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Leg Injury

I wrote this post in 2012, 7 years ago. I never did find out what happened to Bella's leg.  Every post we've ever written about April and World Autism Day stands the test of time, and is "ever-green." And black. And blue.

By Kim Rossi (written as Stagliano

Today is April 2nd. Some are celebrating Autism Awareness Day. I am not. To me, today is like Good Friday and Yom Kippur - somber days of reflection.  

Above is a photo of my daughter's leg. She has autism. A week ago, I put her into the bathtub, and while undressing her - was visually assaulted by these two angry red scratches - parallel, as you can see.

I touched them. She winced. She did not say to me, "Mama, I hurt myself doing such and such."  I held back tears and examined her wounds. Did she scrape against something sharp under the kitchen table? I've been feeling under surfaces ever since, trying to find the nails or screws that bit into her tender flesh. 

I have no idea how my child was so badly hurt. She was at  home all day. She can not speak to tell me. My daughter has autism.

Take a look at her leg. The scratches. The black.


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Kind of look likes were a too playful dog jumped upon her?

Grace Green

Sometimes I scratch myself to the point of breaking the skin, I can even do it in my sleep, and in the morning don't know how I got the scratch. This symptom chimes in with Laura Hayes' article for today 3rd April about mandates. I believe the CDC doesn't allow eczema as a condition which exempts one from further vaccinations, but I can tell you, it's not like any normal itch, it's complete torture.


Hi Kim-I posted a comment this morning, but it is not here. I wanted to say that my adult son with autism has done the same thing to his legs, arms, and anywhere on the body and when I ask him how it got there he says he doesn't know. I think he gets an itch and scratches to the point of getting a heavy red injury just like your daughter. Our children have hyper sensitivity to touch so when they get an itch they overdo the scratching to the point where it looks like your daughters leg. It is hard to look at and always brings me to tears because I wish I knew when he was doing it so I could stop him before he hurts himself to that point too. Thank you for posting this photo as it lets me know I am not alone in my daily struggles with my sons many behaviors with autism.

susan welch

For some reason, I cannot view previous comments on this post.

If I try it takes me to a page which says the equivalent of 'not available'

Very odd.

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