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Monsanto Faces Liability for RoundUp in California

Maine Votes to Remove Religious & Philosophical Vaccine Exemptions

E2FD71E9-7F1F-4B6D-83D2-6A929B9B5A70The Maine Senate has just agreed with the House to remove religious and philosophical exemptions. The governor will sign the bill, which will go into (side) effect in 2021.

From Ginger Taylor, “What happened in Maine:

The house had voted to pass LD 798 removing philosophical and religious vaccine exemptions last month.  Two weeks ago it went before the Senate, which passed the bill, but then passed an amendment to restore the religious exemption.  

4 Dems voted with the Republicans to keep the religious exemption.   The vote was 18-17 for the amendment.

The House then would not pass the Senate version, and sent it back to the Senate, insisting that they pass the version with both exemptions removed.  Those four Senators were basically beaten to bits.  The news papers ran their names, their party berated them, and one caved.  Senator Dill. 

Today they revoted and the measure passed with both exemptions removed, 18-17.

The Governor Mills was a primary proponent of the bill.  Her sister Dora Mills is a pediatrician and public health official who has been the face of vaccine sales in Maine for more than a decade.  She will sign the bill with glee.

Green voted to remove exemptions, red are the stalwart Senators who need to hear your gratitude for defending your rights.




I took the time awhile back to write Pres. Trump (via VAXXED) the story about our son's reactions to his vaccines and have absolutely NO idea what happened with that. Those of us who submitted our stories were told that this was a sort of quiet endeavor to get our stories read/told to Pres. Trump.

I can't remember precisely when this was - perhaps a year or so ago. At any rate, I never heard ANYTHING, afterwards. Makes me wonder if he ever saw any of those stories and/or if he did, what did he think? Did it not make any impression on him at all?

I'd love to know...

cia parker

For all those who have been harassed and censored in social media for expressing our thoughts on vaccines and autism, Trump has opened a forum where we can make reports of what happened to us. I did so earlier today.



Anyone want to speculate what Steven Miller, Trump's chief policy advisor position on vaccinations? If you have no one in your circle who has a deep understanding of vaccination issues, Trumps knowledge is extremely superficial, then nothing will happen.


Aimee, I like your criticisms of Trump. Please keep making them.

Aimee Doyle

@Bob -

We're on the same side of the autism-vaccine issue. I've always respected you and always read your posts, because I'm curious about why other people think the way they think. No one learns anything from an echo chamber. I certainly don't expect everyone to agree with me.

I've thought about what you said. I suppose part of the reason I am angry - and getting angrier - is because the autism numbers keep getting worse and worse. And no one - not Republican or Democrat seems to do ANYTHING. You're absolutely right that I've been quick to criticize Trump. He made promises, and I had hope. It's hard to see hope die. I do think I've frequently said on this site that I am appalled by Democratic actions and inactions on the autism-vaccine issue. And I don't think I've exactly been complicit - throughout the last decade I have often contacted my representatives, Senators, and even President Obama on the issue. Unfortunately, as a political independent (which I've been most of my voting life) neither party listens to me. : - )

You asked about other politicians. I did like Dr. Jill Stein of the Green Party in the last election, but she wasn't ever a viable presidential candidate.

I'll let it go now. Peace, Bob, and wishing you well.

Bob Moffit

@ Aimee

"..... I don't think you can find any post I've made on this site where I have defended Democrats' actions on the autism epidemic. I don't think I've ever said Obama did anything helpful related to the autism epidemic."

With all due respect .. in my opinion .. you have been quick to criticize Trump for his lack of urgency regarding vaccines during his first two years in office .. while .. as you said … you did not defend Democrats or say Obama did anything helpful related to the autism epidemic in his 8 years in office.

As the old adage goes … "silence is complicity" .. perhaps had you been as critical of both Democrats and Obama DURING the 8 years of his administration .. your criticisms of Trump would be better received?

I have said on many occasions that BOTH PARTIES HAVE FAILED OUR COMMUNITY .. it does not matter WHICH PARTY OCCUPPIES THE WHITE HOUSE … so .. holding Trump personally accountable for failing to act with the urgency we all desperately want … while BOTH parties oppose whatever he has promised to do regarding vaccines seems a little premature and a bit unfair.

