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AUTISM BITES! Ask This Beautiful 10 Year Old Girl Who Was Ravaged On The Bus

Scream nowGod almighty, I am having one HELL of a flashback to when 2010 when my then ten year old daughter leapt of the bus sobbing inconsolably while bruises formed on her body.  Look at this beautiful little Wisconsin girl with the pigtails. Another girl on the bus, her seatmate, was "brutally biting" Miss Waldron.  This other student also has a disability - and I place no blame on a child. 

Here's where I disagree - Dad calls for a bus aide, which seems to make sense. But.... I never want an aide on my daughter's bus. It's written into her IEP - NO BUS AIDE. Why? The bus aide was the perpetrator, spraining Bella's hand day after day.  I place the blame on the bus driver in this Wisconsin case. He or she should have pulled over. Surely there was screaming. Autism vocalization is one thing. Screams of agony are UNMISTAKABLE. He should have pulled over.

Autism is a scourge. For those who have it. For those of us who love them. IT IS A CURSE AND A SCOURGE. You don't like that statement? Go read another happy shiny horsehshit site.  Kim


GREEN BAY, Wisc. -- An elementary school student in Green Bay, Wisconsin, came home with bruises on her arm after being bitten by another student multiple times on the school bus, according to WBAY.

Lillian Waldron, 10, goes to Langlade Elementary School. Her mother said she is developmentally delayed and cannot speak.

When Waldron exited the bus Monday, she ran to her mother with tears in her eyes. Waldron was inconsolable, so her mother decided to calm her down by giving her a bath.

That's when she noticed the bruises.

Waldron's father said she sits directly behind the school bus driver in a bus with other students with special needs.

"She can't tell them to stop. She couldn't get away, because she's in a five-point harness car seat. She just had to sit there and take it and the bus driver wasn't stopping," Waldron's mother said.

All Green Bay Area Public Schools buses have video recording devices on them. The school district said it is now investigating the video.

Waldron's parents said the school principal already watched the video and told them it was "gruesome and horrifying to look at."  Read more if you can bear it here.


Loraine Fishel

Until now, I thought my son's abuse situation on a bus in Dexter Mi. was unique. The Bus aid and the driver were abusing him. So hard to figure out what is happening to a nonverbal kid. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those suffering with this. May your situation be resolved. May you find peace. I now feel that I was luckier than many are now. Autism was 1 in 100 then. Now there are buses full of these kids. So sad.


This truly is a heart breaking story.

I realize that it's logical, and to a large extent reasonable to place blame on the bus driver, who really should have done....something.

But the majority of blame should rest directly on the people who actually make a living, from injecting the poisons that create these disabilities in the first place.

Jeanne J


I agree with both you and the dad in the story. I remember when you wrote about your daughter's torturer. But, if I remember correctly, the bus driver was her mother and was texting while driving the bus. Yes, the bus driver should have pulled over. All school buses should be equipped with a way for the driver to contact the bus depot - either radio or cell phone or something. The driver should have stopped the situation by placing the offending child in a different seat, but should also have reported the incident to her superiors to know how to proceed. The child with the behavior issues should have a behavior IEP meeting called to add a seat harness and bus aide for him/her. Unless a special ed bus has children with no behavior issues, no wheelchair harnesses, no seizure issues, and no other medical issues, they should ALL have a bus aide to mediate the kinds of problem that affect the special ed population. Kim, one can only pray that your precious daughter's cruel duo was an anomaly rather than the rule.

cia parker

All special needs bus. So the girl who attacked her was also special needs. Some places fasten each student in their seat with a seat belt they are unable themselves to unfasten, and I guess that would be what is needed here. Even having a para supervise the special needs bus would not be able to prevent all such incidents. But how crazy was it not to have either a para or special restraints? What can a surveillance camera do to intervene?

My daughter, on a typical school bus when she was nine or ten, had students try to get her to put in her mouth some used chewing gum stuck to the bottom of a seat: she did so, anxious to make friends. Everyone roared with laughter, but she didn't understand that they were laughing at her and not with her. Then one boy on the bus, a sweet Hindu boy, later told the teacher that two boys were teasing each other to kiss her on the mouth. She had a "lunch buddy" assigned to her who persuaded her to spit at whomever said the words "cookie dough," so when the teacher asked to see who had gotten their parents to order cookie dough as a fund raising project, my daughter spat at her. Several times as she continued to say cookie dough. And it was my daughter who was punished by being locked in an isolation room.

Angus Files

We all know to many tragic events involving children of autism that we cannot forget,such as this brave little innocent angel.

Pharma For Prison


Beleaguered Autism Mom

Last year my son came home for weeks with a re-occurring bruise under his chin. I asked his teacher what was happening. After "consulting staff", she responded that he was observed pinching himself. Hard to believe since he lacks the grip strength and coordination to write. When I produced a letter from a doctor saying further investigation was necessary, the bruises stopped. My advice, find a program where there are cameras in the classroom not just the buses. If your non-verbal kid resists going to school, there may be a good reason.
Where are the neurodiversity cheerleaders and pro-vaxxer comments on this article?


My heart breaks for all involved. Autism truly is a scourge. We need a true cure- now.


Kim you are 100% right that autism is a CURSE and a SCOURGE for us and our children and we worry about them constantly. The stress is overwhelming for us as parents and these stories are all too common and make me sick to my stomach. I remember when your daughter's bus monitor was torturing your daughter by bending her hands and fingers back and the bus driver must have heard her scream and did nothing about it. Abuse of people with autism happens every day and it is a tragedy beyond description that it is allowed to happen and affect so many afflicted children and adults as well. I know many horror stories that have a occurred in group homes as well and they also are a tragedy that also makes me sick to my stomach. People who don't have children like ours have no conception of the difficult lives we lead raising children with autism who cannot defend themselves. I pray for a CURE every day and night to end this horrible nightmare we are all living with. God save our children!

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