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NOTE: Thanks to Ginger Taylor for the post from here blog Adventures in Autism.
By Ginger Taylor

So I have had a LOT of huge media inquires lately from such notables as Daily Beast, Time, Reuters, blah blah blah who don't know I am not the head of MCVC anymore. I turn them down because 1. I am not the head of MCVC any more and 2. They lie so reflexively, that even when I turn them down they turn it into a lie and put it in their story.

This was my turn down to the Daily Beast and what they did with it:
Subject: momentum? Date:Thu, 21 Mar 2019 20:18:54 +0000 From:Jackie Kucinich <[email protected]> To: Ginger Taylor Hi there – I’m putting together a story about the vaccine choice movement specifically how it seems to be more organized and well-funded than ever. Is this your experience? Given the recent demonstrations in Maine regarding attempts to repeal non-medical exemptions, it certainly seems like there is momentum. Thank you so much for any thoughts you have on this topic. Best regards, Jackie Jackie Kucinich Washington Bureau Chief The Daily Beast (202) 210-4090 @JFKucinich
You're joking, right? Broke families of vaccine injured children up against a $30B a year liability-free pharmaceutical sector? What funding? Ginger Taylor, MS
Hi Ginger, I should have been more clear - I was looking at 990s and noticed an uptick/ Children’s Health Defense has been raising more money as well, which usually indicates interest in a cause. Would you have time to chat tomorrow? Thanks, Jackie
Jackie, when you start taking vaccine injury seriously, I will start taking you and your outlet seriously. Not interested in an interview. Ginger Taylor, MS
First off, why is she contacting me about CHD? Second, that exchange turned into the following in her article: "Not every group in the anti-vaccine movement says it is seeing growth. Ginger Taylor, director of the Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice, said her organization was struggling for funding, especially when they were battling “a $30 billion a year liability-free pharmaceutical sector.” Meanwhile the Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice had DOUBLED in size in 4 months. And note that she called me "vaccine choice" to my face and "anti-vaccine" in the article. Also note that she filed her story under the heading "Ruh Roh."

She says this too: "Experts say the anti-vaccine or vaccine choice groups, as they commonly refer to themselves,..." So what we identify as doesn't matter? Wow.

At least she quoted, “a $30 billion a year liability-free pharmaceutical sector.”
Noted fake news person Jeffrey Kluger Editor at Large of Time, has contacted me twice this week. Here are samples of his work: How to Change an Anti-Vaxxer's Mind, Aug 3, 2015
Meet the Heroes and the Villains of Vaccine Injury, July 29, 2015
Jim Carrey, Please Shut Up About Vaccines, Jul 1, 2015
Meet the Latest Driver of the Anti-Vaccine Clown Car, Jan 30, 2015
RFK Jr. Joins the Anti-Vaccine Fringe, July 21, 2014
That Moment When You Must Have a Word With Jenny McCarthy, Apr 12, 2014
Here’s How the Anti-Vaxxers’ Strongest Argument Falls Apart Aug 19, 2015
Kluger: "I am Editor at Large for Time magazine, and I’m working with two colleagues on a piece about groups like Maine for Vaccine Choice and their political and legislative efforts in the various states. I’m very much hoping to come to Maine, visit with your group, and learn about the work you’re doing. I’d be very interested in meeting and talking with some activist parents as well. As Time is hoping to close this story by May 15, I would very much like to schedule any visit for as soon as possible.If you have followed Time’s vaccine coverage, it’s no secret that I am very supportive of childhood vaccinations and have written quite a bit about their safety and efficacy. Often my coverage has been sharp in tone. I stand by my belief in the science, but what I hope to report here is the politics—the increasing influence groups like yours have and how you’ve succeeded in building a nationwide network. It’s a phenomenon that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention and I think it would interest readers. Please let me know if my visiting soon is a possibility and thanks in advance for your time and attention."
Me: "I am not longer the Director of the Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice thus I do not speak for them.I forwarded your phone message to them...If you want a quote from me for your story: "In 1986, Congress passed the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, giving liability protection to vaccine makers for injury and death from their products, and planting the seeds of the vaccine injury epidemic. In the 1990s, as the vaccine injury epidemic began to bloom, parents asked Public Health for treatment for their injured children, but they refused to provide it. In the 2000s, as the vaccine injury epidemic came into full swing, parents asked Public Health for vaccine safety reform, but instead they made the vaccine program more aggressive. In the 2010s, as the vaccine injury epidemic began to decimate child health and public systems, parents gave up on previous requests, instead demanding vaccine choice in order to get away from the abusive vaccine program, and now public health is telling them they cannot leave their abuser. I believe that in the coming decade, because the Public Health will not admit to its failure that is crippling the country, the vaccine program will collapse under the weight of its own corruption. And it will be the vaccine program's own fault, because it simply will not admit to being exactly what the 1986 Act called it when the law was passed 33 ago. "Unavoidably Unsafe." Thank you for your time,Ginger Taylor.
Jeffrey Kluger: "Thank you for getting back to me.I'm familiar with the history and the arguments. No need for follow-up."

