Undue Burden: Abortion Rights V. Vaccination Rights
Minnesota Resolutions Ask Congress To Restore Manufacturers’ Liability for Defective Vaccines

Connecticut will NOT Vote to Remove Religious Vaccine Exemption

CT FreedomFrom The CT Mirror:

Legislators who in recent weeks had accelerated efforts to repeal Connecticut’s religious exemption on mandatory immunizations reversed themselves Thursday, abandoning their quest amid concerns about what to do with unvaccinated children who are already enrolled in school.

I can tell them what to do with HEALTHY, unvaccinated children in school. Let them continue to grow up, prosper and take part in the basic American right 0f education. Healthy children pose no threat.

Read more at The CT Mirror.



My son decided to go to college in Oregon instead of California due to the draconian vaccine laws in our home state. UC loses tuition and UO gains.

S. Chrisman

Thanks for all you do to keep us informed! I'm wondering why there is no mention of the efforts happening in various states to reinstate liability for the vaccine manufacturers, as is happening with the resolution that Minnesota Republicans are putting forth. This is somewhat heartening to me hearing them talk about this as a way to combat all of the removals of vaccine exemptions. Having others fight against the system with us gives me a small degree of hope in what otherwise feels like very dark times (I live in CA)...

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