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About Last Summer: Maine Governor Janet Mills Supported Medical, Religious and Philosophical Vaccine Exemptions

By Ginger Taylor

Religious vaccine exemptions?  She was for them before she was against them.  

M‎ills No I wouldn't

Let's be serious.  Maine Governor Janet T. Mills' sister Dora Ann is a pediatrician with a Masters degree in public health who has been the primary vaccine promoter in Maine for more than a decade.  Mills never had any intention of preserving the rights of Mainers to choose what vaccines they can get.

Watch this story by NBC 6 that shows her lie to Mainers.




Another word for the childish “flip-flop” is lying. She is a liar plain and simple.


Is there going to be a peoples Veto? Please say yes!


How is it protecting public health when those recently vaccinated can and do shed their live viruses and bacteria to those around them even when they don't show the symptoms themselves? And how is it protecting public health to inject said public with glyphosate -- MMR contains 24 times the amount others do -- neurotoxic aluminum that doesn't leave your body like most ingested aluminum does, aborted human fetal DNA fragments, formaldehyde, injected live viruses, injected bacteria, possibly peanut oil that doesn't have to be named, cancer causing SV40 that supposedly is out of the polio vaccine, animal and insect DNA, on and on it goes.

Bob Moffit

So, let me see if I understand the Governor's "new … post election .. position"?

"Like every other Mainer, she highly values personal choice. But, as governor, she is charged with protecting the health an safety of all Maine people".

Apparently .. as candidate for governor … Janet Mills held the opinion .. "like every other Mainer, highly valued personal choice" .. but .. after election .. as governor she changed her mind.

So, in effect .. governor Mills has proven herself to be a political "charlatan" .. (described by Webster's as a "fraud, quack") ... someone elected by the people .. to serve in the best interest of those people .. WHO ABANDONED THOSE PEOPLE AT THE FIRST OPPORTUNITY TO DO SO.


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