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The State of Herd Immunity in Maine

Vaccine Exemption Removal Bills ARE the War on Women

By Ginger Taylor, MS

GaslightingThe vaccine exemption removal bills being proposed across the US are not about health.

Case in point: Maine.

In Maine we established at our hearings for LD 798 that there are no problems with complications from vaccine targeted illnesses for school children, as Maine DHHS can't even offer any data on it, meaning it is such a low occurrence that they never felt compelled to write it down when it happens, or there are no occurrences to write down.

We established that we don't have a vaccine uptake problem.

We are not 7th in exemptions as the media in Maine is STILL claiming, we are 25th in the nation for vaccine coverage. Our vaccine rates have risen steadily since the dawn of the 21st century, not dropped, as the vaccine industry is STILL claiming in the media. Our vaccine rates are even higher than the three states that don't even have religious or philosophical exemptions.

It is time to be frank about what this bill, what all these bills, really are. Bills to control women.

LD 798 is a vaccine sales bill, written and sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry, to force WOMEN, who are challenging the patently false vaccine safety and efficacy claims in doctors offices to fall in line.

What you can see for yourself in the Maine hearings on LD 798 is WOMEN show up to testify that children are being hurt and they can't get help, and the male dominated vaccine industry show up to robotically repeat, “vaccines are safe and effective” while ignoring every vaccine injury case being testified to in that room. Their plea to the legislature is:

“Women won't do what we are telling them to do. Make them.”

In all the articles and statements on “vaccine hesitancy” that are thrown at us, have you noticed how it seems to be a mystery to those conducting the “research” as to why these “parents” just won't do what they are told? Have you noticed that they never actually quote these “parents” on what their reasons for backing out of the vaccine schedule actually are?

If they actually told you why the WOMEN... the almost exclusively female primary care givers... were reporting about their treatment, it would force a change in the vaccine industry from top to bottom.

Because women who challenge the absurd “vaccines are safe and effective for everyone” claim in the office, even with the vaccine package inserts themselves, are often offered harassment, are subject to gaslighting and are treated like “emotional” children that need to be handled. That is what the vaccine industry has trained medical providers to do.

Last month I asked the moms in the Maine Facebook group to post a short comment on the mistreatment they have encountered while dealing with vaccine issues in the office. I thought I would get a few quotes that would make it easier for the Committee to see the flat out misogyny that women are dealing with.

The post had more than 500 comments in 24 hours. In a group of only 2,000 members.

I have whittled it down a bit, but the “highlights” below is still 15 printed pages long. You can see the raw data on “vaccine hesitancy” for yourself before it is filtered through the narrative of the medical industry publishing monolith.

I respectfully request that if you are a male, that you read the entire document so you can see what it is like to be a woman alone in a medical provider's office - something you will never experience in life.

If you choose not to read it all, please at least read the last quote from the Maine Medical Association testifying in 2015 at the hearings on LD 606 that they do not believe women's reports of poor treatment by medical providers on vaccine issues - then - remember that we all collectively decided in October of 2017 that we would #BelieveAllWomen

The vaccine exemption removal bills exist to control women who can see with their own eyes the damage that the current liability-free vaccine industry is doing to children, and read with their own eyes the official government documentation admitting that vaccines are “Unavoidably Unsafe” and cause harm.

We asked mothers in a Maine Facebook vaccine group to tell us about their poor treatment in the doctor's office surrounding vaccination. We selected some for you to read so that you may have a greater understanding of the true reasons for "vaccine hesitancy":

When pregnant with my 7th baby I went preterm (34 wks) I was sent to Maine med. My triage nurse every time she came in to check vitals would ask me if I changed my mind and would like dtap and flu shot. After about the 6th time I asked her to stop asking me. She replied "I am just trying to protect your baby from your ignorance "


My son was vaccine injured and vaccinated without consent. We chose to selectively vaccinate and office nurse lied and told me she was giving the course of the 3 vaccines we chose. He would always get a fever but the last time he got a fever and broke out in hives and was sick for a week, we stopped all vaccines at that point. Later I was told by the doc he had received all but the last set of his vaccines for his 1st year.


Our doctor told us my daughter would be stronger, smarter, happier, healthier if she had her shots, then informed us that he doesn't have to see our child as a patient because we don't vaccinate and we would have a hard time finding ANYONE with an office in the area that would take her at all.

Convinced us that we wouldn't be able to find another pediatrician if we didn't agree with him, and then he said we should reevaluate our research and get off google.

My daughter is 18 months old and hasn't had a checkup by him since 9 months because of this. I'm terrified to go back and be harrassed. I cried and left the office in a rush and he knew he had hurt us.

I will never forget the look on his face when i asked "how could she be healthier?" Because she's never been sick.

We see a naturopath for all of our well checks instead now because i am terrified to be scolded when having my daughter checked for something as simple as a cold.


"I lose sleep over your children and all the children they could potentially infect"


I had an old man pediatrician doing rounds at the hospital when I declined vitamin k for my son in September 2018. He said, “I am an expert at making babies mad and taking them away from their moms today.” And a few minutes later after we said we declined vit k, he said, “your baby WILL die without that.” I was in the middle of trying to do a weighted feed to please the nurses and he didn’t give one crap!


"As long as you're civil with us, you can stay at our office." I was civil. I just asked questions.


A doctor asked me what a titer is after I asked for one.


"Your son will do fine with his shots, just cause his sister had (in your opinion) a bad reaction, doesn't mean he will, just do it."


When I asked for the package inserts I was told that they didn't know what those were, and once I explained what they were, they told me that they had thrown everything away.


Any question I ever asked was met with "I cant answer that for you"or we'll agree to disagree."


I asked for a titer, and he said, "well that’s a needle . I thought you didn’t want him getting a shot."


f you don’t give your child the HPV vaccine she will get cancer, and they said it in front of my daughter so she was terrified.


“Don’t you want to protect your future sons wife’s life?” Regarding the hpv vaccine for my son.


If you don't have her vaccinated, you're hurting your daughter.


You're not going to be a very good mom.--said to me 2 days after giving birth to my daughter because I made known my stance.


I know we've discussed this before, but I wanted to let you know how important it is to vaccinate your daughter.


“I’ve seen cute babies just like yours die”


You're a good mommy, right? Good mommies vaccinate their babies. Sign the paper.

“Well she probably won’t have a reaction like that again, bc it’s a whole different set of shots this time.”


“Your baby will die if you don’t follow the vaccination schedule”


I shouldn’t have gone alone I figured I’d get some lecture, but that comment really hit me, I was clearly getting upset, so she stopped. She gave me some book to read (which went straight to the trash) and then assured me that her kids get all their vaccines and are fine we left that office.


Our current dr left abruptly, haven’t been to any well checks since.


You're not vaccinating?? Are you aware of the consequences of your neglectful actions.


"There is no evidence that suggests that this will harm you or your unborn baby." The insert stated no tests had been done regarding pregnant women or the unborn and it stated in bold capital letters not to use while pregnant because miscarriage could happen.


My very first experience was 11 years ago, i was in the waiting room with my daughter, and our ped was in the hallway and i hear her snicker to the other peds, "she's the one that don't vaccinate'. it wasn't what was said, it was their tone and talking behind my back, publicly in the hall.


I called with a question about fevers and was told by the nurse, reiterating the pediatrician, "because your child is not vaccinated she needs to be seen immediately. We need to do x-rays, catheter, blood work, and start antibiotics.

Me: "would you do the same for a fully vaccinated child who's only symptom was a fever?

Nurse: "no the risk wouldn't be as high."

I was shocked because her ONLY symptom was a fever and they NEVER answered my initial question.


“If you’re not going to directly protect your children then you could at least protect them a little by getting the Tdap yourself.” I was in the ER for bleeding during early pregnancy.


"You're just comparing her to her older sister who was advanced in her development. You need to look at the developmental norms". (In reference to my MULTIPLE concerns about developmental delay and regression between 4 and 11 months when looking at child development books NOT comparing her to her older sister)


Eye rolling and seeming annoyance with my questions and bringing in sources to validate my concerns and statements like, "I have a very busy schedule. I can't possibly answer all of your questions in this visit."


PCP insisted medically-fragile infant MUST have DTaP before scheduled heart surgery at 3 months, that it was "Required before surgery." (because, ya know, an instrument might fall in the manure on the OR floor). We went on to a new PCP: "Well, if you're never going to do anything to protect

her health (since you're declining vaccines), it's not worth ordering any tests for these other issues you're mentioning."


