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The Day is Done: Judge Rolf Thorsen Issues Temporary Injunction Against Measles Emergency Declaration in Rockland County NY

HindenburgNote: With apologies to William Wordsworth Longfellow for the headline. Looks like the public health/pharma trial balloon of quarantining THE HEALTHY has gone the way of The Hindenberg. At least for the moment. Let's assume that Rolf Thorsen is NOT from the same gene pool (or moral pool) at Poul Thorsen, fugitive and MMR vaccine scientific hit man.)  Oh! The Humanity!


NEW CITY - A judge today halted Rockland County Executive Ed Day's emergency declaration barring children who are unvaccinated against measles from schools, places of worship and other public areas.

Acting state Supreme Court Judge Rolf Thorsen's injunction stated that the 166 cases cited by the county since the measles outbreak began last October did not rise to the level of an epidemic or constitute a disaster. Day's reliance on executive law in issuing the emergency declaration "may have been misplaced," the decision stated.

Thorsen agreed with the families who sued the county when they said their children would continue to miss school, and the parents would continue to incur monetary expenses as a result of the order. The families asserted that the children posed no threat to other children at a school where there had been no reported cases of the measles.

Michael Sussman, attorney for several dozen parents whose unvaccinated children attend Green Meadow Waldorf School in Chestnut Ridge, said the decision showed the judge agreed with his contention that the emergency declaration "is an improper vehicle for an over-broad order of this sort."

"We expect all schools in the county, where children who have religious exemptions and have been barred ... will be returned to school so they can continue their education," Sussman said late Friday afternoon.

Although Thorsen's injunction is temporary, the fate of the state of emergency is unclear. The county has the option of filing papers in advance of an April 19 court appearance, but by then Day's 30-day state of emergency would be almost done.

Day expressed disappointment in the ruling but maintained his belief that the order made a difference.

"While today’s ruling by Judge Thorsen did not go as we had expected I want to commend those here in Rockland who have used this State of Emergency as an opportunity to get vaccinated and have conversations with their friends and neighbors about vaccination," he said in a statement. "We sought to find a new way to fight back against a disease that was eradicated almost 20 years ago and refused to sit idly by while those in Rockland were put at risk."

Drew worldwide attention

Thorsen's ruling followed Thursday afternoon's arguments in a pair of lawsuits brought by parents whose unvaccinated children have been affected by the state of emergency instituted March 26 by the county executive.

The order was intended to put the brakes on a measles outbreak that started in October when a traveler from Israel visited the county. Many of the 167 cases have occurred in the insular Orthodox and Hasidic communities in the Monsey and Spring Valley area.

This article delves deep into the state of vaccine choice - please, go over to the site. Read more at



Hi Steve W,
Not sure if you are aware of the probably unintentional irony of your comment. Yes, the package insert says that the MMR has not been tested for safety on babies under 12 months; there is an article about it here on this website.

Because I'm guessing you don't yet know that mandate in certain New York zip codes , and those $1000 fines and imprisonment for no vaccines apply to these exact babies that you are concerned about?

The mayor is forcing babies of 6 months to get vaccinated. Their parents can choose fines, a misdemeanor on their record, and possible imprisonment, or they can be forced to vaccinate a baby at an age that we apparently both know the package insert says has not been studied for safety .

So how does the mayor not also know this, or does he just not care?

Like you, I am very worried about these babies. There is a scenario I am really worried about that gives me nightmares.Maybe it will happen, maybe it won't. But it is about these babies futures. i wonder how many of them will have their shots, and then as has been reported happening again and again, the baby starts to get that extremely high fever. That the doctor in the ER tells the parents is a "normal" reaction. To be expected. Then those weird little jerking movements, or the staring off into space, as they have those first unrecognized seizures, or those hours and hours that night of a horrible high pitched scream like they are in pain.

And someone will tell the parents is fine, because babies can do that after a shot.And some of the babies will seem to recover, though maybe later they will have a diagnosis of ADHD ( as about 5% of kids now do) or perhaps theywill just always seem to find learning a bit hard.

But maybe some of those seizing babies with the high pitched cry just won't recover.Maybe some will stop babbling, and never speak again,perhaps even as adults in 20 years time, they will have no usable speech. And their parents will be told it is a coincidence.
Unless they take them back in to the ER and someone does an MRI while the damage is being done, and then like Bradley Banks with his MRI after his high pitched screams with the DTP, someone will admit that it happened, but it is "rare".

And maybe some of those babies will die. and people will say it just happens, sometimes, to babies. And if the MMR is mentioned, then they will shut up and get silent, and maybe mumble something, and you can be sure that none of it will get reported, or mentioned in the news.