Indeed, there are more than enough NEVER TRUMPERS within his OWN party .. to effectively delay and deny whatever actions he may consider regarding vaccines .. especially so during his FIRST TERM.

In any event, if you could give me ONE ALTERNATIVE POLITICIAN than Trump that our community should be supporting … please let me know who that POLITICIAN MIGHT BE? Otherwise .. as frustrating and disappointing Trump's lack of urgency regarding vaccines is .. I don't see ANYONE else doing any better?

As for myself .. I am loathed to introduce PARTISAN POLITICS into our community .. we have enough reasons to divide us already .. and PARTISAN POLITICS .. WHERE BOTH PARTIES ARE FULL OF SWAMP CREATURES .. NO DIFFERENT THAN THE MEDIA .. AS FAR AS OUR COMMUNITY IS CONCERNEFD … is the absolutely last thing we need.


I second Rtp's suggestion to stop pussy-footing around.

There is a book entitled "Fooling Ourselves on the Fundamental Value of Vaccination" by Greg Beattie in Australia that I would highly recommend reading. It will really dispel any lingering notion that vaccination has saved lives, much less prevented disease. You can get a pdf copy for a few bucks I think (I have no affiliation with the author). The lines of argument are much more devastating to the vaccine paradigm than safety arguments, for reasons Rtp explained nicely: safety is a fear-based game, and they have the ultimate fearmongering trump cards.

Aimee Doyle

@Bob -

I agree that Democrats have failed us. I have spent plenty of hours trying to convince my Democratic representative, my Democratic Senators, and my former Democratic president to do something about autism. I am appalled that Democrats - or at least a lot of them - have been pushing to eliminate some of the vaccine exemptions that exist. I am appalled that Democrats are not concerned about the autism epidemic. I don't think you can find any post I've made on this site where I have defended Democrats' actions on the autism epidemic. I don't think I've ever said Obama did anything helpful related to the autism epidemic. Seems to me he was seduced by the siren song of the neurodiversity movement.

But here's my point. Trump made promises about vaccines and autism. He didn't keep them. In fact, he actively made things worse by appointing pro-vax people to HHS, FDA, CDC. He actively encouraged people to get vaccinated. I don't see that he's even trying to do anything about the autism epidemic. I just don't get why people who support him aren't angrier about that. So you aren't angry? I don't understand why? You think he needs more time? How much time do you want to give him? He had full control of government for two years - seems he could have done a lot. Meanwhile, as you've often said, the band plays on...and a kid is diagnosed every 20 minutes.

And I don't get why Republicans in red states - with Republican governors and Republican controlled legislatures seem to be content with the status quo. No one is doing anything about autism that I can see. Why isn't anyone angry about that? And the Republicans in the House and Senate who do nothing about autism...why isn't anyone angry about that? I don't see Fox News or other conservative outlets doing much about vaccines and autism either.

I'm mad at both Republicans and Democrats. I respect your opinions, Bob. If you think Trump needs more time, I get that. What has he done to make you believe he will keep his promises about vaccines and autism? What has he done that makes you think the next two years will be any different than the last two?


We're bombarded with corporate media articles asking why people think vaccines are unsafe when the real question is "Why do people think vaccines are safe ?" It's because of low-quality articles like the recent one I'm quoting a bit of here, the kind of propaganda piece The Atlantic now specializes in:

"The reported relationship [between vaccines and autism] became the subject of numerous scientific investigations, none of which found any relationship. No question in the history of vaccine reactions has been so thoroughly litigated. Given the amount of available evidence, autism is one of the claims that Nair [Narayan Nair, "head of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program"] and colleagues can confidently deny, he told me. The legal precedent dates to 2010, after more than 5,000 cases had been filed claiming a link between vaccines and autism. The result was a legal review known as the Omnibus Autism Proceeding, which ultimately found no causal relationship between vaccines and autism spectrum disorder." https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2019/05/vaccine-safety-program/589354/

But the author should have sought out other sources instead of taking dictation from one:

"Pediatric neurologist Dr. Andrew Zimmerman originally served as the expert medical witness for the government, which defends vaccines in federal vaccine court. He had testified that vaccines do not cause autism in specific patients.

