Junk Science Gets to Root of Autism! It's Spontaneous!
Ted Kuntz, Parent of Vaccine Injured Child Challenges CBC Again

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz Flips Off Constituents

DinowitzTalk about your Bronx cheer.

Thank you to John Gilmore of Autism Action Network for this report.  The level of derision for families who want to keep their right to vaccine exemptions has never been worse. Politicians have no problem expressing violence, anger and complete dismissal of a huge bloc of voters. This is appalling.


Behold  New York Assemblymember Jeffrey Dinowitz, author of Assembly Bill  A2371a, a bill to eliminate the right to a religious exemption from vaccine mandates to attend school, a right New Yorkers have ALWAYS had. Here, he displays the depth of his intellect to members of the public who were excluded from a press conference on the bill this morning at 250 Broadway in Manhattan.  He was in the lobby of the building, and constituents who were expressing their America right to protest this bill took video and this photo from outside the building - only "credentialed" press were allowed inside.

There was a joint committee meeting of the Senate and Assembly Health Committees going on in Albany during this press conference. Seems like both Assemblyman Brad Hoylman and Dinowitz blew off the hearing on New York's proposed Single Payer Health Plan to get some press in NYC.  And we are more than happy to oblige him by sharing this disgusting photo of this most UNcivil servant.

Please share to your New York Assemblymembers and State Senator's Facebook pages.




Thank you so much for that link. The page even let me download the PDF.
The full paper suggests to me that the manufacturing process is in-practice too exacting to be achieved.

Also, In view of Corvelva (as below) finding again that vaccines it tests contain problematic contaminates that can cause these Adverse Immunostimulations, it looks like that with the current state of knowledge it is impossible to supply any live vaccines that have a overall positive benefit/risk ratio. No wonder these companies said they would pull out of manufacturing them unless they got immunity.


Pogo & Grace Green: Here is the study-- https://bpspubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/full/10.1111/bcp.13938

This study is above my pay grade, so it was hard to excerpt the most pertinent info.

The real threat to safety was the uncharacterized components in X and Y, impurities, the presence of which was not disputed (Table 3), but the potential risk involved was underestimated. This line of reasoning is common, as is also apparent from the importance placed on dedicated immune toxicity studies in the international guidelines. These are explicitly not recommended for biopharmaceuticals.16 Furthermore, the immune system is regarded as being “of less immediate investigative concern” because it is an organ system, “the functions of which can be transiently disrupted by adverse pharmacodynamic effects without causing irreversible harm”.24

The outcome of the risk assessment for the uncharacterized components should immediately raise several red flags. There is usually little knowledge about the effects of impurities in humans or animals, and safe levels are often not available. Multiple signalling pathways may be triggered and the impurity can act via the immune system. All of these factors should have placed trials with X and Y in a high‐risk category,48 and, considering the bacterial origin of the impurities, an immune‐mediated effect could have been anticipated. The lack of emphasis on immunotoxicity caused by biopharmaceuticals is therefore striking.

It is important to investigate and reduce the adverse immunostimulatory propensity of biopharmaceuticals for the safety of trial volunteers and future patients, but it is also desirable, from a business perspective, to identify and possibly eliminate such characteristics in an early stage of development. Each step forward increases the expense of going back to the drawing board, as well as the financial loss associated with ultimate failure and drug withdrawal. Discovering severe AI during clinical studies usually results in delays of many years, cases X and Y being no exception. It may even lead to withdrawing the drug from a company's development pipeline, no matter how promising the compound.

Cases X and Y did not make the news, or lead to a public outcry, making the need for changes less pressing, even though details of the clinical trials with X and Y are known to regulatory agencies and health authorities around the globe. The lack of publicly available data on unexpected adverse reactions following administration of an investigational medicinal product (IMP) is at odds with the Expert Scientific Group recommendations to expedite the collection, and improve the sharing, of safety information.46 Once more, the call by the scientific community for public release of the study results was heard in the days after the BIA 10–2474 trial,49, 51 yet remains to be fully answered.

Unanticipated immunostimulation caused by parenterally administered pharmaceuticals is not limited to the experimental setting, although there are only a few reports on recalls of drug products as a result of microbial contamination.52, 53 However, AI may be under‐reported because it can be misdiagnosed as hypersensitivity, as occurred in a phase II trial with X.30 Publication bias and other nonscientific reasons may also play a role.

Although these published examples of AI differ from cases X and Y in the type of product and the fact that the cause was contamination instead of an impurity, what they have in common with each other is the fact that that conventional quality control did not generate a safety signal. For example, peptidoglycan, the culprit in cases of aseptic peritonitis,52 is not assayed in the standard approach (Table 2).


Obtuse and obnoxious as get out ! Cairn Terriers would be aiming for the back of the knee !
Learning sign language skills for the tea break
Scot Squad - YouTube
BBC Scotland Comedy
My 2 Cairn Terriers ,Registered Therapets were "Shift Hot" with Makaton and facial expressions !
Nearly got me into hot water umteen times ,and trouble, from trying to rodjer the back of visiting social workers knee ,who was a pain in the unit's neck ! but it was still embarrassing !
Therapets are good with sifting out" The good yins" from the pains in the necks ?