And the parents, even the "pro vax" parents who wanted their babies vaccinated at 6 months, because the mayor wouldn't say to do it unless it was safe, ( and their must be studies proving it is safe in 6 month old babies, right, or no one would do it) will suddenly find out that after they bury their baby, they have a new name. It is "anti vaxxer." They probably won't give it to themselves, but other people will call them that. And tell them how bad they are, how everything is a coincidence, and how they need to shut up.

This little girl died after her second MMR, and her parents went to the New Jersey government and got a law passed making titres an acceptable alternative. It is a matter of record, and pretty germane to what is happening now, right?

So tell me, why is it black outed in the news? And how many of the babies you are worried about will be quietly damaged by their forced vaccination? And how many will you never hear about because their parents have been silenced; on social media platforms,or just because they will learn that talking about vaccine injury is not allowed.
Which side of all that do you want to be on?

here, by the way, is the CDC list of table injuries from vaccines, which includes encephalitis.

And here is the requirement by the CDC to get imaging, or the screaming etc won't be accepted by itself as evidence of injury.
From the website: the criteria a baby needs to be able to meet for it to be a table injury:
(A) Evidence of neurologic dysfunction consists of either:
(1) One of the following neurologic findings referable to the CNS: Focal cortical signs (such as
aphasia, alexia, agraphia, cortical blindness); cranial nerve abnormalities; visual field defects; abnormal
presence of primitive reflexes (such as Babinski's sign or sucking reflex); or cerebellar dysfunction (such
as ataxia, dysmetria, or nystagmus); or
(2) An acute encephalopathy as set forth in paragraph (c)(2)(i) of this section.
(B) Evidence of an inflammatory process in the brain (central nervous system or CNS inflammation)
must include cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) pleocytosis (>5 white blood cells (WBC)/mm3 in children >2
months of age and adults; >15 WBC/mm3 in children <2 months of age); or at least two of the following:
(1) Fever (temperature ≥ 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit);
(2) Electroencephalogram findings consistent with encephalitis, such as diffuse or multifocal
nonspecific background slowing and periodic discharges; or
(3) Neuroimaging findings consistent with encephalitis, which include, but are not limited to
brain/spine magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) displaying diffuse or multifocal areas of hyperintense
signal on T2-weighted, diffusion-weighted image, or fluid-attenuation inversion recovery sequences.
then it goes on to talk about exclusionary criteria.

I am glad you came here, because it gives you a chance to find out about the other side of things, and why I personally believe ( as the Nuremberg convention says), that medication should always be a choice, not a mandate, and would like to hope that you might come to feel the same. Informed consent needs to be honest, and without coercion or threat of prison.

susan welch

Steve W.

Yes, we were ignorant once. We believed it when we were told that governments and health authorities have our best interests at heart. That is, until something happened that made us research, research, research (something I suspect you haven't done).

In my case, it was when my grandson reacted to MMR vaccine immediately (I have 2 that are on spectrum, but only one reacted the same day), regressed and is now non verbal, requiring 24/7 care.

We heard that his regression may have been connected to the vaccine. Then we were told, very clearly, no it is just a coincidence. We believed it until ....2014 (although could not understand why research had not discovered what was causing the increase in autism). William Thompson, from CDC, admitted they had falsified results of 2004 research in order to hide the fact that a link HAD been found between MMR and autism.

My generation had measles, as did my children's. These generations are healthy.

I wish my grandsons had had measles.

Beleaguered Autism Mom

Steve W. Why wasn't measles eradicated in 2000 as projected? Could it be the vaccine is less effective than realized? After all 40% of these outbreaks are from the vaccine - not the wild type of measles. I protected all of my children from measles during their first year of life from by keeping them out of large crowds, not letting them play in filth and feeding them a healthy diet. Like my mother and grandmother before her. I have noticed something about pro-vaxxers they are overweight, don't eat right and complain about wanting health insurance or the government to be responsible for everything - they want pills for diabetes, hypertension, and machines for COPD etc.. My advice, grow up, clean up, and take responsibility for your own children. Stop expecting the government to protect you from your own foolhardy choices. Why are you commenting on a site dedicated to a discussion of the autism epidemic? Hmm, ya think there is a connection? Guess so, otherwise you wouldn't be commenting.

Steve W.

I can’t understand how ignorant unvaxxers are. Judge Thorson should have his law degree revoked. The ban was put in place to protect those who are not able to be vaccinated- any baby under 12 months old cannot receive the vaccine. How would you feel if your baby contracted the measles from a kid whose parents decided not to vaccinate. Puts it in perspective! I hope that the govt officials will pull their heads out of the foriund before some poor person dies from a disease that was all but eradicated.


