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Coverage of Maine's Bill to Remove Religious Vaccine Exemption

Maine“Fundamentally, this vote isn’t about public health – it’s about how far is too far for the government to reach into our personal lives,” Farrin said. “A vote against this bill isn’t a vote against vaccinations – it’s a vote in support of parental choice and religious freedoms.”  Sen. Brad Farrin, R-Skowhegan

...But supporters of the bill said religious exemptions for preventable diseases put others at risk, especially children with compromised immune systems, like those recovering from childhood cancers or other illnesses.

Read the full article in the Press Herald - Maine Senate reverses course, ends religious exemption for vaccines by Scott Thistle.

The 2020 Presidential election is getting underway. Dan Olmsted always called us "Switzerland" when it came to politics at Age of Autism. As a non-profit organization, we do not lobby or tell you for whom or how you should vote.  Some of our readers became one issue voters in 2016. And the issue was forced vaccination. President Trump seemed to be amenable to a conversation about vaccine injury and medical freedom. We've seen precious little from the White House in that regard. In fact, he recommended a measles vaccine (do tell him there is no such thing, only MMR) for everyone during the great measles panic of 2019.

I came up with a rather clever - OK, silly - campaign slogan for both Rs and Ds. It's what I do.  It's all tongue in cheek and I am not suggesting you vote specifically for either party. Here goes:

Vote Republican!  More Guns! More Buns! (In the oven.)  For our readers who are not native English speakers, a "bun in the oven," is a phrase for being pregnant.

Vote Democrat! More Taxes! More Vaxes!

Connecticut, my state, is not voting on removing vaccine exemptions - the bill was tabled last week. Oregon also staved off vaccine exemption removal - for now. The beautiful state of Maine succumbed. They voted to remove the religious exemption, despite the tireless work of our own Ginger Taylor and so many other advocates from a number of walks of life and points of view. It's not just the autism community fearful of mandatory vaccinations and the result on our children.

We just take most of the blame and are the number one demon in the media.





"I believe the issue of vaccine injury has the power to usurp America’s two party system. An independent candidate whom could competently speak to the science would almost equally pull both Republican and Democratic voters."

With all due respect, I disagree.

The first problem is...the voters, the majority of whom neither look nor think much further than the next Presidential election. I give you Ron Paul as an example. There were just too many voters who said "A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama" or whomever. When given a Constitutional candidate (which is what we need...NOT a Christian, atheist, Socialist, etc.), the majority faltered, and gave us the greater/lesser of two evils.

Thank you to you all.

The second problem is that the Presidential "debates" (COUGH...COUGH) have for many years now been anything but independent. As an example, how many of the NOT the Republican and NOT the Democrat Presidential candidates did you see on the dais in, oh...the last however many decades? "None" you say? Well, DING...DING...DING! "Tell her what she's won, Johnny!"

Sorry, but that idea is a non-starter, sadly.

Gary Ogden

Bob Moffit: "Self-certification" is now the rule at many regulatory agencies, certainly the FDA and FAA. The FAA took Boeing's word for it that the system was safe. 43% of FDA's budget comes from industry. In the current Harper's, Andrew Cockburn explains how Boeing, once a reliable designer and manufacturer of high-quality commercial aircraft, began to go south. When Boeing and McDonnell Douglas merged in 1997, the MD executives were put in charge of the new company. Being a defense contractor, they were accustomed to never having to follow rules of good manufacturing practice. The result was the 787, afflicted with problems, and now the 737 Max. Sad. I've flown many, many miles on Boeing aircraft, and like them very much.

Bob Moffit

@ Greg Hill

"..... I find it nearly impossible to find any member of either major party that in good conscience I can vote for. I believe what we really need is a new "anti-Chemocratic" political party whose primary focus is on strict governmental regulation of all the industries that have taken over effective control of both the Democratic and Republican parties."

Just read a column updating the grounding of Boeing planes following the tragic crashes of TWO airliners .. killing a few hundred people in the tragedies .. and .. learning the FAA had been warned repeatedly by veteran airline piolets associations there were serious system malfunctions on these particular designed aircraft .. and .. the FAA did nothing after the first crash when Boeing insisted the crash was not caused by a system failure. The SECOND crash a few months later caused many countries to GROUND THE PLANES .. INCLUDING THE U.S. Supposedly an investigation into how these planes were approved by FAA is underway … we shall see where that ends … if history is our guide … NOTHING BUT BILLIONS IN DAMAGES TO BOEING WILL RESULT.

As I tried to say in my earlier comment .. it will be left to OUR COMMUNITY to demand every politician seeking election declare either their support FOR .. or .. AGAINST .. the establishment of a COMMITTEE TO INVESTIGATE THE SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY OF VACCINES ..