Hi Cia,
Certainly only he knows his own motivation, and as a politician, it would certainly be easy enough for him to make a public statement on his facebook page about how he was indeed scratching his nose and has the deepest respect for his vaccine injured constituents. Has he done that yet? Perhaps someone could ask him what his intent was, and how he does feel about his vaccine injured constituents ( the ones it appears he may have refused to allow at his media conference?)

However, the close to the face "flip off" is known as a very common variant...

Of course, if he did indeed flip off his constituents, I hope anyone running against him uses that picture to demonstrate how much he cares for his vaccine injured constituents.. At that point, that is certainly fair, imo.
Again, would love to see an article on the recently vaccinated child who developed what appeared to be full blown measles.

Apparently the measles virus can be shed in the urine post vaccination even in healthy children for around two weeks.. While the article does not feel this can be transmitted to other people, the recent Disney outbreak with around 40% vaccine variant measles cases would appear to show that this is wishful thinking..

cia parker


I don't think the finger would be that close to the face if you were flipping someone off. I think it would be about a foot away and not nearly touching the face, as it is here.

Grace Green

Thanks for all that - those links will keep me busy for a while! The first definition is interesting as it would appear to include plant derived material. The earliest pharmaceuticals were of course derived mainly from plants, and modern herbal medicine is entirely so. The latter gets a very rough time from the regulators, while Big Pharma gets away with - well - murder.


@Grace Green

The meaning of the term biological overlap with biopharmaceuticals, so I’ll quote from this (Which you can bookmark for future reference):
A substance derived from animal products or other biological sources that is used to treat or prevent disease.
A regulatory term related to FDA approval for bio-pharmaceuticals and associated products; includes all but the simplest bio-pharmaceuticals regulated as drugs by the FDA; biologics are approved by CBER

A pharmaceutical product that is manufactured using live organisms and has an active ingredient that is biological in nature
Follow-on biologics

All have the potential to mean the product is allowed to short cut the full regulatory procedure. So long as a short trial on a few hundred, shows that it isn’t damaging and killing any more healthy people the last version – then it is considered OK.
Another good link to bookmark:http://www.genomicglossaries.com/content/biologics.ASP
Semi-synthetic conjugates of various toxic molecules, including radioactive isotopes and bacterial or plant toxins, with specific immune substances such as immunoglobulins, monoclonal antibodies, and antigens. The antitumor or antiviral immune substance carries the toxin to the tumor or infected cell where the toxin exerts its poisonous effect.

So this would include light metals such as Aluminium, Beryllium and heavies like lead, mercury and cadmium.
As an aside: If you ever see a broken open Microwave oven and there is some BLUE PASTY stuff around the magnetron assembly – That is highly toxic beryllium oxide. Same consideration to be given to cadmium batteries and fluorescent light bulbs.
Finally another good bookmark:
Bioprocessing & manufacturing glossary & taxonomy
It does however have one glaring omission in its definitions so I’ll add it myself.
A highly efficient and self-regulating antibody factory. Requires only good nutrition, contaminant free environment and exercise to maintain it working at optimal performance. Should its hibernation mode (factory-set to about 8 hours in 24) appear malfunctioning, it is often because the unit is both light sensitive and/or connected to too many external peripheral devices – so unplug them all and avoid using pharmaceuticals to force quit the over running of its apps when they wont shut down normally on command. Warning: Tamper with any of its preprogrammed homeostatic controls before or after delivery at your peril and risks making null and void the lifetime warranty.

There. I think that objectively sums them up!


I live in Riverdale, NY the same neighborhood as Dinowitz. I called his office yesterday before I saw this picture and his office was beyond rude!

I called to tell them that my 14 year old son had a severe reaction to the MMR many years ago. I tried to explain how he no longer speaks, suffers from Complex Partial seizures that generalize and has debilitating IBS. I explained how this shot has devastated my family beyond comprehension. The young man who answered my call couldn’t have cared less was so cold & rude!!

I would encourage others to call his office too! I’m sorry to all the families that have experienced the pain my son & family have gone through and many thanks to those of you that write these articles and try to help inform others about the absolute devastation these vaccines cause so many!


Hi Concerned,
I agree about being fair, and it would be nice to know who took the photo in what circumstances. Having said that, a quick look through google images for eye scratching shows no images that I could find of someone scratching their eye like that. Generally several fingers,( if one finger , then the one next to the thumb) and /or a horizontal, not vertical movement are used.) It seems that at the very least he scratches his eye extremely unusually.
Definitely would also love to see an article here on the Keene case. A child who developed full on measles with rash from the vaccine, and they are somehow pretending she is not infectious? Based on what? It would be great to see some pertinent questions asked of the local health authority, too...

Jenny Allan

Concerned - I would expect Jeffrey Dinowitz to use his index finger to scratch his cheek, rather than his middle finger. Looks like the one finger salute to me.