"You will have to vaccinate after this new bill passes, you will not have an option" She also told me that my thoughts on MTHFR were absurd.


At the ER once a doctor demanded I give him an explanation as to why my son didn’t receive certain vaccines.

It was very degrading and condescending, he backed off and actually laughed when I said “well we don’t do hep b because my child isn’t having sex or shooting IV drugs yet.”


“Do you have a thermometer? Being unvaccinated, your baby is much more likely to run a fever” this was in regard to a 2 day old.


If something were to happen, I don't know how YOU could live with that....


Every fever they will probably need to do a spinal tap.


With my unvaccinated son (10 months old) in the ER after an injury requiring a butterfly suture to close a gash resulting from his sister's dollhouse falling on his head...

"oh, he will definitely need a tetanus shot. You can get tetanus from dust"


My doctor told me my daughter could get tetanus if she ate any food from a can.


My son bit his tongue really bad. There was a flap sticking up. It didn't get sutures but they wanted a tetanus shot. I was like, "He bit it with his own teeth!!!"


Small gash from the corner of a kitchen cabinet above his eye. ER told me they would take extra precaution with the wound being sure to keep it “extra sterile” because he didn’t have tetanus shot.


“My plan to safely catch your son up would be to give all 9 shots in one visit to minimize trauma”.

Our pediatrician, this past Monday.


Laughed in my face when I asked about the insert. Told me it was legalese and that it didn’t mean anything. My timeline of my sons health meant nothing to her.


We haven’t gone since my youngest was 4 months old. Our pedi flat out refused to have any discussion/conversation about the matter. They couldn’t answer any questions we had with anything other than, “they’re perfectly safe. Fever, rash, vomiting is a normal reaction.” So we quit going.

I desperately want to find a pedi that wouldn’t heckle us though.


"Do you not believe in death?"


Severe eczema flares are not vaccine reactions. Everyone has eczema dormant in their bodies, and it's completely random as to what causes the break-out.


Even though he has an allergy to eggs, getting vaccines that are grown on egg embryo's is completely safe.


Each time we were in the ER with 105-106 fevers with my kids. "nope the vaccines didn't do this" yet it was in the same week as the vaccines.


Where are all the doctors who don't pressure parents? I need one desperately :(


You haven't seen what I've seen. Children die from these diseases. I'm going to have to keep telling you about this every time you come in.


I was scolded in a room at Waterville pediatrics for over an hour with a patronizing male doctor. I felt like a hostage. I was yelled at, called ignorant and a terrible mother for wanting my kid to risk dying all while he stood in front of the door so I couldn't leave.


“What religion are you that can’t vaccinate ? Oh well I know for a fact it isn’t against Christianity to vaccinate so yeah right” Oh man this makes me livid when I think back on it. It was an ER nurse who kept badgering me when I had a sick baby and was a first time mom back in 2009... I WISH someone would try that crap with me now.


I was told vaccinations should not be my choice. My child would survive from the measles but would “randomly die in his sleep 10 years later as an after effect”.


Refused to have my sons titers tested upon my request.


We had a doctor who would roll his eyes there and when asked questions about vaccines in his office would only answer staring at a computer and would not look you in the eye. We left that office very quickly after the flags went up.


Do you know what you're doing? Do you know the repercussions of this? Where did you get your information from? Basically - think twice about your actions.


We were at a regular visit. Dr. wanted us to give him a flu shot. I wasn’t keen on the idea. I asked if they had thimerosal them. Her answer was, “it’s not going to give him Autism”. He already had an Autism diagnosis at this point and she knew it.


For any check up/visit the first thing they do is say if you were up-to-date on vaccinations or not. If you are not that must be the cause of why you were here. It's as if they are not even going to listen to why I brought my sick kid in if I do not have all vaccines on their schedule.


I brought my 20 m/o to the doctors 3 weeks ago to be tested for pneumonia because I'm positive that's what he has. They refused to test for pneumonia, and instead tested for pertussis because he's not vaccinated so he must have it. He tested negative for it btw, as well as RSV. He's still sick,

and still not diagnosed :'(


What is your intent when LD798 passes? (Maine General Express Care This past Saturday)


"You want to delay vaccines? Well you better keep her in a bubble then." My daughter was 1 week old at that point.


“So you want your child to end up with cancer? You’re just ASKING for them to die young. How unfair.” What the Dr told us when we denied vx at birth.


I saw a covering doc when mine was out when my youngest had his first cough/fever. As a new mom I thought I should bring him in for a fever.

The doc said " this child could have any possibility of sickness as he isn't vaccinated...some 3rd world disease for all I know!"....we didn't see him ever again.


I was never insulted or belittled. I had a great experience in NH where my 1st daughter was born and they never made it an issue. But recently, when my 3rd daughter had her 2 month well check I was given a “sub” doctor. Dr. Losey. When vaccines came up he said “ok, time for shots!”. I said “not today and likely not ever. And it isn’t up for discussion. This is my informed non-consent.” He turned, (literally) threw his hands up in the air and walked out on me and my infant daughter.


I’ve never been given a VIS... required by law...


"Have you ever seen a baby with pertussis?”


Around this time last year, I brought my daughter to her 4 year "well-child" visit. At this visit, I dare question how vaccines may affect children of different races (my children are biracial) and the answer was "There is no data saying it is not safe." and nurse left room. Then 2 doctors and 3 nurses came jammed back into our tiny room. They were trying to show all the inserts they could, while each chiming in how they are safe. I felt cornered, I felt shamed. I was in tears! I almost gave in until I heard the doctor over everyone say "you are not a bad mom for not vaccinating because you can get her all caught up today!"

When I heard that, the feelings of meekness and shame left me, and I told them "I do not feel guilty for not being up to date. I feel guilty for allowing them to receive the previous onslaught of fevers, lethargy, bowel issues and allergies. I told them there would be no more vaccinations until someone shows me a verified study proving my child will not be harmed based on their ethnicity...

I left and haven't been back since. Now, I am afraid to bring my kids to the doctors.

I walked out of there with my head high and tears running down my face! No one should face that type of gang-like activity!


"Why cause you believe some young dumb blonde, by the name of Jenny McCarthy who thinks vaccines are linked to autism"...he laughs and said "your beliefs are ridiculous because it's been proven many times that there is no correlation between the two. "You would rather have your son die of a dangerous disease than get autism?"


Ours made a snide comment about putting them off too long or even not doing them in general, and they literally said “but you wouldn’t do that, you’re good parents.”


The ONE time my son has ever been sick with a fever (he’s almost 3 now and has only been sick twice in his life) I called and asked if he should be seen or not, and they said well it was urgent since he’s unvaccinated, it could be ANYTHING. He was perfectly fine the next day btw.


Found a great naturopathic doctor since then, all set with the fear mongering pediatrics.


My son was born at 27 weeks and weighing 2 lbs. The dr in the NICU wanted to give him a bunch of vaccines all at once. He was about 4 lbs by this point, and still on an high amount of oxygen. I said no, repeatedly. They said what if someone here is Hep B positive and infects your baby! Then

after me just saying no thank you, he's all set. The dr. said I hope you change your mind because I'd hate to see your baby die.


"I've been a doctor for 40 years and before vaccines patients were coming in by the dozens with measels and smallpox!! You should be thankful you have vaccines to protect your child!" This was said to me after our 2nd had an adverse reaction at his 2 month shots and the doctor was told me it was "totally normal" and "totally safe." 2 months after he had another vaccine reaction and since then neither of our children have had shots.


I declined whooping cough vaccine while pregnant (gave birth in January). OB said to me, "did you know if you give your baby whooping cough, they could die. Your BABY could die". When I explained I was well educated and wanted to take my time to give vaccines she said while patting me on the leg condescendingly "just so you know all the research will support vaccinating on the schedule we follow."


8 years ago- Tulsa's’ most famous respected pediatric gastroenterologist, “I think you’re overreacting. There is no connection between the stomach and the brain. It’s not related to his autism.”


When we were interviewing pediatricians ...

“You can do a delayed schedule but you WILL do them.”


My kid has never been to a pediatrician for all the reasons above, but when I was planning a pregnancy, at an annual exam, my doctor wanted to get me up to date on all shots because “it would protect my unborn baby...” Her nasty comments included: “Babies die all the time from vaccine preventable illnesses”...she’s actually “seen babies die from said illnesses... in Amish communities where they don’t vaccine, disease runs rampant,”


“If you think you need to follow the advice of a porn star...” (I’m assuming she’s referring to Jenny McCarthy.)