The mainstream media is a disaster.



TIME is the biggest joke, I no longer consider them a reputable source. I tell my students not to bother with it. When are these assholes in the media going to learn that most intelligent, well read people don't believe their bullshit anymore? #fakenews
The only journalist I trust anymore is Sharyl Attkisson with her Full Measure broadcasts and her website. The rest of them are pathetic!


Ginger, your reply is excellent. Agree with Susan Welch, it made my day too.


Jeffrey at Time sent Colorado Health Choice the We sent him some required reading prior to any meeting.


will, the "Green our Vaccines" movement was well intentioned but wrong. It came at a time when the idea that vaccines didn't even work was unthinkable. But they don't and non-vaxers are starting to realize it en masse.

As people like Greg Beattie have shown, the only reason we believe that any vaccine works is because of a (what should have been obvious) statistical trick. Most doctors refuse to test for or diagnose a condition *if* the patient is vaccinated so the diseases have just been renamed.

You don't have to believe me on this. You can check it for yourself. The CDC actuall *encourages* doctors to ignore the possibility of measles, diphtheria etc in vaccinated patients to save themselves time and resources.

And you can also check the stats. If the polio vaccine had truly worked as opposed to just renaming polio, then *total* paralysis rates (excluding trauma and stroke) must have fallen right? But they did not. If the rubella vaccine had truly worked then total congenital defect rates would have fallen. They have not. If the hepatitis B vaccine had truly worked then total liver cancer rates would have fallen. They most assuredly have not. And the same goes for invasive disease rates since the various meningitis vaccines, sterility since the mumps vaccine, encephalitis since the measles vaccine, etc etc.

No vaccine in history has *ever* worked.

Not even a tiny bit.

Shelley Tzorfas

Organized? Yes, moms have to lay out the therapy schedules, speech, Occupational therapy, physical therapy and Psychiatric visits with their children. Moms must check for numbered food dyes, glyphosate and chemicals when food shopping not to mention check for nut products and proteins in case their children have anaphylactic food reactions since peanut oil was added to vaccines. They must remember to carry their swords, known as the "Epi-Pen." They must search places where mercury laden fluorescent bulbs might cause a problem or will certainly cause a problem if broken casually or as a result of hurricanes, tornadoes or quakes. Moms must attend IEP Meetings, teacher meetings and day trips at schools in order for their children to attend where they act as supervisors for their child's safety. They must carefully lay out the red white and blue pills, ones for the mornings or others for the night. When all of this Organization is done, then they must have someone capable of staying with their Severely or moderately autistic child as they try to speak at Congress, the Senate and legislator's meetings. Yes Autism moms are Well Organized!

Jeanne J


Thank you so much for even taking the time to respond to someone whose only interest was to stab vaccine-injury parents in the back. I think you showed him your knowledge is bigger than his knife. The corporate media is doing to the vaccine choice movement what is it did to the pro-life movement decades ago - refusing to allow groups to speak for themselves and labeling them ANTI-. It worked then, and they believe it will work again.


In response to Kluger saying “I stand by my belief in the science” I’d be tempted to ask him how can he, adequately put together an insightful report that stands above all the other articles being written by lazy reporters, that haven’t read and understood ALL the science. Then select at random a few (but not all) references from

ICANDECIDE’s white paper

Then say, that one will put him in contact with someone who would be willing to discuss the latest science with him, so he can cease appearing like a ignoramus (like he does at present) to scientists who are up to date. Adding, he can be assured that he’ll have all the material for an article bigger than Watergate (if he dared to write it). Or it might induce him to have such an existential criss with his existing scientific beliefs that he flees to India and becomes a Buddhist monk.

Think it is important to firmly insist that people at least read some of the science first, before we discuss any issues with them. If they aren’t willing do even that, point out politely that there can be no common premises which can be discussed if they haven’t read the source material for themselves.


Great work Ginger. Way to go!

Jenny Allan

I found my computer kept freezing or shutting me out when accessing this article in the Daily Mail, but I finally got in a comment, about how our esteemed UK answer to Senator Pan, Health Secretary Matt Hancock, was accepting ‘bungs’ from the Chair of a group which promotes corporate interests and wants to privatise the NHS –more private profits from our increasingly sick population.