Dr. Zimmerman now has signed a bombshell sworn affidavit. He says that, during a group of 5,000 vaccine-autism cases being heard in court on June 15, 2007, he took aside the Department of Justice (DOJ) lawyers he worked for defending vaccines and told them he’d discovered 'exceptions in which vaccinations could cause autism.'

'I explained that in a subset of children, vaccine-induced fever and immune stimulation did cause regressive brain disease with features of autism spectrum disorder,' Dr. Zimmerman now states. He said his opinion was based on 'scientific advances' as well as his own experience with patients.

For the government and vaccine industry’s own pro-vaccine expert to have this scientific opinion stood to change everything about the vaccine-autism debate — if people were to find out.

But they didn’t.

Dr. Zimmerman goes on to say that once the DOJ lawyers learned of his position, they quickly fired him as an expert witness and kept his opinion secret from other parents and the rest of the public.

What’s worse, he says the DOJ went on to misrepresent his opinion in federal vaccine court to continue to debunk vaccine-autism claims...." https://childrenshealthdefense.org/news/how-a-pro-vaccine-doctor-reopened-debate-about-link-to-autism/

Hans Litten

Posted by: ASDFatherPA | May 14, 2019 at 02:25 PM

Too right (where are the churches - pathetic) & the Trade Unions ?

What happens now Ginger ?
I am sorry but I cannot congratulate anyone, unless we blocked them. And we didn't !

Crime of all centuries !

Posted by: Jeanne J | May 14, 2019 at 10:47 PM
No one here in their right mind could ever vote for the democrats ! Agreed
I don't want to hear anymore procrastination about that from anyone.

Bob Moffit

@ Aimee

"Here's my question. Why isn't our president doing anything about this? Perhaps Trump should also be voted out of office for reneging on his promise to do something about vaccines and autism - for more than once appointing pro-vax people to HHS, FDA, CDC - for abandoning a vaccine safety commission (another promise), and for recently actively urging people to vaccinate?"

With all due respect for your opinions .. Obama was in office for 8 years .. perhaps I missed it .. what exactly did Obama do in his 8 years as President to help our community? I think your suggestion Trump be voted out of office he has held for less than 3 years a bit premature.

Consider the fact that the majority of Democratic politicians have been in office for DECADES now .. Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, on and on .. Trump on the other hand has been in office for about 2 years.

If you believe Trump .. after being in office for less than ONE FULL TERM .. should be voted out of office for reneging on his promise to do something about vaccines and autism .. do you also believe and will YOU CALL FOR EVERY DEMOCRAT THAT HAS BEEN IN OFFICE FOR MORE THAN ONE TERM ALSO BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE?

Just curious.

Jeanne J

The issue of vaccine enforcement through the public health service is funded through state budgets, not federal. And overwhelmingly, state after state, those who want to take away religious and philosophical freedom have been members of each state's democratic party. Not an opinion, but a fact. Not interested in pointing fingers, not interested in bringing up old issues, just stating current and apparently continuing fact.


Grace, it is easy in Australia. None of our rules (yet) have affected education in anyway - just childcare and a small welfare payment that is irrelevant for most families anyway.

Lack of childcare makes it difficult for some obviously (particularly single mothers and those without access to grandparents) but it certainly isn't insurmountable for those of us who value our children not being poisoned. In fact, up until kindergarten, only around half of kids are in daycare (most are either with their mums or their grandparents).

What's more, even for those without access to grandparents there are easy ways to avoid this. Au pairs are vastly superior substitutes than child care arrangements anyway.

And it should be stressed that, at least for the time being, there are only two states (albeit the two largest ones) that outright ban unvaxed kids from daycare and kindergarten - the rest of us simply don't get the daycare subsidy.

Can I suggest that au pair arrangements are what non-vaxing parents in the US (who both want to work) should be looking at if they need to homeschool? The parents would still do the schooling, but the au pair would do the babysitting when both parents need to work.

You guys have it potentially worse than us because you have a constitutional ruling that explicitly permits compulsory vaccination. That ruling was an utter joke and completely turns every other principle of the constitution on its head but it is still there until the Supreme Court overturns it. Our High Court has never made such a ruling and therefore the default under common law is that no government can force what would amount to an assault of the body.