“You’ll never be able to go to Target.” This was from the first pediatrician I saw after my son was born. This is what she told me when I brought up my concerns about vaccinating him.

I never went back and I never vaccinated him.

Her stupidity literally solidified my decision not to vaccinate. Made me question doctors and the vaccines even more.


After the first reaction, “I don’t understand why we need to stop vaccinating, he’s fine, babies do weird breathing things. You’re a brand new, overprotective mom. You don’t know.”

After the second, “Do you even know what a seizure is? Babies have jerky movements, babies die from these diseases, you don’t know more than me. He won’t be able to go to school.”


When my oldest was a newborn (she’ll be 20 in May) I took her for her first check up. The Ped (who I found out later was on some sort of board that supports vaccines) told me that I was “not smart to not vaccinate”.


White I took my son into the ER when he was little because he hit the back of his head off from the corner of our coffee table. Before they would do anything about his bleeding head they lectured me for a long time about how sick my kid could be from not vaccinating.


Before my son was born, I wanted to interview pediatricians before making a decision on who would care for him and basically see what their stance was on vaccines. Ended up going to Intermed in Yarmouth... after about 15 minutes of pleasant conversation I took a deep breath and brought up my fears about vaccines and my thoughts of delaying and skipping out on some altogether. Her demeanor towards me completely changed, arms crossed across chest. I felt very uncomfortable. She proceeded to tell me that she has watched babies die from not being vaccinated and that she would not feel comfortable treating my son basically if I did not follow her protocol and it might be better to find a different doctor. So I did.


Having my daughter in Maine, the internal fetal specialist I was seeing was hella supportive. However, after she was out I made my husband go with her. Just to be sure. Surely enough, a nurse came in my recovery room a short time later, having a little conniption because my husband wouldn't let them vaccinate her. I confirmed the denial. And voila! Just like that my post OP pain med order disappeared. Took 12 hours, the next shift, to get anything. It was late at night, I was trying to nurse and in so much pain tears silently streaming down my face, when my new nurse came on. I never got an apology. But I did get pain meds.


Why do you want to decline vaccines? You know the doctor that claimed vaccines cause autism was discredited and lost his license.


Interviewing pediatricians when I was pregnant with my first. Asked about delay or altering schedule and he basically Said I was doing wrong by my child to do anything other than all the vaccines on time.


"I believe not vaccinating your child is a form of child abuse." Later on in the conversation he says "you know I am a mandatory reporter. If I feel there is abuse in a family I am required to report it to the state."


"The AAP advises all infants with an unexplained fever must be cathed, have blood work taken and a spinal tap done. Otherwise you're going against medical advice in which we would notify CPS."


"All of my kids have been vaccinated and none have autism."


A hospital doctor gave my husband a hard time about our daughter who has cancer not being vaccinated. Wanted her to get vaccines while in the hospital with pneumonia.


"I see your son is due for his IPV, would you like to get him up to date today?"

"He is due for all vaccines, but we are religiously exempt. I'm concerned you would vaccinate him while sick, though."

"I practice science-based medicine"

"What does the science say about giving a polio vaccine to a child with a fever of 103 that youre currently unable to diagnose?"


“What are you afraid of...autism or something”


If you don't give your kid the chickenpox vaccine he could die.


Told by the nurse I WOULD give my child her shots after speaking with doctor. I meet with the doctor, he “ agrees” to no vaccines at this time since my daughter is so ill.. nurse comes in and opens the shots, tries to guilt me into doing them because they are open and can't be used on another child now... with stern voice and face clearly expressing I am the problem.


Took my twins in for their 2 month checkup. I knew I didn’t want to vaccinate that day. Wanted to wait until they were a bit older and space them out. I wasn’t even against necessarily getting the vaccines (at that time). My twins were breastfed, not in daycare, and their 3 older siblings were vaccinated. The doctor lost his mind on me. Raised his voice, belittled me, threatened me and said if I didn’t vaccinate that day I would have to SIGN a paper that said if my babies died it was my FAULT. We didn’t vaccinate and it was the last time we saw that pediatrician.


I had forgotten that I also was told by my first pediatrician that I had to sign the paper handed to me stating that I was willingly putting my child in danger.


"I will treat your children, but every time you come into my office I will remind you of the terrible choice you are making to not vaccinate."


“Tell me why were holding off on vaccines?”

“I can promise you vaccines do not cause autism if that’s what your worries about”

“Were gonna have to have a come to Jesus moment before he starts school”


Not a doctor for my child, but one of the nurses at the OB's office :

"You'll be getting the flu and tdap today."

"No thanks, should be a note in the chart from last appointment when it was mentioned, I will not be receiving those."

"You HAVE to get them."

"I don't HAVE to do anything, and I will absolutely NOT be getting any vaccinations."

"Well, we'll see what the doctor says."

" the doctor can say and make any recommendations that she wants, I'm still the one who gets to make the decision.... I am 100% unvaccinated, and I'm certainly not going to start while I'm pregnant."


“I hope you are ok with you child dying because that is what you are doing by not vaccinating him and if that happens I hope you can live with yourself.”


Went in for a sick visit with a ped who was not my ours many years ago. Nurse and dr wanted to vax even though she'd had a fever less than 12 hrs before. I had to school her on the CDC guidelines and even then she argued with me till I flat out told her she shouldn't have even asked that day due to the reason for our visit. (I was already not vaxing at that point and was at several rounds behind schedule.) Since then I've found most of the family has genetic mutations and possibility of congenital lyme etc. No way will I vaccinate.



“I want you to know that you are risking your child’s life and if they die from something preventable, you will have to live with that”


"If you don’t vaccinate I’ll have to fire you from the practice."


I don’t recall the belittling exactly but it was there. A doctor who basically talked at you, and repeated the “vaccines are completely safe and they prevent disease “ laughed at us when we asked questions or voiced our reluctance and continued to repeat the vaccine mantra.

We asked for vaccine inserts but never returned.


“I’ve seen soooo many kids die of measles.”


“Why don’t you want to give her the vitamin k drops? But why? But why? What is your evidence?” - A nurse literally while pushing in labor


When bringing my then 7-year-old son to the surgeon for a follow up exam after his hernia repair, the surgeon told me, "He's all set! As long as he doesn't die of a communicable disease." In front of my 7-year-old.


When my youngest was 2 months old the pediatrician told us, “she could be bitten by a baby with hep b.” A couple weeks later I had to reschedule a follow-up because I was called into work (1st time cancellation) and we were dropped from her practice.


"Vaccines have nothing to do with religion."


"Your child will not be able to attend school."


"Don't believe everything you read on the internet."


"I'm the doctor here."


"We do not accept patients who are unvaccinated."


"Come back when you change your religious beliefs."


She told me two varicella vaccines were required for school.


I was pregnant with my first, it was swine flu scare. I had four doctor's including the OB corner me and say I'm a bad mother for not protecting my child. I took the shot, immediate remorse. Also switched to midwife.


I was told that I was ignorant and a terrible mother for wanting my kid to die. This was yelled at me while this Doctor blocked the door. This was 7 years ago This visit unfortunately I caved since I was cornered and yelled at. My son was hospitalized less than 12 hours later with reaction to

flu shot.


Generally the office I go to is pretty good about it, but a couple of the Dr's and one nurses have said things. Both Dr's said something like “Can you tell me why you are not getting vaccines?”

I usually answer with "I am confident with my choice, so we don't need to talk about it." That is followed by randomly throwing out "facts" to discredit the reasons that are generally assumed as why people choose not to vaccinate, like “Vaccines don't cause autism, if that is one of your concerns.”

The nurse made a comment at the end of an appointment for my 5 year old. She said "I don't think he will be able to go to school with out the MMR vaccine." I started to tell her that he would be able to due to Maine's exemptions, but she cut me off part way through saying "I know about those" as she walked off.


We actually had a PA write on a script for one of our kids, “not to expect this filled because they’re anti-Vaxers"


When looking for a doctor for my first child I talked with a doctor and when we asked about vaccines and the inserts the Doctor proceeded to repeat “ well it’s not like I’ll report you to the police if you don’t but ....”