On the face of it, the order would appear to basically be all about "Pro-Vax". But it's NOT that at all....
It's all about medico-fascism. Sheer power over people, and the exercise of it....
If vaxxes are so "effective" "against" viruses, then how come they don't protect against the un-vaxxed?
Why are vaxxes PRIVATE, FOR-PROFIT products?
If vaxxes are so good, then why aren't they PUBLIC, NON-profit products?....


“I’d rather have an autistic child than a dead one”.
I’d tether have the US Congress subpoenas Dr Thompson before I have an autistic child.

I’d rather you look into how deadly the measles is before you force me to inject my child with something.

Quite frankly, I just wish we could sit down and talk.

Grandma Peggy Jaeger

It's the vaccinated who need to be's a well known medical,fact that newly vaccinated people shed the lite cases of viral s or disease they're vaccinated against. They're walking typhoid Mary's. An unvaccinated child can Not give measles to one who has been vaccinated, at all, according to legend, or else the vaccines are worthless or an excuse to insert tags into the bodies of children...or as a child sacrifice ritual......


go trump--


go Trump,

go Trump

Is it just me, or are a lot of Autism clips being pulled off of you tube ?

Seems like the "Congressional hearing classic clips" need to be kept somewhere. Was looking for the Katie Wright "eye-rolling" hearing with Rep Carolyn Maloney and Dr. Boyle, it is no where to be found.

Are they on another site somewhere ? thanks

Bob Moffit


Robert Moffitt rmoffi@aol.comHide
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The following is my letter just submitted to Rockland Journal on today's article on Judge's decision.

Re: Rockland emergency order on measles halted

Acting state Supreme Court Judge Rolf Thorsen's injunction stated the 166 cases cited by the county since the measles outbreak began last October "did not rise to the level of an epidemic nor constituted a disaster". Therefore, Thorsen deemed the emergency declaration "an improper vehicle for an over-broad order of this sort" and further agreed that ""families had been irreparably harmed by the order barring their children from school and restricting their travel, activities and daily routines".

I hope Ed Day has learned a lesson in how to properly exercise his responsibility as County Supervisor, a lesson which should prevent him from over-reacting to an outbreak of measles, first by declaring the outbreak an "epidemic" or "disaster", then compounding his over-reaction by instituting a ban, that in the words of Judge Thorsen, caused "irreparable harm" to parents and children of Rockland County.

Perhaps Supervisor Day should consider persuasion, rather than coercion, to improve the numbers of people voluntarily vaccinating their children against measles? Especially since he adamantly insists the "science is settled .. vaccines save lives .. anyone who disagrees is badly misinformed"? If so, why not invite those who disagree with him, such as, Robert F Kennedy, to participate in a public forum during which Day and a panel of public health experts can challenge Kennedy's skeptic views on the safety and efficiency of our vaccines, as well as the policies by which they are manufactured, approved, recommended and monitored for adverse reactions?

If Day is correct and all who question the safety and efficiency of our vaccine policies are misinformed, he should welcome the opportunity to publicly disabuse Robert F Kennedy's skepticism. After all, such a public debate would be far better method of persuading skeptic parents to vaccinate their children, instead of initiating a coercive ban that effectively placed those skeptic parents and their children under house arrest.


I hope they go after the schools and all involved with inducing panic.

Bob Moffit

Rockland County Supervisor Ed Day in response to Judge's order rescinding Day's "proclamation" banning unvaccinated from public schools, public places, etc:

"We sought to find a new way to fight back against a disease that was eradicated almost 20 years ago and refused to sit idly by while those in Rockland were put at risk."

Make no mistake … Day's executive order was NOT meant to find "a new way to fight back against a disease" … it was .. and the court recognized it as such .. an unwarranted "over-reach" by the County Executive .. an arbitrary and capricious attempt .. to find a 'NEW WAY to deny PARENTS" their right to decide what is or is not in the best interest of THEIR CHILDREN .. even if that decision is based solely upon the parent's RELIGIOUS BELIEFS.

Trust me … the absolutely last thing politicians, public health officials, medical professional organizations, main-stream media want is to have this issue decided in a COURT OF LAW .. CIVIL OR OTHERWISE .. where the EVIDENCE is presented in OPEN COURT by BOTH SIDES ..

Personally I pray to God Day continues to pursue his arbitrary and capricious attempt to ban unvaccinated children in COURT .. where he will soon find testifying under oath a lot more difficult than standing smugly in front of a gaggle of indifferent reporters who dutiful scribble his "talking points" as if transcribing the TEN COMMANDMENTS.

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