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Hundreds Protest at Maine Statehouse over Bill to Eliminate Religious Vaccine Exemption

Breaking newsAmericans, New Englanders in particular, do NOT like having the government tell them what they CAN and CAN NOT do. Liberty is the reason the United States of America exists. Religious freedom is at the core of our liberty. Vaccination has become an Orthodox religion in this country. Measles is the sin. The VaxEducated (formerly known as anti-vaxxers) are the sinners.  Pharma is God. Public health officials and Politicians are the Cardinals. Pediatricians are the Parish priests. Nurses are the Nuns. And our kids are the altar boys and girls..... serving on the altar of Merck... with their pants around their ankles.



The Maine Senate is expected to take a final vote Thursday on a bill that would end most nonmedical exemptions for childhood vaccines.

Hundreds of people opposed to the bill were protesting Thursday morning at the State House.  Read more here.


The bill would end the state's religious and philosophical exemptions to vaccines.

The House voted 79-62 Tuesday to enact the legislation. If approved Thursday by the Senate, the bill will go to Gov. Janet Mills.


Beleaguered Autism Mom

Sara C. I don't think vaccineimpact.org is advocating for anybody but the profiteers - they say they want to "inform potential future investments and vaccine scale-up opportunities." Are you trying to get smucks like me (who fully vaccinated her kids) to go to that website so it looks like it gets more attention than it deserves? They are targeting Pakistan, India, Nigeria and Ethiopia because they are under-vaccinated.

Sara C

Take a look at vaccineimpact.org, there is a post about The Control Group who is starting a study of unvaccinated people to hopefully use in advocating against mandatory vaccinations nationwide


AoA has GOT TO cover the story out of Keene, N.H., in the Keene Sentinel newspaper. Seems a young girl had "measles", but she was "too young" to get vaxxed. That was a few days ago....
NOW, the story is she did NOT have "measles" at all, only a REACTION to the MMR VAXX!....
I kid you not, that's the **INSANITY** that the pro-vaxxers have unleashed in this town....
And of course the whole N.H. Dept. of Health and Human Services has been in a tizzy for days....

Paul Picha

Disgusting. The whole thing is awful.

Jenny Allan

For those across the Atlantic unable to access the link in the article:-

Carolyn MomofRecoveredKid

But seriously folks.

How can anyone not get how these laws getting between a patient and medical choices endanger everyone.

Do people have zero imagination here?
For Democrats: (Fairytale?)
Imagine a Republican wins the state again. Trump and Putin can invent a disease, create a Russian-made vaccine, and inoculate blue states with a poison that kills or maims over time. Since doctors are afraid to report or even notice vaccine reactions, it takes months before people wake up to it. Russia is an expert at this type of slow poison. Yeah. CA is about to give them that carte blanche power. Because you can only be exempted from vaccines you have already reacted to.
For Republicans(Fairytale?)
Imagine your worst nightmare dem, whoever. Someone tells this dem that the best cure for population explosion is to put a chemical in shots that reduces fertility. But the entity that sells the dem on this lies, and the chemical actually sterilizes forever. Thousands or millions are sterilized before anyone notices. But it's too late.
For all of us
What if someone, truly meaning well, mandated a vaccine that accidentally caused brain damage, but couldn't bear to admit it. Then some sociopaths realized that denying this, and silencing those who spoke out, would make him/her very, very wealthy. And then they came up with PR and strategies to shut us up. . . . to minimize doctors finding out . . .to attack victims . . to hide the crime. If you reported your child died of vaccines, you were accused of child abuse. If you reported your child was injured by a vaccine, you can be forced to reinjure that child or either pay a fine or forego education. . Your friends and family are urged to laugh at you and ridicule you and gaslight you and deep down, they do it because they are told that their children are safer because yours got hurt. They didn't want yours to get hurt, but oh well. No one challenged the actual vaccine company. No one asked why the shots didn't work. No one asked why it is okay to ignore the eye witness testimony of Moms. A living nightmare, a horror show, as more and more vaccinated zombie parents and their injured children get added to the pack.

Never mind, that would never happen here.

Carolyn Kylesmom

OH man KIM you are so funny, and I'm a Catholic. But the faithful got reamed by Church leadership and we're getting reamed by Medical leadershp now.

Everyone who laughed at this--quick, buy Kim's books! House of Cards was so good that my husband heard me laughing and stole my phone (it's an ebook) and wouldn't give it back til he finished it!



Not an MD

I guess Maine has fallen. How impossibly sad.

"State senators vote 19-16 to eliminate religious and philosophical exemptions." The article was updated, and the senators did not support the people today. The senators prefer to serve Pharma, apparently. One they they will understand how tragically wrong they were to vote in favor of this hard core totalitarian medical tyranny bill. Maybe their child, or grandchild, or they, themselves, will receive too many vaccines on a given day, or just one bad one, and then it will be they who will pay the price. Considering all the new vaccines in the works, and their removal of the religious and philosophical exemptions, the sky is the limit as to how many new vaccines will be mandated for all children in public schools and in colleges in Maine. Idiots!

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