At our first appointment with an osteopath (who told me she would work with us regarding not vaccinating), she laughed at my comments about vaccine injuries and she literally stuck her finger in my face and said “it’s because of people like YOU that pertussis is making a comeback!” I packed up all three girls (7, 3 and 1) and walked out. I never took them anywhere for Well Child visits after that. They’re now 19, 16, and 13, and healthy.


At every appointment I wasn't asked I was told "oh today you WILL be getting the tdap and flu shot, not sure why that didn't happen yet" every visit. I was never once asked. They just assume because its recommended they don't need to inform and get consent.


Just because your older son had a vaccine reaction (according to you) that’s not a reason to not vaccinate your youngest, or to stop continuing to vaccinate your oldest. Vaccines are very safe and effective, and you shouldn’t listen to google.


When our pediatrician announced he was retiring last summer, we were told that no other doctors in the practice would be a good fit for our family - after we had been patients since April 2002, and my kids are almost 100% vaccinated (one missing the MMR, and the other two missing tdap /

meningitis boosters).


This may be the saddest thread I’ve read in our group in a long time. The belittling and bullying that happens to (mostly) Moms is astonishing.


No we don’t get belittled or bullied. According to the media we are the ones doing the bullying.


As soon as we get in the room the nurse usually says something to the effect, today’s going to be rough you’ve got a lot of shots today. When I say I’m deferring I get the uncivil look and asked what the date or age I plan to give them. Education that diseases are “ in pockets” and that I will have to have extra nurse visits between physicals to get her caught up.


The doctor and nurse wore masks when I took my son to a different pediatrician for a referral because his sister isn't vaccinated and she was with us.


Vaccines are safe and effective. My kids are fully vaccinated and I've never seen a bad reaction with anyone I've treated. There is so much false information out there and that Dr's (she didn't know his name) license was revoked because of spreading false information. I really want to be your

son's Dr but you need to trust me.


"You might as well fill out your sons toe tag if you don’t vaccinate for chickenpox"


He also said that parents like me was the worst part of his job.


My daughter had a severe cough. Saw another doc not our usual doc.

Pediatrician: Has she had her flu shot?

Me: No.

Pediatrician: She has the flu.

Me: She doesn’t have the flu.

Him: Yes she does (barely examines her).

3 days later back at doctor who is our regular doc.

Good Pediatrician: Well good thing you brought her back. Her lungs are wheezing and she has bronchial pneumonia.

Me: Not the flu?

Good Pediatrician: God no. Why do you think that

Me: I didn’t...


I’ve had a few that just don’t listen to me and use fear mongering. They try to tell me my kids could die from chicken pox, but then I ask basic questions like how many kids die from the vaccine or what are the ingredients and they have no idea. I quickly realized I knew more about vaccines

then they did. Also while I was in labor several nurses were badgering me about vitamin K and hep B after I asked them to stop. The doctor called me in the middle of the night at the hospital to try to pressure me right after giving birth. I also speculate that they retaliated on me by referring my newborn to the nicu. Nothing ended up being wrong with her they tried to tell me something could be wrong with her intestines because of spit up and then tried again to get me to get vitamin K. She was the healthiest baby in the NICU. It was a horrifying experience though.


"As a medical professional you should know better than to deliberately put your child at risk for preventable diseases. At least give her the MMR vaccine."


Tried to ask questions .... "excuse me, i forgot about something" walked out and probably saw 2 more patients before coming back. I should have left, but i felt so awkward...


My pediatrician was transferring care of my 3 1/2 week old to a large hospital and told them I was biased and unreliable in part because I chose not to have the Hep B vaccine for my baby when she was discharged from 12 days in the NICU. He didn't know I could hear him talking.

Subsequently every doc and med student I encountered at the large hospital questioned my about why my baby ( 3 1/2 weeks old) was not vaccinated when she was there because she had a digestive issue requiring surgery!!


My almost 3 year old gets measles and autistic symptoms from MMR shot and her pediatrician said: "It's not from the vaccination. She started preschool three weeks ago, correct? She's either stressed from that or probably coming down with something."


I was a brand new mom with tiny 2 week old at first week child. Baby received her hep B shot, Afterward nurse told me 'oh she might have a reaction to this'.... I stopped all further vaccines until I learned more..... got an threatening letter in the mail from me doctor telling me I was negligent and could be calling on CPS.


My child contracted pertussis when she was 2, from a recently vaccinated child at a birthday party. When I had her tested, I was told that I was negligent in regards to not vaccinating and that I was responsible for adding to the “disease problem” in the area. I was then lied to and told my insurance wouldn’t continue to cover visits unless my child was up to date on vaccines. I left the practice.


My pediatrician harassed me at every single visit and each visit I told him I was delaying all vaccines until 2 years old. I got a lot of eye rolls and snarky comments from the nurses but my doctor was always civil. Over my twins' first year we learned…


I was cornered in our Pediatrician’s office (by the dr) as she told me if I didn’t sign the form saying I’m knowingly harming my child that she will call the police and have me arrested.

We fired her as our dr and changed to another dr in the office that respects our wishes.

We were told by cds after they had rescheduled us several times (waited over 6 months just for an eval) that the evaluator is canceling our appointment because our children are not vaccinated. Then they told me I’ll have to wait while they found an evaluator that would be willing to “take the risk” of coming to our home. I cancelled all services with cds and paid for an independent evaluation.


I was told my child wouldn't be allowed to attend public school (he does) and was told that he would die a painful death and I would have to live with knowing I was responsible.


“Would you like to watch a video so you can become educated?”

I have a son with a rare disease. He is approx. 1/900 in the world. We went to a new pediatrician on our new health plan. During our visit I was told his case was too complicated, why didn’t I schedule more time and that I could vaccinate. I declined. No questions about my son, his condition and our choices. I then received a letter in the mail stating I could come back only if I was willing to follow the CDC guidelines. We were fired.


At an appointment to confirm pregnancy with my now 3yo, I declined the flu shot for myself.

When I wouldn’t give in, the PA very forcefully said, “If you don’t get the flu shot, your baby could die!” I was so furious.


“The Hep B is the least harmless. That’s the one I would recommend if you’re hesitant.”


"DHHS investigates for neglect if you wait too long to catch up" (wic office Bangor)

I always lied about my sons vaccine status after that. My biggest anxiety when he got sick or hurt was the doctors asking his vaccine status and whether they could read through my lies.


I hate hate hate when they ask me if my kids are up to date. Major anxiety.


I grew up a lot in that moment. That was the first time I had to physically advocate for my son I had to push the nurse away who was holding the needle and make her leave to check his chart to confirm he just had that shot. While she lunged at him insisting I was wrong.


"Is there a reason why we're only giving one shot today?"


I was told “that’s fine, if you want to take the chance of your child to dying of a preventable disease that’s your choice.”


When my child was injured (which is why we no longer do vacc


My daughters PCP looked my 11 yr old daughter in the eye (in front of me) and said, “I’m sorry your mother is putting you at risk for cancer.”

When I refused HPV vaccine. :(


I refused the HPV shot for my 11 year old SON. She told me I needed to give it to him to protect the girls he's going to have sex with. When I told her I did research and didn't want him to have it, she said here's some websites only use these websites to research vaccines because other websites aren't accurate. She wouldn't drop it until I promised I would research through her websites.


"I guarantee nothing bad will happen because of these vaccines." Dr Howard Silversmith, June 20, 2003. 27 hours later he would advise a panicked mom who was a licenced Emergency Medical Technician, that the seizure she witnessed while taking Cyndimae out of her car seat was probably REM sleep. Her next seizure was less than two hours later while sitting in her high chair eating.


In the hospital when my 7 month old had a high fever.. the ER doctor, “Because of your ignorance, your son could die from meningitis!” (He hadn't been tested and I had the sense to refuse the spinal test and leave.)


"Your child will most likely die from one of these diseases"... I told her that was enough and she said "I just need to tell you this from our side" whatever that means.


My last pediatrician visit ended up being an hour long debate when I told him that I was no longer vaccinating my 11 year old that had already had ALL the 50 something vaccines on the schedule. He wanted to give her 4 more different injections at this visit!


I was considering a delayed schedule with my youngest a year ago and the pedi at the time told me I would be traumatizing her to bring her in and have her get shots so often instead of all at once. I can’t remember all the details but she basically made me feel like a horrible person for even

considering a delayed schedule.


