Maine Becomes the 4th State in the Union to Fail to Offer Religious and Philosophical Vaccine Exemptions Beginning in 2021
NY State Senator Stavisky Believes Children As Young as Nine Can Make Medical Decisions

Drug Prices Soon to be Part of Advertising in Swamp Draining Measure

Health_insurance_myths_300Note: Perhaps you missed this bit of swamp draining on the evening news earlier this month. Despite President Trump's lack of progress regarding vaccination safety or choice, he has made some inroads when it comes to Big Pharma. Drugs over $35 per month will have to share their costs in direct to consumer ads. "Ask your Doctor if this drug costs more than your monthly mortgage...."  Transparency is part of informed consent. Wouldn't it be nice if we had some in the vaccination arena - or should I say the Coliseum, where our rights are the Christians and Pharma and Public health are the lions.  Keep the faith, friends.


Excerpted from Cortical Chauvinism a site discussing autism issues, by Dr. Manuel Casanova. We invite you to bookmark the site:

From Medical News (Physicians First Watch) published May 10, 2019

Direct-to-consumer television ads for prescription drugs covered by Medicare or Medicaid will have to disclose the list price if it’s $35 or more for a month’s supply (or the usual course of treatment), the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services said on Wednesday.

HHS noted that the 10 most frequently advertised drugs cost between $480 and $17,000.

The rule is expected to go into effect within 60 days.

Separately, the Trump administration on Thursday said it wants to reduce surprise medical billing. Here are two of the proposals the administration put forth: In emergencies, patients shouldn’t be billed above the amount they’re allowed in-network, even if they receive care outside their network. Patients should also be given information before receiving care about whether the providers are in their insurance network and how much out-of-network care could cost.

Dr. Manuel Casanova is a neurologist, with extensive experience in Neuropathology and research. He is currently the SmartState Chair in Childhood Neurotherapeutics and Professor of Biomedical Sciences at the University of South Carolina/Greenville Health Systems.




if only it were just the advertised drugs, but no, old generics too.

Angus Files

In the UK fag cigarette packets have horrendous pictures of cancer,hearts,lungs etc all destroyed by fags..if the vaccines had similar pictures of adults in nappies and wearing crash helmets whilst trying to punch themselves wouldn`t that do the trick.. probably but its the polar opposite picture they wish to portray..


To many to list..

Pharma For Prison


Barry Stern

Actually, why not ban drug advertising on TV altogether, as it was prior to 1997 when many restrictions on such advertising were relaxed. We keep losing periodic wars on drugs because we never seem to attack the root cause – the nation’s dependence on legal drugs. It's a marketing bonanza that's turned America into a medicated mass who've been brain-washed into thinking that taking pills will make everything better―even for ailments you might not have. Not only is there a correlation between the amount of money drug companies spend on direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising and the drug brand patients request from their physicians, but the data shows DTC advertising rapidly converts people into patients.

The U.S. and New Zealand are the only two countries in the world that allow drug advertising on TV. This ill-considered legislation gives Pharma too much power, and they have abused it. Laws must be passed to reign them in. This will be a bitter fight since Pharma has many lobbyists and virtually owns big media by contributing some 60-70% of their advertising revenue. They also contribute generously to political campaigns.

With this background, advertising vaccines on TV would likely encourage more jabbing not less, as people pay little attention to the possible risks and side effects. With little knowledge of the billions that goes into pharmaceutical advertising, sheeple tend to believe everything they see on TV. Better to consume less drugs rather than more and let the doctors prescribe medications based on your medical history and genomic profile.


Progress I guess. Requiring the executioner to inform you how big a weapon will be used in the execution.

Trump caved to Big Pharma on vaccines and drug prices. No surprise there

Bob Moffit

Someday I hope and pray that VACCINE MANUFACTURERS will be forced to ADVERTISE their products on television .. which would require them to list potential adverse reactions as regular drug products are required to do. Anyone who takes a moment to listen to the routine "warnings" on any drug would have to wonder if the adverse reactions of the drug are worse than the health condition the drug is supposed to be "treating".

Of course .. the vaccine industry does no ADVERTISING MARKETING .. that marketing made unnecessary the our supposed public health bureaucracies … who MANDATE THE VACCINES .. leaving all that money saved to invest in LOBBYING politicians to broaden the MARKET FOR VACCINES.

Is this great country to manufacture vaccines in or what?

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