Vaccine Exemption Removal Bills ARE the War on Women
Washington State Passes SB 1638 to Remove Philosophical Exemption for the Measles Vaccine, Religious Remains

The State of Herd Immunity in Maine

by Ginger Taylor

Shocked CowHerd Immunity.  That 95% claim that, if we attain, and maintain, will save Maine.  
The Maine Immunization Program has done us all one better.  Maine has already reached 95% vaccine uptake for schools, so they have set their vaccine uptake rate goal for schools at 100%!
Apparently, all vaccine exemptions must eventually go as well, not just the non-medical exemptions that they are hitting 'delete' on this year.
Sorry chemo kids.  Get your shots or get out.  We have to have "safe schools" for the... ummm... chemo kids?
Because if we can "immunize" all children, we will have reached herd immunity nirvana.
Except that more than three quarters of the US population are adults and it is higher in Maine, where we are struggling with an "aging population."
And the US CDC estimates national adult uptake rates are between nine and 62 percent nationally.
So, if that is an accurate reflection of Maine's rates, the idea that "herd immunity" through vaccination can be achieved by getting our 95% vaccine uptake rate in Maine school children up to 100%, when adult vaccine uptake rates are between 9% and 62%, seems an unlikely scenario.

We asked our representatives to ask the Maine Immunization Program, which supports the removal of religious and philosophical exemptions, “What are the adult vaccine uptake rates in Maine for the vaccines that will be mandated for children?”

They responded:
“The Maine Immunization Program does not currently receive funding to support an adult vaccine program or staff resources to obtain immunization rates for this population.”
The Maine Immunization Program doesn't even know if Maine's one millionish adults are vaccinated, but they apparently believe for damn sure that if we don't get 9k more children vaccinated in Maine deadly epidemics are inbound. 
They believe it so strongly that they are going to deny these children their right to full participation in society, and bar them from daycare, pre-school, public and private k-12 and college, even if they have an IEP or 504.
But don't worry Maine adults.  You are next.  Never say I didn't warn ya.

Senator Millett,

Can you ask DHHS a question for us before the hearings?

"What are the adult vaccine uptake rates in Maine for the vaccines mandated for school children?"

CDC puts those rates between nine and 60 percent nationally:

Surveillance of Vaccination Coverage Among Adult Populations — United States, 2014

If that is an accurate reflection of Maine's rates, the idea that "herd immunity" through vaccination can be achieved by getting 95% and 97% vaccine uptake rates in Maine schoolchildren up to 100%, when adult vaccine uptake rates are between 9% and 61.3%, seems an unlikely scenario.  Especially as children are the minority in Maine, and adults the majority.

Thank you,

Ginger Taylor, MS
Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice

Senator Millett,

We thank the education committee for asking this question of DHHS for us.  We have received a response.  Maine DHHS does not know the adult vaccine uptake rates in Maine.

From: Perkins, Scott []
Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2019 1:59 PM
To: Grant, Ben
Subject: FW: Question from concerned citizen
Good afternoon Ben,
The Maine Immunization Program does not currently receive funding to support an adult vaccine program or staff resources to obtain immunization rates for this population.
There are very limited adult vaccine rates available on the Federal CDC’s website:
Upon review of this federal data, the most recent rates available are from 2016, prior to the year Tdap was implemented as a required vaccine for 7th grade entry. Unfortunately, we do not have any other data sources available for the requestor. Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Thank you,

Ginger Taylor, MS
Maine Coalition for Vaccine Choice
Maine DHHS also submitted this, when asked by a legislator to, "Provide data on the effectiveness of the pertussis vaccine:"
"DTaP vaccines are about 98% effective within one year of receiving the fifth dose of the vaccine.
However, five years later, protection declines to about 70%.
• In general, DTaP vaccination is effective for up to eight or nine out of 10 children
who receive it, but protection fades over time. About 7 out of 10 children are fully
protected five years after getting their last dose of DtaP.