Our PA wanted/insisted on doing my sons Chicken Pox vaccine, it was a heated debate over why I needed to do this. I said, Fine I'll think about it between now and our next well-child check. My son came down with chicken pox on his own before the next well-child check. (I will add, that when I

offered to bring him in so that they could verify it, they said no that was fine they'd just make a note in his chart.)


I was told that if my son ever had a febrile seizure again from a high fever it would be my fault and if he died it would be on me. This was after I confronted him about my son having a 8 min long febrile seizure after the MMR shot. He said that was not a side effect of the MMR vaccine. Haven’t taken him back since.


I am literally honestly afraid to take my kids to the doctors!


My 10 year old started getting seizures after her 4 month shots, was diagnosed with epilepsy at 5 months old, she had her last seizure when she was 6. None of this ever dawned on me until I went back and looked at her chart and it all made sense. One time my husband found her and she wasn’t breathing, by the grace of God she’s still here. I so wish I knew what I know now. But those eight minutes holding my son was the worst thing I’ve ever experienced in my life and the doctor said it was no big deal.


It is so crazy. My son started stopping breathing in his sleep after 2 mos shots only dtap because my gut was telling me no more. Dr dismissed it. At 4 mos bullied me into hib and Pneumococcal and seizures for the next 5 months. Dr told me babies have jerky movements and I didn’t know what a seizure was the joke was on him since I have a BA in neuroscience. Fired him!


When I look back I can definitely see how each of my five children all had different reactions, but yet the doctor never believed me which is so infuriating. But now my children know and no longer want shots, my oldest speaks out a lot about them. I just wish more people would understand


My mother was harassed to the point of crying and feeling she couldn't leave and eventually consented to one vaccine (DTaP) when I was 13 months old. She was told to leave the room while they did it and locked out.


I’ve been called multiple times about my daughters mmr and to schedule. I have been told that I am not a doctor and these decisions are important for my child’s life.


I went to the pediatrician because my daughter had a severe diaper rash and nothing I did was helping. The dr we normally see wasn’t available so we had to see a different one. What should have been a 15 minute visit ended up being over an hour of this man telling me over and over how uneducated I am and that I’m clearly too young to be a good mother (I’m 25) that if I wasn’t going to “properly care for” my daughter I should give her to a family who will, how autism isn’t caused by vaccines (I never said it was)and they are COMPLETELY safe and no one is ever harmed, he went on to say that my daughter’s rash was DEFINITELY a reaction to “lack of vaccinations” he ended the conversation with me in tears and said “when your baby dies don’t come to us looking for answers.”


My son was bruising his head, banging it incessantly after 6 month vaccines. Our pediatrician laughed and said it was "normal baby behaviour." Um .... or not. Obviously left that practice.

During the 2015 hearings on LD 606, the bill to remove the philosophical exemption, Peter Michaud told the committee, "As you know I represent the Maine Medical Association. I have heard a lot of horrible things about doctors today. And you'll believe what you believe based on what you've heard. I refuse to believe that so many doctors in this state are unfeeling, are horribly rude, are bullies, don't have the best interests of their patients in mind.”

Keep in mind that it is the policy of the Maine Medical Association not to believe any of the stories that you just read from Maine mothers.


Les Toolish

May I suggest it is inappropriate to have authors moderate comments to their essays. Many authors will have a natural bias toward excluding comments that are critical of their work, even where the comments conform to guidelines. Thank you.

Les Toolish

Yikes, such senseless, toxic misandry. The last thing we should be doing is poisoning our cause with unfounded sexism. And the premise is untrue. The pharmaceutical industry is LOADED with women. They may well outnumber men by now--have around here for a decade. Same thing in the corrupt clinical trial industry. Mostly women. All colors, but more white than any other. Very soon, it will be doctors too. The vast majority of pediatricians and new physicians around here are women.

There are as many Del Bigtrees and RFK Jr.s fighting vaccine fascism as there are Suzanne Humprheys and Sherri Tenpennys. A LOT of men show up to the rallies too.

The last thing we need is to be divided and conquered. Fathers are every bit as hurt as mothers and the children are bigger victims yet. The ONLY valid divide here runs along the class line between ruling oligarchs and the rest of us. Bill and Mengele Gates are a man and woman team. Oprah's all on board. So is Hillary.

I'm the one who left my career to take care of a vaccine-injured child. His mother yielded custody, turned her back and walked away. And LOVES vaccines enough to spend large in court to try to further injure our children. I'm also far from the only guy in my small town in precisely the same situation.

Cindy Ray

Makes me want to scream. I got bullied when refusing a tetanus shot after being bitten by a dog at a shelter job. More recently, I had to say "no" about six times, during a physical for my current job. It's on the "health" side of a university, so they're big on that. Luckily, I don't work anywhere near patients. I can't imagine being a mom, especially a new mom, and having to deal with it.

cia parker


What country do you think families should go to? Seriously, I've thought about it. Not for us, luckily C's about to graduate from high school so we got through with our exemption. We learned last year that Brazil requires vaccines for schoolchildren, no personal exemptions. I think Mexico does too, and very likely all the Latin American countries. Israel requires vaccines, I'm not sure which, but again, they're required. We've seen how Europe is going to required vaccines, no exemptions, Italy and France for now. I think they're still optional in the UK. Doesn't Australia mandate a whole lot of them now?

I'm appalled at what's happening in the US and hope it can be stopped. But is there any place to go where parents can be fairly sure that they can make vaccine decisions for their families?


I just wanted to chime in about CDS. My daughter was in eearly intervention, we live in Searsport. Everyone we saw there was super friendly and we never had an issues regarding our vaccine status. It's awful that a group who will see so many of the vaccine damaged children would treat anyone who chooses not to vaccinate as anything but smart.

 Betty Bona

Yes John! Especially women who don’t know their place when dealing with medical professionals.

John Stone

George’s misogyny was perhaps symptomatic, though the main interest of the program was rather that Facebook apparently temporarily saw fit to remove it than because George was a man of great status in the debate. If Del had a debate with Plotkin or Offit or Hotez they would not have fared better than George although they would have been more resistant.

This whole story is about people who can’t stand debate or scrutiny, who indulge in ad hominem against various groups including intermittently women (most of all if they are educated and white, and perhaps don’t know their place).

susan welch

David Weiner, George (on Highwire), was so incredibly patronising and kept referring to 'Brenda with her essential oils' in a very derogatory way. It was infuriating to watch.

Your comment is brilliant, entirely appropriate and really would have opened his eyes a little to the fact that life does exist outside the laboratory - where real people live.

Don't know what others thought, but I wasn't very impressed with his 'science'. It seemed rather limited.

David Weiner

Benedetta stated:

" ... Or today on Del Bigtree's Highwire, the guy he was debating said he wanted real science and not some word of some Soccer moms (Oh, to be so lucky for a vaccine injured child to be in some sport), or some Brenda and her essential oils ..."

I am not sure how Del responded, but if I were in his shoes and had the presence of mind, I would have turned things around and gone on the offensive, after hearing such an egregious attack like this one (as is my wont). I would have told this schmuck that yes, since the medical profession has abandoned autistic kids, and left them to suffer a whole host of maladies on a daily basis, their moms HAVE stepped up and found many ways to improve their kid's health in spite of mainstream doctors. And thank God that there are a lot of moms around who care enough and are committed enough to give their kids the best possible quality of life.

This is the type of response that will stop these contemptible creatures in their tracks. They will be MUCH more circumspect before ever uttering such a gratuitous insult.


I do not say this lightly. My advice to young people is to get out of this dangerous country. Far too dangerous a place to have a family.

Betty Bona

I agree that this is a war on all of us, whether simply for profit or for some more sinister reason. However, I also agree with Benedetta that part of the problem is attitude toward women. No one ever calls a man hysterical, and people are less likely to insinuate lack of sophistication or knowledge when a man is involved. This is the way women used to be treated - like they didn't have enough sophistication or knowledge to vote. It's an attitude that can't be erased simply because we admit on paper that it is wrong just like any other prejudice. Women are the ones more often finding themselves face to face with a pediatrician, and they are the easier targets historically. In the Denver hearings this week on mandating vaccines, I noticed that the chairwoman seemed to give more deference to the males who testified. She almost always acknowledged them stepping forward as part of a four person panel, calling them "sir" and frequently calling on them first for their testimony. Maybe it was just because the testimony was mostly from women, but I think it was an underlying prejudice making her feel that their testimony was worthier than the testimony of the moms. I also noticed that nearly every man received a question from the committee. Again, maybe only because they were an anomaly, but I can't help but think it relates to the prejudice women still receive from our historical past. I don't think Ginger is indicating that we should be divided in any way. It's just the way things are.