In the UK, any persons in public life deliberately showing such contempt for the citizens who elected them, would very soon find themselves out of office.

Angus Files

Wham bam thank you Pharm,again.

Pharma For Prison


Not an MD

@Grace Green and @Pogo:

Here's something that's not hidden behind a paywall. Thanks for my new vocabulary word, too: biopharmaceuticals. So many words used to deceive everyone and keep them from finding the information they seek:

You may want to print it out before it disappears. Who knew that bovine serum albumin was "high" risk for contamination, although it isn't hard to imagine that, is it? Mad cow, anyone? See Table 2 on the right.

Not an MD

I think it is time for the people of the great State of New York, especially those in Dinowitz's district, to start calling in to Dinowitz's office to demand his resignation due to his disdain for the people who elected him to office. Dinowitz does not represent the people. Clearly, he only represents Pharma.

Shelley Tzorfas

Pharmaceutical- Laws Trump Constitutional Rights and laws. Pharmaceutical -Laws have already seen Zero liability from injuries and vaccine deaths plus they created a generation where 54% of the nations young people are Chronically ill. All those Senators and Congressmen giving more Pharmaceutical Rights to industry while taking away parents rights and your rights are getting Greased or Paid for their position or their Re-Election even though you thought they represent You...


This article and picture bothers me. I’m 100% on board with the VaxEducated movement; however, this pic is suspect.

I suggest the man in the pic is not flipping the finger, but rather scratching his cheek bone below his eye. This is something I know many people do (as do I) using that same finger.

What is suspect to me is that he’s stretching his face with an open mouth with his finger and hand touch his face just below his eye.

By no means do I aim to defend scumbags who are professional liars (I know nothing about this man so I also do not suggest I think he is such). However, as VaxEducatrd people, we fight for truth, fairness, and logic. We shouldn’t quickly jump on the bandwagon of defaming people based on something’s taken out of context! That would make us look foolish and just as much unreasonable, illogical, full of vitriol, and not to be taken seriously.

Just my $0.02.

Jenny Allan

@Bill "And *PLEASE* cover the story out of Keene, N.H., the last couple weeks.
First, a 1yr old was reported as having "measles", and being "too young" to get vaxxed.
There was the usual "measles panic/scare", then, a week later, after MORE tests, it was reported that the baby had a reaction to the MMR vaxx!"

This was reported on Facebook several day's ago. When I attempted to access the news report in the Keene Sentinel, a message came up saying this was withheld 'for legal reasons'. Apparently the child had been recently MMR vaccinated and the measles strain matched the vaccine strain. With all the hype about 'protecting' children who are too young to be vaccinated and those who are immune compromised and cannot be vaccinated, the dangers of newly vaccinated children shedding live viruses, are constantly suppressed or played down. Healthy unvaccinated children are no danger to anyone.

Health officials say child had rare reaction to the vaccine. - The Keene Sentinel

5 days ago - The virus strain in those samples matched the one used in the MMR vaccine ...

Grace Green

I'm assuming "biopharmaceuticals" is the British-English word for the American "biologicals", but I'm wondering what "immunotoxicity" is. I can't imagine the immune system being poisoned,even when every other part of the body is, but maybe I'm wrong. Pity it's behind a paywall.


I just wrote a message to Donowitz's webpage, and I'm gonna email him, too.
Thanks for the heads-up, AoA!
And *PLEASE* cover the story out of Keene, N.H., the last couple weeks.
First, a 1yr old was reported as having "measles", and being "too young" to get vaxxed.
There was the usual "measles panic/scare", then, a week later, after MORE tests, it was reported that the baby had a reaction to the MMR vaxx!
The Dinowitz story is from NY, and you've covered Maine, so N.H. is right in the middle of that!
I try to stay informed, and AoA is one of my favorite sources of both news, links, and leads to other science-based issues regarding both Vaxxes, and PhRMA.
I escaped vaxx injury, but PhRMA's poison pills damn near killed me anyway!


Nearly missed this paper in the British Pharmacological Society back in March, as the abstract didn’t mention the word ‘Vaccines’.

“Moreover, testing for immunotoxicity of biopharmaceuticals is explicitly not recommended by the international guidelines.” [Their emphasis not mine]
I didn’t know this!
This could explain a lot, but the full text is hidden behind a pay wall here:
Adverse immunostimulation caused by impurities: the dark side of biopharmaceuticals

Bob Moffit

In New York .. they should change the image of a Donkey that has traditionally represented the Democratic Party that now dominates all statewide politics .. and .. replace the Donkey with Dinowitz's new image .. the "SINGLE FINGER SALUTE" to the people his party is supposed to be representing.

Don't get me wrong .. BOTH PARTIES have been giving the finger to the people for a long time .. but .. Dinowitz .. so emboldened by his party's dominate political power .. foolishly .. publicly .. gave the FINGER for all to see how little he .. or a majority of his party .. cares for the people THEY were elected to serve.

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