Tdap vaccines are about 73% effective within one year of receiving a single dose of the vaccine.
However, 2 to 4 years later, protection declines to about 34%.
• In general, Tdap vaccination protects seven out of 10 people who receive it, but
protection fades over time. About three or four out of 10 people are fully protected
four years after getting Tdap."
And then everyone stands around looking awkward, trying to pretend that the Maine Department of Health and Human Services is a trustworthy institution that is basing their positions on sound science.



I was raised in the 1950s and everyone got all the childhood illnesses-chicken pox, measles, rubella, mumps, and were kept home for a week or two, got over the infections with no complications and then went back to school and our normal lives. The myth that these childhood illnesses had to be eliminated due to dangerous complications is just that-a myth. Now we, the families have to live with the possible life long severe disability of autism for our children that never should have been allowed to happen. I am still grieving over my son's diagnosis and he is now an adult. We desperately need research by qualified people to find the answer to reverse the damage the vaccines have done to a whole generation of people.

Anita Yvonne Donnelly

Ginger, they answered 'we are not FUNDED to investigate adult rates.' Right there--can we follow up? So who is funding them? Do the funders own stock in pharamacuetical interests? Do you know that the day a vaccine is added to the "required therefore no liability" list, its stock skyrockets? Do you know our children are literally being used as pin cushions to prop up stock portfolios? And please, why oh why do we 'get it' that every single other industry lies and does PR to hide any dangerous side effects, but this one is exempt. Face it folks, we were betrayed AGAIN. It hurts. But it hurts more to continually harm our children.
And oh, the idea that 100% uptake is not dangerous? We need to keep part of our gene pool pure just in case of contamination. There is always in nature some safe harbor but these bozos or sociopaths or both are determined to hit every single baby on earth. And if some unknown contaminate (like HIV) somehow gets added to the shots and takes off undetected for months, the whole planet will quickly be destroyed. Yes, it sounds like a conspiracy theory. An accidental one. Bipolar and similar mental health issues were introducted with mercury amalgams. Some think Lincoln was made depressed by this. But now, it's in our memory that "Great Uncle Joe had that so it's always been in our family". NO. It's just the TOXIC NORMAL. We have taken our very earth, taken our very bodies, and polluted them to the point of no return. And the pod people want to keep going and going and going til there isn't a brain cell left, til it's too late to hear this well. I pray every single night. Every single morning. That somehow they will all get woke, like a giant #usToo, like when women said "F--you" we are nursing . . . that the pharma criminals will end up in jail and the misled will cry out in sorrow for how they treated us. And that this will never, ever happen again.

Angus Files

Herd Immunity nocebo of the century or two.

Pharma For Prison


David m burd

"Herd Immunity" is a prime example of misleading the naive public by using an unverifiable propaganda term invented by the Vaccine Industry - sounds so good, but in fact is 180 degrees from truth. It's brilliantly evil.

My siblings/cousins/neighborhood kids/schoolmates, along with Bob Moffit, were born and raised in the 1940's without vaccines with possible exception of the diphtheria toxoid, have been the most healthy cohort ever in history.

Virtually all got all the childhood "diseases" and easily sailed through them by 4 years old. And we were "good to go" for the rest of our lives, tempered by Nature, better for having such "diseases". Gradeschool absence was rare, and there were no " special needs classes or schools." The Vaccine Cult our culture now upon us (exemplified by " herd immunity") is quickly destroying our babies, families, and any country it takes over.

"Healthy herds" of children comes from such as the Weston A Price Foundation (see Laura Hayes' presentations), and defeating the Vaccine Cult, with well-nourished babies/children/adults never, ever, getting the damnably toxic poisons injected via vaccines.

Go Trump

The ultimate goal of "Herd Immunity" is to treat everyone in America like cattle,

and then later, simply load ourselves onto railroad cars.

