Vaccine Smarts
Students Sending Emails Asking Unusual Questions about Vaccines and Autism

Facebook Mommy Group Says "Too Controversial!" to Invitation to Meet with Senator About Vaccine Bills

Oblivious momI know Paul Offit thinks educated, suburban (code word white, as if his being misogynistic isn't enough, he has to racial profile us) women are the backbone of the vaccine choice movement. We're uppity Whole Foods shopping naughty women who refuse to listen to the male, white man in the white coat.

I am member of a Facebook group that's for Moms in my town. It's private. Shshshshs, it's actually a SECRET group and  you can only get in after proving that you live in our town, showing a c-section scar, 23 and me reports or producing adoption papers. The group is wonderful when someone is in need. Hurricane knocks out power in half the town for a week? Moms line up to offer a shower in their home with power, a pot of hot coffee. Someone sick with cancer? The meal train shoots out of the station like a bullet train in Japan.  Lasagna to the rescue! They organize charitable events and donor drives.  It's a great group overall. But there is one topic that is not allowed. Vaccine choice. "Too controversial." Women have spoken among themselves about how to birth, protect and raise their children since the cave days. But I, a woman with vaccine injured children, can not utter a word about their vaccination history. I can not warn. I  can not exercise my right to say, "Please do your own homework. Read this and decide for yourself."  I can respond to posts about which greige paint is the one to choose for resale. I can respond to a post on "How do you keep up with laundry?"(wash, dry, fold and put away...)  and other first world problems. But, I can't even write, "Our State Senator is meeting at Bruegger's Bagels on Tuesday, from 8:00 - 9:00 am to talk about the health bills that alter vaccination choice in Connecticut. You're invited." 

Too controversial.

It's not right. We should be able to discuss our kids' health from all sides. Sure, some of the conversations will be difficult, contentious even. Angry Moms who believe every kids needs every vaccine will yell at Moms who think they should be able to pick and choose based on their child's health.  There will be fighting. We know this. So what? There is no Stepford, Connecticut. We are in real towns with real children. And we should be able to have real conversations, without fear of being "too controversial." And then shut down.



Kyles mom

Moms share. We share info on pregnancies to nursing to best teachers. We share tragedies, health accidents. It is how we learn. My mom and her friends talked about everything—even vaccine reactions. What a time that was, in 1960-1970’s. Since it ran in our families, my sister and a cousin both had reactions. They got sympathy from their friends and support and concern from their doctors. They got the chance to use their experience to help other moms. Plus you were the star for a moment, getting support as you told your tale, support that you needed. Autism didn't happen, though a baby died that I now suspect was a vaccine injury. My sister and cousin bounced back but with todays schedule who knows? So my point is that the demonization of discussion (thanks Julie Gerberding) has cheated us all of a normal part of being a woman. It has broken our natural connection and God knows moms of autistic kids are isolated already. The public cruelty and ostracism are a tactic. All we have is our stories to combat pharma crimes. But our stories are unwelcome and frightening and cause pain. How do we gently start to take back what pharma PR has so expertly stolen from us—a place in the discussion of Moms.


Have I told you how much I LOVE the color of JB Handley’s latest book? One of the best lasagna recipes I’ve ever tried I found on the Health Freedom Idaho website! Some of the best information on childhood autoimmune diseases can be found in Dr Thomas Cowan’s book. 🤫 😉

My (not so) smartass would have been kicked off that page in a week! ☺️

Bob Moffit

Kim .. we live in a time when constant demand for "tolerance and inclusion" has become political dogma .. spoken by ALL political candidates and mainstream media "pundits" .. especially those most proud and loud boasting non-stop that our "country's greatest strength is our diversity".

It all sounds so wonderful .. until it becomes obvious the demand for "tolerance and inclusion" does NOT apply to DIVERSITY OF OPINION .. where those who dare to voice an opinion that DISAGREES with the opinions of those very same politicians and media pundits are routinely subject to INTOLERANCE AND EXCLUSION. Instead of welcoming the opportunity to engage in true debate on the issue of VACCINE CHOICE .. their immediate response is to SILENCE anyone who does not share THEIR opinion.


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