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Junk Science Gets to Root of Autism! It's Spontaneous!

170718-human-genome-featureNote: This story below Junk' DNA can cause autism, groundbreaking study finds was published just yesterday. Feel free to read it, and share your thoughts. "With no family history of autism, the genetic cause of these individuals' conditions was probably spontaneous, not inherited, mutations, researchers said."

I have 3 children with autism, I had to look up the word, SPONTANEOUS.  It means "spur of the moment," something that doesn't happen in my home unless it's cleaning up a crapisode (kidding, we no longer have those, so take heart younger parents.)  Spontaneous out of the blue oh my golly gee what could have done this genetic mutations may have caused this RAGING epidemic.Groundheartbreaking. 

Junk DNA appears to be scientifically controversial - which may mean that it's existence serves a purpose for industry, profit, etc.  From Futurity.org.  Researchers have determined how satellite DNA, considered to be “junk DNA,” plays a crucial role in holding the genome together. Their findings, published recently in the journal eLife, indicate that this genetic “junk” performs the vital function of ensuring that chromosomes bundle correctly inside the cell’s nucleus, which is necessary for cell survival. And this function appears to be conserved across many species.  Read more here. "Futurity features the latest discoveries by scientists at top research universities in the US, UK, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia. The nonprofit site, which launched in 2009, is supported solely by its university partners (listed below) in an effort to share research news directly with the public."


Junk' DNA can cause autism, groundbreaking study finds

Disorder doesn't appear to be caused by specific genes, but by "regulatory DNA'

Mutations in so-called "junk DNA" can cause autism, according to a groundbreaking study published Monday.

The study, which used artificial intelligence technology, is the first to link such mutations to the developmental disorder. Researchers have been looking for specific, autism-causing genes since 2003, when the human gene was first mapped.

The research, led by Olga Troyanskay, deputy director for genomics at the Flatiron Institute's Center for Computational Biology (CCB) in New York City and a professor of computer science at Princeton University, in collaboration with Robert Darnell, the Robert and Harriet Heilbrunn Professor of Cancer Biology at Rockefeller University and an investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, was published Monday in Nature Genetics.

Researchers used machine learning to conduct analysis on whole genomes of 1,790 individuals with autism, as well as their unaffected parents and siblings, according to a news release from the Simons Foundation, via Eureka. The Flatiron Institute is the research division of the Simons Foundation.

With no family history of autism, the genetic cause of these individuals' conditions was probably spontaneous, not inherited, mutations, researchers said.

According to the foundation:  Read more here.



What could cause spontaneous DNA mutations in so many children? It couldn't be woefully inadequately tested vaccines (animal dna and perhaps animal retroviruses) , GMO foods (insect DNA), EMF ( effects DNA via secondary processes) and glyphosate (DNA damage).

It may very well be that all of the above contribute to increasing autism and illnesses in children and cancers and Alzheimers in adults/seniors

The fact of the matter is Junk Science such as this is fed to the consumer as a cover up for the damage being done to the human genome by Big Agra, Big Pharma and Big Telecom with the assistance of the regulators who go on to make big bucks working in these industries after early retirement

Life expectancies are now in decline in the US and that may be just the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps an unintended consequence but there are some who might think thats a good thing.

Science is pure.  People are corrupt.

'The number of autism cases linked to the noncoding mutations was comparable to the number of cases linked to protein-coding mutations that disable gene function.'

In other words, non coding DNA is just as irrelevant to autism as coding DNA.

I read somewhere that the search for autism genes is now well into its second billion dollars so presumably this look at junk DNA got somebody an extra round of funding; meanwhile we can only wonder what useful research could have been achieved instead.

gerardo martinez

Really F. Chopin? As long as people keep getting that MMR shot, vaccine strain measles will continue to spread by shedding.

Joy B

To me it sounds awfully like a propaganda step in a setup wherein certain less too-big-to-fail products eg 5G or similar will be scapegoated in the future.

"No that wasn't vaccines causing the uptick in autism, it was random radiation/untraceable environmental chemicals! One of those! We don't know which or when and no one specific can be held accountable but that's what happened folks! We promise!"

No corporate liabilities ever is a fairly large ask, and there are surely contractors of all stripes furiously constructing the escape mechanisms at this point, no?