Well done the woman for standing their ground against that behavioural tosh ,totally out of control!
What a blatent systemic professional training deficiency , some of these clowns have obviously missed out in their basic training modules to teach them how to leave their personal opinions in their organisational car-parks, before they start their shifts?

See- Lessons from Gosport /The BMJ
https/www.bmj.comcontent 362 bmj k2923
By F Godlee 5 July 2018
Morphine pump set up, without consent, still happening in 2013. We had to battle twice against morphine pump set up without my mother's consent and even with verbal protests of "Oh Morag, don't let them do that to me!" Was a weekend hospital admission of hell on earth to stop it happening .
Putting it into perspective . No harm to them personally , but we are certainy not frightened of slap happy professionals, with needles and syringes in tow ! It's their training deficiency so it's their problem to get to grips with, not ours !
Everybody 2019 It's Showtime ELO HQ 1080 HD ALL - YouTube .


Well, it is not an initial war on women Aimee and Cia Parker, it is an attitude. .

What was that state senator in New York that said it was just a bunch of white women out in the halls- referring to mother's of vaccine injured children.

Or today on Del Bigtree's Highwire, the guy he was debating said he wanted real science and not some word of some Soccer moms (Oh, to be so lucky for a vaccine injured child to be in some sport), or some Brenda and her essential oils (I guess it is a reference to our attempts in using holistic medicine, diet, vitamins, hyperbolic chambers in high hopes of getting back what we lost). Continuing on about he didn't want to hear from some little woman that didn't know what a liposome was, or what a lymphatic system was.

Angus Files

And the link

Other reports on it,just glad I got it out this week as it might what I have just written could be perceived as hate in a few weeks time..

Pharma For Prison


Angus Files

And whilst the UK Government distract everyone with Br-exit they hurry through a white paper dictating what is Fake News and criminally punishable..are we all guilty of hate crimes as the UK Goverment could say were spreading fake news =jail time.

"Commentators across the political spectrum noted that the paper’s implications for free speech were a source of tension and alarm. The paper identifies disinformation or ‘fake news’ as one of many online harms, and says that social media platforms will be expected to use fact-checking services and take action against disseminators of misinformation. The Spectator’s Toby Young states that the proposals pose ‘an unprecedented threat to free speech and could easily be used to impose a censorious code of conduct on newspapers and magazines’; in The Guardian, Alex Hern warned that the measures might prove ‘dangerous’ by ‘creating a regulator without the power to prevent the worst abuse, but with just enough power to scare away the best innovations.’"

Pharma For Prison



Why don't you ask doctors the following:

"Name me one person in all of human history who died immediately following a wild measles (or any other) virus was physically *observed* entering that person's body? And lab testing after they die/get sick doesn't count - if we don't know exactly *when* the virus infected them then we don't have any reason to blame the virus.

Now, bear in mind that I can rattle off the names of quite a few parents who physically observed their children get injections and then physically observed them dying or becoming gravely ill, so, given that presumably you believe that viruses are more dangerous than vaccines, I can only assume you have a list of millions of people dying following observed viral infection. But just one will do."

"I must warn you, though, if they think your child has had vaccinations, they most likely won't consider diagnosing any condition for which they assume they have been vaccinated, even if symptoms would reflect/suggest any of those conditions."

Thank you Laura. Why has it taken anti-vaxers three decades for this to finally dawn on them? No vaccine in history has *ever* worked.

Aimee Doyle

I agree with Cia.

This is all about profit for pharma. There's no profit in health - lots of profit in chronic illness and disability. That's true not just for vaccines, but for many pharma drugs.

And she's right - many adults have negative - and dire- reactions to vaccines. It's not just children. We don't hear as much about it because, as yet, vaccines aren't mandated for most adults.

Jeannette Bishop

Off-topic except for the war on us part ...

...and proof all kinds of insanity can happen under the auspices of all "scientific" and "regulatory" agencies in the U.S. (and somewhat globally, too).

Hey, but give a few mega corporations of slightly different (not really different to me) stripes unprecedented torte protections and essentially mandate for them customers, starting with the babies and then working agressively up to the adults, for a product line with loose safety requirements (looser than their other products, I mean...I wonder how vaccine testing measures up to glyphosate testing?) and let em have at it!


I remember one comment our first Denver pediatrician said to me shortly after my son was born. I had been hesitant about giving our son all the vaccines that were on the 'schedule,' but after voicing my concerning during one particular office visit, our pediatrician looked at me and said, ""Well, your friend ____________ vaccinates HER kids, so you should too!"

I just stared at him and said something to the effect that simply because I had a friend who vaccinated her kids did not mean that I was comfortable vaccinating my son. I can remember thinking at that time that this was a horrible way to try to coerce me into vaccinating my son. What a stupid argument.

We switched pediatricians shortly after this occurred. We interviewed our new pediatrician prior to becoming 'clients,' and I am glad we did. He agreed not to push vaccines on us and said that whatever decision we made about vaccines was OUR decision to make as our son's parents.

Of course, this was back in 1993. When I tell new parents today how wonderfully supportive our 'second' pediatrician's office was with us when our son experienced his vaccine reactions, they have a hard time believing me. I can see why. I was not coerced into vaccinating our son. It was our decision to go ahead and vaccinate him (much to my everlasting regret).

Unfortunately, he DID suffer horrific reactions after his four month vaccines, so much so that he was given a lifetime medical exemption to the whole cell pertussis component of the DPT vaccine.

I really feel for new parents these days. I have always advised new parents to forgo using a pediatrician for their children/newborns. Find a great naturopath, or chiropractor or family physician in lieu of using a pediatrician. Dr. Robert Mendelsohn's book was our Bible when it came to our son's healthcare.

I wholeheartedly concur with Laura Hayes, here. Good, sound advice.


Thank you for bringing to light the horrible treatment so many mother's have endured. There is a war against parents and children. They are coming for the rest of you next. I advise parents to have that cell phone recording while they are in appointments. Proof that this stuff does happen despite what medical boards and state agencies claim.

cia parker

I don't think this is a war on women. It's "just" a war to make as much money as possible off of vaccines, and mandating them and silencing all criticism of them are just a few ways to accomplish that. The parents of the children who are the primary targets are just caught in the crossfire, fathers as much as mothers, and the children most of all in the case of the childhood vaccines. (Although it must not be forgotten how many adults get MS, paralysis, or Alzheimer's from adult vaccines, as in my family.)


Five MEN were allowed (let me just put that word in all caps in case Amy Goodman and Rachel Maddow and Gloria Steinem missed it) ALLOWED to testify before the United States Senate regarding an infection circulating, and what the United States governing body is going to forcibly inject into our nation’s children with as a result, WHILE (😄) hundreds of WOMYN (😄 y-intended, as were the CAPS) were locked out in the hallway!

Is this a womyns’ rights’ issue??!!! You’re damn right it is!! Any myn (I just can’t help myself y-intended) who tells me otherwise, better tell me how easy it is to avoid being vaccinated when you’re pregnant.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Ginger Taylor, and every(intended)one at AoA!!!

Jeannette Bishop

Some of the medical professional quotes here may benefit from having accompanying education about how unlikely to be true (or how flat out wrong in some cases) they are, but the list especially towards the end should educate of the (I think probably largely equal-opportunity) bullying somewhat well to those wanting to know what's going on.

But will much of this list resonate as bullying or just appropriate tactics? In CA, the same practices and attitudes appeared fairly common in our legislatures' hearings to me (with AB2109, SB 277) and it was natural to take part with a PEDIATRICIAN in upholding "SCIENCE" for many of them, and in the face of a large opposing crowd (whom many of them didn't want to begin to understand), might have even been accompanied by a bit of an adrenaline rush for some of them.

I'm too far out of touch to tell if this overall is getting any better in our state, and I hope most other states are not subject to the same elitism/entitled to rule (which necessitates making some people change their ways somewhere or other and/or get used to things designated as solutions even if "they say" it will make things worse because other much more authoritative people say otherwise) disease, but I see it even in some videos of city board meetings around the country too.

