.

Richard Moskowitz. M.D. Vaccines: A Reappraisal
Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies (featuring 400 scientific papers on vaccine risks)
Susan Humphries, M.D. Dissolving Illusions: Disease, Vaccines, and the Forgotten History
Stephanie Cave, M.D. F.A.A.F.P, What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children’s Vaccinations; Thomas Cowan, M.D. Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness.

And finally, an analysis of Vaccine Court, and compensation awards for individuals who became autistic as a result of vaccination.


Once you've read all these - and I'll know if you have read them (since I have) - then we can talk. I have done my research - as you admonished me to do. I have spent almost two decades researching the issue of vaccines and autism.


Hi Intelligent Non Autistic Vaxxer,

You may want to take some classes in logical arguments when you get a bit older...very helpful for this kind of thing.

Okay. You just used what we can call the "peanut butter" argument. I just ate a peanut butter sandwich.In fact, if I so choose, I can several peanut butter sandwiches all at once. So can my husband. So can many of my friends. In fact out of a group of 100, ninety nine of us can chow on peanut butter sandwiches as much as we choose. This means according to your argument, that when someone says they are allergic to peanut butter,we know that they are lying because it is to use your words it is "impossible" that one person could react badly to something that another person could eat ( or be injected with) safely. According to your logic, one or the other of us is wrong.
Penicillin allergies.Strawberry allergies. Diabetes. According to your logic, since I can eat strawberries, eat sugary treats etc without needing an epi pen or insulin, then everyone else who says they get sick from these things is lying...

When you run faster than others, how can you do that? Why is it that some people running beside you may for example get an asthma attack from the exercise, or from pollen in the air? Why do some people always seem to get sick, when other people don't? Just some things for you to think about..

Now you may well say they have different genes from you, or have been exposed to a different environment from you. And you would be correct.
So, how does this apply to vaccines?
Well we all know some people have taken vaccines and been fine. ( Of course, when you say you have taken all vaccines, that isn't quite true; my husband took many more vaccines, in the military, fine after all of them, until he finally had a severe reaction to the anthrax vaccine, involving amongst other things, being allergic to his own sweat for more than 6 months..our disabled son was born with multiple birth defects, including missing part of his brain, after his Dad was damaged by the vaccine, but that is a whole ' nother story...)

Anyway If you have studied science, you may know about the extremely cruel LD50 test. It is test of a substances toxicity. It is done by feeding mice a poison; the LD50 point or "lethal dose 50%" is where half of the mice die. ( so why do half survive? They have all been fed the exact same amount of poison?)
Anyway, you asked for research and info, there is so much but probably a good place to start is with the CDC. The CDC ( Center for Disease Control) has a list of acknowledged vaccine side effects, called table injuries.

You can see how incredibly small the time periods are for a reaction; one day on either side and you are automatically not a table injury, but even so, I wonder if you were aware that even the CDC acknowledges, rather like the peanut butter allergy, that some people will get encephalitis, or die from a vaccine.
Here is a beautiful young child who died from the MMR vaccine.

She died from encephalopathy, a CDC table injury.
Now, you also asked for studies. G-d bless her, Ginger collected 150 peer reviewed journal articles
demonstrating the link between vaccines and vaccine injuries.
I hope I haven't overwhelmed you with all this; normally some of us reply and the person goes away, never to respond again.It is okay that you did not know these things, and if you want more information, you are welcome to stay here, read, research and ask questions. Wishing you good luck in all your endeavors.

Intelligent Non-autistic Vaxxer

Also, I’m Jewish and had my Bar Mitzvah at the reform section of the western wall, so just want to clarify that. I do understand the religious point of view.

Intelligent Non-autistic Vaxxer

I know my name is a little weird and this statement will sound cocky (not trying to gloat or be an pain in the but), but hear me out on this.

I live just north of San Francisco with a mom as a therapist and a dad as a physiatrist. I get all As on my report card, I can talk to anybody (they know about me too), I can beat anyone else in sprints in my grade, and I have taken all possible vaccines. I almost forgot that I am commonly referred to as the smarted person in my grade. Now, I have over the years had my parents and other doctors confirm that I don’t have autism. Now, with me having every single possible vaccination this should be impossible.

What if vaccines don’t cause autism and just let your type B white blood cells know what harmful diseases are like so that they can produce antibodies on a whim? I think that is a more scientifically sound option. Do your research, and only government articles and medical papers count as evidence, not Facebook.

Thanks for your time,
Intelligent Non-autistic Vaxxer

P.S. Email me if you want to have a conversation. Anybody is welcome.

