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From a Jewish Constituent to her State Senator on Vaccination Mandates

The Day Frank Sinatra Provided a Fund Raising Idea for Age of Autism

Thank you typeHello, dear readers! Kim here.  I'm hitting  you up for a donation, so get ready. XOX

After a quiet weekend with my girls, I find myself at the computer on Sunday afternoon selecting content for you to read on Monday morning. AofA is a content hog - and I must feed the beast daily. So feed I do. With help from our wonderful Contributing Editors.  Our content reflects the state of the autism epidemic. Right now, we are measles heavy as vaccine mandate laws slash across the nation. Soon, we'll seem "political" as the Presidential election gets underway. We NEVER please everyone. Thank GOD. The day we make everyone happy is the day I log off and hit DELETE SITE. Our job is to tackle the uncomfortable. The difficult. It has cost us sponsor after sponsor. 

I am a Sirius satellite radio lover and I listen to a range of channels all day. I rarely watch TV. I cut cable when I moved in October to a new little house. I miss not a thing about TV news. I can listen to the major news channels on Sirius and I have the CBS app if I need to watch the NYC news during a storm, etc. But I digress, as usual!

As I bumped Miss Mia off my laptop, I was listening to the Siriusly Sinatra channel and the song playing was "Everything Happens to Me." I'd written about this song once before here at AofA. Why? Because of this lyric:

"I've had the measles. I've had the mumps. Everything happens to me."

Measles and mumps were  comm0n childhood diseases for decades in America. They did not induce panic, fear or discrimination. They were not used to fund politicians and pharma and public health  machines. They were a pain in the ass nuisance that pediatricians saw daily, and parents handled with relative ease. Measles and mumps were fodder for cartoons and sitcoms and pop songs.

Today, we face a real hit to our liberty, rights as Americans. Those of us with "under-vaccinated" children are being demonized. Our kids are being called threats to society. Imagine that. Healthy American children banned from school and elsewhere.  We face not only discrimination, but also censorship. We're being bumped from social media (our account was removed from Pinterest) and there's a push to shut us up.  Not likely. We speak out for OUR CHILDREN and the children even of those who claim to hate us.  Censorship?


Our work, Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill's original mission, is more important then EVER.  We are donor driven. Your donations fund my ability to run AofA every day. With your funds, I pay to keep us online, I pay myself a small salary (less than I made 35 years ago out of college) and when funds allow, I try to help other autism Moms who also write. 

Please make a donation to us today. You can use the Bank of America merchant services donate button on our sidebar, or our new funding platform at Network for Good - which is also funding our NEW family member: More on the new site later this week.

If you prefer to send a check:

Autism Age
PO Box 110546
Trumbull CT 06611

Thank you. KIM


Gary Ogden

Wednesday for me.

Bob Moffit

As they say … the check is in the mail


In the mail.

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