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Autism Will Bury Us

By Anne Dachel

My friend Maurine Meleck, dedicated autism activist, had this letter to the editor published by the Jacksonville (FL) Times Union.

Every April we live the fantasy surrounding autism with blue lights, walks, and puzzle pieces. We’ve been conditioned to think all this is significant. Somehow there’s no need to worry about a disorder overwhelmingly affecting children with no known cause. The fact that the rate keeps on increasing is just more of the mystery.    

Maurine points out the obvious and ignored truth: AUTISM WILL BURY US.

The cost of this disaster will be dumped on the states. While federal officials continue to scratch their collective heads over autism, state governments will have to provide for adults who will live long lives dependent on social services. The autism bill will come due very soon.

We must address autism in a realistic manner

The authors of a recent article urging employers to hire more people on the autism spectrum because it makes good business sense stated that individuals with autism may “differ dramatically from one another.”

This statement is very true.

But the individuals cited in the article are all high functioning and capable of holding full-time jobs; many of them are well-educated and have performed outstanding services.

The number of such high functioning individuals, however, pales in comparison to the number of those with autism who are not able to work — a significant percentage of them will never be able to live independently, let alone hold a job. That’s why constantly referring to autism as “just being a little different” does a great disservice to those of us raising children who don’t fall into the high functioning category.

It is an epidemic.

Last November, for example, the Centers on Disease Control and Prevention changed the autism numbers to 1 in 36 diagnosed on the spectrum.

But while the numbers continue to expand and the costs associated with care continue to rise, services for these individuals keep shrinking year after year. This year there are 35,000 Florida children and young adults on the Medicaid waiver waiting list — and there has been an explosion in the number of special education classes in Florida and across the nation.

Once these children age out of school, it is often up to the families themselves to provide for their needs. The question on our minds every single day is this: “What will happen to my child when I am gone?”

We must take a realistic look at what has happened to a whole generation of children — so that we can end the epidemic while also better serving those already affected.

Maurine Meleck, Ponte Vedra Beach



Mary Pulles Cavanaugh

Even “ high functioning” struggle with processing. In some jobs it will now take two people to do the same job especially if it involves guest relations. What they have done is unconscionable. Thank you to both Maureen and Anne for continuing to shine light on the truth!

Hans Litten

Posted by: Grace Green | May 19, 2019 at 06:22 AM

Yes I totally agree that there is a global eugenic genocidal conspiracy in full operation.
There can be no doubt now.

Grace Green

"Autism" has rendered so many with our genes unlikely to reproduce, now they're targeting a different genetic type - those who are fit and sporty - with the HPV vaccine. It's all genocide.

Nancy Levinson

Maurine Meleck's smart metaphoric letter is very sharp, striking at the heart and gut (pun
intended) of the matter's reality and truth.

The excellent posted introduction and presentation put it in the spot light it deserves. I so admire all of you in Age of Autism and community for your tenacity up against the daunting powerful push.

And a shout-out for the brave Florida newspaper for printing Maurine's excellent letter.

Warmest regards to all,
Nancy Levinson

Angus Files

Thanks Maurine I think it was Bob who said we dont need an autism day week or month we have it 247 how true.Mind you with my younger kids getting older somedays the autistic one is a lot less hassle him pretty set in his ways and all.

I watched RFK bating Merck to sue him in his film last night depressing but good on RFK one between the eyes for sure!


Thanks for all you do with your activism it keeps me going ..

Pharma For Prison


Hans Litten

Dont worry Maurine, the truth is they have changed tack anyway.
They are now pursuing a policy of mass sterlisation courtesy of Frazer-Stanley and Camgridge University , with the Gardasil-HCG scandal.

So Autism I would suggest is less of the full thrust of the depopulation policy now .


Thank you Anne and thank Maureen SO much for all you do!! Maybe we should start photoshopping severely autistic children/dependents with the measles? Perhaps then Lester Holt will report on the crisis of the autism epidemic?

Maurine Meleck

Thanks to Anne and Kim for posting this and to Bob for his comment. Seems impossible how many years we've all been fighting this battle together. Those new to it are only beginning to understand how profound the struggle is. To mention causes in letters to the media is only to have them tossed away like today's trash. But as everyone can see we fight on in an effort to change the conversation away from autism acceptance and place it front and center as the most important issue that faces our families and our country today.

Bob Moffit

@ Maurine .. hope all is well with you and yours .. thanks for all you have done over many years of dedicated effort seeking justice for our community.

"Every April we live the fantasy surrounding autism with blue lights, walks, and puzzle pieces. We’ve been conditioned to think all this is significant. Somehow there’s no need to worry about a disorder overwhelmingly affecting children with no known cause. The fact that the rate keeps on increasing is just more of the mystery."

The annual celebration of AUTISM AWARENESS is a truly despicable strategic tactic by our media and public health agencies to distract from having to ACKNOWLEDGE THAT AUTISM IS A DISASTROUS PUBLIC HEALTH EPIDEMIC .. RAVAGING AN ENTIRE GENERATION TODAY .. WHILE ALL INDICATIONS PREDICT AUTISM .. LEFT UNEXPLAINED AND UNCHECKED .. WILL RESULT IN 1 OF 2 BY THE YEAR 2030.

Public health officials and our media annual celebration of AWARENESS of autism .. is no different than a gaggle of life-guards standing safely on the sandy beach shore .. talking quietly among themselves while being fully AWARE … SOMEONE IS DROWNING RIGHT BEFORE THEIR EYES .. AND .. DOING NOTHING TO INTERVENE TO SAVE THAT SOMEONE FROM DROWNING.

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