Tim Lundeen



I am seeing unsubstantiated allegation of anti Semitic especially after Trump's and Netanyahu's election. Just because a NYT mentioned whether right or wrong Haredi that did not vaccinate or refused too vaccinate does not mean that news paper is anywhere near as evil as Der Strommer. Likewise a slightly anti Semitic cartoon dog is also not Holocaust level material. We need to revive the sane "Green the Vaccine" movement of Jenny Mcarthy. Where is AoA sympathy for people with other disabilities?

Laura Hayes

Jonathan Rose,

I think we have a strong case for discrimination as a means to protect ALL children. Please see my recent article here on AoA:


Any attorneys willing to step up to the plate to take urgently-needed action?

cia parker

Maybe change the hashtag to #Vaccines (Censored)? Are parentheses allowed in hashtags?

It would be good if we could find a case of typical measles and make a video showing each day, each stage, with advice on how to care for the patient (vitamin A, no fever reducers, bed rest, hydration, recuperation at home for two to three weeks after the day the rash appears, bryonia if the rash is slow to appear). And then disseminate it widely so people can learn that measles is usually not serious, but IS very beneficial in the long run. At this time a lot of people think of it as something akin to the Black Death or Ebola.


The Jewish community lives with the city limits, and the Amish community lives out there somewhere in the rural community away from power hungry, evil politicians.

Jonathan Rose

As the New York Times admits, there are also large numbers of unvaccinated children attending Black Muslim, Christian, and Waldorf schools:


So yes, why are ultra-Orthodox Jews singled out? Do we have a legal case for religious discrimination here?

Hans Litten

Desperation Times for the lamestream trying to hold their fake vaccine program together !
Its embarrassingly easy for us - if enough of us do it - we can collapse this crime.
Stop sitting on the fence, be brave, and be forceful !


New York (CNN Business) — Instagram said Thursday it will now block additional hashtags that surface vaccine misinformation, but other hashtags and content promoted by anti-vaccination accounts are still thriving on the platform.

The change in Instagram's policies comes after a CNN Business report on Wednesday which revealed that, though Instagram had announced it was blocking hashtags like #VaccinescauseAIDS, the hashtag #VaccinesKill was still up on the app and appeared as a top result in a search for "vaccines" after anti-vax accounts. The majority of the top posts under the hashtag were misinformation.

#VaccinesKill is now a blocked hashtag. If a hashtag is blocked on Instagram, it will no longer populate with any results when users click on it. Users clicking on #VaccinesKill are greeted by a note that says, "Posts for #vaccineskill have been limited because the community has reported some content that may not meet Instagram's community guidelines."

Bob Moffit

New York has gone mad over this measles "outbreak" .. as usual .. the few hundred or so measles cases are deemed a "crisis" .. which quickly becomes an "opportunity" .. to implement whatever agenda the "opportunists" seek to achieve. Thankfully there is a well organized community of activists who recently sent this info:

"The vaccine industry and its allies in Albany have launched the most serious threat yet ever to repeal your right to a religious exemption from vaccine mandates to attend school, and to pass a slate of other bills that expand the mandatory vaccine schedule, allow minors to get shots without parental knowledge or consent, mandate shots for healthcare professionals, and expand the licensed professionals who can give vaccines. Every bill moves in the same direction: take away your rights and control over what happens to your body, increase vaccine consumption and vaccine industry profits. Don’t let them do it."

Especially worrisome is the legislative bill that would "allow minors to get shots without parental knowledge or consent" .. which would allow a child 9 or 10 to receive the HPV vaccine WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT OR KNOWLEDGE. If this particularly ominous bill should pass .. I would hope parents who learn their nine-year old child received the HPV without their consent or knowledge .. immediately sued the person who administered the HPV for CHILD ABUSE .. even more so if the child suffered ANY serious injury from that vaccine.

It is routinely reported that thousands have been vaccinated with the MMR under threat of being denied education or day care accommodations for their "unvaccinated child" .. and .. while the politicians and public health officials bray about the success in getting these thousands vaccinated … I have yet to hear if there were ANY short term ADVERSE REACTIONS to those thousands of children .. and .. if ANY measures have been installed to MONITOR for future ADVERSE REACTIONS over the next ten years or so?

Why not closely keep in contact with all the families who were FORCED to vaccinate with MMR over the next ten years .. closely MONITOR those children who have been coerced by threat of legal penalties to make certain NY STATE GOVERNMENT is held LIABLE .. in a COURT OF LAW .. for having FORCED COMPLIANCE WITH MANDATE TO VACCINATE?

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