Grace Green

Regarding your point about boys being diagnosed with autism at a rate of 4:1, many women, or mothers of daughters, have found it extremely difficult to get a diagnosis, and believe it is because girls behave in a different way from boys, and autism is judged purely on behaviour. This in itself can be seen as a form of misogyny, since autism in girls has never been properly studied. However, I do agree with many of the other comments, that fathers, sons and grandfathers are being badly treated too, and shouldn't be left out of the debate because we need all the voices we can get.

Angus Files

Vaccines are colour ,race,and gender blind.Keep the eye on the ball folks.

Pharma For Prison


Jeanne J

Ginger, I want to thank you for all of the hard work that you have done, over the years, in the trenches of education and advocacy for vaccine safety. The quotes you posted were both disgusting and disturbing, on sooo many levels. As a mother, it is clear that the role of health care manager tends to fall mostly on me (along with my husband partnering with our decisions, every step of the way). And as such, I completely see how the badgering of a mother's health care decisions by her child's doctor can amount to a concerted effort to control women. That being said, I believe the vaccine debate is a far more sinister pharma weapon designed as an attack against ALL humanity for mind, body, and monetary control. Please consider this:

-The ratio of males to females with autism is 4:1. This appears to be an attack mounted at destroying the health and wellbeing of the male population.
-We know that the William Thompson papers indicate that the effects of the MMR vaccine on black boys under the age of 36 months showed a significantly higher incidence of neurological deficits, including autism. This appears to be an attack mounted at destroying young black males.
-There seems to be evidence that the HPV vaccine shows more adverse effects on young, teenage women who have a more athletic history. This appears to be an attack mounted at destroying young, vital women as they move into the prime of their lives.
-College students, who received their MMR vaccine according to the CDC schedule appear to be the population most vulnerable to the mumps vaccine failure, putting 1:4 males, who come down with the mumps, at risk for testicular inflammation, at a time when it can affect their sperm count (as compared to as a child when its affects would be more benign). This appears to be an attack mounted at the fertility of adult males.
-Doctors involved in senior care seem to do a concerted push to ensure that EVERY senior gets their yearly flu shot, without any regard for insuring that they get shots with no mercury and less aluminum (if there are any such shots with less aluminum). We know that the plaques associated with alzheimer's have been demonstrated to be caused by aluminum in many studies. This appears to be an attack mounted to eliminate senior citizens more quickly.
-We know that the immigrant population of Somalians was so highly vaccinated and the rate of autism in those who have settled in Minnesota is 1:30+. This appears to be an attack mounted at both the immigrant population and, in this case, in particular, the Muslim immigrant population.
-The vaccine edits attempted in the last 30 days have targeted the Jewish and in particular orthodox Jewish populations in New York. This appears to be an attack on religious freedom and appears to have an anti-semitic undertone.

I think you get the point. But, I didn't mean for any of these examples to just make a point - I really believe they represent some of the attacks leveled by pharma. To me, one of the worse attacks has been how over several decades, they have drained the historical medical knowledge and "calling" of doctors from being healers who work with their patients for health to god-like solvers of a person's human physical failings. Pharma is not divided in its efforts to dominate the health care of citizens of the world. Nor, should we be divided, in any way, in seeing how their efforts are an Equal Opportunity destruction of the human will for freedom. Thank you for pointing out, yet another group being targeted by their plan, but please let us acknowledge how all of us are being systematically targeted for destruction and how we are only going to defeat their efforts when we see ourselves as one group united.

Laura Hayes


What a powerful and incredibly disturbing compilation of personal testimonies. Thank you for posting them.


Profound comment. Thank you for posting it.


If you choose to see a pediatrician, first ask yourselves why you are taking your baby/child to the doctor in the first place. If it is for a "well-baby" appointment, know that if you permit your baby to be vaccinated, he/she will never be fully well again. Then, read "How to Raise a Healthy Child in Spite of Your Doctor", to alleviate your fear/need to have a doctor confirm that your child is healthy/well.

If your child is sick, I suggest first referring to the book mentioned above, as it covers when to take your child to the doctor, and when to let things run their course at home, and how best to support your child through their illness. Children get sick. That does not automatically necessitate taking them to the doctor. In addition to the book above, I highly recommend doing a search regarding whatever ailment concerns you on Sarah Pope's "The Healthy Home Economist" website. She has excellent wisdom to share regarding treating many illnesses in children without doctor visits and without pharmaceuticals. Her sound nutrition advice will also help to enrich your child's health and well being.

If you ultimately decide that your child needs medical attention, and you know your pediatrician is hostile to parents who refuse or delay one, some, or all vaccines, ask yourself if that is who you want treating your sick child, and be warned that they might call CPS if you don't comply with their recommendations/demands. It may be safer to take your child to an Urgent Care center. If the "is your child up to date on his immunizations" question is asked, you can honestly answer "yes" each breath your child takes is updating his immune system. I must warn you, though, if they think your child has had vaccinations, they most likely won't consider diagnosing any condition for which they assume they have been vaccinated, even if symptoms would reflect/suggest any of those conditions. Conversely, if you admit that they are unvaccinated, or haven't had certain vaccines, they might recommend more invasive procedures and more aggressive treatments than if they had been vaccinated. There are no easy answers for navigating the medical system in this day and age when vaccination status is often used to make diagnoses.

Additionally, should you take your sick child in to be seen, take someone trusted with you if possible, someone who knows and supports your stance on healthcare decisions, and who will speak up with confidence and force on your behalf should the need arise. In this day and age, it is also strategic to have a trusted attorney's number on speed dial, should legal representation to protect your parental rights and your child be needed in a timely manner.


Having read the above I am thinking that it would be very useful to have a flowchart of how to interact in a non-confrontational and matter-of-fact-way with healthcare people so to avoid their circular arguments.

I say this, because reading the above made me realize, that over the decades I don’t have these problems any-more when declining suggested treatments, doubtfully useful tests, investigations, etc.

Admittedly, I have the advantage of age, which limits their scope to be patronizing. However, they do still come out with ‘Doctor knows best’ attempts to win me over.

What I find stops the discussion going off on a tangent of their choosing, is to let them know that I have more up to date knowledge than them. For instance: “Time for your flu shot” ( I live in the UK were I can have a free flu shot and General Practitioners have free membership of the British Medical Journal). I reply “Oh yes, there was a bit in the BMJ about the Antibody Dependant Enhancement issue associated with this vaccine -you had better read that first.” Following year I reply on the second offer “Oh I read through several papers on Antibody Dependant Enhancement that was in the BMJ and you really ought to read up on it as you yourself are getting on a bit! (said in a grave and serious voice). ADE can make wild flu a more serious illness, especially in older people (like me and my Doc) as it usually always kills. Can happen as well with Dengue Fever, Measles, and some other vaccines and the more people receiving them the higher the incidence recorded. But I digress...

(1)Any accusation of ‘googling’ can be headed off by getting in first to say that their a lot of nonsense on the internet so one ( ie. you) has taken the trouble to go to reliable sources.

(2) Point out ahead of time that a single study worthless unless it is being back up by further studies (and indicate that they are) and repeat the mantra the s/he really ought to bring themselves up to date and not to expect to be properly informed during visits by the pharmaceutical sales woman (they, in my experience are always female).

(3) Ask (if only rhetorically) if the practitioner is up to date – as this helps to put them on the back foot as they dare not appear to be ignorant and are therefore more likely to drop the subject.

4) If they lift their gaze to the sky and rotate their heads as if to indicate “oh another smart ass” get ready to look them straight in the eye and say firmly “Your are the one with free access to the medical databases, why haven’t you read any of this since leaving med school?”

5) Avoid them controlling the direction of the discussion by answering their questions (because they have a response ready). Instead follow the question immediately by a question you want answered (ie keep on the point of ‘your’ reason for attending). If they ask “Do you know….?”. Try replying “Do you think I haven’t already read that – DO YOU?! Another reply you can keep in reserve is: “Have you actually read what that paper “actually” said?” “What other doctors have said about it” Doctors don’t like patents to mention studies but it doesn’t hurt to say “Its in black and white”, etc and leave it at that. Whenever they appear to come out with some out dated assumption, say “That’s now an outdated assumption” and don’t debate it. If they persist come back with: “You appear to understand less about what is currently known than I do, when did you study it or are you getting all this off the NHS or CDC” or what ever website you think they have been quoting from. And don’t debate it. The aim is to make them aware that these sites are maintained by people who are not doctors themselves and often get it wrong and are forever having to make changes. Get the clinician to think that the only way to get your compliance is to read up on the science that other Doctor/scientists are also worried about. And point out that as your health care provider, they should check double check these ‘Official’ medical websites and work out which is accurate’.
And so on.