On the other hand, you have the vast majority of one important political party more or less explicitly on your side which we don't have.

None of this is to say that our policies are ok or that they won't get worse. They are disgusting and a source of a great deal of stress, but from my own personal point of view (I never used childcare and I don't live in one of the states that banned kindergarten year) they have barely made any practical impact on our lives.

But again, anti-vaxers need to stop pussy-footing around no matter which country they are in. Challenge the idea that vaccines work. Challenge the idea that diseases are caused by germs. Challenge the idea that diseases are contagious.

People (non-vaxers) challenge me on this approach because they tell me that if you start telling someone that germ theory is a lie they will immediately dismiss you. And in a sense that's true but here's the thing: I could walk down a street and speak to 100 people and convince 95 of them that vaccines are more dangerous than they imagined. The problem is that when those 95 people visit a doctor, 90 of them will still leave with an injection because the doctor bullies the **** out of them with tales of millions of smallpox and pertussis and herpes deaths.

On the other hand, if you explain to someone that the germ theory is a lie (eg by pointing out that doctors are alive somehow) then the first time they will ignore you completely - it won't shift their views at all. But if someone else comes along and tells them the same thing and half a dozen other people also tell them this then their views will shift, and more importantly, they are now, well, "inoculated" against doctor bullying or measles hysteria.

They will sit and listen to their doctors berate them with a big smile on their face and the simple response of "but doctor, if all of your stories of highly contagious and dangerous diseases (regardless of whether we have vaccines for them) were true, then you wouldn't be alive to tell me about them would you?"

Donna L.

Like Grace mentioned, I too would love to know how Californians are doing under this new medical tyranny -- I think this would make an excellent AofA article, even if contributors need to remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

And I completely agree with Irena's suggestion to stop paying property taxes. This is war.


I think there is an "easy" way to stop that atrocity - stop paying property taxes and file a class action suits to force school districts to pay parents per-pupil allotment that they receive from the State and Feds. Property taxes would go into escrow, but not to the State, until they restore exemptions and reinstall children in schools/daycare. That needs to be an organized action though, not every parent by themselves. I am in California, and I hear that rural school districts here are bleeding students and have to lay off teachers and staff.

Aimee Doyle

@NotanMD -

Appalled at what happened in Maine. Absolutely wrong. But both political parties seem to be pretty good at beating down any internal dissent. I'm surprised that only one Democrat (of the four) caved. But I guess that was enough.

Here's my question. Why isn't our president doing anything about this? Perhaps Trump should also be voted out of office for reneging on his promise to do something about vaccines and autism - for more than once appointing pro-vax people to HHS, FDA, CDC - for abandoning a vaccine safety commission (another promise), and for recently actively urging people to vaccinate? I don't understand why his base isn't angrier with Trump for breaking his promises. He is one of the most powerful people in the world and he could, and should, be doing something.

Why has he caved?

Grace Green

It would be interesting to hear from people in California, or Italy or Australia, as to how they are managing under this sort of tyranny. Have they been forced to vaccinate or have they managed to find ways around it? I realize some people will want to remain anonymous.

Paul Picha

The citizens of Maine have been outstanding at exposing vaccine corruption and speaking the truth.... vaccine corruption awareness is growing exponentially and will not stop.... keep your heads up and move forward because the truth will prevail

Not an MD

I'd like to see author Stephen King write a horror novel about the Maine State Legislature, but he has too much love for the Democratic Party to ever write something as horrifying as the story of what just happened in his home state due to the most Pharma-corrupted political party there is right now-- the Democratic Party. Sad. Tragic. Disgusting! Vote these bums out of office! They are unworthy of any public trust! And for those turncoat Democrats and other Democrats who voted for this disgusting bill-- SHAME ON YOU! May the images of all the unvaccinated and partially vaccinated children who will become vaccine-injured and vaccine-killed if any of their parents are forced to comply with your horrible bill haunt you for the rest of your days! Your bill will not save lives, but is sure will take lives away, and destroy others!


Where are there churches while all this is going on. Is anyone trying to at least talk to the heads of the major denominations. They should be in this fight too.

a river of money

No words.

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