Someone called “red-one”, who has put pro vaccine comments all through the thread, immediately countered with another comment about how ‘anti-vaxxers’ were plainly getting organised and taking over press comment threads. What rubbish! It was good to see so many comments expressing concerns about vaccine safety, and the obscene profits made by the manufacturers with NO liability. Shortly after, The Mail stopped accepting comments or allowing red or green arrow clicks. Suits me-my comment (obviously very unpopular in some quarters) stays near the top.The message is at last getting through to the populace!! Keep up the good work Ginger.">">
Health secretary's 'plan for mandatory child vaccinations' sparks anti-vax fury as parents brand move 'like Nazi Germany'
PUBLISHED: 12:03, 4 May 2019 | UPDATED: 08:53, 5 May 2019
“The Health Secretary is reportedly considering making child immunisations compulsory as he accused anti-vaccination campaigners of having 'blood on their hands', sparking fury online.
According to The Times, Matt Hancock said he was 'completely open to all options' in how to increase vaccination rates, including by making them mandatory.
It comes after figures released by Unicef last week showed that more than half a million children in the UK were unvaccinated against measles between 2010 and 2017.
Mr Hancock told the paper: 'The evidence is really clear that vaccination is good for you and your children and, critically, protects people who can't be vaccinated for medical reasons.
'Those who have promoted the anti-vaccination myth are morally reprehensible, deeply irresponsible and have blood on their hands.'
The Health Secretary has also previously said he 'wouldn't rule out anything' when asked whether unvaccinated children should be banned from schools.”
“Newly appointed health secretary Matt Hancock received £32,000 in donations from the chairman of a think tank which critics say is trying to “abolish the NHS”.
After becoming an MP in 2010 Mr Hancock has received regular donations of between £2,000 and £4,000 from millionaire currency manager and Conservative Party donor Neil Record.”

Kyles mom

I think we need to say “go to a severe special
Ed class and spend 4 hours there.”
It is the individual victims stories that have any hope of getting through .
Also this one works some times “If I didn’t speak out I would be complicit the next time an infant gets injured by an unneeded vaccination, like the hep-B vaccination that sent my newborn to the ICU.” They dont want to believe that we are motivated by compassion as well as our own childs pain. This is cognitive disaonance vs what they “need” to believe. When abused kids started speaking out the church called them “antiCatholic” just as pharma labels us “antivax”. I didnt think hey why would an anticatholic be near a priest, i thought it was just a weird crazy person’s lie becauwe priests never harmed my family. But if a neighbor had braved the risk to her privacy and my thinking she was antiCatholic, i would have started to believe victims. One of the reasons the tide is turning is that we are so afraid of mandates (like if the church told victims they MUST go into a confessional with a priest)—that the fear of Pharma-PR induced shot-shaming is lower than our fear of being forced to leave our state to avoid more harm to our vaccine-vulnerable families. So their sadistic push for mandates to poison every last child—is backfiring big time. We just need our Ellen moment and it will happen. Someone huge will show videos of their darling before vax and then sadly the injury after. It will happen it has to happen because sadly the rate of injury is so high. We are trying so prevent this. If they would put money toward fixing archaic invasive disease prevention that is vaccines to another method rather than all their money on lobbying and PR the autism epidemic the teen depression ans aggression epidemic the diabetes epidemic the dementia epidemics could all be over. They could still make money with new innovative approaches but like dirty coal blocking solar instead of investing in it, they choose to attack the truth tellers. Another country will innovate and destroy the vaccine market wirh state of the art disease prevention and treatment. May dinosaur pharma die a horrible
Profit-busting career destroying death . So tragic—they could have taken the reins reformed medicine healed vaccine injury and saved our children. .


the "ruh roh" media movement DEBUNKED by Ginger Taylor!


What ever happened to the "Green the Vaccines" movement. When vaccines are safe they save live when they have mercury aluminium and whatever they are dangerous or at least less effective. This blog is becoming far right anti government conspiracy instead of honest debate on vaccines. Yes I understand many mainstream newspapers label anyone who questions vaccines in the same camp as extreme anti vaccers and this is dangerous.


I think we should start calling it corporate media. That's more accurate. "Mainstream" sounds like it's of the people, by the people and for the people. Everybody knows that's not true.

Care Giver for Autistic Adult

Thank you Ginger for your clear and concise responses to these “journalists.” I am trying to be more like you - with anyone willing to discuss vaccines or autism.

Debbie Barry

Ruh Roh - now that seems like a "serious" headline to report on for vaccine injured children - NOT.

Rebecca Lee

Thank you for your quick wit. I think you handled that wonderfully.

Jill in MI

Ginger, thank you for so succinctly defending our choice to avoid further injury from vaccines. Can you give an update of what is happening in Maine? I read that religious choice was added back into the bill and then had to have another vote to determine if that was going to go forward. So, any updates? Thank you.

susan welch

Ginger, Reading your responses to these 'journalists' has made my day!

Thank you.

Bob Moffit

'The mainstream media is a disaster.'

Unfortunately, the mainstream media is only one component .. albeit a very critical component .. of the growing "disaster" of our country's national public health .. which has become a virtual swamp of political/industry corruption .. where 54% of children suffer some type of neurological/biological/physical disorder .. a figure up from 12% in 2002.

It is stunning to witness the media hysterics over a few hundred cases of measles .. while virtually ignoring all indications predicting that autism will affect 1 in every 2 children by 2030.

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