It may be easier for myself because as they say: “Old age and cunning, will always triumph over youth and skill” which includes pseudo medical mumbo jumbo. Yet I can remember how daunting it was when I was young and felt dependant on them. But now I can do it in a friendly way, so that they can’t persist without appearing to themselves (and this is the aim) as over stepping the image that they hold of themselves as being reasonable caring people.

The second aim, is to get them curious enough to delve into finding out what all these new studies actually report. We need these clinicians at the coal-face to come on to our side. We need to take every opportunity to repeat, that we can only understand them better -if only- they could comment knowledgeably. Ask them why ‘official’ websites like the even CDC often contradicts itself in different places so is it any wonder that different clinicians spout different logical fallacies non which can’t be taken as logical explanations.
Ask why they think that they can appear to educate effectively when they make so many faux pas
about the fresh peer reviewed science that worries us and other specialists. So we seek them to educate us on those issues raised in those studies and they can’t if they don’t do their own bit of research. Keep repeating as to how will they know how to convince us and get us to comply unless they themselves get up to date -by doing a bit of research on the medical databases themselves. Keep repeating this calmly at every opportunity.

6) Let them always know that if they fail to get their message across to you it is due to their own lack of current knowledge about the subject. When I learnt this, all clinicians backed away from exposing the extent of their ignorance and just got on with their proper job.

Therefore, I think that a flowchart may be of great use (it could be kept on a smart phone for quick reference). There are computer programs that can be used to construct them but this outside my skill set.

Hans Litten

BBC targeting the ladies. But the smart woman should know to dig much deeper ?
Read the Vaccine Inserts is the easiest answer.

Womans Hour
(first 12minutes)

Beleaguered Autism Mom

[email protected] wrote this:
Let’s all ask him why he thinks a 21 year old retracted paper is causing concerns about MMR, rather than the lack of double blind, placebo-control trials that last long enough to judge health outcomes. Let’s ask why he can’t write about this public health issue in an open access journal. Let’s ask him how many people in measles outbreaks were previously vaccinated. Let’s ask him why measles outbreaks coincidentally occur in states with vaccine mandates pending. Let’s ask him why so few doctors know about the existence of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. Let’s ask him about the safety studies of the Mumps and Rubella components of the vaccine, since there is no way to get one without the others. Let's ask, if autism is genetic, why isn't prenatal screening available? Seems to me fretting behind a paywall about the ghost of Wakefield for the brethren is not the best way to address the public’s concerns.

Paul Picha

Amen... war on women. Agreed.

Hans Litten

Posted by: Jenny Allan | April 17, 2019 at 09:30 AM

I think they have identified a "mothering" trait driven hormonally.
A mother will listen to anyone and anything that says this will protect your child.
The natural instinct to do this is so strong, the people behind this project have identified that, and are using it to their advantage and our disadvantage - Yes I am deadly serious about this idea.
Edward Bernays (Freud) and the rest of the crew spent the last 100 years educating themselves on how to manipulate people without them having realised , even better than that , manipulating people but also fooling them that this was their decision, it was their own free will.
I go further, are the same people also responsible for the massive divorce rates that we see now (its relatively easy to unsettle people if you have their undivided attention - lamestream media - TV - Netflix - Hollywood - glossy mags etc).

I full agree with you Pete - except I would go much further ----HCG

Jenny Allan

I think Ginger means it's usually the mothers who take their young children to those paediatric and 'well baby' appointments, although several of the documented experiences above, seem to have involved both parents being plural.

When our grandson was a child my daughter always made sure both she and her husband attended those school and psychological assessments. When the father was present, the 'attitude' tended to be far less patronising or denigrating.


Vaccines are a weapon being used to attack humanity, in particular the human immune system, as Big Pharma don't want it taking care of our health free of charge; our immune system is their competition. With vaccines they attempt to suppress our immune system and turn it against us, thereby leaving us at the mercy of expensive pharmaceutical drugs, making us into customers for life.

If McDonalds had an injection which made us show up at their drive thrus twice a day, they'd be thinking of an excuse for us to receive it too. Big Pharma trying to corrupt our immune systems is similar to Nestle planning to own all the water in the world, they have to take ownership of anything which is free. By owning our immune system, they can destroy it and corrupt it, so as we depend on their drugs to treat our symptoms.

Bob Moffit

As a grandfather of two vaccine injured children .. my daughter now 52 years of age .. mother of three of my precious grandchildren .. at age 4 diagnosed with ITP .. eventually having her spleen surgically removed .. and … my third grandchild .. a boy who was developing normally until he "regressed" at 2 years of age .. and today at age 19 he remains non-verbal requiring 24/7 care.

It was 35 years before I learned my daughter's ITP was an adverse reaction to either the DPT or Measles vaccines she received. Why did it take 35 years for me to learn her ITP was caused by a vaccine .. because that was the year my grandson 'regressed" and was diagnosed autistic .. a diagnosis his pediatrician admitted he was not qualified to treat or diagnose having never been taught about autism in his career.

Indeed, it was only because of the INTERNET that was available to me that was not available to me 35 years earlier .. WHEN MALE DOCTORS REFUSED TO ADMIT TO MY WIFE AND MYSELF .. A VACCINE HAD INJURED OUR DAUGHTER .. that I learned my daughter's ITP is now listed on both DPT and Measles as a possible adverse injury .. and .. the only reason it is now listed on manufacturer's inserts is because investigating the Gulf War Syndrome it was discovered to have caused ITP in heavily vaccinated troops.

In any event … the only reason I mention my own experience as a MALE .. FATHER AND GRANDFATHER .. is to provide an example to show vaccine bullying of PARENTS is not a MALE/FEMALE ISSUE … as MEN ARE EQUALLY MISTREATED .. IGNORED .. RIDICULED .. LIED TO .. BY OUR PUBLIC HEALTH OFFICIALS AND MEDICAL PROFESSIONS AS ARE WOMEN. Consider .. at 80 years of age .. I have a continuing battle with every doctor I see wherein I have to constantly refuse MALE/FEMALE doctors/nurses .. insisting I need the flu shot every year.

Ginger, with the greatest of respect for you … I think it wrong to divide parents into male/female 'victims" of vaccine bullies .. we are PARENTS .. united we stand .. and .. when one spouse is mistreated or bullied .. BOTH SPOUSES ARE.

God bless you for all you have done and continue to do .. you are a true example of a WARRIOR MOM .. that MEN in the trenches alongside you have the greatest respect and admiration for .. and I hope my comment is taken in the spirit in which I mean it .. PARENTS .. GRANDPARENTS .. are being bullied equally by the powers that be.

Angus Files

Good to point out the divide and rule narrative in the Maine Mothers agenda thanks.

Pharma For Prison


Jenny Allan

..........and when they become adults.
My MMR vaccine damaged grandson has bowel problems, epilepsy and autism. The autism is the least of it. Our caring compassionate NHS has more or less abandoned his bowel problems, other than a repeat prescription for laxatives. Sometimes he is doubled up with the pain.

The epilepsy HAS to be monitored by the NHS and he takes medication to control it. My daughter, his mum, accompanies him to appointments at his request. She sits at the back and does not intervene unless this becomes necessary. This is very unpopular with the medics, but she sticks like glue. My grandson is clever and articulate, but he struggles to stand up for himself when these 'professionals' attempt to intimidate or manipulate him.
'You're an adult now and don't need 'mummy'.

Just two out of many examples:-
'You should learn to drive and then maybe you could get a job'. (A GP whom he had not previously consulted and who did not know him, but she knew about the epilepsy.)
My grandson, very sensibly, has made the decision NOT to drive. In addition to the epilepsy, he has slow reaction times and very poor gross and fine motor skills. He would be a danger to himself and other road users behind the wheel of a car.

'You don't have epilepsy at all'. ( A hospital consultant - my grandson was very disconcerted. She seemed to imply he had been making up his condition for more than 20 years. The hospital it turned out had shredded all his medical notes, but my daughter had copies and sent them to the consultant. She also insisted on a brain scan. Yes it showed my grandson had epilepsy. The consultant had students with her during the consultation. What a bad example of bad practice.)

Hans Litten

They are a war on babies & children ! Get it right. Gender non specific

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