You can guarantee every political candidate will be asked their opinion on GLOBAL WARMING, ABORTION, GUN CONTROL, IMMIGRATION .. ETC.


Greg Hill

Much like you, Bob Moffit, I have become a "one issue voter," but that issue is rather broadly defined for me.

It appears to me as if here in America both the Democratic and Republican parties have fallen largely under the control of the owners of various artificial chemical manufacturers and their primary customers. That certainly includes the pharmaceutical (including vaccine) manufacturers and their primary customers in the medical-industrial establishment. It also includes the manufacturers of toxic agricultural chemicals like glyphosate and GMO seeds, along with their primary customers in industrial farming who are poisoning our food supply at the source. Then there are the manufacturers of all the toxic artificial chemicals which are deliberately added to processed and "junk" foods, along with their primary customers in the food processing industry. Chem-trails, if they are real as I imagine they probably are, the disposal of the toxic industrial waste product fluoride in our water supply, and EMF pollution by electronics manufacturers are also significant contributors to our declining health, worst of all here in the United States. If you do not live in the United States and you come here for a visit, my advice to you would have to be, "Don't eat the food, don't drink the water, don't breathe the air, and don't accept any medical treatments."

Here in the U.S. we no longer live in a true democracy. We live in what I like to call a "chemocracy," which amounts to government of the people, for the producers of toxic chemicals and their primary customers, and by the bought-and-paid-for lackeys of the chemical producers and their primary customers, whose primary political agenda is the avoidance of any meaningful government testing and regulation of the toxins they produce and use. Using that as my primary "issue," I find it nearly impossible to find any member of either major party that in good conscience I can vote for. I believe what we really need is a new "anti-Chemocratic" political party whose primary focus is on strict governmental regulation of all the industries that have taken over effective control of both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Hans Litten

"Sci B Vac" by Dynavax has been pulled from market in Israel after maiming at least 8,000.


Sci-B-Vac Vs. Heplisav-B – the best hepatitis B vaccine on the market
VBI Vaccines is a Massachusetts-based biotech company that has a hepatitis B vaccine that’s already approved, and selling in fifteen countries right now.

http://www.dynavax.com/about-us/board-directors/ (The guilty parties)

Arnold Oronsky
Dennis Carson
Laura Brege
Francis Cano
Eddie Gray
Daniel Kisner
Peggy Phillips
Nat Ricciardi


Check out a series of 20 Tweets by poster Safe & Effective on May 16, explaining corporate media displays of “performative contempt" or "performance outrage."

“Since about 2011, the media has written daily articles about parents they labeled as ‘anti-vaxxers’ in a well-planned attempt to turn Americans who didn't have a strong stance on vaccination into people who felt contempt for parents who stopped or skipped vaccines.

“This is called ‘performative contempt’ or ‘performance outrage.’ It isn't based on real opinions. It happens when an (often feared) leader designates a target, and instructs non-thinking minions to follow their attack.

“’Performative contempt’ for anything unfamiliar is a tried and tested means of getting attention for a certain kind of commenter. They pick a target whose behavior appears to threaten some notion of their ‘core values,’ and wring it out endlessly, mocking anyone who defends it.”

The remaining posts contrast censorship with civility. The piece describes the peculiar mind-blind interrogation style I mentioned last week regarding the Minneapolis Star Tribune and other smugly incurious news outlets.


I believe the issue of vaccine injury has the power to usurp America’s two party system. An independent candidate whom could competently speak to the science would almost equally pull both Republican and Democratic voters.

Bob Moffit

I am of the opinion the highest priority of our community is to demand ALL Presidential candidates for office .. REGARDLESS OF PARTY AFFILIATION .. be asked at every public opportunity .. town hall meetings, public press events, etc … to clearly state THEIR POSITION REGARDING VACCINE SAFETY AND EFFICIENCY .. WILLINGNESS TO PROMOTE A TRULY INDEPENDENT COMMITTEE TO STUDY BOTH SAFETY AND EFFICIENCE .. INCLUDING THEIR OPINION ON DEMANDING AN INDEPENDENT STUDY OF VACCINATED V UNVACCINATED POPULATIONS.

We cannot expect the MEDIA to demand those candidates seeking election clearly state their position on vaccines .. such as .. too many, too soon, the thousands of parents who witnessed first hand their perfectly healthy, developing child REGRESS following vaccination. Asking candidates to declare their position on vaccines and autism will be LEFT TO US .. as we can predict the media will be loathed to ask questions terrified the candidate my express some concerns on this highly controversial subject.

As for myself .. I am now a ONE ISSUE VOTER … as I truly believe the greatest threat to our nation's future is the growing numbers of children with neurological/biological/physical development problems .. which has been reported to be 54% of children .. up from 12% in 2002. We cannot allow children to suffer so many INCREASING numbers with development problems to continue … PERIOD.

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