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The Age of Autism in the Age of Shooters

Connecticut Looks to Remove Religious Right to Vaccine Exemption in "Emergency" Bill on May 13

Health Choice CTWe here in Connecticut face the loss of our religious right to say no to a vaccine required for school attendance. TOMORROW, Monday, 5/13. Matt Ritter, Liz Linehan and Josh Elliott have been successful in creating an emergency bill to strip the religious exemption in CT.


WHEN: Monday May 13th at 9:30am-3pm sign ups to testify begin at 8am
WHERE:  Legislative Office Building (LOB) 300 Capitol Ave Hartford. Room 2E. Parking is free and behind the LOB in a parking garage.
WHAT TO DO: SHOW UP, this is the time to take the day off of work, have your significant other come too, bring the kids. Bring your friends! If you don't show up for this one, there might not be another chance to show up.  

Please submit 30 copies of testimony to the staff when signing up. Testimony received after the start of the Informational Hearing may not be distributed until after the hearing. The first hour will be reserved for invited speakers. Speakers will be limited to 3 minutes of testimony. Unofficial sign-up sheets have no standing for the Informational Hearing.

IF YOU CAN'T COME: Please submit written testimony via email to: AND

From a March article in The CT Mirror, with my version below each para in red.

“Here is the situation we’re faced with: You have hundreds, if not thousands, of kids with compromised immune systems who are entering kindergarten with no knowledge of who sitting beside them has not been vaccinated,” he said. “Who is going to speak for those kids?

Here is the situation we're faced with: You have hundreds, if not thousands of kids with vaccine injuries who are entering kindergarten with no knowledge if the next vaccine we demand go into their bodies could cause further adverse reaction. Who is going to speak for those kids?

“You have the medical community coming to us saying, ‘Why do you have this exemption when other states are getting rid of it?’”

You have the parents of vaccine compromised children and their healthy siblings coming to us saying,"Why can't we have the exemption to protect our children, even if 0ther states are getting rid of it?

State Rep. Josh Elliott, D-Hamden, said a contingent of the skeptics are “vaccine averse” – they aren’t opposed to immunizations, but they need more information.

Parents say that they are vaccine educated, they aren't all, 100% opposed to vaccinations as a medical choice, but they need to know they can say "no" to one of more vaccines and the timing of administration if their child(ren) have a history or possibility of injury.


Grace Green

Thanks for that link. I read on the same website that vaccine exemption attorney Alan Phillips has been jailed for refusing to hand over his clients' confidential files. This case is riddled with corruption. Makes me realize why I can't get a lawyer - they must be terrified.

Laura Hayes

Relevant article I recently wrote:

Perhaps some arguments contained within can be used.

Hans Litten

FOR THE CONNECTICUT. LEGISLATORS (but I doubt you'll ever bother to read it for you are too far gone)

Sweet Annabelle Dies 10 hours after 8 Vaccines

That doctor lied to my face. Any doctor knows that vaccines can kill people. She didn’t know what had happened in her body, she just said no. She reassured me it wasn’t the shots. Again and again.

To be honest, she made me feel stupid for even questioning the shots. Just like many doctors do. Thats the right thing to do, vaccines. The greater good, nothing bad happens, the risk is minimal. Lies, it’s all just a lie.

Hans Litten

Matt Ritter, Liz Linehan and Josh Elliott

Who are these people ?
What are their backgrounds ?
What is driving this ?

Melania Trump's 'Be Best' pushes for kids' well-being but she's silent on vaccines


No Ordinary Battle ? Do They even know what they are doing with it?
Stay strong,with intention for it!
Runrig - The Message - You Tube. and
Ship in storm & Hurricane force winds - YouTube .

go Trump

Is there an average cost of the long term DRUGS that a typical American kindergarten class is on?
I would guess somewhere near $5000 a month. What DRUGS were they on 30 years ago?

Interesting case on 60 minutes tonight about a State of Connecticut investigation about price fixing of generic drugs nationwide.


Precautions are needed for immunocompromised patients if contacts receive the varicella (or live zoster) vaccine and has a rash after vaccination, in which case direct contact with susceptible immunocompromised contacts should be avoided until the rash resolves. Students of a household with an infant who received rotavirus vaccine may carry the virus as shedding may occur up to one month after the last dose unless they frequently wash their hands (how many kids do?). I am not convinced MMR does not also present a risk due to viral shedding of the supposedly inactivated virus

Anyways, since diseases like “wild measles” have been eradicated who exactly are the unvaccinated catching the disease from but from vaccinated children who have primary or secondary vaccine failure (thos goes more so for mumps) . And aren’t the immune compromised at risk from colds and flu which can lead to pneumonia?

Not to mention the teachers and school staff? How many of them are still immune after years of waning immunity unless the schools are mandating booster shots?

To keep immune compromised children safe at school, short of temperature checks and inspection for rashes or UTI symptoms on admission to each class, it
seems like its not possible to avoid such risks even with full vaccination

And why are there so many children with immune deficiency and other diseases which seems to increase in numbers that correlate with increased vaccinations.

cia parker

Do they have even a single proven example of an immunocompromised child severely harmed because of an unvaxxed classmate? I haven't seen any, I don't think they do. And, as has been observed here, what about all those PROVEN to have been harmed by unwanted (or wanted) vaccines?

a river of money

shame on the DNC.

Bob Moffit

If there are thousands of kids entering kindergarten EVERY YEAR .. what year did thousands of kids begin entering kindergarten with compromised immune systems? Surely one has to wonder WHAT has changed from all previous generations that is SUDDENLY causing thousands of children to have compromised immune systems? Are parents of those immuno-compromised children notified of the children who recently received "live virus vaccines" .. such as .. MMR which is known to "shed" to those with serious compromised immune systems?

Who is speaking for those kids .. demanding to know WHAT IS CAUSING thousands of immuno-compromised children to enter kindergarten EVERY YEAR? Demanding public health agencies answer THAT QUESTION would do far more for the CHILDREN than removing ANY EXEMPTION.

Surely such a dramatic increase in immuno-compromised children every year cannot be due to "BETTER DIAGNOSING OR MORE AWARENESS'?

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