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Epigenetics is the study of changes in gene expression due to environmental factors - for example did our grandparents’ ova and testes form during war trauma or famine? Our bodies inherit the sense of what to fear, fight and avoid. If grandparents were vaccinated with one dose of aluminum-containing DPT, and their children got DPT and polio vaccines and their grandchildren got 29 vaccinations - how do they compare to three generations of non-vaccinated controls? Peter Aaby looked at the mortality records of kids vaccinated the 1981. The girls had mortality rate of 2.6 times the non-vaccinated - and that is only one generation. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5868131/
Even if we stopped vaccinating today, it make take generations to unwind the damage, unless the goal is for humans to have a shorter life expectancy with damaged brain stems.

Go Trump

Three billion DNA base pairs per human / and suddenly they "all just mutate in the same way" and the children start head banging, it all makes sense now. One has to believe the Science.

Does anyone know if the pit crew member injured at the Indy 500 was rushed off and given a MMR vaccine ?

Grace Green

I think they might find that too difficult! Thanks for your no nonsense information. I've also recently been reading about the genes which make some of us unable to excrete heavy metals, meaning that they accumulate in our soft tissues - brains! If They are doing this to us because we are different genetically then that's genocide! One would think it wouldn't be too difficult to test people before vaccinating.

Gary Ogden

Benedetta: Richly ironic quoting Time magazine! Promoters of the charlatans Ancel Keys and Richard Pan. I guess everyone gets it right once in a while. Completely ridiculous calling any of our genetic material "junk." This is a red flag that pseudoscience is in the offing, and indeed it came forth in all its glory.

Frederic Chopin

Finally. So guys can we get rid of measles now?


This study sounds like another desperate attempt to explain the increase in autism due to something that sounds like it comes from a science fiction novel. There is no science to back up this claim and there is no such thing in human history as a genetic epidemic. This study is just more wasted money on something that is going nowhere to finding the real cause of the huge increase in the numbers of people being diagnosed with a condition that was once 1 in 10,000. Researchers must do the scientific studies to determine how to reverse a condition that, once so rare, is now the most common disability affecting tens of thousands of people. We need this research NOW. Junk DNA is junk science.

Jeanne J

They are right! It is the JUNK dumped in vaccines from the DNA of aborted human fetus, pigs, cows, chickens and of course the ever favorite monkeys. Who with two brain cells firing at the same time wouldn't expect that foreign DNA of one mammal, injected into a host mammal, would cause some type of mutation to the host. Duhhhh!!!


Maybe we could copy and paste and send them the article from Time Magazine?

Then they could go to the library and get their own hard copy.


Oh, and here is where I got my quotes from. It is in the "Time magazine" Not hard to find.



I am surprised that they could write such stuff with out any shame.
They have long established that the junk DNA was not junk.

As in this:
" in 2001, researchers found that the 3 billion base pairs that comprised our mere 21,000 genes made up a paltry 2% of the entire genome. The rest, geneticists acknowledged with unconcealed embarrassment, was an apparent biological wasteland."

Way before 2001, they were talking this nonsense; back in the 70s and 80s. A few professors and scientists that I worked with did say, that is because they haven't found out what they really do.

Fast forward to recent years, the "consensus" as well as some "hard facts" says they are not junk. Should not even use the term.

"But it turns out they were wrong. In an impressive series of more than 30 papers published in several journals, including Nature, Genome Research, Genome Biology, Science and Cell, scientists now report that these vast stretches of seeming “junk” DNA are actually the seat of crucial gene-controlling activity — changes that contribute to hundreds of common diseases."

"Changes that contribute to hundreds of common diseases"

Environmental stuff, like injecting aluminum, mercury, pertussis toxin and what ever - else that vaccine manufacturers decides would be a good idea to put in them there vaccine --- cause changes that contribute to hundreds of common diseases like Ohhhh, autism.

Jenny Allan

This 'Junk DNA' research, was reported by "a news release from the Simons Foundation, via Eureka. The Flatiron Institute is the research division of the Simons Foundation."

Are they sure this wasn't from the FlatEarth Institute?

Gary Ogden

The latest iteration of tobacco science. "Artificial intelligence technology?" Because they lack actual human intelligence? "Spontaneous mutations in 'junk DNA'?" Stinking pile of doodoo, I say.

Jill in MI

Junk DNA? Really? How about UFO's? It is so easy to "find" answers when you are intentionally NOT looking in the right place. So the people who choose to educate themselves about vaccines are spreading misinformation? "There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission..."

Bob Moffit

Wow .. another ground breaking study desperately seeking that damn ever illusive AUTISM GENE .. a desperate search for the last 16 years since the "human gene" was first mapped.

Who couldda guessed "junk DNA" can cause autism .. EUREEKA .. can't wait for the next 16 years of researching the AUTISM GENE ..

Does this study provide ANYTHING worth understanding about the cause of autism? Am I missing something .. or am I just too dense to understand?

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