Jeannette Bishop

Too bad that "protection" from aP vaccines that "fades over time" also is accompanied by life-long increased susceptibility to whooping cough. I wonder if legally they can call the partial and unnatural vaccine "immunity" "protection?"

And talking about building "community immunity" with these vaccines (always on every mandate list) that has initiated a generation to be contagious whooping cough incubators ought to be prosecuted, too.

Kathy Sincere

Thank you for all the excellent articles you have done this week, including this one!

I gave up four children for the herd.

HB1312 gets its full reading in the Colorado House this afternoon. A Republican Rep is going to read the story of my children's injuries. I included that my husband was Vice-President of Kaiser Permanente here in Colorado for 20 years so they get the drift we are not hippie tent-dwellers.

I saw that Washington took the exemption away for the MMR....the one that damaged my daughter as a booster at age 12, and she will never be the same. She's 41 now. Surprisingly her general health is getting better due to supplements, etc. but there will be no undoing the twisted fingers and toes and jaw problems due to juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

This is from the MMR Vaccine Package Insert:
"Adult women have up to 26% risk of MMR-triggered arthritis/arthralgia , which can be severe and long-term. “In women, incidence rates for arthritis and arthralgia are generally higher than those seen in children (children: 0-3%; women: 12-26%), and the reactions tend to be more marked and of longer duration.”

From that same Merck Vaccine Package Insert:
"Symptoms may persist for a matter of months or on rare occasions for years. In adolescent girls, the reactions appear to be intermediate in incidence between those seen in children and in adult women."

In summary, the rate of reaction for adolescent girls is between the rate for children (0-3%) and adult women (12-26%). An incredibly high number. JUVENILE Rheumatoid Arthritis is a nasty MODERN autoimmune phenomenon whose numbers are going through the roof, along with its cousin, Lupus.

AND THE DOCTORS JUST CAN’T FIGURE IT OUT. But just keep taking one for the herd......NOT.

Bob Moffit

"Herd Immunity. That 95% claim that, if we attain, and maintain, will save Maine"

What risks are children required to endure in order to achieve "95% herd immunity"? for measles?

The CDC lists the following adverse reactions to the Measles component of the MMR: "fever, rash, cough, runny nose, red watery eyes .. with complications that can include ear infection, diarrhea, pneumonia, brain damage and death"

Even worse is the CDC's list of adverse reactions to the Mumps component of the three in one MMR vaccine: "fever, headache, muscle aches, tiredness, loss of appetite, swollen salivary glands. Complications include swelling of the testicles or ovaries, deafness, inflammation of the brain and/or tissue covering the brain and spinal cord (encephalitis/meningitis) and, rarely, death"

Does Maine's DHHS make any effort to monitor the health of children following their MMR vaccine? Do they know how many children suffered the CDC's feared complications; "ear infections, pneumonia, brain damage, deafness, inflammation of the brain and/or tissue covering the brain and spinal cord (encephalitis/meningitis) DEATH?

If Maine's DHHS does not know the answers to those questions .. what is their explanation for not knowing?

If Maine's DHHS is determined to protect the so-called "herd" by mandating 100% compliance with their recommended and approved vaccines .. they also have the responsibility to monitor the "herd" to make certain the 'herd" is healthier AFTER perfectly healthy children were vaccinated. If for no other reason than to prove so-called "herd" protection works to IMPROVE THE OVERALL HEALTH OF THE HERD .. NOT JUST LOWER THE NUMBER OF MEASLES OR MUMPS CASES.

Indeed, if Maine's DHHS were truly concerned about the health of the non-vaccinated "herd" regarding measles .. THEY would provide parents reluctant to vaccinate their child with the opportunity to CHOOSE a vaccine specifically for MEASLES … absent the added known risks of the MUMPS component.

In other words .. why does Maine's DHHS allow MERCK to DENY parents their right to lessen the known risks of the MMR .. by providing parents a vaccine for measles ALONE? What gives MERCK .. rather than PARENTS .. that "right to choose" what is "safer for their child"?

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